EQ-reporter for OSx (Mac) - download our ultrafast free application for earthquake notifications

Besides the Chrome extension and the Windows application we also designed a similar app doing exactly the same for OSx (Mac).
Easy as 123. Download it, install it. Take 30 seconds to set your parameters and done!

Our notifications are linked to our in-depth information pages (INFO pages from our overview lists).
If the earthquake is important and additional information is needed we will be writing continuous updates on this page.  Example page : Deadly earthquake in Sichuan, China (Jiuzhaigou County) - At least 25 people killed, 525 injured - August 8, 2017

This app has the advantage to record all the earthquakes at less than 200 km depth while you were not behind your computer (it has to be "on" though).
We do call it "Beta 2" as we have just repaired a tiny bug which blanked the alert box after a computer sleep. EQ-reporter runs on many different machines without errors on the (current) OS Sierra operating system.
As the comments field below is open you can let us know any difficulties you should have during the installation or while working with it. Suggestions are welcome too.
By downloading the program you accept that earthquake-report.com accepts NO liability if something goes wrong. Make sure you have always a backup before installing programs (a wise advise to be followed before installing any program).
It is strictly forbidden to redistribute this program without prior agreement with earthquake-report.com

Download Earthquake-report.com EQ reporter Beta 1 for OSx

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 12.45.02 Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 12.46.20

Guidelines for installing
To install apps downloaded from the Internet, double-click the disk image or package file (looks like an open box). If the provided installer doesn’t open automatically, open it, then follow the onscreen instructions.

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 11.36.36

To grant an exception for a blocked app (apps not downloaded from the App store)  is to click the “Open Anyway” button on the Security pane of System Preferences. This button is available for about an hour after you try to open the app.
To open this pane, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Security & Privacy.

Uninstalling EQ Reporter
We cannot imagine why you should do this but in the event you like to do it follow these instructions.
In the Finder sidebar, click Applications. Drag the app from the Applications folder to the Trash (located at the end of the Dock), then choose Finder > Empty Trash.

Good to know
** The app will only display earthquakes with a depth of less than 200 km. Earthquakes with a deeper hypocenter are not occurring that often and are almost never damaging. They mostly frighten people only because of the sometimes big Magnitude.
** If you are shutting down your PC regularly, do not forget to enable EQ-reporter to "open at login", otherwise you will have to open it each time

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 09.41.11

** You may notice that together with the pop-up of the earthquake, the control panel will pop-up too. Irritating (also for us 🙂 ). This can be easily avoided by minimizing the control panel (orange button at the left upper corner of the control panel)
** Please do not download this program from another location than Earthquake-report.com
** IMPORTANT! My Notification Box always disappears after 3 seconds
This may happen with your OSx notification settings. Please make sure that the EQ-Reporter notifications settings have been set to "alerts" (Settings / Notifications /EQ-Reporter)

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Consider a donation
1) When you like our program consider giving a donation (button in the Control Panel). It will be shared 50/50 among the young developers and Earthquake-Report.com. Thank You
2) If you have installed the program and you like it, do not forget to give it a social media button Like or Share.


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