Damaging Earthquakes 2010

Damaging Earthquakes Database 2010 “ The Year in Review


Damaging earthquake database - James Daniell

Damaging earthquake database - James Daniell

I hope that you enjoy the first edition of the CATDAT Annual Review of Damaging Earthquakes.
I have been collecting earthquake, flood and other natural disaster loss data for quite a few years, with a more concerted effort in the past 2 to 3 years to build up the databases further. This report on 2010 only shows a small percentage of the data collected.
The purpose of this report is to present the damaging earthquakes of the year 2010 around the world that were entered into the CATDAT Damaging Earthquake Database in terms of their socioeconomic effects.
This 2010 report will also seek to introduce the CATDAT Damaging Earthquakes Database for those people who have not read or heard about it.

A big thank you goes to the General Sir John Monash Foundation (supported by the Australian Government) who have been funding my PhD research at KIT/CEDIM in Karlsruhe and had allowed me to choose these from all worldwide institutions.
I would like to thank the University of Adelaide, Australia, Université Joseph Fourier, University of Pavia and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology for the background to undertake my study and to always promote learning outside the course environment.
Thank you also to the Center of Disaster Management and Risk Reduction Technology (CEDIM) for supporting me in my research in the natural disaster field.
In addition, I would like to thank Friedemann Wenzel and Bijan Khazai for their interest, support and motivating me to publish my work. Thanks again, Bijan, for the countless translations from Farsi.

Many thanks,
James Daniell

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