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Important 1 : EQ Report will inform you, whatever your personal regional settings, of every earthquake M6 or greater
Important 2 : Please keep EQ Report active in the background. It uses almost no memory or battery power and you will be informed instantly of important earthquakes

Settings for those users who want to be informed of major earthquakes only
$$ Set your Magnitude glider to M5.5 or M6. On the exception of aftershocks after massive earthquakes, you only will get those earthquakes which may be dangerous.

How to evaluate whether an earthquake is dangerous or not ?
Whether they are dangerous or not depends of the location of the epicenter (below land, below water or near the coast), the depth of the hypocenter (breaking point) and the type of movement. When something important happens, Earthquake-report.com (further called ER) will evaluate the total event and will indicate whether the earthquake is dangerous (orange "More Info" link) or damaging (red "More Info" link). If the "More Info" has a blue color, it means that we have written some more information on top of the default data.

Where to look for I FELT IT experiences from people who felt the earthquake ?
$$ If we received I FELT IT experience reports from our readers, you will find them below a red Uexp button, also mentioning the number of i have felt it reports we received through our various channels. These are no reports edited by the press but "i felt it" reports directly from people who have felt the shaking. Very often people share them with ER even before agencies are reporting the earthquake. These early reports can be found below the general Uexp button on the main screen.


How to be updated from an important earthquake ?
$$ We advice you to keep your More Info screen open if the top of page mentions "This page will refresh automatically every X minutes". This means mostly that we will add additional news and interesting information.

Are there other advantages to keep EQ Report active in the background ?
Absolutely as we will be able to reach you with "Breaking Earthquake News" and/or default "Earthquake Notifications"