Strong earthquake South-East of the Ryukyu Islands, Japan - October 19, 2017

– Update 09:21 UTC:  Maximum shaking intensity on the nearest populated islands JMA3 Based on our experience with Japanese earthquakes, considers JMA 5+ intensity as a potentially dangerous shaking. Update 09:20 UTC:  Based on the present earthquake parameters … [Read more...]

Harmless very strong earthquake in the Tonga Islands region - October 18, 2017

– Update 12:35 UTC:  The closest island to the epicenter is an uninhabited volcanic island. Theoretical models believe that the maximum shaking intensity on populated islands will be weak Update 12:33 UTC:  Based on the present earthquake parameters (Magnitude, Depth, Population, etc) and our … [Read more...]

Earthquake near Julian, California - October 18, 2017

– Update 10:25 UTC: Focal Mechanism of this earthquake (strike/slip) Do beach balls looks like Chinese or Latin to you, check this article "Understanding Beach Balls" Update 10:24 UTC: shaking map Update 10:22 UTC: Based on the present earthquake parameters (Magnitude, Depth, … [Read more...]

Minor earthquake near Manila, Arkansas - October 15, 2017

– Update 16:26 UTC:  The map below reveals a number of almost similar earthquakes in the same region (red bullets). All of them have approx. the same Magnitude Update 16:23: Do beach balls looks like Chinese or Latin to you, check this article "Understanding Beach Balls" Update … [Read more...]

Moderate earthquake off Vancouver Island, Canada - October 11, 2017

– Update 09:59 UTC:  Too far out of the coast and probably not even felt on Vancouver Island or in Vancouver Most important Earthquake Data: Magnitude : Local Time (conversion only below land) : Unknown GMT/UTC Time : 2017-10-11 09:26:08 Depth (Hypocenter) : km Depth and … [Read more...]

Very strong deep earthquake below Northern Chile - October 10, 2017

Leave this page open  in a browser tab as it will refresh automatically every 10 minutes – Update 06:54 UTC: Due to the depth of the hypocenter, this earthquake will have been felt also in Southern Peru (relatively close to the epicenter) and in Argentina. We expect Southern Peru as light to … [Read more...]

Deep very strong earthquake in the Rat Islands region, Alaska - October 8, 2017

– Update 08:29 UTC: Below a good visualization of the direction of the denser Pacific plate (below fault line) sliding below the North American plate (above fault line) and the fault line (trench). Map courtesy GeoScope France Update 23:07 UTC: This is a typical subduction earthquake where … [Read more...]

Very strong earthquake in the Balleny Islands Region - October 8, 2017

– Update 21:37 UTC:  Main earth movement based on the current focal mechanism. Image courtesy Observatoire Geoscope Update 21:10 UTC:  Transform (strike/slip) earthquake in the Sub-Antarctic Balleny Islands region. Except for antarctic birds  and penguins nobody will have felt it … [Read more...]

Strong harmless earthquake in the Tonga Islands region - October 8, 2017

– Update 14:48 UTC : The distance to the nearest populated islands is at least  150 km = a maximum light shaking Update 14:45 UTC : does not expect any damage or injuries from this earthquake. Slight damage like fallen objects, cracks in walls, fallen tiles etc  are a … [Read more...]

Strong earthquake close to the Iwaki coast, Honshu, Japan - October 6, 2017

– Update 18:00 UTC:  On the map below you can see the relation in between the first M6.1 earthquake earlier today and this subduction. Update 08:21 UTC:  Schematic visualisation of the Japanese subduction zone of another earthquake. The epicenter of this earthquake can be called similar as … [Read more...]