Massive earthquake in Tachilek, Myanmar close to the border with Thailand, Laos and China

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Picture of devastated house after the M 7.0 earthquake in Myanmar/Burma on March 24 2011 - Picture courtesy

Short description
The Myanmar, Tachilek county earthquake occurred in the evening of March 24, 2011 local time.
The earthquake devastated a lot of towns and villages mainly in Tachilek county (Shan province).
The earthquake had a magnitude of 6.8 (USGS) at a focal depth of 10 km.
Chinese earthquake authority, who are measuring with their own instruments close to the epicenter area, recorded a M 7.2 magnitude at a depth of 20 km.
The  fault that originated this earthquake is the Nam Ma fault originating from Laos to Myanmar.

Overview of our written posts

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The Yunnan earthquake from March 10 occurred in the same greater area than the March 24 Myanmar earthquake. Yunnan borders at the Shan province in Myanmar. The Yunnan earthquake killed 24 people in Yingjiang and surrounding area.

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