Very strong earthquake in Montana, USA - July 6, 2017

Update 18:12 UTC: We found this article of the Independent Record which gives a good overview of the impact of the earthquake.

"Montana’s most destructive quakes have occurred farther east. The deadliest and strongest at 7.5 triggered a landslide above Hebgen Lake that killed 28 campers near Yellowstone National Park just before midnight on Aug. 17, 1959. It created a new lake on the upper Madison River called Quake Lake.
In late June 1925, brick school buildings in Manhattan, Logan, Three Forks and Lombard were ruined when the state’s second-worst quake at magnitude 6.9 hit near Townsend. And a series of quakes in the fall and winter of 1935, the largest a 6.3 on Oct. 19, caused four deaths and $4 million in property damage in Helena.
Don’t make too much of the paucity of major seismic events in the Columbia River drainage, said Rebecca Bendick, a geologist and associate professor at the University of Montana.
There’ve been devastating quakes on this side of the mountains since the last ice age, just none when people roamed these parts.
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Update 20:33 UTC: Dr. Lucy Jones: "Montana's July 6 quake M5.8 is part of a well-known fault system, Lewis and Clark line. Largest historic quake was Hegben Lake 1959 M7.2"

Update 16:30 UTC: At the time of writing this update we have no signs of any injuries or serious damage

Update 14:51 UTC: The Lincoln, Montana earthquake is the state's largest shaker in a dozen years

Update 14:44 UTC: As we have eaten up our Google maps allowances the Google maps (lower end of the site) are returning an error. Tomorrow they will be back.

Update 10:50 UTC: Lincoln sheriff (closest to the epicenter) : no reported injuries or damage in Lincoln. Power restored.

Update 10:38 UTC: So far no reports of structural damage as far as we could find out. We keep on looking of course. The image below is a common feature after this kind of strong earthquakes.

Schermafbeelding 2017-07-06 om 12.34.54

Schermafbeelding 2017-07-06 om 12.40.32

Update 07:59 UTC: On October 31 1935 Helena was struck by an even stronger earthquake which measured a Magnitude 6.2!
Wikipedia damage report of that earthquake :
There was widespread damage to unreinforced masonry structures in the Helena area with more than 200 chimneys being destroyed. The strongest effects were seen in the northeast, where buildings were constructed on alluvial soil, and in the southern business district, which contained many brick buildings. The most extensively damaged building was the Helena High School, which was completed in August 1935[2] and had just been dedicated in early October. The school buildings, which had cost $500,000, had not been designed to be earthquake resistant. Another building that was totally destroyed and had to be rebuilt was the Lewis and Clark County Hospital. The October 18 earthquake caused an estimated $3 million of damage to property.
The aftershock of October 31 caused an estimated $1 million of further property damage, particularly to structures already weakened by the October 18 shock.
Two people were killed by falling bricks in Helena during the October 18 shock.[2] Two brick masons died as a result of the October 31 aftershock, while removing a brick tower. Images below courtesy Wikipedia

Schermafbeelding 2017-07-06 om 09.59.21

Schermafbeelding 2017-07-06 om 10.01.49 Schermafbeelding 2017-07-06 om 10.02.44

Update 07:53 UTC: Strongest aftershock so far measures M4.4 and happened a few minutes ago.

Update 07:52 UTC: People are getting steady back to sleep as the aftershocks are not being felt in the greater area.

Update 07:49 UTC: The image below shows the aftershocks up to 1 hour after the mainshock.

Schermafbeelding 2017-07-06 om 09.49.23

Update 07:27 UTC: Damage around the epicenter is very likely. Shaking was felt much further, even in California and Washington. Surface rupture likely (Estimate CATnews)

Update 07:26 UTC: Focal Mechanism of the earthquake.
Do beach balls looks like Chinese or Latin to you, check this article "Understanding Beach Balls".
The focal mechanism shows a merely normal faulting. 2 sides of the fault getting out of each other combined with a horizontal movement

Schermafbeelding 2017-07-06 om 09.24.55

Update 07:16 UTC: Theoretical shaking strength based on the number of people and cities who have felt them.

Schermafbeelding 2017-07-06 om 09.12.18 Schermafbeelding 2017-07-06 om 09.12.29

Update 07:14 UTC: An aftershock of M4.0 has just been measured. More aftershocks to be felt by people will probably happen for some time to come. Normally they will gradually decrease in number and strength.

Update 07:10 UTC: CATnews theoretical calculation of the possible damage impact

Schermafbeelding 2017-07-06 om 09.09.38

Update 07:01 UTC: Due to the very high demand (thousands of concurrent users) our Experience reports system is saturated. We apologize for that.

Update 06:59 UTC: Shaking mapped on the locations map

Schermafbeelding 2017-07-06 om 08.57.33

Update 06:49 UTC: Based on the present earthquake parameters (Magnitude, Depth, Population, etc) and our experience with earthquake damage impact, calls this earthquake extremely dangerous and expects some serious damage

Update 06:49 UTC: Shaking map from this earthquake. Due to the very shallow depth, the very strong shaking radius will be rather limited

Schermafbeelding 2017-07-06 om 08.48.26

Update 06:44 UTC: Definitely one of the most powerful earthquakes in the USA since many months

Update 06:43 UTC: Seismogram as recorded in a seismological station near Lincoln

Schermafbeelding 2017-07-06 om 08.42.06

Schermafbeelding 2017-07-06 om 08.42.27


Most important Earthquake Data: 

Magnitude : 5.8

Local Time (conversion only below land) : 2017-07-06 00:30:16

GMT/UTC Time : 2017-07-06 06:30:16

Depth (Hypocenter) : 13 km

Depth and Magnitude updates in the list below.

