Strong aftershock rattles Christchurch, New Zealand - aftershock classified as new event by insurers

Earthquake overview : One of the most powerful aftershocks since a couple of months occurred at 07:34 PM (19:34), October 9 2011o. Early reports are mentioning a strong shaking. GEONET, New Zealand reports a magnitude (Richter) of 5.5 at a depth of 12 km (see more details below) "I have Felt it" … [Read more...]

Another moderate aftershock near Christchurch, New Zealand

May we kindly ask people who live in the greater epicenter area to share their information with Please use the I Did Feel It form below. UPDATE 22:54 UTC : All Raytheon / USAP personnel in Christchurch are safe and accounted for, following last nights earthquake (June … [Read more...]

Strong aftershock rattles the Christchurch area, New Zealand

UPDATE 23:40 UTC : Somebody living in Rolleston said that it was the most violent tremor she had felt since February 22. UPDATE 23:37 UTC : The aftershock was felt as far away as Oamaru, Timaru and Cheviot. UPDATE 19:18 UTC : After scanning our many sources in the greater Christchurch area, NO … [Read more...]

Earthquake Flash Update - Limited damage reported after strong Christchurch aftershock

This is an flash update on the following recent event : Local Date and time : Thursday, January 20 2011 at 6:03 am Region : 10 km south-west of Christchurch, Canterbury Magnitude :  M 5.1 Depth : 10 km UPDATE 20/01/2011 - 23:50 UTC : During yesterday's quakes cruise … [Read more...]

Moderate damaging earthquake (aftershock) in Christchurch, New Zealand

UPDATE 27/12/2010 13:39 UTC : Surprisingly for many people, but the so called "aftershocks" have been labeled by members of the Earthquake Commission as a new earthquake (see link to article below), this mainly for "practical reasons". Seismologically they are still labeled as … [Read more...]

Moderate aftershock under Rolleston, Christchurch, NZ

Epicenter 2 km from Rolleston (data source : Geonet New Zealand) and 20 km west of Christchurch. Our danger color of Orange has been set because of the fact that some properties have not been completely repaired after the recent massive earthquake. Geonet received 419 "felt" notifications.  9 … [Read more...]

Strong aftershock shakes Christchurch, New Zealand

Earthquake Report comment : The aftershock had a Magnitude of 5.2 following USGS and 5.0 following GNS Science. Epicenter was at 30 km east of Darfield and near the original epicenter of the massive 7.1 earthquake who struck the area at September 4. Since that data many hunderds of aftershocks have … [Read more...]

Christchurch Earthquake : the impressive list of 265 aftershocks

Geonet, the website offering the GNS Science earthquake information has produced a list with all aftershocks in the Canterbury region since the massive earthquake on the night of September 4 in Darfield. Every link in the list will bring you to the detailed report of the specific quake. We have … [Read more...]

Christchurch earthquake : internationally forgottten, but still shaking constantly

Although the current aftershocks are not mentioned anymore in the USGS and EMSC charts, the inhabitants of Christchurch are still living under the constant threat of a major aftershock and are experiencing many moderate earthquakes every couple of hours. People who want to see the strength of the … [Read more...]

Christchurch, New Zealand earthquake : 15 aftershocks (M 3.0 or greater) since this morning 8 AM

A lot more aftershocks since this morning. Although scary for the local people, the Magnitudes were very moderate. Since 8 AM this morning (local time) at least 15 aftershocks of a magnitude greater than 3.0 have been registered. 5 of the shocks had magnitudes in between 4.0 and 4.5 Check our … [Read more...]