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With the collaboration of ER volunteers Carlos Robles (Mexico) and Jamie Gurney (United Kingdom)

Update 3/09/2014 8:45 UTC:
- Economic losses are at $362.4 million USD according to Napa County officials. Of this, $48m is the financial cost to wineries and agriculture. Around 120 wine and agricultural businesses suffered at least some damage in the quake. The total does not include losses a result of business interruption, lost tourism or lost inventory.
- 0 deaths, 3 seriously injured, around 170 slightly injured.

Update 23:44 UTC
According to the USGS there have been 99 aftershocks since Sunday's American canyon earthquake

Update 14:10 UTC :
* 103 houses RED tagged (= too dangerous to enter out of fear for collapse)
* 500 houses YELLOW tagged (= too dangerous to live in but no problem to get some things out of it)
* 800 houses damaged

Update August 27 14:05 UTC :
Take a look in the video below how CalOES uses social media to spread necessary information among the population

Update 07:15 UTC :
BOE Announces Emergency Tax Relief Available for Business Owners Affected by South Napa Earthquake
Sacramento – Business owners and feepayers impacted by the Napa Valley earthquake may request an extension to file their returns, ask for relief from penalties and/or interest for some taxes and fees, or to replace copies of records lost or damaged, announced California State Board of Equalization (BOE) Board Member Betty T. Yee.
On August 24, 2014, Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. issued an emergency proclamation extending relief to Napa, Solano, and Sonoma counties due to the effects of a 6.0 magnitude earthquake in Napa Valley that have damaged homes, businesses, and caused the closure of some roads and highways.
“My thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by yesterday’s earthquake,” said Board Member Yee. “Special thanks to first responders and all personnel on the scene protecting health and safety of local residents. As residents continue to sift through the damage, we want to let them know the BOE is ready to help affected tax and feepayers.”

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 09.17.39

Update 20:15 UTC : Press conference at the Governor of California Emergency Services (Cal OES) is THE news hot at the moment. Lets hope that the Napa Valley tragedy becomes a huge winery hit the following years. Even people who drink beer should now drink a glass of Napa wine to support the wineries!

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 22.13.46

Update 20:08 UTC : A more or less reliable number of injured : 208 and 90 to 100 houses red-tagged (too dangerous to still live in them)

Update 17:44 UTC : Wow, what a great DRONE VIDEO, the best footage we saw until now from the damage. Congrats to the drone team !

Update 17:20 UTC :
Napa earthquake: Power restored to thousands; cleanup continues
How does the Napa earthquake compare to the big one in 1989?

Update 16:05 UTC : Below a number of articles we encourage to read
Some Napa Valley wineries hit hard by earthquake
Awake After Quake: Napa Earthquake Woke Up Many Users of Sleep Tracker
Winemakers evaluate Napa earthquake damage
How the Napa earthquake played on California’s front pages
USGS Records 125 North Bay Earhquakes Following Napa Tremor With More To Come

Trefethen winery - Image courtesy @enaylorevents

Trefethen winery - Image courtesy @enaylorevents

Update 15:44 UTC : The image below of the frontpage of the San Fransisco Chronicle shows perfectly our feeling about yesterday's quake.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 17.41.38

Update 12:19 UTC : Most of the people in California are sleeping right now and thus information from authorities is minimal. Injured numbers should now be 120 (but as we said earlier, there are conflicting numbers circulating)

Update 12:12 UTC : Many reports are now mentioning at least 1 billion $ damage. Based on our experience we think it is too soon to give already numbers now. All damage assessments should be over before a good estimate can be made. We have the impression that the structural damage is not very high (merely because construction of new roads, bridges, highways, etc have been build following strict earthquake resistance code). Impressive images of wine bottles (some very expensive) falling out of the shelves but often not broken! So, our estimate is that damage maybe lower but also higher after all the puzzle pieces come together.

Update 09:39 UTC : Below another security video (from the Playlist link below) recorded at Vallejo, South of the epicenter. Vallejo was also seriously hit by the earthquake.
City of Vallejo status update (published at 10 PM Sunday) :
- The Solano County Office of Emergency Services has deployed 5 Engineers and 5 Building Inspectors due to arrive tomorrow to assist City crews with further building structural assessments.
- All Vallejo City Unified School Districts schools will be open tomorrow.  Students should report as regularly scheduled.
Residents should remain aware of the following:
- Residents with brick masonry fireplaces or foundation issues that pose safety concerns should call 911 to request a Fire Department inspection. Non-emergency structural damage issues can be reported to City of Vallejo Building Division by calling 707-648-4374.
- At least one building on the 400 block of Georgia Street with eight residential units and one commercial unit has been evacuated due to structural concerns.
- Georgia Street, from Sonoma to Marin, in addition to Indian Alley have been closed until all proper assessments of surrounding structures can be completed.
- The American Red Cross Evacuation Center at the Florence Douglas Senior Center is closed and can be reopened should the need arise.
- Nimitz Avenue remains closed from 7th Street to Bagley on Mare Island.
- No damages have been reported to any of the City's water resources.
- Police staffing levels will remain at increased levels until further notice.
- The Vallejo Ferry infrastructure and Facilities have been inspected for damage and Ferry operations are operating under normal schedules. only survives with PRIVATE DONATIONS

Your gift will be highly appreciated, Thank You

Update 08:38 UTC : City of Napa overview report as published at 8 PM local time
- The USGS now believes the quake was on the West Napa Fault. The South Napa Quake epicenter was between Napa and American Canyon.
- The City of Napa declared a local emergency at 7:59am and the Governor declared a state of emergency as well.
- WATER SUPPLY: If you lost water service completely for any period of time after today’s earthquake, the City of Napa advises you to use one of these three options: * Use bottled water for drinking and cooking * Boil tap water for one full minute before use for drinking or cooking * Use water for drinking and cooking from one of the water stations set up by the City, on Pearl Street one block west of Main, or at the Las Flores Center on Linda Vista Avenue. All tap water remains safe for bathing and other household uses. If you water appears cloudy but you did not lose service, let the tap run until the sediment clears. Call 707-257-9544 with questions. The Water Division is staffing phones 24 hours a day while repairs are made.  Once all the broken water lines (60 estimated) are repaired and City water has been restored and tested, the City will rescind this advisory notice. This notice is provided by the City of Napa (System No. 2810003) in collaboration with the State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Drinking Water.
- STREET CLOSURES: The closure of streets in downtown Napa overnight and into Monday Aug 25 will include First, Second and Third Streets from Seminary to Soscol and Main Street from Third to Clinton Streets due to damaged structures. The public should stay out of these areas and allow contractors to begin needed repairs and business persons to spend Monday cleaning up. No other streets are closed in these areas at this time.
- GAS LINES: PG&E crews have checked out approximately 100 reports of gas line leaks and all have been resolved. There are no known gas leaks at this time.
- ELECTRICAL SERVICE: PG&E reports that less than 10,000 customers are without electrical service now. Service will be returned to most of these customers sometime this evening, with all restored by early Monday afternoon.
- STRUCTURES DAMAGED: 33 buildings in the City have been red-tagged as uninhabitable due to damage from the quake. One of these is the Napa Senior Center which will be closed until further notice. A list of these structures is posted at If you believe a City inspector should come by your property to inspect for safety concerns call 707-258-7829 and follow the instructions.
- BRIDGES: All City bridges have been inspected and are safe and remain in use.
- SHELTERS: The Red Cross evacuation center is in operation at the Crosswalk Community Church on First Street west of Highway 29.
- SCHOOL CLOSURES: All Napa Valley Unified School District campuses will be closed on Monday Aug. 25. Justin Siena High School will also be closed. Napa Valley College will remain open for classes and activities.
Drop boxes for debris have placed at Napa High, Silverado Middle School, Harvest Middle School, and at El Centro, Northwood, Alta Heights and Browns Valley Elementary schools for residents and business doing cleanup.
Beginning tomorrow, 20 to 30 OES building inspectors will beat work in Napa, and 10 crews will work on water line repairs using regional mutual aid. All water line repairs can be completed by Wednesday or Thursday at the latest.