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SRC Location UTC Date/time M D INFO
USGS Lincoln, Montana Jul 06 22:24 3.8 11 MAP
  • Missoula - Lasted about ten seconds perhaps created a small crack in the t 111 siding on our manufactured home. I never seen the crack before.!
  • Libby, Montana - I was sound asleep and it woke me up. I've felt earthquakes before, so I knew what had happened.
  • Butte - There was a loud noise and then the bed was shaking and woke me up. The clothes in my closet were swaying. My mother's angel pendulum clock which had no batteries was also swaying. This lasted for about 30 seconds. Then I felt another movement maybe 20 minutes later that lasted for about 5 seconds. It terrified my dog who bolted to the bathroom. No damage that I've found. It was a very scary and helpless feeling with the entire house shaking.
  • Beloeil Québec Canada - Année 1989 à Beloeil Québec Canada, notre famille a ressenti une secousse vers 18:00 secousse de magnitude 4.4 durand 20 secondes en provenance de Chicoutimi Québec Canada. L'épicentre était à 6.7 à l'échelle de Richter. Pas de dommages.
  • Calgary - In bed reading. Noticed lamp shade moving, then the bed, lasted about 10 seconds. I went downstairs to look outside, it was calm. Called 311 to ask if they had any reports of an earth quake, which they claimed to have no reports.
  • Great Falls - Saturday, July 22 and Sunday, July23 felt mild after shocks. I don't know what time I felt on July 22 (early morning hours). July 23 was right around 12 a.m. Heard small boom and then felt shaking for 5-10 seconds.
  • EMSC Western Montana Jul 06 22:24 3.8 11 MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGS Lincoln, Montana Jul 06 18:55 2.5 12 MAP
  • Belt, Montana - Shook the whole house. Felt 2 aftershocks after that. No damage.
  • USGS Lincoln, Montana Jul 06 18:28 2.7 8 MAP
    USGS Lincoln, Montana Jul 06 16:22 2.5 9 MAP
    USGS Lincoln, Montana Jul 06 15:27 3.7 17 MAP I Felt It INFO
  • Tekoa, WA - Family members reported their beds shaking. I saw decorations shaking gently and doors swinging. Slight dizzy feeling walking down halls. Shaking lasted about 5-10 seconds with an extremely brief pause. Everything seemed to be swaying in a north-south direction. No jerking or rolling. Then within approximately two minutes, more shaking. There was no accompanying sound. No damage. Some items shifted ever so slightly on shelves. It was almost two hours before we found out the cause.
  • Whitefish, MT - Felt 2 occurrences about 5 minutes apart. Each lasting only about 5-10 seconds.
  • EMSC Western Montana Jul 06 15:27 4.3 16 MAP
    USGS Lincoln, Montana Jul 06 13:15 3.6 11 MAP
  • Helena, MT - Damage unknown. Not obvious. Very concerning and frightening.
  • Helena - I felt the bed shaking during the first one. I heard the roar of the second one. No damage--only a curio cabinet opened. Nothing fell out. Cats and dogs upset. My pet rats did not warn me.
  • EMSC Western Montana Jul 06 13:15 3.6 11 MAP I Felt It INFO
  • Helena - first shock was ca 10-12 seconds and startled me awake. The first after shock was about 6-8 seconds and of almost equal intensity. No info on damage yet.
  • USGS Lincoln, Montana Jul 06 11:46 2.5 11 MAP
    USGS Lincoln, Montana Jul 06 10:54 2.9 10 MAP
    EMSC Western Montana Jul 06 10:44 3.4 14 MAP
    USGS Lincoln, Montana Jul 06 10:44 3.4 13 MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGS Lincoln, Montana Jul 06 10:04 2.9 11 MAP
    USGS Lincoln, Montana Jul 06 07:31 3.9 10 MAP
  • Canmore - Rolling for about 5 seconds
  • Butte - Shook for about 30 seconds during a bad lightening storm followed by three small after shocks. No property damage or injuries. Very scary!!
  • Helena MT west side - Was awken to my home shaking horribly at 12:31 am then felt three after shocks 🙁 scared us to death! I'm ok if I never have to have that happen again!
  • Geyser Mt. - Shook the house rattled pictures,and a few things fell from tables. Scared the crap out of the dogs.
  • Anaconda, Mt - I was brushing my hair in the bathroom upstairs when all o the sudden a shampoo bottle falls off the shelf. I felt some slight shaking just before but I didn't think anything of it. Then the whole apartment building started shaking like crazy and more stuff fell off the shelves. It all lasted about 30 or so seconds. A glass was found broken in my kitchen when I went downstairs. It was on the counter towards the back and it must've gotten shook off the counter. Was very scary!!
  • Billings - The shaking lasted about 10-15 seconds it woke me and my brother up while we were sleeping, we both were really scared but I was the only one crying. There was no property damage done. All we have is a lot of anxiety and can't fall back to sleep. We are fine but just hoping that it doesn't happen again even worse.
  • Coaldale - Bed was moving and light in my room was swaying for about 10 seconds
  • Dillon - First lasted 40 seconds rattled stuff on shelves,shook bed soundly. Second 5-10 seconds. Third 20 seconds, stuff rattled, bed shaken soundly.
  • Butte - At first, I thought it was the wind from an oncoming thunderstorm. Then the house began to move back and forth. Some light items fell or were moved around on shelves. The chandelier was swaying. Lasted approximately 5 to 10 seconds. Then felt a small shock about 15 to 20 minutes later.
  • Great Falls, MT - Heard a "boom" before the first quake, and the after-shocks seemed to be stronger than the initial shaking.
  • Bozeman - woke me up - felt vibration and like a light rumble only lasted 2-3 seconds.
  • He!ena, MT - Gentle shaking of the bed woke me up. Shaking continued in waves, long enough for me to recognize it as an earthquake. Had a fan running, so didn't notice any noises. No damage or fallen items.
  • Kalispell - woke us up, our adult kids were woken up as well, lasted several seconds, then we felt an aftershock for several seconds a few minutes later.
  • Bozeman - The quake rattled the doors and mild shaking for about 20-30 seconds. We live up on top of Bozeman Pass
  • Whitefish, MT - I woke immediately to my lamp rattling next to me, which rattled for about 20-30 seconds. I felt a slow shaking that varied in intensity but wasn't all that intense. I wonder now if I heard a rumbling noise, or if I wasn't fully awake. A few minutes later I felt a softer shaking, not enough to rattle anything, which lasted maybe 15 seconds before it slowly just stopped. I see no damages on the property.
  • Lethbridge - Light vibrations lasting 10 seconds
  • EMSC Western Montana Jul 06 07:31 3.9 11 MAP I Felt It INFO
  • Deer Lodge - We were woken by noise from items falling off walls & shelves. Minor damage. Felt second one while we were waking up and figuring out what had happened, then we got out of the house. All of our neighbors came out, too.
  • USGS Lincoln, Montana Jul 06 07:27 4.4 9 MAP I Felt It INFO
  • West yellowstone - Camping outside of Yellowstone. It felt like someone wss shaking the RV! Definitely freaked me out a bit!
  • Spokane - Felt like the house was swaying or sort of rolling back and forth for approx. 30 sec. Loose items on the dresser rattled.
  • Rocky boy - Couch started shaking n lasted about 30 secs.
  • Somers - 2 quakes followed by after shock. Structure shook. Woke from sound sleeeo. Sheltered under wooden table.
  • Canmore - 5 seconds of rolling. Definitely knew it was an earthquake.
  • GEOFON Montana Jul 06 07:27 4.5 12 MAP
  • Sparwood - 30-45 seconds. No damage. Felt like house was shaking. Everything was vibrating/swaying.
  • Lethbridge - Approximately 3-5 seconds of shaking. No damage.
  • Kalispell, MT - Shook about 5 seconds. No damage evident at this point.
  • Polson - The bed went back and forth, window blinds swayed, table rattled.. felt quite strong
  • Florence, MT - No damage approximately 45 seconds of shaking with one 10 second aftershock 5 min later with light shaking lasting only 15 seconds.
  • Dutton, Montana - 20-30 seconds and then another aftershock 10 minutes or so later and then another an hour later. No damage noted.
  • Eureka, MT - Woke me up from dead sleep.
  • Stavely, Alberta - I was reading in bed, when the bed moved quite a bit,,,, I never thought of earthquake and did not know what to think
  • Great Falls - The building was shaking, everything in my apartment was rattling and swaying. Felt like it lasted about 30 sec. Balcony was shaking badly enough for the folding chair to travel to the other end. Felt strong aftershock about 8 min later and 3 more about 30 min later. No damage so far.
  • Kalispell,montana - Felt shaking for five seconds
  • EMSC Western Montana Jul 06 07:27 4.4 10 MAP I Felt It INFO
  • Taber - 6-8 seconds, wall ornaments swayed/scraped back and forth, shook bed a noticeable amount, no damage
  • Bigfork - Big movement and boom, half of the house was woken by it. Lasted about 2 seconds- quite short but very mighty. No damage has yet to be found.
  • USGS Lincoln, Montana Jul 06 07:11 3.5 10 MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSC Western Montana Jul 06 07:11 3.5 10 MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGS Lincoln, Montana Jul 06 07:09 3.9 9 MAP
  • Missoula, MT - My whole house shook. I was outside by the campfire and felt like my chair was on a trampoline.
  • Great falls MT - Multiple shocks occurred. The first lasted about a minute, the second about 45-30 seconds and the third one felt only lasted for about 30 seconds. No damage occurred.
  • Okotoks - Did not believe it till I saw an article about it online! Thought I was imagining it!
  • Stevensville - House shook and bed swayed for at least 20 seconds. Baby monitors have been freaking out (lots of static and strange noises) since the earthquy
  • Corwin Springs, Montana - Felt the quake twice. First time, it lasted maybe 5 or 6 seconds, the second time it was lighter, but about 3-4 seconds. It woke me up.
  • Grand Coulee - steady shake for a good 15-20 seconds. lights in lobby shook, soft steady rumble.
  • Conrad - Very loud noise first, then rough shaking followed by sftershock
  • Anaconda - Woke me up from sleep around 12:43. Maybe 5 seconds. Then there was lightning or bright light outside - 5 bursts within 10 min. Another smaller quake around 1:26
  • Missoula - About ten seconds at a time five times now no damage that we can see very dark out rn
  • Lincoln - It felt like a train crashed into our house. Everything was rumbling and shaking. I was afraid the ceiling was going to cave in. Very scary.We are still feeling little tremors.
  • Coeur d'Alene, ID - Two separate shakings within seconds, lasting total 12-15 seconds. Sofa moving. High rise apt. Reports of chandeliers moving, photographs falling, dishes shaking, from the MT quake just now 5/6/17. So far no aftershakes.
  • Newport - I was awake and felt a wicker shelf shaking I thought my cat was on it scratching himself and then I realized it want the cat and suddenly the whole house sort of trembled
  • Montana - About 5 seconds of good shaking, no damage a lot of creaking. The aftershock was small about 2 seconds
  • Darby , MT - Whole house shook and few seconds after another tremor was felt.
  • Great Falls, MT - Three tremors felt at 12:30, 12:40 and then at 1:30
  • Florence - 10-15 seconds first quake, 2-5 seconds second quake, 2-5 seconds third quake around 1:10 am much lighter
  • Great falls montana - Scared me. Sleeping. I felt as if i was drunk. But building moving. 3rd floor i live on
  • townsend mt - Was in bathtub. water started waving action and felt rolling movement. Caused alarm. Husband yelled to get dressed and run outside. Felt a second shock when outside going to barn to check on livestock. Noted sinking near water hydrant and waterline on way to barn. Dark. Will check in daylight.
  • Conrad - 5 to 10 seconds
  • Moscow, Idaho - Twice it shook, mild tremors, rolling
  • Kamiah, Idaho - Just some shaking,and a little noise not rolling. We experienced the Northridge Quake 1-17-94 while living within l.5 miles of final epicenter determination. It was a 'roller' not a shaker. May have been an aftershock, as it was at 11:33pm PDT
  • Townsend - I was sitting on the couch watching t.v. with my dad and the table started shakimg and we heard rumbling.. it felt like we were on a boat. It lasted about 30 or 40 seconds followed by a few more aftershocks
  • EMSC Western Montana Jul 06 07:08 3.9 9 MAP
  • Moon river estates, belly river valley l - Whole bed shook for several seconds house shook
  • Moscow, Idaho - 3 seconds, no damage,
  • Medicine Hat, Alberta - I was walking across the living room (walk out level) and the dogs started growling, turned and felt the room tilt. Maybe 10 seconds total. Thought I just turned to fast. Felt like vertigo.
  • Butte, MT - aftershock at 1:20 am
  • Kalispell - dining room table shaking and floor shaking and windows on house shaking
  • Cut Bank - Approximately 8-10 seconds with an aftershock several minutes later.
  • Eureka - The shaking lasted for almost 3 minutes. It will s too dark to tell if there is anything damadged. The after shock came 5 minutes later and lasted for 30 sec or so my my brother and I were sitting on the couch watching Netflix and then we felt the house shaking and didn't know what to do so I woke up my mom. And let her know. It was really scary
  • Saint ignatius - It lasted about five seconds. No visible damage inside. Don't know about outside since it is night and dark
  • Wise River, Mt - Whole house moved from side to side, very alarming, lasted 10-15 sec, felt aftershaves. No noticeable damage inside. Our log home Felt similar to the quake in approx Tim wood 2005=6?
  • Kalispell - I was sleeping and thought my wife was just feeling a little randy and looking for some late night action. Much to my disappointment, it was just an earthquake. shook the building for a 4-5 seconds and could hear the rumble of earth moving about. Felt an aftershock shaking the bed slightly about 20 minutes later.
  • USGS Lincoln, Montana Jul 06 07:02 4.5 10 MAP
  • Sparwood - 20-30 seconds, no damage
  • Bigfork - 5 to 7 seconds both the initial and afterschock
  • Sandpoint Idaho - 2-3 seconds shaking. Caused hanging lights to sway.
  • Conrad, MT - Shaking lasted about 5 seconds initially, with an aftershock of slightly less time about 10-15 minutes later.
  • Great falls - Pictures crooked on walls. Light things fell.
  • kalispell - vase knocked down bed moving woke from sleep feeling like someone was breaking in.
  • Airdrie - No damage. Picture on wall tapping. Asked wife at the time if she "felt that" . Told her that she will hear of a earthquake happening at this time. Approx 0030 hrs. MST.
  • Carstairs - I was laying in bed about 45 minutes ago wide awake and not able to sleep when I felt the bed start shaking. It lasted long enough to realize it wasn't my snoring husband... maybe 10 seconds or so?
  • Anaconda, mt - Many seconds with many aftershocks.
  • Aetna - Approx. 5 seconds, no known property damaged, shook beds and rattled shelves and picture frames on the walls, freaked out the cat.
  • Lincoln - Shaking and rumbling about 5 seconds lasting. Can hear the rumbling across the mountains
  • Charlo - Bed shook, house creaked
  • EMSC Western Montana Jul 06 07:02 4.5 10 MAP I Felt It INFO
  • Missoula - I was asleep and it woke me up. I could hear rocks falling that line our driveway.
  • Milk River - swaying motion, ceiling tiles in basement making noise, birds outside freaking out in trees
  • Hungry Horse - Had just climbed into bed and laid down when the bed began shaking. I jumped to my feet and rushed to the doorway. A few moments later the shaking ceased, then started up again, briefly, about a minute later. Strongest one I've ever felt in Montana.
  • Clyde park - Wake me up with the bed shaking pretty good. Lasted less than 30 ish seconds.
  • Kallispell,MT - Lasted a minute or two and it's too dark to see anything
  • Great Falls MT - Awakened from a sound sleep to shaking for about half a minute. Fell back asleep and reawakened 5-10 minutes later to more shaking. No damage.
  • Whitefish - 2 episodes of shaking lasting for 5-20 seconds. Cracks on condo main entry walls and ceiling
  • Bigfork, Montana - Woke up to strong shaking and was fearful of giants (24 ft) metal shoves knocking over. Everything Saab shling,glasses fell off shelf. My mother who lives up the street called,worried. Her boyfriend,living 7 miles away,said that husband windows were shaking. Where I was,the shaking went on for no nearly 10-15 seconds I think. Felt aftershocks on an but off for nearly 10-15 minutes after....still think I feel them occcasionally now.
  • Missoula - Whole house was shaking and lasted less then a minute. Felt an aftershock perhaps 15 minutes later that lasted a few seconds. Not a pleasant feeling.
  • Lewistown - Felt a rocking wiggle for a few seconds...kinda of odd feeling
  • Lethbridge - 3-5 seconds
  • Fernie BC - House was creaking , was laying on the couch and it was a rolling feeling , lasted about 20 or so. Thought it would never stop. My first earthquake, new right away what it was, got on the local internet sites people all over the area started coming on and commenting about feeling it, pretty widespread here in BC and Alberta.
  • Tom Miner Basin Park County Mt, - i was awakened from sleeping disturbed and slightly frightened
  • Eureka MT - Lasted about 15 seconds or so I thought someone was in the room shaking the bed but my bed is solid A bit of creaking noise from the house
