Understanding the massive March 20 Mexico earthquake

Earthquake overview : On 3/20/2012  at about 11:30h local time, a massive earthquake of magnitude 7.4 (Mexican sources are reporting a M 7.8 strength) occurred in the highly populated region of Oaxaca / Guerrero in Mexico. The earthquake's epicenter was located at  162 km from Oaxaca and 322 km from … [Read more...]

Japan - 366 days after the Quake... 19000 lives lost, 1.2 million buildings damaged, $574 billion

It has now been one year since the March 11th, 2011 earthquake and tsunami and just like STOP KONY 2012 or the Greece Economic Bailout , the 1 year anniversary is being remembered and quoted all over the internet and the world.   CATDAT and Earthquake-Report.com have been reporting on this cruel … [Read more...]

Construction errors may have been responsible for the collapse of the Christchurch CTV building (killing 115 people)

Overview of the articles we have written on the New Zealand earthquake One year after the quake, a technical report on the deadly collapse of the Canterbury Television building has revealed what caused the structure to fail in last February's magnitude 6.3 earthquake in Christchurch New … [Read more...]

Understanding the very strong damaging Nepal/Sikkim earthquake (18/09/2011)

Earthquake information : A magnitude 6.9 earthquake hit Sikkim, India 12:40:48 UT (10:48 PM at epicenter) The depth of the hypocenter was at 20.7 km. The earthquake caused victims and huge damage in Sikkim (India), India and Nepal. It was also well felt in Bangladesh. Read also: Very strong … [Read more...]

Drilling to understand the secrets of the San Andreas Fault (video)

Earthquake-Report.com came across a video of the National Science Foundation who explains what scientists are currently doing to understand what is going on inside the San Andreas Fault. The video has been aired in the PBS NewsHour. Understanding what happens at the epicenter of an earthquake, … [Read more...]

Understanding the massive 7.0 Peru / Brazil earthquake (August 24 2011)

About : A massive – magnitude 7.0 -  luckily deep earthquake, struck Peru close to the Brazilian border. Due to its depth – 145.1 km (90.2 miles) – it was felt also in all neighboring countries. Read also our main article "Massive deep earthquake shakes Peru near the Brazilian border – 20 … [Read more...]

Understanding the deadly Uzbekistan / Kyrgyzstan earthquake (July 19, 2011)

“Although we already made an effort in explaining a lot in our in-depth article July 19 (click here to read it), we also want to give the USGS seismologists’ view of what exactly happened.” The July 19, 2011 Kyrgyzstan earthquake is located near the intersection of the borders of Kyrgyzstan, … [Read more...]

Understanding the Magnitude 7.6 Kermadec Islands earthquake (July 6, 2011)

Although we already made an effort in explaining a lot in our in-depth article where we followed the earthquake and Tsunami warnings on July 6 (UTC) /July 7 (local time) (click here to read it), we also want to give the USGS seismologists' view of what exactly happened. The July 6, 2011 … [Read more...]

Scientists study Tsunami deposits in Sendai, Japan to improve understanding Tsunami Hazards

This great article (and pictures) are courtesy of the USGS. It has been published in the Sound Waves newsletter, a USGS publication. The studies below have been made by an international team of scientists. There goal is to improve understanding of Tsunami hazards based on the tsunami deposits. … [Read more...]

Understanding the MMI scale (Modified Mercalli Intensity scale)

The Mercalli intensity scale is a scale used for measuring the intensity of an earthquake. The scale quantifies the effects of an earthquake on the Earth's surface, humans, objects of nature, and man-made structures on a scale from I (not felt) to XII (total destruction). I MMI … [Read more...]