Earthquake Impact Database 2018

The Earthquake Impact Database has been founded in 2013 by Jens Skapski (DE) and a small number of volunteers.
The database can be considered as the best Earthquake Damage Impact database in the entire world, as it not only scans important damage but also slight damage in remote area's.
Jens and the volunteers are scanning world media for earthquake damage almost immediately or soon after earthquakes strikes.
Current contributors : Dr. James Daniell (CatNews) (AU-DE), Armand Vervaeck ( (BE), Carlos Robles (MX), Jamie Gurney (UK) and Lukas Rentz (DE)
Also interested in joining our scanning team for your country, a region of the world or even the entire world?, just write an email to Jens (address below the spreadsheet) OR use the contact form to tell us how you will be able to help us.
The "Impact Value" is used to compare the effects of different earthquakes. Numbers of casualties, damage and displaced people contribute to the calculation in a different degree. The value is given on a logarithmic scale. A higher number means more damage was caused by the earthquake.

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