  • Missoula, MT - The entire building was rocked like a carnival ride for at least 45 seconds, stopped, then started again with the same strength. It lasted over a minute. Another aftershock just happened at 1:28 a.m. I'm leaving this building now. It's still going. Bye
  • Stevensville - Not aware of any damage but a good 20-30 seconds of house shaking. Items swaying, and a 10 second aftershock.
  • USGS Lincoln, Montana Jul 06 06:59 3.8 11 MAP
    EMSC Western Montana Jul 06 06:59 3.8 11 MAP
    USGS Lincoln, Montana Jul 06 06:54 3.5 6 MAP
    EMSC Western Montana Jul 06 06:54 3.5 7 MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGS Lincoln, Montana Jul 06 06:48 3.1 10 MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGS Lincoln, Montana Jul 06 06:35 4.9 14 MAP
    EMSC Western Montana Jul 06 06:35 4.9 14 MAP
    USGS Lincoln, Montana Jul 06 06:30 5.8 13 MAP
  • pullman - Felt as though a washing machine was off balance for about 30 seconds. Then felt another aftershock about 2 minutes later much weaker and shorter.
  • Fox Valley,Saskatchewan - Shook about 20 seconds. Bed and pictures on wall vibrated. No dAmage.
  • Spokane - 5-10 seconds
  • Kalispell - No damage. Lasted about 20 sec. Then a smaller one 30 sec later.
  • Great falls - There were two earthquakes a few minutes apart. The first one was much stronger than the second, the first one lasted 45 seconds or so and the second one maybe 10 seconds. It shook the house hard enough to knock things off shelves
  • Billings - 3-5 seconds
  • Whitefish, Montana - The shaking woke me up and lasted a few minutes
  • Anaconda - House shook for 10 seconds and aftershock for 7 seconds.
  • Missoula - Woke us up! House shook and followed with an aftershock.
  • Cheney - Probably 30 seconds or longer
  • Liberty Lake - Shook for about 5-10 seconds strong at first then died off
  • Spokane - one big jolt like a huge passing truck followed by three to 5 smaller rocking motions
  • Otis orchards wa - 5to 8 seconds
  • Lethbridge - Shaking lasted about 10 seconds
  • Helena - Quake lasted about 15 seconds. Moderate to strong shaking. Two decent sized aftershocks within 10 minutes.
  • Chewelah - More rolling than shaking. Lasted about 20 seconds
  • Medicine hat - Windows rattled a bit slight shaking about 3 seconds
  • Fernie - 5 seconds or so of strong shaking-nothing fell. First time!!
  • Medicine Hat - no damage
  • Calgary - ooooh aaaah Wondered why no Canadian news outlets reporting... duh, our southern neighbours. only felt if sitting in rolling chairs
  • Newport - Shaking lasted about 1 min got things moving in the house.
  • Greenough, MT - 20 seconds of violent shaking after it woke me up. And than a second smaller earthquake of hard shaking that lasted 5 seconds
  • Whitefish - Lasted approximately 5 - 8 seconds (do not remember exactly but shaking and noise were enough to wake up most of household). No damage to property.
  • Billings - Clothes fell out of closet, while I was in my bed it felt like I was tubing on a boat
  • Missoula - Lasted several seconds. Threw me off balance. House swayed
  • Great Falls - The shake woke me up in Great Falls Montana around 12:30 am. Definitely felt the earth move. An after tremor hit about 5 minutes later.
  • Butte, MT - About 30 seconds of moderate shaking. Another one began shortly later; not as sstrong
  • Polson montana - Shaking woke me up at 1230 am mountain standard time. Rocked bed for approximately 1 minute. Aftershock also felt minute later.
  • Lolo Montana - 4-5 seconds long, followed by smaller shaker of 2-3 seconds. Closet doors rattled. Bed shook. Whole house moved back and forth. Windows rattled.
  • Castlegar - Lasted 5 sec
  • Nelson - Lasted 5 seconds max. No damage to properties or power outtages.
  • Sparwood - Lasted at least a minute, shook our whole house. Thought it was the washer off centered.
  • Medicine Hat - It felt like someone was bumping into my couch.
  • Great falls - 45 seconds with an after shock 5 min later
  • Kalispell - shook the house side to a shimmy
  • Ulm - 4 seconds everything seems okay
  • Belgrade, MT - No damage
  • Bellevue - We are in a high rise hotel. Swaying
  • Missoula - Was woken by movement of house and rattleing of dresser handles and windows shaking. Last just a few seconds. My kids said they were woken by two shakes about 1-2 minutes apart from each other.
  • Spokane - Light fixtures swinging- windows flexing- check for damage in the a.m.Floor rolling
  • Whitefish - Shook for 15 secounds once. And 5 secounds later on
  • spokane - Light shaking, lasted 5 seconds
  • Spokane Valley - Bed turned into a magic carpet.
  • Coeur d'Alene - No damage, slight swaying to standing furniture and hangings. Tremor lasted about 5 seconds.
  • Brooks Ab - Just one quick "bounce" made everything move, less than a second while watching tv, thought a board broke on my couch. I went outside thinking a tree beach fell on my roof. Made my wife's purse swing 4" back and forth,
  • Whitefish - About a minute
  • Raymond Alberta Canada - I have as laying in bed and and the bed and house stated shaking. It freaked me out. I thought someone was breaking into my house. Glad to know that's not the case. Sad for those closer to the earthquake
  • Sparwood, BC - Experienced bed shaking at the time of the earthquake
  • Bellevue, WA - Felt like it lasted around a minute to two minutes. On top floor of high rise, so felt a rocking motion that made my equilibrium off.
  • Deer Lodge - It woke me up
  • Cascade, MT - Very strong shaking with first quake, felt like it lasted around 20 seconds. Second quake not as strong and felt like it lasted only 5 seconds. House creaked, dont know about damage yet.
  • Turah Montana - It lasted maybe 30 seconds with strong shaking. There was a violent snap at the end then very light shaking. Aftershock was light and within a couple minutes of the main event. Not sure if there was any damage yet besides some things falling from the shelves.
  • Butte - Seemed to last about 40 seconds, then with an aftershock about two minutes later.
  • Cardwell - I woke up and felt the house Shaking, it lasted about 5 seconds and when I went upstairs another one hit about the same length
  • Newport washington - Seemed like 30 seconds. Fairly strong aftershock
  • Sandpoint, Idaho - Wasn't like other quakes I've felt. My whole house was swaying, not shaking. It felt like I was on a swaying boat. Lasted for maybe about 10 seconds or so.
  • Kalispell - Shaking was approximately 10 seconds, then it felt like it stopped and began again for several more seconds. No damage.
  • Deer lodge - I was up going to the bathroom, thought it was an explosion. Things falling off walls, hanging plants swinging
  • Missoula - At least 15 seconds of very intense shaking and my mirror hanging almost fell
  • Missoula - At least 15 seconds of very intense shaking and my mirror hanging almost fell
  • Polson - about 20 seconds of grinding/shaking, followed several minutes later by milder and shorter vibration. It woke my daughter up.
  • Heart Butte - Whole house shaking and my bed was rattling
  • Frenchtown - Not sure how long it lasted... long enough to wake me up from a deep sleep. After shock was much less
  • Priest River ID - It lasted quite a while. I used to live in Alaska and this is the strongest I've ever felt.
  • Kelowna - Lights swinging. House creaking
  • Bozeman Montana - The shaking appeared to last around one minute... it was all so surreal it happened rather in a flash.
  • Taber, AB - Minor shaking. Lights were swaying as well as water in glasses. Lasted about 10 seconds
  • Hamilton - My bed was shaking then ten minutes later it shook again.
  • Sheridan MT - It lasted about 30 seconds.
  • Spokane, Wa - House swayed for 2 minutes. Felt some rolling and walls creaked.
  • Billings - We were laying in bed watching tv and the bed started rocking back and forth like we were on a boat. We looked over to our fish tank and the water was rocking back and forth in the tank with 1/2"- 1" tall peaks. It lasted for about two minutes. No property damage that we are aware of at the time.
  • bigfork - There was no damage but is startled the dogs and everyone in the house
  • Spokane - I don't think it lasted more than 30 sec. I was wakened from light sleep by the rocking of my bed. My dog then started growling. No damage or fallen objects I know of, but the pendulums in my grandfather clock were clattering and swinging around.
  • missoula - I was on the 4th floor of st patricks hospital. Not sure how long the shking lasted. FIrst had about 10 sec of weak to light shaking then about 5-10 sec of moderate shaking.
  • Billings, Montana - All walls and doors were shaking for a minute or so and thinks began falling inside the building from shelves. Earthquake felt very strong enough to awaken me from a dead sleep.
  • Coaldale - 10-30 second of "vibration", like the house was like jello. No damage.
  • Clancy - Items fell off shelves, pets howled, woke us from sleep
  • Kalispell - 15 seconds,shaking, no damage
  • Carter - Woke up when the shaking occurred . It scared me because I always think Yellowstone could blow. Not sure if there is any damage as it is dark. My chickens freaked out and squawked for a few minutes!
  • Athol id - 5-10 sec
  • Laurel - Chair and aquarium were shaking. The shaking was bad enough it woke up my mother and son, who both came out of their rooms to see what the shaking was.
  • 59840 - 4 seconds. I was in bed and it was quite strong, a few things fell of my table and desk.
  • MISSOULA MT - Shook the building in a north and south motion sleeping in bed strong enough to wake us up Short after shock several minutes later
  • Kalispell, mt - Woke up with bed shaking. Stopped and then started again
  • Missoula - Woke me up from dead sleep. Long time shaking then a smaller one a few minutes later
  • Missoula - I was asleep in bed when I was woken up by the bed shaking, then the whole room.
  • Spokane Valley - Felt the couch under me vibrating for maybe around 10 seconds.
  • Philipsburg. Mt. - Ten seconds.
  • Butte - Lasted a few minutes. It shook the house and the china closet where you could hear the windows rattling. It woke up my son and the dogs.
  • Great Falls - prodromal small shake, then a large 15-20 sec shake, then a few after shocks a few minutes later. this is not the type of event that could go unnoticed
  • Potlatch - 10 seconds. No damage.
  • Helena, MT - Quake was fairly long, felt like 20 seconds, got stronger towards the end. Followed a few minutes later by a strong aftershock, probably in the 3-4 range. Woke everybody up here. So far, no apparent damage detected.
  • Lethbridge - 10 seconds no damage
  • Ronan - Lasted over five seconds. No property damage.
  • Spokane - lasted 10 seconds, and made the blinds bang against the wall
  • Ronan, Montana - Ten seconds of light shaking if reminded me of the big trucks that rolled by our cobblestone street in Europe.It made such an eerie sound like a big low drum. My daughter said she went outside and the water was sloshing in the water tub we use for the dogs.
  • Missoula - Just a few seconds maybe 10 no damage
  • New Westminster - I live in a high rise condo. This woke me up from a sleep. My bed was shaking and my blinds were swaying banging against my windows.
  • Kalispell - My husband and I felt the shaking for about 15 seconds total from start to finish. Shook our home side to side and heard a quite rumble sound.
  • Manhattan MT - Swaying sensation, 3-5 seconds, twice starting at 12:38 a.m
  • Great Falls MT - I felt three separate episodes of shaking. Each one lasted perhaps three seconds. There was about a minute between the first two, and maybe 15 or 20 minutes before the last one occurred. I was awakened by the shaking, and also buy my frightened cat bursting in to my room and going under the bed
  • Great Falls - The Wall of my house flexed two times in a short time period. I went outside to look around thinking it was the wind blowing. Calm and quiet. Two of my neighbors were outside and had a similar experience.
  • Hamilton - I also heard a very weird low noise. It lasted a coup,e seconds he shaking. There was a second one as well
  • Lethbridge - Sitting on my couch. All of a sudden the couch started moving side to side.
  • Billings - Lasted 10-15 seconds. Shaking house with pictures on walls rattling a bit.
  • Spokane wa - No damage... 10 secs.
  • Troy, Montana - I was sitting aagainst a wall and I felt the room begin to shake. It lasted about 30 to 45 seconds, maybe. No damage that I could tell so far.
  • Moscow, idaho - Felt the house swaying slightly and floor rippling
  • Moscow, ID - Felt like the washing machine was spinning extra hard, but no laundry was going. Got the fish tank sloshing and woke the dogs up. A few creaks and rattles, no damage.
  • anaconda - 10-15 seconds. Aftershocks for a few more minutes. Items fell off shelves. No obvious damage. Large beams moving back and forth at least a few inches
  • Princeton idaho - Heard and felt it
  • Great Falls - We were heading to bed on the 3rd story of our home in Great Falls, MT. Bed and room shook and woke up one that was asleep.
  • Great Falls - Woke me up
  • Great Falls - It woke me and my wife up.
  • Corvallis MT - We actually felt it three seperate times. Two times at first and then again about 5 minutes later. Shook the whole house.
  • Spokane - Felt like my house was on marbles, everything hanging started swinging like crazy. Instant goosebumps
  • Polson - House shaking woke me up. Lighter shaking about 5 minutes after initial
  • hayden idaho - 15 sec no apparent damage
  • Butte - Lasted about 10 seconds heard a big boom also
  • Kooskia, ID - Bathroom mirror shook for a few seconds; couple minutes later couch on which I was sitting shook briefly.
  • Kalispell - Aftershock twice. Knocked armoire doors open into wall.
  • Kalispell - Less than 5 seconds, no damage
  • Tracey - Tracey Montana 59472
  • Helena - 30 seconds, two separate after shocks, 1st weak, 2nd stronger
  • Helena Mt - Started shaking light for a few seconds then got way stronger for about 5 more seconds whole house was moving knocked the tv over and stuff off the dresser. A few minutes later an another light one
  • Polson, MT - The whole lake house was shaking for about 4 seconds.
  • Helena Montana - 10 seconds no damage. Aftershock 7 seconds no damage. Woke everyone up.
  • Ronan - The roof and walls of my home seemed to shake and then all the handles on the drawers of the furniture clinked as they shook. Probably the whole thing lasted just one or two seconds.
  • Sparwood BC - Bed shaking 5 s
  • Victor - Lasted maybe 6 seconds. Then an aftershock about 5 minutes later lasted maybe 2 seconds. No damage
  • Spokane valley - Woke me, shaking lasted about 10 seconds, 11:30pm local time
  • Chewelah - I live in a house with basement, there was someone on all floors all felt it sway the house for a few minutes
  • Pablo - Lasted a minute maybe minute half. Than we felt a aftershock or something about five minutes latèr.
  • Carmangay - About 30 seconds. No damage happened around 12:30 pm July 6th 2017
  • Drummond - 12:30 after midnight. 30 seconds..then 5 mins later about 5 seconds.
  • Missoula - Woke me up, my whole apartment shook. Not sure of any damage
  • Florence - 5seconds followed by a second tremor 5 mins later
  • Missoula - 30 to 45 seconds, no damage
  • harrison hot springs - about 2 pulses of shaking that lasted 10 seconds. My blinds were swaying back and forth and i could feel it in my head
  • MANHATTAN - 8 seconds no known damage
  • Bigfork - I was asleep and it woke me up so I'm not sure how accurate my feel for how strong the shaking was or how long it lasted.
  • Hillspring - Hillspring AB Canada. House swayed. No damage. Nothing fell of walls.
  • Arlee - 3 seconds light shaking, short pause, then 5 seconds shaking @ 1230, short 2-3 aftershock @ 1237 So far I see no damage. Felt like being on train tracks or (being from the Midwest) the feeling you get from a Tornado or Microburst as it is getting closer.
  • Missoula - It felt like I was in a wine glass that was being swirled around. It happened at 12:30 am, the shaking lasted a good 12 or more seconds followed by one or two aftershocks in quick succession that seemed to last for a combined total of about 20 seconds. I do not believe that I have property damage but a co-worker reported that her sidewalk is now cracked.
  • Sandpoint - Five to ten seconds. Felt like my bed was swaying six inches back and forth. No damage
  • Medicine Hat - 5 seconds, no damage, slight shake
  • Belt - Whole house shook, thought I was gonna fall out of bed
  • Frenchtown - Seemed like 30 seconds or longer. Sloshed water in toilet and shook bed strongly. House is very solid.
  • Frenchtown - No damage. Entire 2 bedroom house shook with creaking floors and water in large fish tank sloshing around fairly forcefully.
  • Moscow - Weak shaking of house; no damage, around 11:30 PDt; Moscow ID; woke household.
  • Deer Park, Washington - Shocked...whole house swayed. Pictures and lights were swinging.
  • BIGFORK, MT - 2 min?, no damage
  • Anaconda - Woke the whole family and kept shaking for a bit. Then we felt the aftershock. House really moved both times.
  • Airway Heights - We felt it outside Spokane, WA in Airway Heights. Lights were swaying, and the house was shaking for around 10 seconds at least.
  • Billings - No property damage, lasted about 10 seconds. Felt the whole bed jerk a couple times, and our dog barked.
