Christchurch Earthquake 2011 : the impressive list of aftershocks

Geonet, the website offering the GNS Science earthquake information has produced a list with all aftershocks in the Canterbury region since the devastating aftershock on the afternoon of February 22 in Lyttelton. Every link in the list will bring you to the detailed report of the specific … [Read more...]

Daylight to bring more information on the 65+ deaths, many injuries and catastrophic damage in Christchurch (part 3)

This is the third part of our extensive reporting which started only a couple of minutes after the earth below Christchurch started to shake. Click here for the overview of the many articles (pictures, videos, stories on this earthquake) Hot-line number for people overseas calling about missing … [Read more...]

Christchurch massive earthquake : A "live" view on the many aftershocks

The good news : The last 5 hours, no important aftershocks have been registered, although M +4 aftershocks can be felt well by the local population The bad news : Local people have experienced already a lot of aftershocks and a lot more to come (based on other earthquakes with this … [Read more...]

Powerful aftershock rattles Christchurch and Canterbury, New Zealand

Earthquake Report comment : A Magnitude 5.1  aftershock struck in the late afternoon in the same epicenter area of the massive quake. The many aftershocks are very dangerous for already unstable constructions to collapse. Read more about the main earthquake and all updates in our extensive … [Read more...]

Christchurch massive earthquake : damage far greater than initially admitted

Please click here for our extensive report. We will maintain all current data on this location + continuous updates whenever we get the information. … [Read more...]