The story of Dutchsinse (also called Fakesinse in scientific circles)

Guest post written by Jens Skapski, last year's student geophysics, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany Jens is also the main person and creator behind the Earthquake Impact Database, the world's most detailed logbook of damaging earthquakes and Juskis, a daily earthquake blog in … [Read more...]

Shaking intensity

The video below explains what shaking intensity is and how it relates to Magnitude, depth and the location where it happens There are different shaking intensity scales in the world. They have mostly an historic character like left and right driving is also different worldwide. Here are the most … [Read more...]

Plate tectonics

The origin of earthquakes … [Read more...]

Earthquakes facts and fiction

This is definitely one of the best articles in our site. Everybody interested in earthquakes, those who are living in or visiting earthquake rich areas should be obliged to read this text. Understanding what really happens and how to protect your life and goods is essential to resist the misery of … [Read more...]

Slightly damaging earthquake near the coast of Guatemala - June 22, 2017

– Update Friday 07:00 UTC: Latest CONRED statistics as per 16:00 (4 PM) local time 65 incidents reported, 122 affected persons, 21 people with damaged properties, 4 injured, 5 houses with slight damage, 15 houses with moderate damage, 1 house with serious damage, 8 affected roads, 11 affected … [Read more...]

Devastating deadly earthquake in Lesvos, Greece - June 12, 2017

Damage report in cooperation with the 2017 Earthquake Impact Database EID on Google Docs - Like EID on Facebook – Update 16:04 UTC:  The Greek Lesvos press reports about an investigation to find the person responsible for spreading rumors that another even more devastating earthquake would … [Read more...]

Oceanic Transform Faults and Fracture Zones

Mid Ocean spreading Ridges & Transform faults MidOcean spreading Ridges (MOR on the map below) are not continuous features.  Midocean ridge spreading centers are offset by numerous transform faults.  MORs are, of course, divergent plate boundaries where two plates are spreading apart and new … [Read more...]

Christchurch: 4 years after the big one.....

Today is the 4th anniversary of the main Christchurch earthquake on the 22nd February, 2011. With over $30 billion in economic costs and counting... as well as 185 fatalities, the city of Christchurch and its surroundings were shaken to their core over a long couple of years of damaging … [Read more...]

Understanding the mystery of earthquake Beach Balls

Written by Dr. Gemma Smith, Geologist & Geophysicist Dr. Gemma Smith is a young Research Assistant in Earth Sciences at the University of Southampton. Her PhD did focus on the geophysical investigation of the Makran subduction zone, in order to further understand its deformation and seismogenic … [Read more...]

Worldwide EARTHQUAKE related news – Archive November 2012

If you search for the latest real time earthquakes lists : click here The most recent earthquake related news : Click here Below the sign $ to $$$$$ are links to article in the press. $ : little importance $$$$$ : a must read! November 30 2012 Did you know this earthquake happened on … [Read more...]