  • Spokane - The shaking was very faint at first, where I didn't notice. It slowly built to the point it was shaking the decorations on our Christmas tree that is still up!! (Haha!) I took a snapchat towards the end, and the decorations slowed after a few.. I would say it lasted about 15-20 seconds for the duration from when I noticed until the building stilled. The apartment was shaking, and it gave me butterflies like I was on an amusement park ride. Very cool!
  • Spokane - Weak shaking that increased in intensity over 20-30 seconds. At first thought the dog was fidgeting on the bed, but shaking increased well beyond what my 6 pound pup could cause! Additional weak shaking/aftershock effects a few min later.
  • Florence, MT - moderate shaking for probably 10 seconds, then a second lighter shaking for about 5 seconds. No damage inside the house
  • Calgary - Laying in bed, felt my bed moving slightly, which has never happened before. Then went to my daughter's room to see if she felt the same thing, and she did.
  • Lethbridge - No damage, very odd feeling. Didn't know it was an earthquake until my friend told me
  • Butte, Montana - No damage but some things fell without breaking. Lasted approx 20 seconds the first time and 5 seconds on the aftershock.
  • Billings - momentarily shook house, no damage
  • Missoula - 5-10 seconds of sustained shaking.
  • Butte - Woke us up. Shook a huge plate mirror loudly. Didn't check for any damage.
  • Missoula - No damage. Have felt several earthquakes in Calif. this was a string shaker -- not a roller. Lasted 5 seconds or so. In a three story hotel (I'm on the second floor) Woke people from sleep. No damage.
  • Helena - Shoot entire home for 20-30 seconds knocked supports out from under trailers.
  • Orting Washington - I thought someone was opening my door then the chandeler starting moving and window blinds the entire house rumbled then it was done.
  • Great Falls - Enough to wake me up out of my sleep
  • polson - vibrating shaking and the sound of the ground rumbling lasted 25 seconds at least
  • Ramsay, MT - Shook the bed for approximately ten seconds, with an aftershock following shortly after.
  • Fernie - It was my first experience. About 30 seconds with 1 aftershock about 10 seconds
  • Basin montana - 10 -16 seconds. No damage
  • columbia falls, MT - shaking lasted for approximately seconds with a single aftershock lasting for 1 second.....noticeable movement of started popping 15 seconds prior to shaking...damage assessment in the morning when light
  • Columbus - No damage, just a rolling shaking feel for a few seconds.
  • Virginia City - Shaking lasted about 10-15 seconds for me. Then about 6 minutes later felt an aftershock with about the same strength in shaking for 10 seconds. I still feel light tremors.
  • Conrad - Woke us up. Knocked one item off a wall where it was hanging. Felt small aftershock a few minutes after initial shake
  • St.Ignatius - Shook house for several seconds
  • Calgary Alberta - Lying in bed and our bed was shaking for a good 20 seconds.
  • Sheridan, MT - Sharp shaking woke me up - felt like a dog on the bed scratching fleas - had time to roll over in bed, shake my husband awake and say "earthquake"!
  • Butte, MT - Initial quake 10 sec, 1st aftershock about 5 sec. No power disruption, some rattling of objects inside, some rolling movement felt outdoors.
  • Butte, MT - Two incidents- the first one had aftershocks- bed shook hard and woke me up!
  • Lethbridge - Maybe 20-30 seconds. Nothing damaged.
  • Missoula - Woke me up from sound sleep. Scary!!! Bed was shaking vigorously and I heard noise from outside my window. Another smaller event followed, could feel bed shaking though.
  • 220 8th Lane NE Fairfield MT 59436 - In bed, felt whole house shaking. Wardrobe doors and handles rattling. Less than 10 seconds, don't know if damage yet. Still have power.
  • Helena - seemed like 30 seconds original. Just had 3rd aftershock 1 am. Knocked glass off shelf and broke.
  • Great Falls - First lasted 30 seconds, second lasted 10 seconds. First 12:30. Second 12:38.
  • Moscow - several seconds, no damage, but woke some of us up. Doors and windows were shaking.
  • Billings - Bed shook for 4-5 seconds, definitely felt a few little aftershock tremors, birds instantly took off outside my window, shouldn't have finished a horror movie a few minutes before, briefly thought there was a demon in my room
  • Couer D'alene - Bed shaking - building shaking - woke us up twice
  • West Glacier - House shook for 10-15 seconds. Then felt a second one shortly afterwards.
  • Priest River - woke me up, strong rolling shake for about 3 min. then started to weaken and then a aftershock for about 5 sec.
  • GREAT FALLS - First one seems like 2 minutes. Creepy feeling.
  • Coaldale - No damage. My bed shook for about 2-3 seconds.
  • Huson - No damage we can see yet, the whole house shook, the shop walls and door were moving , husband was in our Tahoe and felt it it shook the taho and our fence felt two aftershocks. Very scary
  • Coaldale - No damage. My bed shook for about 2-3 seconds.
  • Calwell - It lasted about 5 seconds. We are camping in a tent near Lewis and Clark Caverns.
  • Whitefish - 10 seconds... things in my house were swinging
  • Spokane WA - I was in bed and the bed shook pretty good for 2-5 seconds. I heard rattling from the kitchen cupboards and some creaking. It was barely noticeable at first but got stronger and then subsided. About 4-5 minutes later there was an lesser aftershock.
  • Great Falls mt - Woke the entire household with shaking
  • Mead, WA - Felt shaking and saw fixtures swing, heard something rattle, lasted over a minute.
  • Cardston - No damage, lasted about 5 seconds
  • Anaconda - Shaking lasted for about 15 seconds, shook whole house, no falling objects or any damage, two aftershocks with the first one being pretty significant
  • Gallatin Gateway, MT - Whole house rocked & creaked for several seconds.
  • Calgary - Lasted for about 15 seconds. Nothing damaged everything just shook and freaked me out a bit.
  • Bozeman MT - July 6, 2017 @ 12:30AM - Bozeman Montana Felt Bed "Rolling In Waves" - Like being on a Cruise Ship 30 Seconds
  • Missoula - 5-6 seconds first time. 3-4 seconds a few moments later
  • Missoula - There was moderate shaking and all of my pictures and cups on the entertainment center next to me started shaking and the television started swaying back and forth and all of the chandeliers and hanging plants started swinging violently
  • Corvallis - Twishaking events. Woke me up. No damage.
  • Crescent Valley - Felt like two, back to back inside. The blinds were shaking as was the fig tree in the living room. The shaking was alarming...all the dogs in the neighbourhood went absolutely silent.
  • Lethbridge - About 10 sec of moderate shaking
  • Whitefish - No damage. Shaking lasted for 5-10 seconds. Strong enough to wake us up and shake the bed. Aftershock felt 6-8 mins later for 5-10 seconds
  • Whitefish - I felt shaking at two different times. The first time, it woke me from my sleep and lasted about 20 seconds or less. About 2 or 3 minutes later, it happened again, lasting about7 seconds.
  • Lethbridge alberta - Felt my room move and a few things shaking. Lasted about 45 damage that I can see but check more in the morning.
  • Lethbridge - My legs felt weird and my car started rocking. Maybe 1 seconds max. Thought someone was rocking my gently as a prank.
  • Coeur d Alene - Asleep in chair and it woke me up.
  • Livingston, MT - About one second, was laying in bed and bed shook.
  • Whitefish - 1st shake about 5-10s, awoke us from sleep. 2nd was about 5 min later and much less intense -lasted almost 1 min.
  • Canyon Creek - 30 seconds plus many after shocks lasting 3-5 seconds each. Items fell off walls, out of cupboards, and off the fireplace mantel.
  • Boulder, Mt - Shook for at least ten seconds. Long and hard enough to wake everyone in the house. No apparent damage. Followed by a similar feeling aftershock
  • Spokane - Felt a fairly mild shaking for about 5 seconds, knew right away it was an earthquake. Thought it may have been Seattle, surprised it was Montana! Called friend in Spokane immediately, but he didn't feel it.
  • Missoula - It woke me up and I am not a light sleeper. Knocked over one photo frame on shelf, frame is light and unstable.
  • Missoula - around ten seconds of rumbling and shaking. no damage
  • Fort Benton - Probably 10-20 seconds of shaking. Woke up and thought the house was going to collapse. No property damage that I know of.
  • Plains - It seemed to be longer than 20 seconds with strong shaking which increased in intensity. No sound
  • Kalispell - Felt the main quake and 1 after shock.
  • Dutton - Woke us out of a sound sleep. House rattled pretty good and shook furniture. One aftershock felt shortly after. Not aware of any property damage.
  • Moscow, ID - My bed shook for maybe 10 seconds and I was very confused until my friend from Montana texted me and said they had an earthquake there and was surprised I felt it in Moscow, idaho. Many of the people in this town did as well
  • Missoula - I heard something coming like a rolling rumble then the whole house started moving but no hard shaking. Cannot see any damage now.
  • Helena - My first earthquake ever! Woke me from a deep sleep. I had no idea what was happening. Lasted maybe 20-30 seconds. Heard glass breaking (haven't found it yet). Pictures were still swinging when we walked through our new 3rd story apt!
  • Lewistown - 10 seconds. No property damage.
  • Spokane, WA - I was lying in bed and definitely felt the rumbling and shaking for 5 to 10 seconds. No property damage is likely. But it sure got my attention!
  • Kalispell MT - 5 sec
  • Cochrane - Couch shifted sideways back and forth. China cabinet rattled. No damage.
  • Spokane - Shook our bed on ground floor for 5 seconds. Did not feel any aftershocks
  • Missoula - It was very short, but strong quake. Also felt the mild aftershock about 5 or 10 minutes afterward.
  • Drummond - Strong enough to wake us
  • Fort macleod - Laying in bed and the whole bed started shaking I ran to another room there were pictures on the wall shaking. Lasted about 7-9 seconds
  • Calgary - I was on the fourth floor in a hotel bathroom and everything started swaying back and fourth. It was very noticeable for 5-10 seconds
  • Great Falls - Lasted approx 20 secs. Aftershock approx 5 mins after.
  • Fernie - No damage. Lasted approximately 30 seconds. Grew in intensity, then faded.
  • Billings - Light shaking. Bed swaying back and forth. Two episodes lasting several seconds.
  • Plains, MT - My office chair (swivel) started to slowly rock back and forth as did a pole lamp. Nothing fell; it felt like I was on a ship that was slowly rocking--I got a bit dizzy--called someone who lives up the road--about two miles up the mountain road who said her trailer moved from the quake.
  • Missoula - Two tremors, first one lasting about 6 seconds and second tremor, approximately 3-4 seconds.
  • Spokane - Sitting on the couch watching TV when I felt a side to side motion and watched my curtains gently sway. Indoor decoration wind-chimes were clanking and the chandelier was swaying. The motion lasted about 20 to 30 seconds and there is no property damage.
  • Great Falls - I awoke out of a sound sleep to the house shaking and groaning. It lasted approximately 5-7 seconds. Extremely strong. I have felt two smaller tremors, the second stronger than the third
  • Chattaroy - I was sitting in chair in living rm @ 11:30 when everything started shaking, lasted maybe 5-10 secs. Shook pretty good, woke my husband from sleep and he's a heavy sleeper
  • Butte, MT - Lasted a few seconds. Then a few minutes later, there was another shake not as strong as the first.
  • East Helena - The shaking lasted for about 5-10 seconds (possibly more) and so far we've had about three after shocks since the earthquake which was about 30 minutes ago. The only damage I know of so far is a glass dolphin that fell off my shelf.
  • Whitefish - Our daughters just a few houses up from us and she felt her house Rockin and Rollin Like It was she was in a boat and moving but nothing fell off the shelves and scared her so my wife's over there sleeping tonight
  • Stavely alberta - Felt the house shake for about 4 seconds. Light fixtures swinging. It was from Montana
  • Cut Bank, MT - Less than 5 seconds. No damage
  • Florence, Montana - Woke everyone in our house. Lasted maybe 3-4 seconds, had one aftershock of 1-2 seconds.
  • Helena - About 5 seconds of strong shaking. No known damage
  • Deerlodge - Shaking lasted about a minute or more, things knocked over and cracked the ceiling in the kitchen. Made me and my daughter nasueated, dogs and cats panicked.
  • Butte - Light shaking with no objects falling. Car alarms set off.
  • great falls, mt - about 5 seconds? no damage to my property that i know of
  • Lethbridge - I was watering the flowers on the front deck when the deck started to shake the flowers in the pots where shaking as well It lasted about 10 to 15seconds
  • Coeur d' Alene - 15 seconds
  • Lethbridge - Heard light vibration from mirror on wall, only lasted 2-3 seconds
  • Helena - 7 seconds, maybe. 3 aftershocks so far
  • Lincoln - In lincoln very close to epicenter. Nobody slept through that, woke up entire usfs compound. Pictures off walls, objects off shelves, etc. Strong shaking lasted more than 30 seconds. Whoa!
  • Bigfork - I was sleeping outside and thought someone was shaking my cot. It woke me up and it took a few minutes before a second, lighter shaking happened.
  • Post Falls idaho - Lasted about 5 to 10 damage....very light shaking.
  • Coaldale - No damage. Felt like a large person was walking in my house
  • Kelowna,British Columbia - Lasted about 10 seconds for us or less. Felt slight left to right motion almost like being on a boat. Lights in house swung back and forth for a few minutes, but shaking of home only lasted 5-10 seconds. Shaking started here in Kelowna about 10 minutes past the time of occurrence down in Montana.
  • Coeur d'Alene, Idaho - Lasted a few seconds, maybe 5. Mild enough I was not sure it was quake, but enough that I went immediately online to check usgs earthquake site. Posted on site as I was looking... A minute or two later, received a text from family member in Helena, Montana notifying me they just had earthquake...
  • Kalispell - My husband and I were sleeping- I woke up to the house moving slightly and the roof creaking. I do not believe there is any damage. Occurred 12:30 AM, approx.
  • Clancy - I was sleeping, it woke my wife and i. Shook the house. Felt a big aftershock
  • Montana City, MT - 8 to 10 seconds with everything rattling. One picture fell off a shelf. Ceiling crack appeared to get bigger by a foot or two. I went outside to check the garage and when I came back I was on the side walk and felt another smaller aftershock, it was a few minutes later. At 1:02 am I felt a very small aftershock on the bed.
  • Spokane - More rolling than shaking
  • Medicine Hat - 4 sec.
  • Spokane WA - Epicenter was apparently in Lincoln MT. We felt shaking here-- enough to feel and it moved hanging lights and the water in the pool
  • Great falls, mt - Knocked items off shelves, woke me up out of bed and felt a smaller aftershock.
  • Butte mt - Felt shaking for approximately 20 seconds the first time and 3 seconds the 2nd time
  • Medicine Hat - Chair I was sitting in was shaking. Chandelier was moving. Wife was awoken from sleep.
  • Billings - Bed, curtains, and mirror shaking/swaying, jewlery clanging, drawer pulls clinking. Not able to determine any damage at this time. Don't know exact time but >1min.
  • Bigfork, mt - No damaged but entire house shock for about 5-10 seconds
  • Helena, MT - Lasted 30 seconds-- strong shaking. Everyone felt it. My husband was thrown from his chair. Two aftershocks felt already, but each only lasted a few seconds.
  • Spokane Valley, WA - Felt my couch moving North and shaking. After realizing what I was experiencing, I checked on my family who even were awoken by their bed trembling. Lasted about 30 seconds.
  • Elliston - 30-45 seconds
  • Moscow - A few seconds... no damage
  • Missoula - Was woken from sleep and struck with ultimate confusion as my entire apartment complex creaked and moaned and things shook on the wall. Was skeptical as to what was really taking place until little aftershocks confirmed my speculations that this was an earthquake. Not my first ever earthquake experience, I'm sure, but definitely the most powerful quake I have ever experienced in my life living here in Western Montana.
  • Billings - I was on the couch and it began to shake, I could hear the house creak and shake 3-4 times.
  • Helena MT - Heard a rubble outside, like a big truck driving by & thenmy house began to shake. Shook for close to a minute then a few minutes later it shook again.
  • Sandpoint - 30seconds, no damage, lamps,mirrors swaying
  • Billings Mt - Felt like at least 10sec.
  • Helena - Shaking woke me up which was very strong and followed by two smaller ones.
  • Fernie - 2-3seconds. Thought my body was playing tricks.
  • Libby - Felt for approximately 10 seconds
  • Victor - thought my dog was stuck under my bed
  • Clancy - It lasted a LONG time! Very strong shaking. The 2nd one was amidst as strong but did not last as long. Have felt several after shocks.
  • Florence - 3 of us woke out of sound sleep.
  • Whitefish - 2 X at 10 sec.
