Minor earthquake in Rwanda

May we kindly ask Rwanda people who live in the greater epicenter area to share their information with earthquake-report.com. Please use the I have  Felt It form below. Please let us know also if some abnormal activity from one of the volcanoes occurred. UPDATE 11:41 UTC : … [Read more...]

Kamchatka Shiveluch Volcano erupts in Russia (including video)

Volcano activity overview :  Shiveluch volcano is a 3283m (10770 feet for our US viewers) high andesitic volcano which is the largest within the Kliuchevskaya volcano group in Kamchatka. It is the most active in the group (at least 60 eruptions in the last 12000 years have occurred) and has been … [Read more...]

Wastani lakini kina tetemeko 50km kutoka eneo Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

May we please ask Tanzanians who have felt the shaking to describe what they felt by filling in the form below. Tuwe tafadhali muulize Watanzania ambao waliona ya kutetereka kwa kueleza kile wao waliona kwa kujaza fomu ya chini. (Kompyuta yanayotokana Kiswahili) UPDATE 11:29 UTC: Hakuna … [Read more...]

Haiti death toll questioned once again by independent study

Voice Of America : interview with James Daniell on May 31 2011. The Haiti death toll and homeless count as a result of the earthquake on 12th January 2010 has once again been questioned. Although, the focus, of course, should be on the living and a return to normality, it is important to … [Read more...]

M7.1 hits Loyalty Islands near New Caledonia, Vanuatu

This original flash update has now been made into a full length article. Click here.   A M7.1 has hit with 26km depth around 135km away from Isangel on Vanuatu. This occurred on Tuesday, May 10, 2011 at 08:55:11 UTC (19.55.11 at the epicenter) USGS Epicenter:- 20.229°S, … [Read more...]

M4.9 Strikes SW Iran

A 4.8 Ml (Iran) -4.9 Mw(USGS) earthquake struck in Iran about 70km, Sunday, May 08, 2011 at 22:17:34 UTC (1.47am on Monday local Iran time) in the Bushehr region. As yet no damage has been reported, but last year, earthquakes of this magnitude have caused damage. Fars News Agency has reported the … [Read more...]

Short, strong shock felt in Kingston, Jamaica

This was a first article we wrote minutes after the earthquake occurred. We have continued our reporting in another article with the following title (and link). Weak but shallow earthquake very close to Kingston Jamaica A short, strong shock has been felt in Kingston, Jamaica. This has been … [Read more...]

M6.9 Quake in the Solomon Islands

A M6.9 earthquake has been recorded in the Solomon Islands. It has hit on the western part of the island containing the town of Kira Kira. The depth of the hypocenter is around 82km, meaning that ground shaking will not be as great as for a shallow earthquake. Minor damage could be expected but it … [Read more...]

3 persons killed due to the magnitude 6.6 aftershock (Eastern Honshu, Japan)

UPDATE 12/04 - 11:59 UTC : FDMA Report 9 - gives 3 dead, 3 seriously injured and 7 slightly injured persons. UPDATE 12/04 - 06:23 UTC : It has to be said that the official death toll of this aftershock (based on FDMA reports) stands at 3. The 4th fatality was reported by state network … [Read more...]

M6 shallow earthquake near Crete, Greece (now classed deeper)

A M6 earthquake with depth 10km has hit Crete, Greece. This has now been changed to a M6.2 and 64km depth. Further details to follow. … [Read more...]