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Paypal - - SOS Earthquakes

Paypal - - SOS Earthquakes

Although we carry advertisements right now, these advertisements will only pay for a portion of the cost like server management, software flaws, some third party add-on's, etc.

$696 is needed to keep our server alive until the end of 2017.

The next server hosting payment is urgently due. Why do we need a powerful dedicated server?
Mainly because we have a lot of software on the server who is specifically written for
Even more because we face regular explosive readers numbers. Strong shaking wherever it happens in the world can jump our concurrent readers number to 1000 people or more consulting our pages at the same time.
Cheaper servers would collapse at a few hundred concurrent readers already. is and remains a private initiative where the volunteers contributing to the site are not paid.

Help us, and make sure we can continue our work.
Your name and the amount you paid to fill up the gap of our server cost will appear on this page.
Please write on your donation : "server cost" to be able to distinguish your donation from other donations.

As every bit helps (we see it as an appreciation for our work), 5$, 100$ or even the full amount of 696$ to cover this people, we appreciate every support we get.

Thank you so much for supporting us.

Armand Vervaeck

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Paypal - - SOS Earthquakes

Paypal - - SOS Earthquakes

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Our standard donation page has been currently downed to make this server donation possible.