EQ Report apps (Android and iOS) - Understanding the Alert / Pre-Alert system

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What is the EQ Report Alert/Pre-Alert system?
This system was already active in our back-office since 2012. It helped us at Earthquake-Report.com to start writing about a just felt earthquake sometimes minutes before the seismology agencies were able to report the earthquake. It is currently based on increasing visitors in the ER website, but gradually other early detection components will be added.
We decided to bring the alerts in our EQ Report apps but users should know the limitations of this system as it will not be flawless.

Why not flawless?
As said before the system is relaying on an increase of visitors in our website but new earthquakes are not the only reason people are visiting the earthquake-report.com website. Lets give the 2 most encountered flaws who can also initiate  a strong or exceptional readers increase.
a) A publication or online news-site sends a big crowd to a specific article in the website and triggers first a Pre-Alert and almost immediately thereafter an Alert (triggering a Notification).
b) After an important earthquake, the ER server is often heavily visited, not only by people from the region and country where the earthquake happened, but also by people from all over the world as they are searching for more details.  These kind of peak visits can go on for days or even longer.  A good example is when an important earthquake happens in ie The Philippines, Filipino's working all over the world are rushing to their computers to find out what exactly happened and do trigger that way a notification alert.

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How does ER handle such a hoax situation?
Mainly by intervening manually and disabling the countries where such a not-earthquake-connected phenomenon occurs. In case of a massive potentially dangerous or even deadly earthquake like the ones in Japan, New Zealand, Mexico, Haiti, China etc we may even decide to disable the whole system for a number of days as otherwise users will get continuous Notifications Alerts.
In case we would decide to disable the automatic system for everybody we will inform it with our "Breaking Earthquake News" notifications system.

Can I disable the Alert Notifications in the App?
Yes you can, by sliding the ON/OFF button in the header of the A/PA screen in the OFF position.

What means Sound in "Alert notification and sound"?
The sound is a special "beep" which may sound while you are using ER Report in the foreground. If you hear the beep, check the A/PA screen to find out which country was alerted.

Do we also receive notifications for a Pre-Alert?
NO as this would lead to too many notifications. Checking the A/PA screen may however be useful for the event that you feel an earthquake and wish to see whether other people also rushed to their computer.

Will i get continuous notifications for the same country when the number of people continues to increase ?
Not if a new exceptional increase comes within 4 minutes of the first one. After that the country name disappears from the screen and a new notification alert will be triggered.