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It is a No-Frills application just doing what it has to do, informing you blazing fast of a just registered earthquake. Compared to most other visually stronger applications, we know at least what an earthquake and the impact of an earthquake is. As soon as we consider an earthquake dangerous or special, we will start writing on the INFO page connected with the earthquake in the application. Nobody else in the world is at present capable of delivering such a service.
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Important : Especially after a massive to very strong earthquake you should increase the Magnitude level of the app (Magnitude scaler), otherwise it can become very annoying. The M8.1 earthquake in Mexico or very strong to massive Chilean earthquakes have a very high aftershock pattern (if differs from earthquake to earthquake)
Important 2 : As a user of our application you are getting the notification of a new earthquake almost at the same time as Earthquake-Report.com. If you click on the INFO button, we often still need to start writing additional details. Refresh the page after a couple of minutes and you may find our estimate of potential damage and possibly other information.

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