Update August 25 07:54 UTC : 33 buildings have been RED-TAGGED by the authorities. Red-tagged means NOT secure to live in anymore. This means in most cases infrastructure problems.
- ??? people injured so far (numbers have been revised down to 90? but in fact nobody seems to coordinate the reports, surely a lesson for the next one) but luckily nobody killed so far. We will bring the exact numbers to you when we find a reliable source.
- Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency because of damage in the Napa area.
- VIDEO PLAYLIST (33 videos) of the California quake as assembled by Carlos Robles.
The video below shows a security camera in Sanoma, thats not yet the epicenter of this earthquake. People living in the Bay area and San Fransisco know now what to expect if a major earthquake strikes in their area. They will see on the video's how big the difference was with the shaking they experienced yesterday.
As expert earthquake followers all over the world ER concludes that based on the shaking in the many videos NAPA Valley escaped on the worst case scenario. If the strong shaking would have lasted 30 seconds longer (like in many other cases around the world), the damage would have been much bigger and fatalities were not to be excluded.

Update 23:57 UTC : The number of injured persons has further increased to 172

Update 22:56 UTC : Report published by the City of Napa at 1 PM local time
INJURIES: 120 patients have been treated or are being treated at Queen of the Valley Hospital. Three patients suffered critical injuries - 2 adults and 1 child.
FIRES:  Four mobile homes were destroyed and two others are involved in an active fire on Orchard Avenue at the Napa Valley Mobile Home Park in north Napa. Two other fires in residential areas were extinguished by Napa fire crews.
STREET CLOSURES: First, Second and Third Streets are closed from Jefferson to Soscol and Main Street is closed from Third to Pearl due to damaged structures. The public should stay out of these areas. There are reports of buckled streets and sidewalks in the Browns Valley area and south toward Carneros. Old Sonoma Road is closed from Buhman Avenue to Congress Valley Road. No other streets are closed in these areas at this time.
STRUCTURES DAMAGED: 15 or 16 buildings in the City have been red-tagged as uninhabitable due to damage from the quake. One of these is the Napa Senior Center which will be closed until further notice. A list of these structures will be posted when available,
GAS LINES: PG&E crews are responding to approximately 100 reported gas leaks or odor of gas reports.
WATER SUPPLY: There are approximately 60 water main leaks. Both water treatment plants running, no damage. Some areas have no water due to main breaks and some areas no or low pressure. Water remains safe to drink. If needed the City will open water stations available to the public.
SHELTERS: The Red Cross evacuation center is open at the Crosswalk Community Church, 2590 First Street. Pets can be sheltered at the Napa County Animal Shelter on Hartle Court.
SCHOOL CLOSURES: All Napa Valley Unified School District campuses will be closed on Monday Aug. 25. Justin Siena High School will also be closed.
Drop boxes for debris will be placed at all public schools.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 00.59.13

Update 22:24 UTC : The injured toll has increased to 120, 6 seriously

Update 19:15 UTC : The City of Napa reports :
Damage reports are coming in from many areas in Napa following this morning's earthquake.
- Unreinforced masonry buildings in downtown Napa suffered major damage including the historic courthouse and Goodman library.
- There are fires reported in north Napa, water line breaks in a variety of locations, and many broken windows and buildings with interior damage.
- There is no specific information on injuries at this time.

What caused this earthquake ?
The earthquake lies within a 70-km-wide (44 miles) set of major faults of the San Andreas Fault system that forms the boundary between the Pacific and North American tectonic plates. The persistent northwestward movement of the Pacific plate relative to North America primarily causes right-lateral slip across the major faults, but also causes deformation between the major faults. The ongoing complex deformation field is revealed by modern geodetic surveys and earthquake patterns as well as the regional geologic structure. The earthquake is located at the eastern shore of San Pablo Bay between two major active fault systems: the Hayward-Rodgers Creek Fault system on the west and the Concord-Green Valley Fault system on the east. The earthquake occurred near the well-known West Napa Fault, and the less well known Carneros-Franklin Faults, which juxtapose different suites of rocks. Although there are several faults in the region of the earthquake, only the West Napa Fault is known to have displaced Holocene-age sediment — which is positive evidence of surface fault rupture in the last 11,000 years.

Historically, in this region shaking sufficient to seriously damage structures at Mare Island occurred during the M6.8 1868 Hayward Fault earthquake, the M7.8 1906 San Andreas Fault earthquake, and particularly during the M6.3 1898 Mare Island earthquake. The 1898 earthquake may have occurred about 20 km (12 miles) to the northwest on the southern Rodgers Creek Fault. Even larger nearby events than the 1898 earthquake can be expected in the future. In addition, the epicentral region of this earthquake is depicted on the USGS National Seismic Hazard Maps to have a high probability of strong shaking in the future.

The earthquake is located between two major, largely strike-slip fault systems. The Hayward-Rodgers Creek Fault system, which is approximately 7 km (4 miles) west of the site, generated damaging earthquakes in 1868 and probably in 1898. The Concord-Green Valley Fault system, which is 12 km (7 miles) east of the site, produced a M5.5 earthquake in 1954; while it has not generated a large historical event, there is strong evidence for recent pre-historic activity. The 1999 Working Group on California Earthquake Probabilities (WG99, 1999) concluded that the Hayward-Rodgers Creek Fault system has a 32 percent probability of generating a large earthquake (M6.7 to 7.4) by the year 2030, and the Concord-Green Valley Fault system has a 6 percent chance of generating a large earthquake (M≥6.7) in the same time period.

The earthquake occurred near the north shore of San Pablo Bay. The bayshore areas in the San Francisco Bay region are underlain by landfill and bay mud and have experienced disproportionately greater damage during historic earthquakes. Such damage is caused by soil failure in the fills and amplification of ground shaking by the soft bay mud.

Below the last set of recalculated graphs from USGS

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 21.20.40 Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 21.20.51 Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 21.21.08

Update 19:00 UTC : The damage mainly but not only in the wineries must be spectacular. Additionally a lot of historic houses have been damaged in various degrees. Luckily no collapsed houses, some only on the brink of collapsing. We are happy that we do not have to mark this earthquake in red and truly hope it will remain like that (red color in our damage database means that some people where killed)

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 20.59.38

Update 18:49 UTC : 87 Injured were reported to have been taken to Queen of the Valley hospital with injuries, 3 were in critical condition

The roads are in some places seriously damaged which is normal in such strong earthquakes

The roads are in some places seriously damaged which is normal in such strong earthquakes

Update 13:57 UTC : A typical strike-slip earthquake with a mainly horizontal movement OR in otrher words the most dangerous earthquake type in the world. Still no official reports about injured people. A lot of rumours though.

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 15.56.31

Update 13:27 UTC : Damage we can expect at a place like Napa Valley. What a terrible waste of energy for the wine makers. Hopefulkly they are well insured

Damage to the wineries must be enormous - This is the cellar of Silver Oak in Napa Valley

Damage to the wineries must be enormous - This is the cellar of Silver Oak in Napa Valley

Update 13:24 UTC : No official reports of injuries so far (let's call this a miracle)

Update 13:18 UTC : 68,742 customers still without power across California; majority affected are in Napa and Sonoma counties

Update 13:13 UTC : Significant damage to downtown Napa, ordering rescue teams, people trapped in homes
The Napa City council reports that some streets in downtown Napa, Calif., are being closed following major damage to buildings

Twitter damage image from downtown Napa

Twitter damage image from downtown Napa

Update 11:45 UTC : Twitter user Mike Smith just wrote : Listening to a Napa County scanner stream. Sounds like a lot of injuries and damage in the Napa/Sonoma area.

