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Besides our EQ-Reporter OSx (Mac) application and Windows application we also designed a similar app doing exactly the same as a Chrome extension.

We now also support the following browser languages besides English :
Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish
- Other languages will automatically get English

With the help of 2 young developers we were able to create a Chrome notification extension many people will love to use.
This extension will inform you at earliest about a just occurred earthquake in the world and if clicked in the notification will lead you to an in-depth information earthquake page in A simple interface will allow you to select a sound (no sound is also an option), the behavior of the notification (close it manually ar automatically after 3, 5, 10 or 15 seconds) and the Magnitude level of your choice in 0.5 incremental steps.
You may start with a M(agnitude) 3 setting and increase gradually to the level of your preference. is an advertisement-free website specialized in understandable earthquake information in combination with damage reporting and user interaction.
Give it a try, you will not regret it and it's free! Better than a smartphone app if you are working on your laptop or desktop.
A donation to be shared 50/50 by the developers and is a great way of your appreciation.

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Click to be redirected to the Chrome web store

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As soon as an in-depth earthquake page is created in our system (superfast), you will be notified from it by a small notification box which pops up in the right upper corner of the screen.

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Clicking on the notification box will open the in-depth page with both the epicenter maps and the historic earthquakes map for the area.

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The SETTINGS (Options) Control Panel.
Once the extension has been loaded, Click on OPTIONS. Clicking on it will open the Control Panel.

To make your life easy, we have created only 3 elements who can be modified.
The sound : you have 5 soundbites to choose from + NO sound at all
How to get rid of the notification box : You have 5 options (3, 5, 10 and 15 seconds) on top of manually (via the cross in the right corner of the box)
Magnitude settings :  Our settings start at M3 and above (30 to 60 notifications a day). With the glider you can increase the Magnitude setting to a max. of M6 (M6 = many days without notifications).


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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

I get too many alerts!
The reason is very simple. Your Magnitude selector  settings are probably still set at the initial value (see image above). Use the slider to set a higher value. Every increment of M0.5 will considerably decrease the number of notifications.

What will the extension do when i start up my PC and open my Chrome browser?
It will show the last reported earthquake and from then on every new earthquake being reported by the different seismological agencies.
If more than one agency is reporting the same earthquake, only one notification will be showed unless the epicenters differ too much.

What will be notified when i leave my pc for a certain period?
Notifications will NOT arrive on your screen while away but will be showed at the same time a new to be notified earthquake occurs. Earthquakes who did occur in your absence will come up at that time.

How many notification boxes can on my screen at the same time?
A maximum of 3 notification boxes are allowed by chrome on your screen. By cancelling one a new one will appear until all the past earthquakes (or other notifications) have been notified.

Why a donation box?
2 young developers were so kind to create this extension at a very low base price. If you are satisfied of their work, please consider giving some donation. The donation will be shared 50/50 by them and

My Notification Box always disappears after 3 seconds
This may happen with OSx (Mac operating system). Please make sure that the Chrome notifications settings have been set to "alerts" (Settings / Notifications /Chrome)

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Any more questions?
Please write them in the comment field below. We will certainly look into it.

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  1. FollowsTheWay says

    I saw the app at Google Play and thought I would let you know why I did NOT install...


    "It can:
    Read and change all your data on the websites you visit"

    I do not understand why it would need to do this? The EMSC app does not. The EMSC app (and another I installed) only require: "Display notifications."

    The above was the deal-killer for me, but I was also concerned that the description states: "Notifies you about earthquakes with a depth of less than 200 km"
    Is this correct? It is the DEEPER earthquakes that are the precursors for all other shallower earthquakes around the planet. If anything, the deeper earthquakes (>200 km) should be HIGHLIGHTED, not ignored.

    I understand that it is the shallower quakes that can cause more damage; but, again, it is the deeper quakes that are going to give notice about the shallower quakes to come.

    With these changes, seems this app would be the premiere. Just my thoughts though.

    • Armand Vervaeck says

      Thank you for telling me this. I will forward your comment to the software people who build the app. It was not requested at all by me.