Past and present earthquakes in the Ahar, Iran area

This post has been created to assist people living in the area of the map below to check for nearby present and past earthquakes. این پست برای کمک به افرادی که در نقشه نقشه زیر زندگی می کنند، برای بررسی زلزله های حاضر و گذشته نزدیک شده است. Felt an earthquake today? Please tell us and … [Read more...]

Understanding the August 11 2012, East Azerbaijan - Iran earthquake

Earthquake overview : 2 consecutive M6+ earthquakes in a matter of 10 minutes and 10 km apart from each other have changed the lives of thousands of people near Ahar, Iran.  The earthquake came as a surprise because they occurred within a tectonic plate (intraplate). Read also : our main in-depth … [Read more...]