Update 11:38 UTC : A building partly collapsed in Napa (see image below). ER fears that there are more cases like this one. Hard to say how many people might be injured but we are sure that there wil be people injured during this quake. Recent houses will be OK but alder not-refitted houses might be of risk.

Twitter image of a partly collapsed house in Napa

Twitter image of a partly collapsed house in Napa - Image courtsey and copyright Lyall Davenport @lyalldavenport

Update 11:29 UTC : California Highway Patrol checking crossings and bridges for obvious signs of structural integrity after quake. For our readers from elsewhere in the world : The earthquake happened in the middle of the night and rescue services have to operate in the dark. millions of people have been awakened from the shaking of this earthquake

Twitter image from the Walmart in Napa

Twitter image from the Walmart in Napa

Update 11:23 UTC : There is a population of 280000 people in a radius of 20 km around the epicenter. Power outages are reported in North Bay area of San Francisco as well as Sonoma, Napa counties

Update 11:13 UTC : Until now much reports of shaken interiors from Napa and the Napa valley area

Twitter image from a house in Napa

Twitter image from a house in Napa

Update 11:08 UTC : People in Napa Valley are frightened and call it the biggest ever. The image below is from a house in Napa. San Francisco no reports of damage so far.
Ar ER we call a radius of 10 km around the epicenter as extremely dangerous and a radius of 30 km as dangerous for damage/injuries

Twitter image from Napa Valley

Twitter image from Napa Valley

Update 11:01 UTC : ER calls this earthquake extremely dangerous for serious damage and even injuries.

Update 10:59 UTC : We apologise for not being able to serve all our readers as the servers can only serve a limited number of people (thousands at a time) but demand is simply too high to cope

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 12.43.24

  1. 6km (4mi) NW of American Canyon, California
  2. 9km (6mi) SSW of Napa, California
  3. 13km (8mi) NNW of Vallejo, California
  4. 14km (9mi) SE of Sonoma, California
  5. 82km (51mi) WSW of Sacramento, California

Most important Earthquake Data:

Magnitude : 6

Local Time (conversion only below land) : 2014-08-24 03:20:44

GMT/UTC Time : 2014-08-24 10:20:44

Depth (Hypocenter) : 11.3 km

Depth and Magnitude updates in the list below.

Share your earthquake experience (I Have Felt It) with our readers.
Click on the "I Felt It" button behind the corresponding earthquake. Your earthquake experience is not only important for science, but also for people in the area as well as our global readership.

