Shaking intensity

The video below explains what shaking intensity is and how it relates to Magnitude, depth and the location where it happens There are different shaking intensity scales in the world. They have mostly an historic character like left and right driving is also different worldwide. Here are the most … [Read more...]

Plate tectonics

The origin of earthquakes … [Read more...]

Oceanic Transform Faults and Fracture Zones

Mid Ocean spreading Ridges & Transform faults MidOcean spreading Ridges (MOR on the map below) are not continuous features.  Midocean ridge spreading centers are offset by numerous transform faults.  MORs are, of course, divergent plate boundaries where two plates are spreading apart and new … [Read more...]

Understanding the mystery of earthquake Beach Balls

Written by Dr. Gemma Smith, Geologist & Geophysicist Dr. Gemma Smith is a young Research Assistant in Earth Sciences at the University of Southampton. Her PhD did focus on the geophysical investigation of the Makran subduction zone, in order to further understand its deformation and seismogenic … [Read more...]

Glossary of Earthquake Terms

Worldwide glossary of common earthquake-related terms (compiled by James Daniell) (shortened list of the most important terms) Acceleration The rate of change of velocity of a reference point. Commonly expressed as a fraction or percentage of the acceleration due to gravity (g) where g = 980 … [Read more...]