Harmless very strong earthquake in the Tonga Islands region - October 18, 2017

– Update 12:35 UTC:  The closest island to the epicenter is an uninhabited volcanic island. Theoretical models believe that the maximum shaking intensity on populated islands will be weak Update 12:33 UTC:  Based on the present earthquake parameters (Magnitude, Depth, Population, etc) and our … [Read more...]

Harmless very strong earthquake in the middle of the Indian Ocean - October 10, 2017

– Update 19:15 UTC: This earthquake will normally NOT generate Tsunami waves as the Magnitude is not powerful enough (besides a couple of exceptions, the Magnitude needs to be at least M7 of higher). Update 19:07 UTC: Based on the present earthquake parameters (Magnitude, Depth, Population, … [Read more...]

Very strong deep earthquake below Northern Chile - October 10, 2017

Leave this page open  in a browser tab as it will refresh automatically every 10 minutes – Update 06:54 UTC: Due to the depth of the hypocenter, this earthquake will have been felt also in Southern Peru (relatively close to the epicenter) and in Argentina. We expect Southern Peru as light to … [Read more...]

Deep very strong earthquake in the Rat Islands region, Alaska - October 8, 2017

– Update 08:29 UTC: Below a good visualization of the direction of the denser Pacific plate (below fault line) sliding below the North American plate (above fault line) and the fault line (trench). Map courtesy GeoScope France Update 23:07 UTC: This is a typical subduction earthquake where … [Read more...]

Very strong earthquake off the coast of Honshu, Japan - October 6, 2017

– Update 08:23 UTC:  This fault line was the source of the mega-tsunami from a couple of years ago. Update 08:21 UTC:  Schematic visualisation of the Japanese subduction zone of another earthquake. The epicenter of this earthquake was near the trench. Update 08:17 UTC:  The earthquake … [Read more...]

Deep strong earthquake South of the Fiji Islands - September 26, 2017

– Update 08:33 UTC:  Seismicity along the subduction trench. Star is today's M6.4 earthquake Update 08:03 UTC:  The closest populated islands are at least 300 km away from the epicenter Update 08:00 UTC:  Shaking intensities : maximum weak shaking at Nuku'alofa, Tonga Update 07:54 … [Read more...]

Very strong dangerous aftershock below Ixtepec, Oaxaca - 4 people killed - September 23, 2017

Damage report in cooperation with the 2017 Earthquake Impact Database - EID on Google Docs – Update September 2617:04 UTC: An update about fallout of this violent aftershock Fatalities : 4 Injured people : 7 Damaged buildings : 7 Destroyed buildings : 12   Update 20:53 UTC: … [Read more...]

Very Strong earthquake - Java, Indonesia - September 20, 2017

–   Most important Earthquake Data: Magnitude : Local Time (conversion only below land) : Unknown GMT/UTC Time : 2017-09-20 23:59:22 Depth (Hypocenter) : km Depth and Magnitude updates in the list below. Share your earthquake experience (I Have Felt It) with … [Read more...]

Very deep strong harmless earthquake below Vanuatu Islands - September 20, 2017

Are you one of the people who felt the shaking of this earthquake? If Yes, please let us know what you experienced by filling up the I FELT IT form behind the earthquake or at the bottom of this page. Thank you for your cooperation. – Update 20:25 UTC: People will have felt a max. weak … [Read more...]

Very strong harmless earthquake out of the Sendai coast of Honshu, Japan - September 20, 2017

– Update 16:51 UTC:  JMA reports gives only a JMA2 maximum intensity Update 16:48 UTC: Maximum intensity at the coast JMA 3 Based on our experience with Japanese earthquakes, earthquake-report.com considers JMA 5+ intensity as a potentially dangerous shaking. Update 16:47 UTC: Very … [Read more...]