Very Strong slightly damaging earthquake at intermediate depth near Crete, Greece

– Update October 13 - 12:46 UTC :We have been reading the local press and also watched the video's currently circulating on the internet. Some sources are talking about drinking water who turned red after the earthquake. This is mostly due to a broken drinking water pipeline. Some other reports are … [Read more...]

Moderate unusual earthquake in the greater Vienna area, Austria

– Update October 3 09:43 UTC : Local media are mentioning multiple houses with thin fissures, fallen plaster etc. The hypocenter depth of this earthquake has been set in between 8 to 12 km. At least 4 weak aftershocks (there were also some foreshocks) have been measured (not all of them have been … [Read more...]

Very Strong earthquake in the coastal area near Acari, Peru - 29 people injured + lots of damage

This page will automatically refresh every 60 minutes as we might be adding regular updates. Keep it open in a browser tab. Also written by Jens Skapski and Carlos Robles – Update September 29, 08:39 UTC : The number of injured has been increased to 29 (up from 14 2 days ago) Update September … [Read more...]

Massive deadly earthquake in Pakistan - Satellite Spot images used for detection of the destruction

This page will automatically refresh every 60 minutes as we might be adding regular updates. Keep it open in a browser tab. Also written by Jens Skapski. - Update 16:24 UTC - October 1 : The Pakistan Disaster Management Authority has released new data of the fatalities after both earthquakes of … [Read more...]

Strong earthquake - Eastern Honshu, Japan on September 19, 2013 - 2 injuries reported

– Update September 20th, 07:47 UTC : Only minimal damages like falling roof tiles and broken water pipes are reported from this quake so far. Update 19:39 UTC:The 62 year old woman had the shoulder injury, and the 32 year old the foot injury. Update 19:38 UTC: The 2 injuries were both to women, … [Read more...]

Earthquake Lombok, Indonesia - currently 5289 houses damaged (many collapsed) and 49 people injured

– Update June 23 12:39 UTC : In order to explain what happened, we made the image below with the epicenter as reported by the Indonesian seismological authorities. This epicenter is to the south of the Gili Islands (a first epicenter was reported to the north of the islands).  That way it was felt … [Read more...]

Moderate earthquake in the greater Novosibirsk region, Russia - Hundreds of houses damaged

– Update 14:31 UTC : As expected, many buildings in the epicenter area were damaged. Early reports mentioned a total number of at least 500 damaged houses, some of them with collapsed walls. Other reports say that at least 5000 chimneys were destroyed by the quake. Many people left their houses, … [Read more...]

Earthquake Taiwan (Nantou county) - 5 people killed, 1 person missing and at least 20 people injured

– Update June 16 - 09:47 UTC : One injured woman died in hospital on June 14th. Update June 3 - 09:42 UTC : One more fatality in Taiwan. 3 people have been killed by rockfall and a 4th was buried by a landslide.  New NFA reports are also saying that 19 people sustained serious injuries (number of … [Read more...]

Double earthquake in Carmen, Mindanao, Philippines - many people injured + a lot of damage

– Update June 10 - 22:52 UTC At least 50 families in Barangay (village) Kimadzil here were ordered to leave their homes and communities as the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology declared their areas danger zones following last week’s 5.7-magnitude earthquake. The move of the North … [Read more...]

Very strong earthquake has hit the Hormozgan Province near yesterday’s quake – many houses have collapsed.

- Summary:                      M6.2-6.3, 15km depth, Hormozgan Province, 85km ESE of Minab.- Current Death Toll:      2 confirmed (but 1 only from 1 source)- Current Injury Toll:     at least 20 injuries - Current Damage:       70 villages damaged to a large extent (30% to 90%), many houses … [Read more...]