  • Nanton - I was watching the TV and felt the house kinda feel like something went from​ one end to the other rattling dishes and windows. I knew immediately what it was.thanks
  • Shelby - 4 very strong shakes. Entire house shook.
  • Great Falls, Montana - 3 separate waves, first was a second and felt like something exploded, second and third waves approximately 5 seconds each with long, undulating shaking.
  • Elmo my - 10 seconds After shock 10 minutes later 10 seconds
  • Helena - Don't see any yet. Still dark.
  • Lethbridge - The shaking lasted about 10 seconds. Lethbridge is across the Montana border in southern Alberta, so we are very far away from where the earthquake happened. No damage was caused, but shaking was obviously felt.
  • Spokane - Mild but noticeable shaking for approximately 30 seconds. One of my dogs leaped from the sofa. The other slept peacefully.
  • Terreton, ID - I was lying down and suddenly got dizzy and then felt my bed moving. It lasted for 5-10 seconds. Nothing was damaged as the shaking was barely noticeable. I wondered if it had been an earthquake, so I looked it up and sure enough there was one in Montana, not too far away, around the time I felt the shaking.
  • Salmon, Idaho - Shook our house at around 12:30 a.m.
  • Missoula - Approx. 4 seconds of strong shaking. Lots of rattling dishes. Aftershock felt about 30 seconds later; lighter intensity, but slight shaking of dishes
  • Colbert washington - 15 seconds of pulsed 1 second each horizontal then a vertical jolt. 5 mins after the first another series of less noticeable shakibg
  • Deer Lodge - Woke up from a dead sleep to my bed moving in a circular motion. Shake lasted a few minutes. Woke everyone in the house and knocked things that were standing, over.
  • Medicine Hat - Approx 2 minutes
  • Deer Lodge - Woke up from a dead sleep to my bed moving in a circular motion. Shake lasted a few minutes. Woke everyone in the house and knocked things that were standing, over.
  • Calgary - Very short, maybe 10-15 seconds! No damage!
  • Augusta - 20 seconds will not know damage until morning.
  • Butte, - Woke up to shaking of bed and very loud rumbling .
  • Lewistown - Walls and floor of house were shaking - probably lasted about 5-10 seconds.
  • spokane valley - about 11:31 pm My chair started shaking and floor and furniture shaking, house also lightly, was spooky, not sure what it was
  • Redcliff - Lying in bed awake. Whole house shook and was rattling things around. About 5 secs long. First 1 I've ever experienced.
  • Raymond - Watching television at about 12:30 am when the room started shaking. Lasted about 15 to 20 seconds.There was no wind so figured it had to be a quake so went on line and saw that Montana had one. Shocked to have felt it so strongly so far away . We are about 40 miles north of the Sweetgrass border crossing
  • Helena, Montana 59601 - At least 6 seconds. Maybe up to 10. Felt one 2 second aftershock. Too dark to inspect exterior of home for damage. No interior damage that I can tell so far.
  • Polson - Lasted about 20 seconds. No damage.
  • Arlee - Approx. 60+ seconds, shook some spices and oil off shelf in kitchen
  • Three Forks - I woke up to the dogs freaking out and what sounded like a car rumbling outside. Then my bed started shaking. It shook for about 5-10 seconds then subsided. About 5 minutes later it happened again.
  • Vaughn - Shook my house knocked things off walls, about 20 sec twice.
  • Spokane Valley - Lasted for about 6 or 7 seconds. No damage.
  • Post falls - Shaking and swaying for a good 10 secs at least. Post falls idaho 83854
  • Missoula - There was a slight initial shake for only about 2 or 3 seconds followed by a gap of perhaps 5-10 seconds and about 10 seconds of strong shaking, MMI V or VI. No damage, but enough to send several people in my neighborhood outdoors hollering at each other about it at 12:30 AM.
  • Medicine Hat - Just a couple seconds of shaking no damage
  • Great Falls - No damage. Made the doors shake in the frame. Shaking seamed to be very rythmic like a washer going out of Ballance. Also felt an Aftershock maybe 5 minutes after the first event.
  • Cut Bank, Montana - Light to moderate shaking experienced indoors for period ~20 seconds. Short but weak "aftershock" of a few seconds duration experienced 5-10 minutes later. Birds roosting in trees evidently disturbed, issuing call notes. No known property damage.
  • Missoula - Slow shaking started and lasted maybe 5 seconds then stronger shaking for like 10 seconds then smaller shakes for like a minute
  • Spokane, WA - Bed shaking woke me up, lasted about 5 seconds. Husband was up and felt the couch shaking and saw the floor lamp swaying back and forth.
  • Florence, MT - It was my first earthquake. It felt like perhaps someone was just shaking the chair I was sitting in. It last between 3-5 seconds. No property damage that I've noticed. We've felt two aftershocks. Each lasting maybe two seconds at most.
  • Deer Lodge - We felt the shaking for almost 15 seconds. The after shock could be heard before it was felt and lasted 5 seconds. Just felt a very small aftershock at 1:05 for a few seconds
  • Superior, Montana - Seemed fairly long. It's dark, so damage unknown.
  • Medicine Hat - 5 to 10 seconds very minor.
  • great falls mt - The entire house shook and it lasted for about 30 seconds. The 2nd time was about the same, then the 3rd and 4th ones lasted about 10 sec each. There was no damage or picture frames that fell!
  • Alberton, Montana - 10 seconds, no damage
  • Missoula - 5-10 seconds -hanging light fixture was swinging -
  • Bozeman - I thought at first that my husband rolled over in bed but then I remembered we have a great bed and I barely feel him get up. It felt like I was in a water bed for maybe 15 seconds. I thought I imagined it. But then the neighbor's chickens started freaking out. No damage that I can see in the middle of the night.
  • Missoula - Was asleep woke to a joult and wave like tremors about 1230 About 20 minutes later felt after shake.
  • Stevensville - 6 seconds ten mins later 2 seconds it was just a tremor
  • Laclede ID - Lasted approx 3min mirrors swinging lights mild swing felt like we were on a boat
  • Stevensville - Chandeliers began to swing more than 1 foot from side to side. The shaking lasted about 8 seconds. It sounded like a large animal (like a St. Bernard) running back and forth on the roof.
  • Plummer, Idaho - Woke me up; possibly 5 seconds plus. No damage but lampshades shaking, bed etc.
  • Dearborn - Outside of the house in a tent. Heard it coming before we felt it.
  • Hauser, Idaho - It shook for about 20 seconds in a light shaking and I could hear a low rumble. My cat woke up too and I saw her ears pick up the sound. We were in our living room. I've been in huge quakes in Los Anegeles and this one was different, more of a rumbler with vibration and light back and forth rocking. We are about 255 miles from Lincoln, MT.
  • Missoula - I was about to fall asleep when the building started shaking. I realized what was happening and ran outside where a couple neighbors were standing. While I was laying down, I saw part of the wall outside vibrating
  • Lethbridge - Pictures vibrated on the walls, glasses rattled, vibrated the bed. Lasted about 10 seconds or so.
  • Whitefish - 30 sec with small aftershock
  • Helmville montana - At first I had NOOOO idea what was going on then all of the sudden the entire house started shaking!! And it Scared the living hell outta me. But nothin was damaged but after the really big one there were 2 littler ones that followed.
  • White Sulphur Springs, MT - My first earthquake, 12 seconds long with mild aftershock.
  • Columbia Falls - I was laying in bed about to fall asleep when suddenly I felt a strong shaking of my bed at around 12:29 am. I looked around the room to see if anything else was shaking. Only lasted about 15-20 seconds. Then, about 3 minutes later, I felt another (which I assume was the aftershock) but not as strong. No damage.
  • Coeur d'alene, Idaho - Shook enough to wake me up and seemed to shake for several minutes. Friends started calling and posting on social media.
  • Billings - At approximately 12:31am I felt a shaking and a rolling earthquake that lasted about 8 seconds. It was enough for the rocking chairs to rock and things to rattle.
  • Condon - Shaking lasted maybe 30 sec the first time. Then a slight after shock. No damage.
  • Great Falls - Bed shaking. .....woke me up!!
  • Spokane - Light shaking, lasting 3-5 seconds, no damage.
  • Stevensville,MT - Can't tell about structure yet. Significant movement of lower level of house, which is partially below grade. Definitely the longest duration and most movement of any experienced before over 24 years at this location
  • Rocky view county - A mirror in my room against my wall was wobbling. Right after my boyfriend who is in Coleman Alberta said the house was shaking.
  • Glasgow, MT 59230 - Shaking lasted aprox. 5-10 seconds, no damage.
  • White Sulphur Springs - Shaking lasted 10 seconds or so and then happened again (lighter shaking) a few minutes later. No damage.
  • Missoula - Felt a light shaking at first for a few seconds. Followed by a very strong shake only lasting a couple seconds
  • Kalispell - Felt it for maybe a minute. Wife complained of the bed shaking, and when I walked across the room the building shook and made one loud crack. We are on the 3rd floor(top) of the hotel.
  • Stevensville - House shook for a good 25 to 30 seconds
  • Great Falls - 15 seconds or so. Twice.
  • College Place - I was sitting at our kitchen table, and I noticed the hanging window blinds and hanging lights swaying for about 10 seconds. I also had a strange, vertigo-like sensation. There is no damage that I can see.
  • Spokane - House shook. I was sitting on couch and felt it sway and move up and down. the cords on the shade swung back and forth.
  • Addy - Around 11:30 p.m. Pacific time, heard what sounded like fireworks going on all around house. About 30 seconds in, bed started shaking and windows rattling. Lasted about 1 more minute.
  • Ennis, MT - Felt 2 good waves over the course of about 10 seconds
  • Lethbridge - 10 seconds maybe, no damage.
  • Missoula - Shook the house for maybe 5 seconds. Enough to make the furniture move, but not enough to knock anything over. A less intense after shock a few minutes later. This one only about 2 seconds.
  • Medicine hat - My bed shook I thought the cat was under it going in circkes it shook for about 45 seconds . But the cat meowed 5 minutes before lots and he doesnt do that I was saying hush shhh . Weirdest feeling . Lots felt in this town apparently too .
  • corvallis - sleeping in camper van on friend's property down by creek. awakened when camper van began shaking from side to side (east-west). dog barked and was afraid to leave van. shaking lasted less than one minute. went into house to be with friend. we experienced a mild tremor within about 5 min.
  • Arlee - Strongest earthquake I've felt in montana. I would say it lasted at least a minute. Not positive but longer than ive felt this other one ive experienced
  • Kooskia - Gentle rolling quake that began at 11:35 PM and lasted for 18 seconds. A second tremor of lesser intensity followed about two minutes later. No damage here.
  • WHITEHALL - Nothing damaged, hanging lights were swinging, was working on my truck in garage and the truck was rocking, seems like it lasted ten to fifteen seconds.
  • Livingston - My whole house shook for a couple of seconds. It shook around my lamp as well. No damage that I know of.
  • Lethbridge,Alberta - 3rd floor apartment in Lethbridge,Alberta! Bed visibly shook!!
  • Mead, WA - 20-30 Seconds of weak to light shaking. Enough to rattle couch and get hanging lights swinging, but not enough to shake pictures off the walls or cause damage.
  • Helena - About 10 seconds with my electricity flickering and stuff falling off of shelves
  • Coeur d Alene ID - We felt the first tremors at 11:31 pm July 5. There were lighter tremors just a few minutes later. We live in apt bldg on the 4th floor. It shook our recliner chairs we were sitting in, the end table and lamp on it, our vertical blinds on slider door and a hanging mobile. The tremors were enough to make both my husband and I slightly nauseous.
  • Spokane - 4 seconds?
  • Coutts Alberta, canada - RV was shaking
  • Pullman, WA - Lasted 5-6 seconds, no damage noted as yet (currently the middle of the night!)
  • Missoula - Was woken up by my bed, clothes in the closet and shower caddy in my bathroom shaking. Was pretty scary.
  • Spokane - Just slight movement for 3-5 seconds
  • Butte - 4-5 seconds on main quake. Woke out of sound sleep. Definitely felt aftershock as well.
  • Shelby, MT - I was sleeping and it woke me up. The whole bed was shaking and the tv almost fell over off the stand. It lasted about 10 seconds. There was a smaller one about 10min later that lasted 3 seconds
  • Medicine Hat - Felt it!
  • White Sulphur Springs, MT - Was in bed. Awakened by bed shaking. Worked up to pretty good shaking in 30? seconds. Shook again around 4-5 minutes later. Not as strong.
  • Stevensville - The whole house was swaying and I could hear a rumbling sound. Thought it was wind at first. Lasted about a minute. Felt an aftershock, not as long lasting about 2 minutes later
  • Brooks - No damage, swaying of the house for about 10 seconds
  • MISSOULA - No damage ..lasted 5 or 6 seconds.
  • Hamilton Montana - All family members awoke from sleep. Felt several seconds then a pause, then once again. Moved pictures on walls and knocked down pictures on television set. New cracks in walls.
  • missoula, montana - 1-2 seconds, heard an unusual noise shaking of window blinds, felt a mild aftershock about 1 minute after first earthquake, no property damage
  • Great Falls - Awoke to vibration 20 secs, then to/fro shaking lasting about 20 seconds, crescendo/decrescendo at 12:30 AM. This was followed at 12:36 by another 5-10 secs of low freq vibration followed by 10-15 seconds of similar to/fro shaking with less crescendo/decrescendo features.
  • Lolo - felt for 3 seconds, light jolt and then more
  • Joplin, MT - No damages
  • Billings - Occurred for about a minute.
  • Great Falls - No property damage. Lasted maybe 30 seconds. Tv nearly shook off the stand. Aftershock made windows sound like they were about to shatter for the entire apt. building.
  • Missoula Montana - The shaking lasted for about 10 seconds. No property was damaged.
  • whitefish, montana - Felt it & heard it knock objects off bookshelf. No damage inside of house found so far. Will check outside in daylight.
  • Cut Bank - I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep, when the door started rattling. The rattling grew louder, and then the bed started to shake violently from side to side like someone was pushing against it. I've been through many earthquakes including the '89 Loma Prieta in the SF bay area, and I immediately recognized it was an earthquake. It shook for what seemed like a long time, then slowly subsided, but an aftershock occurred within a couple minutes.
  • Anaconda, mt - Awoke to loud rumble and 12:30am, moderately strong shaking for maybe 15-25 seconds it felt like the whole house was floating. Then you could feel it trail off for about 30 seconds. After about 5 to seven minutes the aftershock felt more like a quick short rumble. (If) Any damages not yet assessed.
  • Corvallis, MT - It woke us up with the bed shaking. We felt two after shocks within the first 15 min.
  • Corvallis, MT - It woke us up with the bed shaking. We felt two after shocks within the first 15 min.
  • Moses lake, WA - 3-4 seconds of light shaking. Thought my husband was shaking the couch.
  • Kalispell montana - I was laying on the floor and felt it about 3 seconds I believe. My wife came out of the room and was woken up asking if it we had a earthquake .. no known damage at this time. We are visiting .
  • Kalispell - About 30 seconds
  • Great Falls - I was outside in my metal shed on a concrete pad. I thought at first a gust of wind had come up because the metal shed started vibrating, but I could see no wind blowing the trees outside. The shaking lasted maybe 30 seconds or a bit longer. Inside the house my wife reported the bed was shaking as if someone was pushing it around firmly from underneath.
  • hamilton, mt - loud shaking, awakened all in house, aprox 25 seconds
  • spokane - i was on a scissor lift at walmart. felt it swaying. felt very unbalanced. so far, of those I've spoken to, only 2 of us in the building felt it. he was also in a lift. no property damage at all.
  • Anaconda - Shaking of about five or six seconds. No damage to house or surrounding
  • Laurel, MT - Shaking lasted approximately 12 seconds. Another ten minutes passed before a second began that lasted 4 seconds.
  • Polson mtll - I live on the second floor of an apartment near flathead lake, which perhaps is less than 100 yards away. I heard a loud sound and immediately felt my apartment shaking for what seemed a long time. Probably it was around four or five seconds. Maybe it was a bit longer. I thought perhaps some vehicle it the building because I thought I heard a door slamming. When the shakings continued I realized it was an earthquake. When it ceased I heard someone below my apt., say it was an earthquake.