Refresh this list
SRC Location UTC Date/time M D INFO
EMSC Northern California Aug 24 17:50 2.3 3 MAP
  • South San Francisco, CA - 3:21 AM August 24, 2014 -- Strong Shaking lasted quite a long time Items vibrated strongly nothing broke
  • Folsom - Woke me up, but I'm sensitive to earthquakes, growing up in the Bay Area with them. Knew it was a big one.
  • Saint Helena - Lasted omg enough for me to grab my dogs and run out into the backyard. Loss of power all over town. Strangest part though, saw two bursts of bluish white light flash in the sky
  • Santa Rosa - The shaking woke us from sleep but not our children. It felt to me like someone shaking our bed pretty vigorously until the shaking gave way to more of a swaying motion. Lasted long enough to realize what was happening and experience it a bit. Saw two bright flashes through the window ( power line? Lightning?) the electrical power went off and on twice during the shaking and is on now. No damage to our home, our things, or ourselves. All in all it was mostly kinda neat.
  • Antioch - Sitting at dining room table. Shook back and forth. The chandelierwas swaying pretty well also. I looked at in ground pool and water was swaying as if 10 people had jumped in at one time. Unsure of damage at this time due to light restrictions.
  • Rafael - Other than that really shook my bed good rocking sensation seemed to last for 14 seconds sure scared my animals.
  • San Jose - Bed shaking woke me about 3:24 local. Lasted 30 seconds (est.) House creaked a little. No apparent damage.
  • Stockton CA - I was sleeping and only nature power can wake me up....
  • Sebastopol - 12 unit stand-alone apartment--2nd floor inner unit. Shaking woke me up; lasted about 30 seconds. A bowl and metal tray on top of toaster oven ended up on the kitchen floor. No apparent structural damage the morning after...
  • Santa Rosa - Heard rumbling sound and headed for doorway. Felt like riding a wave for a minute or so. Saw several flashes of light in the sky. Lights continued to sway for a good 5 minutes. Crack in the corner of one wall.
  • San Jose - I was awakend at 325 by a shaking of my bed.... after it jept shaking i knew it was an earthquake..
  • San Francisco - Was woken up by the shaking, jumped out of bed to try and get somewhere more safe. The shaking last longer than I thought it would. Things moved around dishes got rattled, but nothing I've noticed yet broke.
  • Napa - I woke up screaming at the top of my lungs to a violent shaking. This was the strongest earthquake I ever felt. Floors were covered with glass from broken vases, dishes, you name it. All TVs hit the floor, one broke. Our cat was traumatized as were we. The town is in shambles right now. I hope everyone in the Napa area is okay...
  • Napa - Falling objects, strong shaking and flashes of light...thought i was dreaming of a fun house. Very strong shaking. A glass vase almost fell on my head ER: THANK YOU for telling us
  • Petaluma - cracks in outside stucco, a few pictures fell over that were not secured, a drawer opened.
  • Davis CA - Felt swaying from side to side only for about 10-20 seconds
  • Martinez - We were awake and felt it starting mildly and getting stronger and then softer again. About 30 seconds. Pretty scary but nothing was damaged/moved.
  • West Oakland - it definitely woke me up and scared my dog but not enough for him to run away or cower. the house rumbled and shook for about 30 secs. Lived in CA all my life. Was at UCLA for Northridge. THAT was scary. This one didn't prompt me to get up and into a doorway.
  • Benicia - Awakened by rolling motion, smoother than I remember Loma Prieta. No damage to home, no gas leak, electricity still on. Much bigger than the quakes felt about 2 years ago.
  • Davis - Was awakened by a bump and felt one more.
  • Long Barn - Napa quake woke me up at 0330. Slight shaking. This is at 5000 feet in the Sierra.
  • Rohnert Park - Woke up to strong rolling motion, latest several seconds. Cats freaked out. Power went out with brings lights in the sky. No damage. Something caused 5 battery flashlights to off and back on again all at the same time. Very strange.
  • Sacramento - Rolling felt in my bed. Jello bed! Woke me up. Front room hanging lights swaying. Nothing knocked off counters or shelves. No damage.
  • Davis, CA - We were actually awake and reading on our laptops in a granny flat over a garage. Very strong shaking followed by very lengthy strong rolling sensation. We were Very afraid it was the big one in the bay area. Got motion sick by the time it was through. We had time to talk about it while it was going on and even, towards the end, to get up to hold onto our precariously perched television set to make sure it wouldn't fall over.
  • Napa - Very loud and tossed the bed and things around for a long while (20-30 seconds), refrigerator moved and kitchen cabinets dumped and things thrown across the house. Some damage to fences and cracks in outside walls, broken glass inside, lots of sirens and helicopters overhead also. No power for approximately 12 hours. Some smells of gas off and on following the main quake and mild aftershock. Traffic lights were non-op but haven't seen road damage (yet) Very scary & one pet is still hiding ER: THANK YOU for telling us
  • Woodland - Saw the pool water splashing out of the pool along with the bedroom door shaking. No damage.
  • American Canyon - I live in a mobile home in American Canyon. There was damage inside my home - broken ceramics, objects fell over, disturbed objects all over my home. After the quake when I opened any cabinet something fell out. The good thing is my home did not fall off it supports, no gas leaks, no water leaks, no loss of power.
  • Vallejo CA - Felt like someone picked up the house and was shaking it back and forth
  • Vacaville - First heard a rumble followed by jolting that seemed to last about 45 seconds. Blinds and chandelier were swaying from side to side. No damage.
  • Napa - It felt as though the ground jerked violently 3 feet to the East then felt a dropping sensation followed by very brief shaking. It seemed like it was right under us. Lights went out and have remained out. Lots of broken glass and furniture but no injuries. Most violent quake I've ever experienced. ER: THANK YOU for telling us
  • American Canyon - lots of glass falling out of cupboards, broken mirrors, broken wine bottles. neighbors chimney broken. kids terrified.
  • middletown, calif - Just very strong shaking, enough to wake me quickly and make it hard to stand on my own
  • Burlingame - I woke from my sleep because I felt my bed and the whole house shake. I must have gotten the tail end of the quake. By the time I turned on the bedside lamp looked at the clock and it was around 3:24 a.m.
  • Fairfield - Bed was shaking and bedroom doors were swinging
  • Fairfield,ca - Bed was shaking, doors swinging, lasted a long time
  • Napa - I am a server at the Napa Denny's and I was ending my graveyard shift from 8:00pm-3:00am. I sat down to order a snack, and roughly 20 minutes later the earthquake hit. There were a total of nine people in the restaurant, including myself. I took cover under the counter while the customers took shelter under their tables. I was mortified watching the ground shake in a way i didn't think was possible. after the quake the power went out and we safely evacuated everyone out of the building.
  • Santa Cruz - Felt a light shaking awaking me from sleeping early early this morning . Thought at first our dog was in the bed scratching himself but then realized he was on the floor in his bed. Thought it was a small earthquake.
  • Angwin, CA - Strong jolt woke me and dog up. North/south rocking motion for several second after. Swinging light fixtures, some things fell off shelves, refrigerator door opened and a few things fell out, one framed picture fell off wall. Missing barn cat and had to comfort dog all day today!
  • Davenport CA - Dogs ran out of the house at 3am and again at 4.30 barking
  • Lomita - Felt a very noticeable shaking throughout my house. Did not last long and no damage.
  • Long Beach, California - We felt one small jolt. Dogs didn't react.
  • Sant Rosa - Awaken by this and the house rolled for what felt like 3 minutes. A nearby transformer blew and lit the sky. A few doors on cabinets opened. Animals alarmed and minor cracks in pool concrete. Approximately 400-500 gallons of pool water spilled over.
  • Moss Beach - it lasted about a full minute. steady ... the dog was worried. started with a good jolt. I was surprised to find out epicenter was so far away.
  • Half Moon Bay - Woke me up from sleep, felt moderate shaking for about 20 seconds. No damage.
  • Sebastopol, CA - One fused glass plate fell & shattered; pool water really got rocking & splashed out quite a bit. Mostly we were shaken & it felt rolling. Nauseated feeling like after roller coaster ride. No damage here in Sebastopol home.
  • Sunnyvale - Dancing bed and screens rattled, wokeup around 3:23 ish and was wondering when my inner-self said quake!
  • Arnold - No damage just sounds of upstairs dresser mirror bangining on the wall
  • Concord - Lasted about 10 seconds.
  • Santa Rosa, CA - Woke up 20 minutes before and was on the phone with my boyfriend when my bed started shaking back and forth. Scared me. He was driving home from San Francisco and didn't feel it.
  • Berkeley - no damage but awaken by it, felt like a train driving right by our house for at least 15 seconds.
