Massive earthquake near the Chile Bio-Bio coast.

This article describes in-depth the mainshock and the most important aftershocks of the February 11 2011 earthquake.  For an overview of all the aftershocks since the mainshock, please click here When you just arrive on this in-depth report, it might be best to start reading at the bottom of the … [Read more...]

Earthquakes list August 22, 2010

4.8      2010/08/22 21:48   Depth 593.5 km MORO GULF, MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES Aftershock from the M 7.6 on July 23 5.0      2010/08/22 20:20   Depth 83.9 km BOUGAINVILLE REGION, PAPUA NEW GUINEA Aftershock from the M 6.4 earthquake from August 20 M 5.2  2010-08-22   Depth 16 km … [Read more...]

Chile “ M 5.0 “ Here we go again ! Living with almost daily aftershocks since February 27

Earthquake Report comment : Here we go again. Since August 9 the Chileans were free of relatively strong aftershocks, the longest period since the devastating earthquake from February 27 when a major Magnitude 8.8 earthquake struck the same area, making 577 casualties. Yesterdays earthquake in … [Read more...]

Earthquakes list August 5, 2010

This earthquake list covers minor and major earthquakes  in the world. If a more detailed page is present, the earthquake line will be linked to the detailed page. The page is regularly updated to add new quakes. Minor earthquakes are earthquakes less than Magnitude 5.0 OR earthquakes with an … [Read more...]