  • Spokane - Lasted just a few seconds. The water in my glass was noticeably moving and I heard a wall hanging bump against the wall a couple of times. Husband slept through it. I was awake at the time aand I felt a strong shaking. It was very brief.
  • Helena - We are visiting family and staying in a camper. The whole camper was shaking and we could hear the ground rumbling loud. My brother-in-law said the whole main house was shaking too and woke them up. Chickens were running by the camper and the cat was freaked out too. It lasted about 15-20 seconds. My brother-in-law came out to the camper to check on us and at that time there was an after-shock. No damage that we are aware of at this point.
  • Eureka - It felt as though someone was laying under my queen size bed and shaking the entire thing. I could hear things in my room shaking but it was pitch black. We didn't feel it here until around 12:20 am. I also have friends and Family that felt it all the way up into Alberta!
  • Boise, Idaho - Felt my chair kind of sway. No damage.
  • Nine Mile Falls - No damage. Whole house shook. Lamp, blinds on windows and tv all shook. Could definately tell it was an earthquake.
  • Missoula, Mt - First earthquake ever experience, no damage, felt a fluid swaying twice with the first lasting longer.
  • Hayden - Hayden ID
  • Bellevue - Sitting up in bed Unsupported Swaying gently from side to side. No noise Curtains swayed Lasted 20 or so seconds
  • Redcliff - I felt a vibration while sitting on my living room couch. I would guess it lasted approx 5 seconds. Possible a second vibration only 1sexond so I wasn't too sure what it was.
  • Great Falls - 8-10 seconds of shaking, no damage noticed yet, windows and fixtures where shaking and rattling, awakened from sleeping, dogs were spooked
  • Pullman, Washington - The whole house wobbled and shook very briefly ... sounded like a big animal was dropped on the house. THis was about 40 minutes ago. at 11:40 pm local time.
  • Stevensville - Sitting on outside porch at 12:45 AM when violent shaking occurred and porch pulled away from the building. There was a weaker quake about 10 minutes later and some shaking of the earth after that.
  • Drummond - Not sure how long it lasted. Felt about a minute long. Stuff was dropped off shelves and the power poles were swaying heavily.
  • Naples, Idaho - felt like a side to side, slipping motion. Seemed like it lasted about 30 seconds and was in 2 waves.
  • Calgary - Sitting at my computer, house shook for several seconds (7-10?). Thought it could have been a heavy duty truck passing but none seen. House creaked. No damage.
  • Helena n. Valley - No damage, some pictures fell. Shook for 10-15 seconds? Aftershock maybe 5 seconds four minutes later. Could hear it coming seconds before it hit.
  • Choteau Montana - Strong enough shake to awaken from sleep.....first shake longer and stronger than aftershock following within minutes. In hotel obvious damage.
  • Cascade - Don't know yet if there is damage to range buildings. 1-2 minutes?
  • Coeur d'Alene, ID  - Felt bed shaking on 4th floor of Hampton Inn for approximately 15 or 20 seconds. No known damage.
  • Pullman, WA - Shook for about 3 seconds, then 5 or so seconds later it shook again. Then about 10 mins later a very weak tremor enough to rattle a decorative glass galileo thermometer.
  • Helena, Montana - Not sure how many seconds but there was 2 times the shaking occurred about 8 minutes apart. Loud noise like something hit my roof. No damage that I'm aware of at this time.
  • Missoula - ~10 second duration. No damages to apartment building and nothing inside knocked over. Enough of a earthquake to rattle shelved items and refrigerator back and forth(not knocked over). Aftershock of ~5seconds with less magnitude felt roughly 15-20minutes after initial earthquake.
  • Whitefish - 5-10 seconds Not sure about property damage
  • Eureka, mt - House shook. Lasted about 10- 15 seconds.
  • Missoula - Lasted 45 seconds 1st after shock 10 second after shock 3 seconds
  • Lethbridge - Approximately 25-30 seconds weak to very weak shaking I would estimate. Took a few seconds to register that it was happening. Earthquakes are rare in Alberta, so did not realize what it was until afterward.
  • Coeur d'Alene, Idaho - Probably 15-30 seconds, more of a horizontal shaking than vertical, heard creaking in walls with doubtful damage, noticeable as a earthquake though.
  • Shaunavon - Sofa starts to shake,slightly for a couple of seconds. I thought the cats in basement were hitting their heads on the ceiling below me with enough force to shake me & sofa, on the floor above them. I froze, hoping a large and more ominous occurrence was not about to unfold - like a vehicle hitting the house? Nope. A couple of seconds of shaking and it was over. Then thought,"I'll keep the cat theory to myself, as that's rather far-fetched". I doubt many felt it if they were asleep.
  • Bozeman. MT - I was sitting in a recliner & felt swaying as opposed to any sharp jolts. Also some creaking of our home. Judge it lasted 2-3 seconds. My husband also felt it. Noticed lights hanging from chains were swaying afterward. No damage noted but no inspections made yet.
  • Seeley Lake, MT - rumble and shaking apparent damage to house....aftershocks felt
  • Redcliff Alberta - The house shifted and creaked, windows rattled , floor fan and bed shook for about 15 seconds ... no damage
  • Helena, MT - 1:28am lighy shaking lasting a couple of seconds... reported earlier re first two tremors. Katie Spencer, Camp Host, Devils Elbow Campground approx. 20 mi ne of Helena on Hauser Lake
  • Bozeman - Building was shaking. Lasted about 5-10 seconds? No damage.
  • Lethbridge - 10 seconds moved my couch while sitting on it
  • butte Montana - Was in drive thru . Vehicle started shaking for bout 15 seconds . No visible damage . Felt another quake or aftershock shortly after and another weaker one as I got home
  • Lincoln - House shook for less than a minute. A picture fell off the wall, and some books from the shelf. No structural damage. Power was out for about 40 minutes. Felt 2 lesser aftershocks over the next hour.
  • Philipsburg - Woke me up at about 12:30 with house shaking for several seconds. Another milder shake about 5 minutes later, with 2 more after shocks about 30 minutes apart.
  • Florence, MT - House shook with severe vibrations very unstable, lasted approximately 5-8 seconds. It was around 12:30 am. It woke me up from a dead sleep, No damage as far as I can tell now.
  • Moscow - It felt as though the upstairs neighbors were all moving in unison, and I could feel the whole building quiver and settle. It only lasted for about 10-15 seconds.
  • Helena Valley - initial quake lasted about 30 seconds. Started with a roaring sound and the ground shaking but then my house moved like we were going over waves on a lake. Perhaps already existing cracks in my basement wall were affected. the pendulum on my cuckoo clock began working. Nothing in the house fell.
  • Sandpoint, ID - Light shaking for 20 +/- seconds with no damage. We definitely knew it was an earthquake and not just a passing train.
  • Florence - The earthquake woke me and I immediately recognized what was happening. I'm guessing the 1st tremor lasted 20-30 seconds. About 10-15 minutes another smaller quake shook the house and I counted 8 seconds before the house stopped shaking and making noise. The earthquake caused no damage.
  • Townsend, MT - I woke up about 12:30 and thought the wind was shaking my house. My dog was wanted outside. I went outside and realized the wind wasn't that strong and could not have shaken the house. I thought I must have dreamt it so I went back to sleep. I slept through any after shocks.
  • GEOFON Montana Jul 06 06:30 5.8 13 MAP I Felt It INFO
  • Dalton Gardens, Idsho - Around 11:33pm I heard a sound and the house started to shake gently and then came stronger, ladting maybe 10 seconds.
  • Moscow, Idaho - Light shaking of apartment building , maybe 20 seconds
  • Stevensville MT - 2 minutes then again several minutes later
  • Manhattan, MT - Shook the my whole garage that I was in..
  • DILLON - About 45 seconds rocking and swaying; no damage to my home.
  • Bozeman, MT - maybe 10-15 seconds. the jail is a floating type, and we felt it rather strongly.
  • Lolo, MT - Shaking lasted 3 to 4 seconds and occurred twice in approx. 5 minutes 12:30-12:40 pm mountain time
  • Ronan - Whole house shaking side to side for several seconds
  • Lethbridge - Fifth floor of hospital, suddenly felt woozy and realized chair was moving. Lasted approx. 15 seconds. A few minutes later a second one was felt, much weaker lasting only a few seconds.
  • Pinesdale, MT - Pinesdale, MT: just falling asleep. Bed shook off and on for 20 seconds off and on. Came into living room to check the earthquake report, the couch rocked for a few seconds.
  • Great falls - Thought it was our washer but then it stronger no dam
  • Corvallis - Lasted around 20 seconds, no apparent damage
  • Seeley Lake - 30 to 40 seconds with lighter after shock about 5 to 6 minutes later
  • Hamilton - Felt aftershock as well
  • Helena - It went on for what felt like a full minute. Experienced a 30 second aftershock a few minutes later.
  • Billings - Lightly shook the house and the bed I was in for about 5 seconds if that
  • Kalispell - One minute. No damage.
  • Bigfork - About 10 seconds. House was swaying. Felt like the doe was pushing on the bed but the whole House was creaking. Chickens were going crazy.
  • Butte - 5 seconds of hard shaking, followed by aftershock a few minutes later
  • Whitefish - Woke from sleep. Bed shaking with rattling from furniture. Lasted less than 5 seconds
  • dillon mt - shaking lasted about 5 secs
  • Seeley lake - Plates feel down
  • Wise River, MT - Bed shaking woke everyone up. Scared the hell out of the dogs, but no damage.
  • Bozeman - My son felt it too, 350 miles away up in the Flathead.
  • Stevensville - First was about 20 sec. Second was about 6 sev
  • Butte - It woke us but was unsure if it was an earthquake until the second one hit 10 minutes later. The shaking lasted less than 10 to 20 seconds on the first and about ten seconds on the second one. Unsure of property damage at this time.
  • outside Florence - First quake 10 seconds about three minutes later five seconds
  • Columbia Falls - Moved the beverage in my glass. Thought a large military aircraft was flying very low. Never felt an earthquake before!
  • Deer Lodge - Whole house shook.
  • Stevensville - 5 secondes, the whole house shook! don't know of any damages yet.....
  • Irvine - Felt the house sway for a couple of seconds . Made me feel dizzy
  • Helena - Two earthquakes, five minutes apart, both shook the building significantly. First was longer at about five seconds in length, the second was close to, but less than, a second in length.
  • Stevensville, MT - 2 distinct shakes, each lasting about 10 seconds...the first one woke up...thought it was a strong gust of wind
  • Helena - 10 seconds
  • Stevensville, MT - heard rumble and shacking of bed. No known damage in house outside appears ok but it 12:30 am. Lasted 10 sec.
  • Polson, MT - No damage. Went for maybe 20 seconds. Felt another one a few minutes later that was smaller.
  • Kalispell - Reminded me of the way it felt when the big quake happened near Yellowstone in I think 1959... I was just a kid but the tomatoes were shaking on my dad's vines..
  • Yahk - Was lying in bed, spring mattress. Thought a dog had jumped in bed. Duration of waves was about ten seconds.
  • Missoula - First wave lasted 20-40 seconds, aftershock may be 10-15
  • Airway Heights - 3 to 5 seconds
  • Great Falls - Unusual for Montana. Around 12:30 at night, bed and room rattled, seems some people slept through it but most people got up to check. No visual fissures or damage outdoors, no indoor damage, nothing fell over or broke. Had one aftershock thus far.
  • Helena - Shaking lasted approximately 5 seconds, w 1 aftershock felt abt 4 min later n lasted approximately 3 seconds
  • VICTOR - 1st one was weak and lasted for less than a minute. 2nd one was very weak and lasted a few seconds. Bed shook, as did bookshelf nearby
  • Kalispell - Shaking lasted approximately five minutes, five minute pause and then three more minutes of shaking.
  • Magrath - 2-4 seconds shaking No apparent damage
  • Moscow Idaho - A rolling shake that lasted for about 10 seconds strong enough to cause clothing in closet to sway.
  • Black Diamond - No damage, very light vibration while sitting on couch at 12:33 am MST. At least 2 noticeable shakes 2-3 seconds
  • Florence, MT - Five seconds of shaking. One small Aftershock a couple minutes later.
  • Lethbridge - Felt the ground sway once then again a few seconds later
  • Kalispell - It lasted about 5 seconds and was followed a couple minutes later with more, but less violent, shaking.
  • Medicine Hat - Shook our bed, woke us up
  • Helena - 10 seconds with a couple of aftershocks
  • Stevensville - I was asleep on the couch and the shaking woke me up. I thought my husband was moving the house to wake me up. Our pendent lights and chandelier were swaying for at least 30 seconds after the shaking stopped.
  • Libby, Montana - Bed swayed lightly, but enough to get my attention. Checked the earthquake report to verify that it was an earthquake shown here.
  • Butte - Ithhink it lasted about 30 sec it shook my apartment pretty hard it was swaying
  • Montana City - Lasted about 30 seconds and felt one aftershock (so far).
  • Billings - 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Bozeman - no property damage
  • Shelby - Rattled the kitchen
  • Stevensville - About 10 seconds and followed by aftershocks multiple times a few minutes apart that were much more mild
  • Four Corners, MT - Lights and house shaking, then quick aftershock; woke me out of bed.
  • St. Ignatius - Shook the whole house. Nothing damaged.
  • Trail - Laying in bed my daughter came running into my room She said she felt it. I thought that's what it was but I am terrified of earthquakes so I pretended it wasn't happening. Lasted about a minute and a bit
  • Pullman - About 15 seconds, beginning with a couple shakes, then increasing infrequency and intensity with a couple follow-up shakees at the end.
  • Polson - Approximately 10 seconds of pretty intense shaking, doors and windows were rattling, no damage observed.
  • kalispell mt - First wave hit and rolled to second wave. Lasted overall 2 min
  • Cardston - Lasted 30 secs. Shook bed. No damage
  • Hamilton - Heard and felt the shaking with an aftershock about 3 or 4 minutes later
  • Big sky, Montana - Possible 5.8 moderate shaking for 8-10 seconds. Came in 2 waves.
  • Conrad - Woke up to the whole bed shaking and the roof creaking. Sounded like a huge wind storm the house was rattling.
  • West river side - 10-15 seconds and nothing was damaged.
  • Lethbridge - Woke me up. Bed was shaking. Lasted a few seconds
  • Helena - There were 2 quakes, lasting approximately 30 seconds each.
  • Bigfork, Mt - Moderate shaking here
  • Rexburg - About 5-10 seconds felt the shaking
  • East Helena - The shaking lasted approx. 40 seconds.
  • Moscow, Idaho - Lasted few seconds. Walls moving, lights swinging, rumbling and creaking. Pool water sloshing.
  • Ronan - Woke me from a sound sleep
  • Stevensville, MT - Woke me up. Lots of ratteling. One aftershock.
  • Fernie - About 10 seconds.
  • Fort Benton - 30 seconds
  • Sandpoint - Felt more like a rolling sensation. Curtains swayed. Lasted around 25 seconds, I think.
  • Kalispell - No damage, awoke from sleep before the quake. Entire house shook for 5-8 seconds. Scared me silly!
  • Missoula - 5/6 seconds and then an after shock in a couple of minutes no damage, lots of shaking
  • MISSOULA - No damage. Felt like a jolt that lasted maybe 2 seconds.
  • Helena, Montana - I was driving and felt it on the road- made the road wave
  • Pablo - No property damage, lot of rattling. about 12-15 seconds.
  • RAYNESFORD - This happened at midnight so I don't know of damage to property outside. I live in a log house so no plaster cracks but the shaking was strong but brief. I felt 3 aftershocks of lesser degrees. I was on the main floor working on the computer, everything rattled and shook for a few seconds.
  • Superior, Montana - I was in the boiler control room and the whole building and boiler started shaking for 20 seconds..kinda stoppes then started again for about 20 more.seconds
  • Alder, MT - Sounded like a big gust of wind coming then the house started shaking harder and realized it was an earthquake!
  • Missoula - A few seconds, not sure, I am on an apartment on lower floor, in the ground 4 feet, it moved, but appears undamaged.
  • bigfork - sound asleep - woke me up - groggy - bed moving - could hear other sounds.
  • On county line between Florence and Miss - No damage. Shaking woke me up at about 12:31. Lasted approximately 6-7 seconds. A second tremor was felt about 4 minutes later lasting 3-4 seconds.
  • Brooks,ab - I was laying in bed watching tv when I felt my bed shake at 12:32 am. It lasted about 5 seconds.
  • Helena - I was asleep & bed started shaking for several seconds. Then I went outside & a minute later ground shifted under my feet for few seconds.
  • Florence - Strong shaking X 2 about 15 seconds or more
  • Claresholm AB - Less than a minute, felt like my couch was being pushed around by someone
  • Calgary - Could feel the building moving. Caused light fixture to swing a bit. Lasted around 5 seconds. I knew it was an earthquake.
