New Insights into the October 2011 Van (Turkey) Earthquake - detailed analysis by the CEDIM Forensic Earthquake Analysis Group

Center for Disaster Management and Risk Reduction Technology Read also : Comparing the current impact of the "Van" Earthquake to past earthquakes in Eastern Turkey CEDIM Forensic Earthquake Analysis Group (Status: Tuesday October 25, 2011 15:00 Central European Time & 13:00 UTC) With the … [Read more...]

Japan earthquake - Most complete summary of the Fire and Police damage statistics

This is the 18th update of the CATDAT and Sendai / Great East / Tohoku earthquake, that we have made available to the public. This is probably the most detailed list of the Tsunami and Earthquake damage available outside Japan. Click on one of the pictures or click on one … [Read more...]

Japan earthquake damage - CATDAT did come up with a reliable estimate only 90 minutes after the earthquake

The extensive damage to housing, roads, utilities and businesses across seven prefectures (states) has resulted in losses of between 16 trillion yen ($198 billion) and 25 trillion yen ($309 billion), according to a Cabinet Office estimate today. This is the first estimate from the Japanese … [Read more...]