  • Napa - Scariest moment of my life to be woken by a shaking bed and sound of glass breaking. About 20 seconds total.
  • San Francisco - I was awake at the time, sitting at my desk. It started light, then grew in rolling intensity. I remember being worried about when it would stop. Seemed like 15-20 seconds. On 2nd floor of a 10-story highrise. No damage.
  • Redwood City - It started off slow then started rolling. It went on for a good 20 seconds.
  • Redwood Shores - Woke up few seconds after started. Intense shaking for 3-4 seconds then slowly subsided in 5 seconds. Nothing moved, or damaged. Intense shaking was also loud with house noises. No noticeable cracks on stucco house
  • Cordelia - Swaying so hard I lost my balance. For some reason I woke up 30 seconds before the initial earthquake hit and then remained awake through the start and duration of the earthquake. No damage due to a newer model home and secured valuables. Still felt swaying with a margin of about two feet back and forth. Felt like I was being swung in a hammock.
  • Santa Rosa - The moderate shaking caused my bed to shake which woke me up. Caused a few cracks along side of the fireplace bricks in the living room but nothing broke.
  • San Francisco - Woke me up! I live across from the beach so the shaking was intense enough to move my bed.
  • Fremont - I was lying on bed and suddenlyfelt like my bed rocking back and forth and I could see my tower fan started shaking back and forth it was around 30 seconds
  • El Sobrante - Woke up immediately with a couple of medium shake. House creaking. Became rolling. Grew in intensity. More shaking or sharp jolts. Lasted a minute. No damage. Very scary. Power went off. Came on. Went off and on, lights flickering, losing power a few times. Off for a few minutes. Then back on again. Unsecured items shaken off shelves and counters. Next door neighbor reports new crack in the wall of her house.
  • Napa - I was online with USGS about the quake and checking in with friends on Facebook around 5:45 a.m. I was still a bit scared and jumpy from the 3:30 quake. Suddenly, the house creaked and lurched once in a southerly direction. I jumped up and headed for the door to get out this time. Then all was quiet again. No damage from the m3.6 except my nerves.
  • San Rafael - Woke up to the bed shaking and handles rattling
  • Santa Rosa - It woke me up... the whole house felt like it was swaying from side to side for about a minute.
  • Vallejo - The quake woke, it was very strong accompanied by a growling sound.
  • Oakland, CA - Strong enough to wake me up. It keep going, scary. Nothing fell but every picture on the walls are all tilted every which way. I was lucky.
  • San Francisco - No damage, but woke up and felt shaking for what felt like 15 seconds
  • Palo Alto - Deepened existing cracks in the plaster.
  • Oakland - My husband was getting ready for work and I thought he was shaking the bed as a joke. He thought someone was running up the stairs next to our wall. I did not feel the roll, just the shaking. It seemed to go on for quiet a while. I could hear glasses rattling in the other room. No pictures fell off the wall and nothing fell over. Our guinea pigs seemed nervous. There was no noticeable damage to the buildings in our neighborhood.
  • Cazadero, CA - My daughter and I were sleeping when the bed shaking woke us. I was half asleep and thought it was the dog scratching and told the dog to stop. Then we realized the dog wasn't in the bed, she was in a part of the bedroom she does not usually hang out unless she is trying to hide during thunderstorms. We didn't wake up enough to think about it and know it was an earthquake until turning on NPR radio in the morning.
  • rohnert park - im a heavy sleeper, my daughter and I were woken up by the shaking, a few things fell over, no damage inside or out, just enough shake to frighten a 10 year old worried that this could be it for us.
  • Napa - Worst experience of my life. I was already awake at 3:20 am, and all of a sudden I felt violent shaking that rocked the house like never before. The result of the quake: a few 3.0 aftershocks, cracked walls, damaged door frames, broken glass, ruined china, leaning chimney, and damaged bricks. The repair for the house is incredibly expensive. I dread thinking back to that night.
  • Napa - I was going to the bathroom and then the ground started to rumble. Thought truck hit house strongest ever in life experienced. The quake was a magnitude 6.2. It lasted for 25 seconds. Some damage to house but safe 4 me.
  • USGS American Canyon, California Aug 24 15:10 2.6 8 MAP
    EMSC Northern California Aug 24 15:10 2.6 9 MAP
  • Sacramento - I personally didn't feel anything but my animals where both acting out through the night starting around 2:45 am and only calmed down at around 9 am. Both where trying to wake me up.
  • Fairfield, CA - 3:27 am - heavy shaking; short, rapid waves; deep rumbling sounds. No damage observed so far other than small items moved around.
  • USGS American Canyon, California Aug 24 14:54 2.8 9 MAP
    EMSC San Francisco Bay Area, Calif. Aug 24 14:54 2.8 10 MAP
    USGS Napa, California Aug 24 14:22 2.5 8 MAP
    EMSC Northern California Aug 24 14:22 2.5 9 MAP
    EMSC Northern California Aug 24 13:24 2.4 10 MAP
    USGS Napa, California Aug 24 12:47 3.6 8 MAP
    EMSC Northern California Aug 24 12:47 3.6 8 MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGS Napa, California Aug 24 12:01 2.5 10 MAP
    EMSC Northern California Aug 24 12:01 2.5 10 MAP
    EMSC Northern California Aug 24 11:41 2.3 10 MAP
    EMSC San Francisco Bay Area, Calif. Aug 24 11:22 2.3 11 MAP
    EMSC Northern California Aug 24 10:55 2.3 8 MAP
    EMSC Northern California Aug 24 10:53 2.3 8 MAP
    EMSC San Francisco Bay Area, Calif. Aug 24 10:47 2.3 10 MAP
    USGS Napa, California Aug 24 10:24 3.5 10 MAP I Felt It INFO
    WCATWC 55 Miles Sw Of Sacramento California Aug 24 10:21 6.1 9 MAP
  • Antioch, CA - Woke me up. I thought one of my kids was climbing into the bed.
  • Stockton California - Slow roll that lasted about a minute.
  • San Francisco - No damage
  • Berkeley - Woke us up from sleep. No damage to property.
  • Pacifca CA - house and furniture creaked two waves
  • Santa Rosa - No obvious damage yet. Most of minute rolling shaking 3:30 am
  • Redwood City - Smooth ride, very slight and very brief. It did wake us from our sleep.
  • San Francisco - Fairly quiet. Could hear the sound of the ground moving. Felt like someone jumping i bed, but now Im going back to sleep.
  • San Francisco - Seriously woke me up. Could hear glassware, wine glasses make noise from my room.
  • Palo Alto - rolled across the house, doubt there is damage
  • Sebastopol - woke up with strong shaking and house rumbling and bed shaking. no interior damage apparent
  • Berkeley - Shaking awakened me and lasted about a minute, it seemed. No noise except for things shaking on shelves. No damage, but lasted a bit longer than other quakes I've felt.
  • Sacramento - Felt like quite a long earthquake with moderate movements, rolls and sliding although nothing in the house was damaged. Neighbor's pool was sloshing for several minutes.
  • Oakland - At approx 3:21am felt moderate shaking for about 20 seconds. No damage, but knew immediately it was a size able quake
  • Elk Grove - I was having another sleepless night when the bed started shaking and window blinds started swinging. Got a little freaked out then realized it was probably an earthquake.
  • Vallejo - Woke me up, some stuff fell over, very strong.
  • cotati - Sounded and felt like a large tree was falling on the house for about 15 seconds. no apparent damage or fallen trees.
  • Sacramento - It was strong enough to wake me up but did not seem to last very long.
  • Morgan Hill, CA - I was awake and felt some long, slow rolling waves. It lasted a few seconds and I figured that the amplitude of the waves indicated it was a sizable earthquake at a distance from my location.
  • Martinez - Woke me up. Rolling and shaking for 20-30 seconds.
  • El granada - Woke us up here with a good shaking
  • Walnut Creek - Lots of shaking, could hear lots of creaking, yet no damage at this time. Very strong relative to other earthquake experiences.
  • Rohnert Park - No damage.
  • sacramento - It woke me up Walls and furniture were shaking and making a rattleling noise
  • Fairfield, CA - Set the light sensors off inside our house, and woke everyone up - house rolled as it was designed too, no damage, but certainly got our attention! Adrenalin still pumping - center was 7 miles from us.
  • Healdsburg - The large chandelier was swinging in the foyer and the cats all headed for cover. No apparent damage.
  • Allendale - Woke me from sleep. House creaked. Sliding glass back door rattled. I could feel pulsing wàves. Lasted only about 5-10 seconds after I was awake.
  • El Sobrante - House shook and creaked, knocked glassware around in cupboards. Lights in kitchen flickered a few times. No damage to house evident.
  • Palo Alto - Felt it! Woke me up at 3:22 am
  • Suisun City - Light shaking but long rolling/waving in surges. Woke up the family on 3rd floor of our building. No damage.
  • San Ramon - No damage - but the entire house was swaying back and fourth
  • San Francisco - floor was moving, my standing lamp almost fell over
  • Sebastopol, Ca - Woke me up. No obvious damage. Lots of strong shaking. One item fell off the shelf.