  • Great Falls - Shaking lasted around five seconds, I was outside so as far as I know right now nothing was damaged around me.
  • Great Falls - 5 seconds of shaking with an after shock. Can not see any damage yet due to the fact it happened sat 12:30 am
  • Glasgow - Week shaking felt while sitting on the ground. No objects moving that I could tell. Lasted for about ten seconds.
  • Bozeman - Awakened to bed shaking and heard rattling. Felt aftershock few minutes later.
  • Salmon, Idaho - Woke me Up. Lightly Shook the house.
  • Missoula - Not sure about damage. Everyone woke up and I made them go downstairs. Secondary shake followed about 5 minutes after.
  • Spokane - 30-40 seconds No damage
  • Missoula - Felt disorienting. Was sitting in a computer chair and it felt like someone was tugging at it. First time ever experiencing an earthquake...not a fan.
  • kamiah - It seemed to last 30 seconds.
  • Libby, Montana - 7/6/2017 12:30 am. Earthquake felt in Libby, MT. Bed shaking, wind chimes chiming though the air is ver still. Woke me up.
  • Ketchum, idaho - Woke to bed shaking house moaning items shifting 1235am
  • Havre - No damages. Shaking lasted perhaps a minute or so the first time. Objects hanging from ceiling had stopped swinging when we could feel the second shaking. This time only for 15-20 seconds and not as strong. My son said his bed was moving in the basement and the water in his fish tank had ripples.
  • Medicine Hat - The shake lasted about 5-7 seconds and I was in my bedroom which is located in my underground basement
  • Butte - Pretty unnerving. I was hoping items did not fall off shelves because they were moving. House still shaking some off and on at 12:52 a.m. We felt a large jolt and it seemed like there was a large boom. Relatively large after shock within a few minutes after the initial quake.
  • Helena, MT - felt strong shaking at 12:31am at Devils Elbow Campground. Our camper shook, dishes rattled, some things on shelves fell. Lasted about 5-6 seconds. Followed by a lesser tremor 3 minute later lasting 4-5 seconds. Katie Spencer, Camp Host was more of a series of jolts than rolling...
  • Great Falls - Almost a minute with light shaking continue for some time after, and then about ten minutes later another moderate one hit followed by sudden big shaking with lessened and petered off with weak shaking until stopping. No damage noted. Friends in Bozeman, Billings, and all over the state noticed it too, some had stronger than others.
  • Bozeman,Mt. - The house was creaking and light fixtures and blinds were swaying.
  • Heart Butte Montana - It only lasted about 2 minutes the whole house shook.
  • Sheridan - 5 seconds, felt it in the basement
  • coeur d alene, id - Shaking for about 10 seconds
  • Boulder - No damage to property, lasted about 5 seconds
  • Helena - Two story house shook pretty bad
  • Clancy, MT - I heard what at first seemed like the rumble of a very large vehicle on the road. The dishes and lamps continued to rattle as I turned the light on and rushed to the window, seeing nothing. The shaking lasted maybe 10-12 seconds. I still wasn't sure it was an earthquake. The dog wasn't disturbed. About a minute later I felt and heard a tremble small enough I almost thought I'd imagined it, but a few minutes later another 5-7 seconds of rumbling confirmed that it must have been a quake.
  • Anaconda - Woke me up from sleeping, felt like a big dog was scratching his ears on the bed. The whole bed was shaking...then I felt it again a bit later.
  • Fernie - 5-10 seconds of shaking
  • Cardston, AB - Shook the bed for 5 or so seconds woke us up.
  • Dillon MT - Crackling sound of the house and then shaking for 10 seconds, dogs barking and then an aftershock approximately 10-15 minutes afterwards. No damage.
  • stevensville - New construction home, but can't see any damage. Lasted several seconds. Seemed to be 2 right together, maybe 3 to 4 seconds each. 2nd one stronger
  • Missoula - Lights swaying and hanging decorations swaying.
  • Kalispelll, MT - Lying in bed watching TV... I thought I heard rumbling I felt vibration and thought my dog had bumped the bed. I rolled over to look and he was standing by the bed and the bed start to slake and I jumped off of it startled and ran out of the room into the kitchen dining room and saw the suspended lights swinging and then everything was still again.
  • Jaffray - No damage but scared the crap out of me, lol!! A few seconds of shaking the whole house
  • coalhurst - 3 to 5 secs.... thought a ghost was in my couch.
  • Corvallis - I felt two shakes, with one aftershock. The shakes lasted around 1-2minutes, the aftershock lasted around 30seconds.
  • Kelowna, British Columbia - Felt a lot of swaying, my bed shifted felt swaying for what felt like a long time but was probably only seconds. Moved to a door way
  • Columbia Falls - Moved me and my office chair without my feet on ground. Lasted 5 sec and I stood up and felt it even stronger by my front door. Shook quite good. Not sure of damage.
  • Molt montana - 10-15 sec unsure if there is any damage
  • Deary, Idaho - Couch moved, light fixtures moved, felt like floor was moving
  • Helena - Last 10 property damaged
  • Lozeau - About 2 seconds. Felt someone was trying to flip the bed to wake you up.
  • Deer park, Washington - 10 seconds, no damage
  • Bozeman - Lasted approx 10sec
  • Columbia Falls - About 3 seconds each time. I felt something. Didnt know what it was then it got stronger. Then felt it again about 3 min.later
  • Moscow, ID - Probably 6-10 seconds. No property damage noticed (yet!)
  • Missoula - Felt a shake, twice, a few minutes apart.
  • Hayden, Idaho - It was one strong shake, felt more like an explosion with a strong sway after
  • Corvallis - It lasted a good 15-25 sec. very strong. Held onto door frame into bedroom. Dogs going crazy. Lasted a long time. All the neighbors are out. Woke father out of bed.
  • Missoula - Bed started shaking, woke us up while sleeping. Lasted a few seconds.
  • Missoula - Lasted about ten seconds, then a seven minute break followed by another 5-10 seconds of shaking. No damage here.
  • Great Falls - Lasted for several seconds with a aftershock a couple minutes after, my entire room was shaking and could be felt. As far as I know, there was no property damage and everything is in good condition.
  • Missoula, Mt - It woke me up with the noise of the windows shaking. I rose up on one arm and my bed and entire body started rocking back and forth. It lasted perhaps 10 seconds with a slight aftershock 5 minutes or so later. I don't see any damage.
  • KALISPELL - Very short shake felt heard plant leaves rattle then about 1 or 2 mins later house moved again harder this time. The beams in my living room trembled. We were shocked at first. It was very noticeable. That happened about 20 minutes ago or so. We do not have any damage.
  • Missoula - About 20 and not sure yet
  • Great Falls - Woke us up with house shaking.
  • Bozeman - No damage. Shaking for about 10 seconds and then a slow swaying. After shock about 7 minutes later.
  • Three Forks - Lasted about a minute. Floor rocking, doors knocking on the wall, bed shaking.
  • Whitefish, MT - I was lying in bed and the bed started to gently shake for 5-10 seconds and then shaking quickly intensified moving the entire house for another 10-15 seconds. Small waves of tremors continued for the next minute or so which felt like being on a boat in calm water. Doesn't appear to be any damage to our house or neighbors. A decent aftershock occurred about five minutes later. Whitefish, Montana
  • Great Falls - I am from California and have felt a lot of earthquakes. This one felt pretty strong to me. It felt like it lasted about 30 seconds and the aftershock about 8-10 minutes later felt pretty strong too. No damage to house that we can see. We lost some things that fell off the pantry shelf and pictures on the wall are all crooked.
  • Deer Lodge - Shaking enough to knock items off of a shelf. House swaying.Lasting abut 2 to 3 minutes. Also felt a small after shock.
  • Coeur d'Alene - I awoke to odd noise and felt the house swaying , I looked out of window to see if it was windy but it wasn't. It lasted for 10 seconds.
  • Helena - about 10 seconds , slight aftershock a few minutes later
  • Kalispell - Woke me from a deep sleep
  • Plains - The shaking increased in intensity over at least a 20 second time frame
  • Philipsburg - no damage. felt the house shaking. electricity still on.
  • Missoula, Montana - I was awakened out of a sound sleep rocking back and forth as I lie in bed.It was the strongest earthquake I've ever been in. It rocked several times, then stopped and within a minute started again. I'm in a tall building so I wanted to get out, but then it stopped. I just felt an aftershock when I started writing this. If it happens again, I'm out of here. Scared me pretty good.
  • Black Eagle - Wall hangings shaking on wall, heard rumble thought my air conditioner was cause of rattling and rumble
  • Claresholm - Felt the sofa shaking at about 12:30am July 6th. Thought I was going crazy! Lasted about 10 seconds. No damage to my house.
  • Missoula MT - felt my bed roll like a wave
  • calgary - I am on the 9th floor of the South Health Campus hospital, and noticed swaying and creaking at about 12:35 AM. Lasted maybe 10-20 seconds. There does not appear to be any damage.
  • Whitefish, Montana - My friend's tv fell over as well as a camera and other items on his sturdy desk. The house was shaking somewhat violently, things were falling, the mirrors were shaking, the recliner was rocking hard by itself. Cat ran away, we felt multiple aftershocks and remained under the doorways until the shaking stopped for a good couple of minutes.
  • Florence, Montana - Woke everyone in our home. Lasted 3-4 seconds, aftershock lasted 1-2 seconds.
  • Great Falls - We felt it shake briefly, it lasted long enough for us to corral everybody and get outside, after which it stopped. Shortly after we felt a much smaller quake that lasted only a few seconds.
  • Great Falls - We were in bed watching tv and all of a sudden the walls started shaking a bit. At first we didn't know what it was, but knew it was too strong to be a rumble from a large vehicle passing by or something like that. Didn't take long to realize what it was. The shaking lasted only about 10 to 20 seconds, and nothing fell off the walls or anything like that, but it was the first earthquake I've ever felt in 33 years on this earth. Even got an aftershock with it! Kind of freaky but kind of cool!
  • West Glacier - Felt the first wave which I thought was a big gust of wind against the house and the creaking of our house with a long rolling feeling then less then a minute later another and slightly stronger wave hit with more creaking. 5 minutes or so later was a slight rolling. I believe that we have a new hairline crack in a wall (sheetrock) above one of our basement windows. I was up and it woke up my wife and dog.
  • Florence, MT - I live in a three story house. It rocked and back and forth for over a minute. Lights continued to swing for 10 minutes. A couple small things fell off shelves. Lights and fans swinging that I didn't even know could swing. The after shock came about 15 minutes later. I survived the Yellowstone earthquake of 1959 but only remember the day after. This was scarier because I know what it means. Hope it is the last I have to experience.
  • KALISPELL - Felt the house swaying - tables were swaying 15 - 30 seconds
  • Calgary - Woke me up, my pet noticed too, he was scared. Around 12:30 midnight
  • Florence, MT - Woke us up, loud sound, shaking. We may have missed some of it but seemed to be 5 or more seconds. Felt aftershock a few minutes later 2 seconds, mild.
  • Clinton - Shook the house hard enough that the bed shook us awake. No damage that we know of. Two aftershocks were noticed.
  • Seattle - We live on floor 14 of a condo - heard walls creak, saw light fixtures sway, felt only very slight roll.
  • Helena - It shook my bed so hard it woke me up. Items rattled in bedroom. I have felt 2 aftershocks since then.
  • Lethbridge - 6-8 seconds. Sitting in my chair, felt movement laterally. Chandler and water in swimming pool showing movement.
  • Laurel, MT - Shaking lasted approximately 12 seconds. About 11 minutes later a second wave of shaking occurred that lasted 4 seconds.
  • Medicine Hat - No damage, felt like bed was strongly shaking
  • Lethbridge - 10-12 seconds
  • Billings - Estimate 15 sec. Shaking bed, walls
  • Victor - Just got home from work and was in the kitchen when I heard a lower cupboard close, then about 3 seconds it closed again and I couldn't understand why it was happening. I tried to see if I could repeat the movement then felt the ground shaking and l knew immediately it was a earthquake as the rest of the cupboards began opening and closing. I ran outside but the ground stopped quaking, only my legs wouldn't stop shaking from the adrenaline rush. No damage. Quaking lasted 10 seconds or less.
  • Seeley Lake, MT - 15 seconds or so, little to no damage
  • Medicine Hat, Alberta - My chair shook, my desk banged against the wall a couple times and I felt dizzy. Lasted probably 5 sec.
  • Bigfork - No damage bed shook person standing felt a hit disoriented.
  • Fairmont - 15-20 seconds
  • Anaconda, MT - Haven't felt this strong or long of an earthquake in this area for the 17 years I've been in MT. Lots of friends from as much as 250 miles away were woken. Don't know about damage to the foundation yet-have to wait for daylight. No damage inside that I can see right now. It was scary to feel the whole house rattle and shake! Being online helps to be in touch with friends.
  • Butte, MT - About 30 seconds and 3 after waves so far
  • Coeur dalene - Short vibrations. I thought my dog was kicking the couch in his sleep. When I looked over the couch he wasn't there. Very weak earthquake but I felt it.
  • Stevensville - Slow rumble then East/west shake for about 30 seconds then slow rumble again. Felt 4 aftershocks within the hour afterwards
  • Big Sky - Light shaking for about 10 seconds. No damage.
  • lethbridge - little bit of shaking
  • Moscow - I was laying on the couch, and it shook me around for ~5 seconds. In a second floor apartment (2 story building) and the walls were rattling.
  • Trail BC - I live in Trail, BC, Canada. I thought it felt like the couch was vibrating, didn't know if it was real or imaginary until I saw a posting on Facebook from a friend in Elkford, BC, Canada. Lasted maybe 7 seconds at approx. 12:30 AM PST. Trail is approx. 520 km from Missoula, Mountana. Elkford is approx. 440 km from Missoula. No damage here that I've heard of.
  • Kalispell - Woke me and the dog up. Wave like shaking lasted 3-5 minutes. No damage seen yet. Cabinet doors opened.
  • Moscow Idaho - I felt the main quake . It shook my Moscow Idaho apartment like jello for about 20 seconds.
  • Laurel - Light shaking while laying on sofa. Approximately 20 seconds. Wind spinner in the house began spinning. Cat s were acting strangely.
  • dillon, mt - in upstairs bedroom, awoke to bed creaking back and forth, and whole house rumbling; lasted 30sec or so; lights were swaying nicely;only slightly recognized the two smaller shakes that need straightening all over house.
  • Coeur D'Alene - was about 1130 last night, felt like the bed was swaying kinda like when your on a boat and the water is really choppy, standing picture frame on dresser slid down, no damage that I noticed. lasted about 30-40 seconds.
  • spokane WA. - 30-1min. I was preparing a drink to help me sleep when I thought I was falling over and going to pass out, I have balance issues and am prone to vertigo, After bracing and looking up I saw every plant in my house swinging to beat hell and could hear the wind chimes clanging. I realized I wasn't falling but that my 2nd story apt was moving. Nothing fell from any shelves but all 9 hanging plants were swinging on their chains to their max. A friend felt it also 11 miles away from me.
  • Stevensville, MT - So there I was, laying in bed, asleep, American Dad on tv. All of a sudden BOOM! Then the shaking started, felt like one of those vibrobeds at the cheap motels. I thought that someone hooked my house up to a truck and took off. Man I thought Stevensville was coming to an end! My daughter came to let me know there was an earthquake, I asked if she was ok, she said she was fine. I rate this quake a 4/10, would recommend, but would buy from a different seller.
  • Medicine Hat Alberta - Bed shaking for about 30 seconds, then about 20 sec later a 10 second shake. No damage.
  • Pullman - Sitting on the sofa watching TV last night and felt the sofa go back & forth. A minor earthquake based upon my experiences in Western WA.
  • Lincoln montana - The room started to shaking badly. Dogs started barking. I am very sensitive to shaking. It lasted for nearly a minute. Very little damage to house. I hope that they are OK.
  • Brooks - Very weak shaking
  • Loon Lake, WA - 11:30 p.m. PDT, love seat rocked back and forth and seat seemed to go up and down -- like when someone puts their feet under your car seat and irritates you. Thought husband was playing a trick. Called his name and even looked behind the love seat. Niece thought our bed had vibrator but saw chain on fan moving. Husband in basement where closet doors moved back and forth and rattled. Daughter and family live 2 miles away. Their whole house shook. No damage we're aware of. Lasted 15-20 seconds.




