Lorca, Spain

Summary : Earthquake-Report.com was alerted by a weak but shallow earthquake shortly after 5 PM. Every day tens of earthquakes of this magnitude are occurring all over the world, so nothing special here.  Shortly after the first shaking we mentioned already the possibility of cracks in walls.  While checking local reports we detected some light damage in the Lorca area and we also got a notice that an elderly institute had to be evacuated. 2 hours later a much stronger and also shallow 5.2 aftershock occurred. It was immediately clear to us that this last quake increased the potential for damage and injuries a lot. Soon thereafter the first reports on damage to private houses, municipality buildings and historic places were published.  Authorities did all that they could to help the unfortunate Lorca people. Stay tuned to Earthquake-Report.com as we will also give other news-facts in the coming hours.
Casualties and damage : 9 fatalities (including 2 pregnant woman and 1  14 year old child); 3 seriously injured, 324 treated for minor injuries. 161 houses and buildings are structurally damaged and uninhabitable. Yellow markings have been painted on 549 buildings (approx. 5,490 households or 40% of total) (Yellow marking means that people can pick up their belongings safely, but cannot return home yet).

11.05.2011 – Strong earthquake near Lorca and Murcia, Spain
A moderate but very shallow earthquake occurred in the late afternoon near the city of Lorca and 55 km from Murcia in Spain. This did not cause injuries. A 2nd earthquake of M5.2, however, has caused 10 deaths and over 40 injured with widespread damage and panic.

12.05.2011 – Understanding the Lorca, Spain May 11 2011 earthquake
The southeastern Spain earthquake of 11 May, 2011, occurred within the plate boundary region that separates the Eurasia and Africa (Nubia) plates.

12.05.2011 – Earthquake Felt experiences from the greater Lorca, Spain area
In this article we publish an overview of the many Felt Reports we received at earthquake-report.com

13.05.2011 – Earthquake Lorca : Earthquake preparedness attitude might have saved some lives
At Earthquake-Report we are upset that a lot of people living in Lorca and other potentially dangerous earthquake sensitive areas in the world are not at all earthquake prepared. Main Reason : People have often had NO specific training on being earthquake prepared AND panic is taking over from rational thinking.