  • San Mateo, CA, USA - Moderate-Strong rolling for about a minute.
  • Roseland - Scary!!
  • Lodi - Woke me up. All the blind cords were swaying and making a racket.
  • Antioch - Wake me up
  • Vallejo - Some items fell off of shelves, very loud, woke us up. No damage to house.
  • Redwood city - Mild rocking and rolling that seemed to last for 8-10 seconds.
  • St. Helena - Definitely woke up the entire neighborhood and frightened the dog.
  • Pleasanton, ca - No damage, but chandeliers still moving after 10 minutes.
  • Cloverdale - Dogs started barking, rolling for a long time, glass and house were rattling, no damage I can tell of right now. Scary though!
  • Vacaville - I have not felt an earthquake that as noticeable since 1989
  • sacramento - Watching tv when hubby noticed lanterns hanging from our ceiling rocking, then I noticed the swaying feeling. Lasted about half a min. No damage.
  • Sunnyvale - Woke me up. Four poster bed rattled, shook and swayed; shower doors rattled for a while after.
  • Sacramento - The bed shook and the pots and pans could be heard clanking together from hooks in the kitchen it awoke me from sleep
  • Napa - TV, lamps knocked over, toilet water all over BR floor. Drawers fell out.
  • Vacaville - Woke to bed shaking and my dog that never barks was barking and growling.
  • Clayton, ca - Crazy shaking of the whole house!
  • Gilroy - Woke me up with the slow role the seemed to last at least 8 seconds and my roof was making crackling noises.
  • Fairfield - Woke us from sleep. Bed shaking. Few things fell off the wall.
  • Sunol - Woke me up, bed was shaking and heard house/roof creaking
  • Castro valley - Woke wife and me up. Bed was swaying. Didn't hear any noise, house did not creak. No damage. Seemed to last around 15 seconds.
  • Oakley - Woke up with bed shaking. This is the first time I have felt an earthquake in Oakley in 23 years. Very surprising.
  • Penngrove - I was shaken onto the floor out of bed. The slight rolling and shaking made it hard to stand. It lasted about 20 seconds after I awakened.
  • Nicasio,CA - Woken up when the house made a noise but did not feel any shaking
  • Petaluma - Very strong, long, rolling shakes (1-2 minutes) woke us up. Bright flashes of light beyond ridge line. Power on, cell phones work, No obvious damage.
  • Mill Valley - Mill Valley, CA live in old, wooden , cottage without foundation. Whole house was shaking enough to wake me out of sound sleep. No damage that I can see.
  • Santa Rosa - No damage as far as I can tell scared my daughter and wife a lot
  • Green Valley - Major shaking, seemed to go on forever, water in our pool moving quite a bit. Very scary, no damage.
  • lafayette - Good enough to wake us up and the cars on the street were beeping
  • Pacifica - No property damage, took a minute to realize what was happening.
  • Sacramento - I was sleeping and woke up to chattering coming from my Kitchen, like keys on the counter moving and making noise and dishes in the cabinets making noise. I was scared
  • Davis, CA - Woke from sleep with bed shaking/rocking gently x several seconds. No damage or noise.
  • Santa rosa - From our second story barn-turned-residence (standard building codes used) It came as a shake for 10-15 seconds and then the structure swayed a good foot, foot and a half for another 8 seconds. Cats and GF panicking. We need to have bag ready to bounce! I'll search for cats for 10 seconds then I'm gone next time!
  • Boulder Creek - woke me and my dog up!
  • Dubin - Closest thing to the Loma Prieta because it rolled and lasted longer than most. Doors rattling - cat is still hiding.
  • Redwood City - Strong to Very strong then bk to Strong horizontal? waves shook the house at 3:22am
  • Concord - I was sleeping in the couch and woke up from the apt shaking, no damages just startled
  • Santa Rosa - No damage, just scared kids and the in ground pool overflowed pretty good for a few minutes.
  • Sunnyvale - Wind chimes playing, house swaying N-S. Rolling Motion.
  • St. Helena - Strong, short jolt. Lobg
  • Berkeley - I was up using the restroom and washing my hands when it hit. Very strong but felt short. Nothing fell. Good thing I finished using the restroom!
  • Vacaville - Mod shake for 10 sec. No Damage
  • Guerneville - No damage. Several seconds of rolling movement.
  • Santa Rosa - Shaking woke me up. Bed was moving and mirror was shaking. Not much noise though. I ran to doorway. It's a very scary feeling to hold on to the wall and feel it moving. It was only about 30 seconds though.
  • Vacaville - Moderate but steady shaking. Thought my hubby was playing when he said Earthquake, until I seen the blinds swaying back and forth. Hope this isn't the first of many.
  • Forestville - Woke me up! Strongest shaking I felt since '89. Lasted a good 10-15 seconds. No damage.
  • Old Foothill Farms 95841 - I personally slept thru the actual shaking, (dead sleeper) however my African Grey Parrot reacts to even the tiniest movement by falling off his perch and continually flapping around his cage until I reach him for cuddles. So I'm usually up and moving to reach him. This episode took considerable calming.
  • Richmond - Tudo balançava nitidamente
  • San francisco - It woke us up and we really felt it and shacked for at least 15 sec . No damage
  • Petaluma - Very long and strong shaking
  • milpitas - The bed headboard was knocking on the wall repeatedly as bedroom was shaking for 5-8 seconds. No damage.
  • Rohnert Park - Couple things fell off a shelf, building swayed a lot, cats were freaked out, seemed to last long time. If this is really a 5.96 earthquake miles away from here, I don't want to be in this house for anything bigger or closer.
  • Redwood Shores - Moderate shaking, 8 - 10 seconds. Near end of quake shaking got stronger.
  • Berkeley - No damage but everyone woke up. The wall I was leaning against shook long and hard for about 20 seconds.
  • Vacaville - Woke up from deep sleep with high noises as if big rats running inside the walls and wondering what it was and then felt the bed moving and heard the walls creaking, everything swaying for a few seconds and then it settled down fast. Wondering about aftershocks now. Even though had only slept for 3 hours, now TIRED but can't sleep.
  • Stanford, CA - Felt the building shake while indoors on the third floor of a building on the Stanford campus. Could see the windows shake and hear the glassware in the cabinets rattle.
  • Pittsburg - shook us awake pretty long and hard. scared me.
  • Livermore - Woke up to my bed feeling like it was rolling back and forth, and all the window blinds in the house banging against the walls. I knew if it wasn't close it was big. It felt quite strong. Scared me.
  • Pleasant Hill,CA - Very strong shaking of bed woke me up. Lots of neighborhood dogs barking. Light fixture shaking strongly.
  • Petaluma - Very scary but no known damage at this point in time.
  • stockton - I was a sleep when the bed began to shake, I knew it was an earthquake. Once shaking stopped went to the dining room and chandalier was still moving.
  • Dublin - Shook the bed, 2nd floor, we could hear the rattling sound. Some families came out of the building and stayed out for an hour.
  • Angwin, CA - Sever damage in the house, earthquake was extremely jolty and strong
  • vacaville - Kitchen cabinets were all swung open shook a long time here
  • Fremont - Was watching movie lying on couch, felt whole house rocking back and forth for few seconds, immediately woke up wife and took her and my daughter out of the house fearing after shocks. This was in fremont, CA which is quite far from Napa.
  • Pittsburg - Very strong, back and forth rapid motion. Lasted long to me. 30 to 40 seconds. Swaying of cords from ceiling fans, no damage. It woke my husband up who usually sleeps through anything. Also, something fell from headboard. No damage.
  • hayward - Woke up to strong shaking and moving ib the mobile home. Duration about 10 seconds or so.lasted a long time. A kind of rolling, rocking motion that had things making noise as it sjook b the house.
  • jamestown - Dogs woke me up I felt my bed shake
  • Stockton - They whole house moved in a rolling motion.
  • S. Sacramento - Felt like a standing on a bridge, while a VERY large, and heavy truck drove by. Seemed to last a while. No damage, just swaying/rolling feeling.
  • Fremont - Woke me about 3:20 am. Long rolling motion of about 25 seconds. Thought it must be a strong one, just not real close.
  • Napa - Very strong here. House shook violently. Pictures, books, etc. fell. Broken glassware. We have power, but no water. Many have no power. Lasted about 20 seconds. Pretty scary here. Largest I've felt since I was in LA in '94 (Northridge quake).
  • Davis, CA - The movement woke me at 3:22 am. The house was rattling and rolling, the walls were creaking. I was in bed and could hear the glass shower doors shaking. I wondered if the walls would come down!
  • Boulder Creek - No damage, woke me from my sleep with two waves of strong shaking.
  • paradise - Thought someone was walking on my back deck, woke me up, turned on the light but no one there!
  • Pleasant Hill - Felt light rattling at my bed and door lasted for a few seconds. No property damage.
  • rodeo,ca. - It was sooo scary...even my kids are awaken and they are really kids slept with us and the bed so strong...where on the second we felt the earthquake so much that like the whole house is swinging/shaking so strong...
