Live Seismograph in New Zealand (South Island)

Seismograph New Zealand, South Island (Canterbury) Seismograph or Seismogram in Canterbury New Zealand Above a nearly ˜live™ picture of the earthquake registering station "Mc Queens Valley" in Canterbury New Zealand. The seismographs are renewed approx. every 30 minutes. You will have to … [Read more...]

Christchurch Earthquake : the impressive list of 265 aftershocks

Geonet, the website offering the GNS Science earthquake information has produced a list with all aftershocks in the Canterbury region since the massive earthquake on the night of September 4 in Darfield. Every link in the list will bring you to the detailed report of the specific quake. We have … [Read more...]

Christchurch earthquake : a powerful 5.1 aftershock and more news

Update September 7 - 23:22 UTC (September 8 - 11:22 local time) : 16 hours of relative calm, but the last 8 hours the people of Christchurch have experienced an increasing number of aftershocks. 11 aftershocks of Magnitude 3.0 or more since midnight local time. The most powerful aftershock … [Read more...]

Christchurch massive earthquake : more news from the quake area ...

Link to the first part and second part of our reporting who starts just a couple of minutes after the earthquake struck. Update 11:07 UTC (September 5) : Numerous aftershocks  since the Magnitude 7.0 main quake  from September 4  (local time). published a live aftershock … [Read more...]

Christchurch massive earthquake : A "live" view on the many aftershocks

The good news : The last 5 hours, no important aftershocks have been registered, although M +4 aftershocks can be felt well by the local population The bad news : Local people have experienced already a lot of aftershocks and a lot more to come (based on other earthquakes with this … [Read more...]