    Other earthquakes in the greater epicenter area

    Strongest earthquakes (since 1900) within a 150 km radius from this earthquake


    I felt the shaking *
    Country where you felt the earthquake *
    City/Village where you felt the earthquake *
    Street or suburb (area) where you felt the earthquake
    Latitude (area) where you felt the earthquake
    Longitude (area) where you felt the earthquake
    Shaking Strength *
    MMI II (Very weak shaking) ?
    People :
    Felt by persons at rest, on upper floors or favorably placed.
    MMI III (Weak shaking) ?
    People :
    Felt indoors; hanging objects may swing, vibration similar to passing of light trucks, duration may be estimated, may not be recognized as an earthquake.
    MMI IV (Light shaking) ?
    People :
    Generally noticed indoors but not outside. Light sleepers may be awakened. Vibration may be likened to the passing of heavy traffic, or to the jolt of a heavy object falling or striking the building.
    Fittings :
    Doors and windows rattle. Glassware and crockery rattle. Liquids in open vessels may be slightly disturbed. Standing motorcars may rock.
    Structures :
    Walls and frames of buildings, and partitions and suspended ceilings in commercial buildings, may be heard to creak.
    MMI V (Moderate shaking) ?
    People :
    Generally felt outside, and by almost everyone indoors. Most sleepers awakened. A few people alarmed.
    Fittings :
    Small unstable objects are displaced or upset. Some glassware and crockery may be broken. Hanging pictures knock against the wall. Open doors may swing. Cupboard doors secured by magnetic catches may open. Pendulum clocks stop, start, or change rate.
    Structures :
    Some large display windows cracked. A few earthenware toilet fixtures cracked.
    MMI VI (Strong shaking) ?
    People Felt by all. People and animals alarmed. Many run outside. Difficulty experienced in walking steadily.
    Fittings :
    Objects fall from shelves. Pictures fall from walls. Some furniture moved on smooth floors, some unsecured free-standing fireplaces moved. Glassware and crockery broken. Very unstable furniture overturned. Small church and school bells ring. Appliances move on bench or table tops. Filing cabinets or "easy glide" drawers may open (or shut).
    Structures :
    Slight damage to buildings with low standard. Some stucco or cement plaster falls. Large display windows broken. Damage to a few weak domestic chimneys, some may fall.
    Environment :
    Trees and bushes shake, or are heard to rustle. Loose material may be dislodged from sloping ground, e.g. existing slides, talus slopes, shingle slides.
    MMI VII (Very strong shaking) ?
    General alarm. Difficulty experienced in standing. Noticed by motorcar drivers who may stop.
    Fittings :
    Large bells ring. Furniture moves on smooth floors, may move on carpeted floors. Substantial damage to fragile contents of buildings.
    Structures :
    Unreinforced stone and brick walls cracked. Low standard buildings cracked with some minor masonry falls. A few instances of damage to buildings of ordinary workmanship. Unbraced parapets, unbraced brick gables, and architectural ornaments fall. Roofing tiles, especially ridge tiles may be dislodged. Many unreinforced domestic chimneys damaged, often falling from roof-line. Water tanks Type I burst. A few instances of damage to brick veneers and plaster or cement-based linings. Unrestrained water cylinders (hot-water cylinders) may move and leak. Some common windows cracked. Suspended ceilings damaged.
    Environment :
    Water made turbid by stirred up mud. Small slides such as falls of sand and gravel banks, and small rock-falls from steep slopes and cuttings. Instances of settlement of unconsolidated or wet, or weak soils. Some fine cracks appear in sloping ground. A few instances of liquefaction (i.e. small water and sand ejections).
    MMI VIII (Severe shaking) ?
    People Alarm may approach panic. Steering of motorcars greatly affected. Structures : Low standard buildings heavily damaged, some collapse. ordinary workmanship buildings damaged, some with partial collapse. Reinforced masonry or concrete buildings damaged in some cases. A few instances of damage to buildings and bridges designed and built to resist earthquakes. Monuments and pre-1976 elevated tanks and factory stacks twisted or brought down. Some pre-1965 infill masonry panels damaged. A few post-1980 brick veneers damaged. Decayed timber piles of houses damaged. Houses not secured to foundations may move. Most unreinforced domestic chimneys damaged, some below roof-line, many brought down. Environment : Cracks appear on steep slopes and in wet ground. Small to moderate slides in roadside cuttings and unsupported excavations. Small water and sand ejections and localized lateral spreading adjacent to streams, canals, lakes, etc.
    MMI IX (Violent shaking) ?
    Structures Many low standard buildings destroyed. Ordinary workmanship buildings heavily damaged, some collapse. Reinforced masonry or concrete buildings damaged, some with partial collapse. Buildings and bridges designed and built to resist earthquakes damaged in some cases, some with flexible frames seriously damaged. Damage or permanent distortion to some buildings and bridges, designed and built to normal use standards. Houses not secured to foundations shifted off. Brick veneers fall and expose frames. Environment : Cracking of ground conspicuous. Landsliding general on steep slopes. Liquefaction effects intensified and more widespread, with large lateral spreading and flow sliding adjacent to streams, canals, lakes, etc.
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