  • Napa - Woke up to the house shaking, shelves fell over, no major damage. Walked outside to alarms going off everywhere and just in time to see the power go out with a huge flash of green light, the city went black. Have water but no power. Downtown has buildings ruined and houses are on fire. There are sirens and helicopters everywhere.
  • Healdsburg - Water from the pool splashed over the side, soaking an area rug 10' from the edge of the pool. A few items in the house fell over. No damage.
  • Petaluma - Woke us up with strong horizontal shaking for about 20-30 seconds. A couple small items fell over in our shower but no damage.
  • healdsburg - pool sloshing for 10 minutes after
  • Sacramento - Slept on the porch and could hear the waves in the pool slapping against the sides. Stood up immediately and the ground was still moving.
  • Rohnert Parak - Woke me up in the middle of the night. It was a rolling motion. No damage. the only sound I heard was tinkling or something like that
  • Berkeley, CA - No noticeable damage; shaking woke me and others in the house up though
  • Berkeley - Woke 2 of 4 in house with gentle rolling/shaking that lasted longer than any recent quake. No hard knocks, no noises from furnishings.
  • Santa Rosa CA - Woke me up, nothing fell down.
  • Petaluma - No damage to the house and nothing knocked over. Woke the family. Curious how long the quake lasted.
  • Petaluma - It woke me up at 3:20am -- bed was shaking back and forth for what seemed to be a long time. Very scary. No damage inside or outside of house. Not sure about the rest of Petaluma. Everyone in the house felt it, though. This is my first earthquake experience, after moving here a year ago. Hopefully, it will be my last!
  • Martinez ca - No Damage, loud and bed felt like it was moving side to side.. Glass Mirror closets doors shook as well!
  • Calistoga - Felt like a train rolling thru the house ----- long train at that
  • Lagunitas - We felt just shaking and no rolling or jolting. We have books and vases on a open beam in the living room that is only about 5 inches wide open on both sides, nothing fell down!! no signs of a earth quake around here but we sure felt it.
  • San Francisco, California - No Damage anywhere. Sleeping when bed really shook about 15 seconds.
  • Davis, CA - did not notice shaking= but I heard the swimming pool sloshing under its cover
  • San Francisco - The whole building was shaking it rolled as waves, the earthquake lasted for almost 30 seconds I was, laying on the edge of my bed when it hit and fell out of bed. I was able to see the movement of the building.
  • Foster City - woke us up and kept rolling back and forth for quite a while.
  • Tracy ca - I only felt it a little bit at 3:20
  • Pinole - Some things knocked over. A few drawers out. No serious damage.
  • Petaluma - No noticeable damage thankfully, but a couple drawers opened wide. It felt and sounded like a rumbling, which jarred me fast awake. The whole building/room was intensely creaking and rocking back and forth, and my cat was standing petrified on my trembling legs. I felt helpless in my rocking bed, just praying for the violent shaking to end. Later on I discovered possible new or expanded cement walkway cracks.
  • Santa Rosa - No damage, drawers in cabinets opened, things fell of shelf, saw bright lights in the sky north of us. Chandeliers were still swinging after 20 minutes.
  • Sonoma CA - We were woken up feeling like the house was going to cave in. Too scared to move. After we had minimal damage. At our business some of the steel tables moved as much as 24 inches
  • Belmont - Doors rattled and heard shelves rubbing against the walls. Woke me up about 5 seconds before it ended.
  • Sonoma - Rattled our house and our nerves - barking dogs woke me minutes before the sharp jolt and rolling waves began The earth felt liquified - ala a giant water bed - loud noises - power failed Books walked off the shelves, drawers and cabinets popped open, pots flew off the pot rack, lamps fell off tables, pictures tilted on the wall, wires twisted off shifting AV equipment and lots of glasses shattered into a gazillions pieces Water sloshed in the pool for 20 minutes - the dog was very unhappy
  • Oakland - bed shook and woke me up
  • San Francisco - Moderate shaking and swaying of my apartment building
  • Sacramento - I was sittin on the couch whed moved side to side i that the dog was under my legs scratching but he wasn't under my legs i aked my friend did u feel that there is a earthquake somewhere he said the door was moving back and forth
  • Santa Rosa - Wakened by loud cracking sound, felt two or three strong jolts and then shivery shaking for about 4 seconds. Saw flash of light and then electricity went out. My watch said it was 3:30am but sky looked as if it was around 5:30 am. Phone service not interrupted.
  • Petaluma - It was quite a fright, and terrified my cat too. No noticeable damage thankfully, but a couple drawers opened wide. It felt and sounded like a rumbling, which jarred me fast awake. The whole building/room was intensely creaking and rocking back and forth, and my cat was standing petrified on my trembling legs. I felt helpless in my rocking bed, just praying for the violent shaking to end.
  • Napa - I was awake the whole time and it was the scariest moment of my life. The earthquake was so violent and so loud and lasted for about 30 seconds. I was laying in bed and had lots debris landing all around me and hitting me. My room was completely trashed and I'm lucky to be alive, because my clothes dresser and TV was thrown towards me and barely missed me ER: Thanks for telling us !
  • San Jacinto - I was siting at soboba casino playing a slot machine i felt a quick shake but was not sure what it was the chandeliers were not moving but we sure felt the ground move
  • Menlo Park, CA - Not shaking, but a JOLT. Brief, 10 sec. maybe. Occurred about 8:30 p.m. Can't find anything on the news.
  • South Lake Tahoe - Very slight shaking for about 15 20 seconds.
  • American Canyon, CA - Quick jolt.....
  • American Canyon - No damage. Awakened by the light shaking
  • GEOFON Northern California Aug 24 10:20 6.1 10 MAP
  • San Francisco - Just felt some pretty strong shaking !!
  • Danville, CA - Several shakes
  • Santa Rosa - Just Felt It 5 Mins Ago
  • Millbrae - We are fine, just shaken.
  • San Lorenzo - I was sleeping and I woke up to my whole bed shaking. I freaked out and turned the lights on and for a good 10seconds I watched a pair of dogtags swing back and forth from my jewelry tree.
  • pittsburg - my bed was shaking and heard it thr shaking from outside..not that big of a deal
  • San Francisco - It woke me up. I thought someone was trying to wake me up by shaking my bed. It was still going after I sat straight on the bed.
  • Guernesville, CA - Woke me up. Windows rattling.
  • Antioch , California - Approx. At 3:20 AM Aug 24th The ceiling rumbled loudly and windows as well live in apartment complex family member woke up from the bed shaking thinking it was me also as side note I did not feel the ground shake I thought some one was breaking in .
  • Woodside - Horizontal shaking tremors about 3:30 am No visible damage or power outage
  • Redwood City - Woke me up. Pretty hard shake for maybe 30 seconds.
  • San Leandro - Very strong. Shoke the whole house
  • san francisco, ca. - Shook lights, tv, etc.. but nothing fell or got damaged
  • Martinez - Woken up by couch shaking with a slow rolling motion that lasted maybe 10 more seconds..
  • san francisco - Feel the shaking and chimes are sounding for about 5 seconds. I'm fine now
  • citrus heights - Thought someone wash shaking the couch! Lasted a while and made me feel seasick
  • San Francisco - Moderate shaking of the building woke me up
  • San Leandro - 320am. No damage shaking about a minute, have lived here long enough thought it might be the next big one they usually don't last that long
  • Oakland, CA - 15-20 deep rumble, no damage. Woke up also my 5-yr in her bed. "Why does the EQ make sound?"
  • Oakland, CA - 15-20 deep rumble, no damage. Woke up also my 5-yr in her bed. "Why does the EQ make sound?"
  • Walnur Creek - Several pictures fell from the fireplace mantel and broke. Felt like it lasted 10 seconds
  • Napa - Very strong. Lasted 15-20 seconds. Pictures off the walls, broken glassware, most bookshelves had books spilled. Pretty scary, but we're only 5 mi from epicenter.
  • Sacramento Ca - 3:21am..woke up to the bed shaking for a few seconds.
  • Windsor - Woke up to some slight rocking. Lasted about 10 seconds. I kept asking my husband "What is that?" before going on full fledge panic. Husband denied. Shows how weak rocking was. No damage.
  • Winters - Maybe 15 seconds. Toilet water sloshed and light fixture rocked back and forth
  • oakland - No damage. House definitely shook for about 10 seconds. Light sleepers woke and were alarmed.
  • Forestville - Woke up. Rolling rumbling. Lasted 1 minute. No damage. Good one!
  • San Rafael - The shaking woke me up, lasted about a minute with windowsill and door rattling longer, nothing fell but it was startling
  • Lodi - I live in Lodi California which is about 30 minutes from Sacramento. At 3:20 am exactly I felt strong shaking while sitting still on my bed watching tv. I look around the room and saw objects on my table slightly moving. My pet birds cage had toys inside moving around swinging. The shaking on my bed was very strong then what I normally would feel when an earthquake hits.
