Second massive Kermadec Islands earthquake in 4 months time

Earthquake overview :  At 05:57 October 22 2011 local time, a massive 7.4 earthquake struck the Kermadec trench area. The closest island at several hundred km was Raoul Island. The island is a scientific base from New Zealand and people are well trained to deal with strong earthquakes which are … [Read more...]

Understanding the Vanuatu M 7.3 earthquake

The Vanuatu earthquake of December 25, 2010, occurred as the result of normal-faulting within the Australia plate, in the region of the boundary between the Australia plate and the Pacific plate (see purple line below). In the epicentral region of the earthquake, the Australia plate moves … [Read more...]

Understanding the massive M 7.7 Mentawai Earthquake

The Pulau Pagai Selatan, Sumatra earthquake of October 25, 2010 occurred as a result of thrust faulting on or near the subduction interface plate boundary between the Australia and Sunda plates. At the location of this earthquake, the Australia Plate move north-northeast with respect to the … [Read more...]

Understanding the Vanuatu M 7.3 earthquake

Which are Nature's triggers for the massive Vanuatu earthquake from August 10,2010 ? In plate tectonics, a convergent boundary also known as a destructive plate boundary (because of subduction), is an actively deforming region where two (or more) tectonic plates or fragments of lithosphere … [Read more...]