Massive earthquake out of the coast of Northern Sumatra, Indonesia - Tsunami alert lifted

Earthquake overview : A massive earthquake occurred several hundred km out of the Sumatra Banda Aceh coast. Theoretical calculations concluded that no widespread tsunami would occur in the Pacific Ocean. Indonesian authorities have however called a tsunami alert for many areas in Sumatra. "I have … [Read more...]

Moderately dangerous earthquake along the Bengkulu coast, Sumatra, Indonesia

Earthquake overview : A moderately dangerous earthquake struck 40 km out of the Bengkulu area coast. A preliminary magnitude of 5.9 at a depth of 39.9 km will be perceived in a very wide area in Sumatra. "I have Felt it" Reports --> see below + Let us know "how you have felt this earthquake" To … [Read more...]

Very strong earthquake in the Indian Ocean 250 km from Java, Indonesia

UPDATE 05:12 UTC : The earthquake has been felt with the following intensities:- IV Cilacap, IV Pangandaran, II Karangkates , II Denpasar, II Jogja, II Cisarua, II Purworejo. Cilacap had some panic, but no problems. Head of the Executing Agency for the Regional Disaster Management (BPBD) of Cilacap … [Read more...]