  • Menlo Park - It felt like riding a long wave for a good 15 seconds. Lots of creaking wood. Glasses in cupboard clinked.
  • Vacaville, CA - We liv on the top floor of our apartment building, and it shook us enough that my blinds were rocking back and forth. Crazy!
  • San Bruno - last for almost a minute. Whole building was moving, enough to wake us all up. One object fell but nothing else.
  • Tracy, California - No damage. Bed shaking, shower doors banging, my dog woke up.
  • VALLEJO, CA - only one broken mirror, one frame off wall, one wine bottle fell but not broken from cellar. few things off top shelves. We live in a Victorian, nothing broken. friend in Napa cannot walk barefoot in her house since kitchen cupboards flew open and glasses smashed on ground, ALL pics off wall, broken glass, refridgerater 3 feet from the wall
  • west sacramento - Hubby and I felt it!
  • Milpitas - I was in a hotel room. Suddenly the place started to shake. Initially thought the person the room above me was jumping. But when I stood up, I saw the walls shaking and the hanging clothes moving. Realized it was an earthquake. 3:20 AM
  • Stockton - no damage to 1st i thought maybe something was wrong with me but i noticed my lamp shade moving. ..i still feel dizzy and have an uneasy feeling....this was my 1st earthquake experience, or whatever it was.
  • Woodland - Wine bottle knocked off wine rack, glasses swaying together.
  • san francisco - Live in 100 year old victorian flat. Could feel shaking and hear wood creaking. Lasted about 15 seconds.
  • Benicia, CA - Woke to headboard, windows rattling for about 10 seconds (once awake). No damage found.
  • Fairfield - Lots of items fell over. Luckily no damage.
  • calistoga - no visable damage,woke up kept shaking,woke up my ,mother she said it felt big...
  • San Francisco - woke us up and seemed to go on and on but pretty steady shaking, no damage. Rattling.
  • Pacifica - no damage. just scary
  • windsor - Soft jello bowl movement
  • Berkeley - It woke us up. We live on the 3rd floor. Woke up the tenants. Nothing fell off any shelves.
  • petaluma - woke us up. no damage.
  • Walnut Creek, CA - Woke me up place was rumbling. Nothing damaged. Still scary. My friend in Vallejo said power is out and cabinets and stuff lost their contents
  • San Francisco - No damage. Just got scared.
  • redwood city - I felt the earthquake this morning. It woke me up and was quite scary.
  • Oakland - I live in an old building. The shaking scared me. no visible damages.
  • elk grove - no damage my bird was a little upset cocktel
  • Tracy, CA - Bed - house shook for about 30 seconds. If I had been asleep I'm not sure it would have woke me up. Felt it at 3:21a.m. August, 24,2014
  • Fairfield - Woke up to bed shaking. Whole house was shaking. Light fixtures were swaying. Pretty scary.
  • brentwood, ca - It seemed to last a long time.
  • Vacaville - we devinetly had an earfquake here, we fell the bed moving. I wus fas asleep an sudenly I tumuld on da floor. my lady wus like, woah I think we have an earfquake! I thot it was stranch becaus the day befor the dog neksdoor was barking at us!
  • Sunnyvale - Do damage, nothing fell.
  • Oakley - Slow swaying. The shake sent my cats running and woke my family up. Chandeliers were swaying and the pool was wavy.
  • san francisco - Woken up with shaking bed. Few items falling off shelving & hanging art shifted
  • Richmond - It was a long ripple kind of quake. Moderate enough to get my old wind - up clock ticking again. No damage at all, but a definite waker-upper!
  • hayward - Awoke out of sleep
  • Vallejo - The quake woke me out my sleep. I screamed grabbed my kid and went outside. Everyone is outside checking on one another. TV and picture frames and some items fell.
  • santa rosa - My house felt like a toothpick house, snap, crackle pop. No damage, lightning
  • City of Alameda CA - Woke me up. Gentle rocking for about 10 secondsA little noisy.
  • south san francisco - Good amount of shaking for what felt like an extended period of time, maybe 15-20 seconds
  • Union City - Long and rolling, woke me up.
  • Sebastopol - Lights flashed on and off! No damage.
  • Sacramento, CA - I was very scared. I thought someone was shaking my bed.
  • Emeryville, CA - We live above the Bay Street Mall in the town homes and our building swayed left and right for 20 seconds.
  • fairfield - Our whole house was rocking like a boat on water.
  • Rohnert Park - Sharp jolts followed by the building swaying for quite a while. Freaked out us and our pets.
  • Sacramento - No damage. Felt waves and heard the house creaking. Felt like the longest few moments ever.
  • Santa rosa - Woke us up. Felt as if someone was shaking our bed pretty vigorously then It gave way to more of a wave or swaying sensation. We lost power twice during the shaking but it is on now. Also saw two flashes of light from my window (power line?) it did seem to last a while. No damage to us or our home. 🙂 wow.
  • Suisun City - Very long rolling and jolting. Surprised at the length.
  • Alameda - Very scary. Woke me up. Felt long
  • Santa Rosa - Awoken from the quake. More of a rolling movement rather than shaking. My apartment building was swaying. Not too bad. I was more spooked by my closet door that was mysteriously wide open after all was said and done.
  • Union City - It was shaking soo hard it woke me up out my sleep I thought one of my kids shook the bed. It lasted for a long time too
  • Vallejo - Very strong, shook me out of bed!
  • Palo Alto - Woke me up and I'm a deep sleeper. No damage.
  • Davis - I felt my whole apartment building rocking, my bed as well and my blinds were swinging back and forth for about 20 seconds or so.
  • Hayward, CA 94545 - Scary, long,
  • San Mateo, Ca - I was sleeping, I woke up to rattling, and rumbling noise. It felt like someone was shaking my bed very very hard. It woke me up, something that is very hard to do!
  • tracy - Mostly a rolling type quake. It was song enough to awake me. Seem to last about 30 second.
  • santa rosa, ca 95407 - Woke me up. Seemed to last a long time. Small things fell off shelves.
  • kenwood/santa rosa - Strong, rolling. Seemed to last a long time.
  • West Sacramento - Woke up to the bed shaking and heard the blinds shaking and lamp fixtures clinging
  • Isleton - 3:21 am woke up to bed in rolling motion back and forth. Tried to go back to sleep but here I am typing this report. Have not checked around the house yet for any damage. Nothing appears to have fallen or shifted in bedroom.
  • Martinez Ca. - Was awakened by a groaning house then significant shaking ensued. Never have experienced one that strong, or one so long real time: 20-30 seconds... My panicked mind time: Too Long!
  • Sunnyvale - Strange and creepy experience , I was in deep sleep and dreaming , I was in a flight in the dream and suddenly my flight crash landed and I woke up from my sleep only to realise a tremor shook me up. The creepy part is how dreams culminate based on exterior situations, Inception holds true!!
  • moss beach ca - Woke up with shaking about 10 seconds long.
  • San Francisco - bed shaking.. building was lurching.. you could hear the wood framing rocking back and forth.. small picture fell off the wall and broke.. no big deal.. that was my first!
  • Cobb - Long trembles, no damage. Felt powerful
  • san francisco - Woke me up.
  • Walnut Creek - I was watching TV on the couch when I realized that the room was moving. I looked up to see my candelabra swaying back and forth for what seemed like awhile-I did feel a bit scared as it went on for too long (my perception of course)!
  • Newark - I felt it, the windows and bed were shaking. The rattle of the windows woke me up. It felt as if it shook for at least 3 minutes; however I understand that it may have actually been less time.
  • Pope valley - Strong, violent shaking. Lasted 20+ seconds. No visible damage as of yet. Will check as daylight approaches.
  • hercules - Woken up by strong shaking all around the house for at least 20 seconds. Things in the kitchen fell counters and we heard crashing upstairs. There seems to be no damage. Children experienced this as surprising and intense.
  • Castro valley - Slow rolling, woke me up from a found sleep
  • Guerneville, CA - Was awake when it hit & had to jump from bed to keep heavy bookcase from falling over. Strong swaying that accelerated for at least 15 seconds. Felt just as strong as the 1994 Northridge quake.
  • Valley Ford - Propane connections secure for cabins. No damage. 9-10 seconds. Vigorous laterals !
  • Newark, California - I woke up from the shaking and noise from what I now presume to have been the rhythmic shaking of my sliding shower doors. No damage that I know of.
  • Santa Rosa - Long and rolling but not damage.
  • Fairfield - woke to noise of creaking and bed shaking. Noise coming from the walls, got stronger as it got going. Above ground pool water really moving and support rails creaking with the movement. Lasted long enough for us to get out of bed and run downstairs to check out the pool status. Daughters first real quake, scared her.
  • Vallejo - It was a slow quiet. Kinda like I had an idea but not so sure. Then I thought it would end, but it grew louder and stronger. It was apparent what it was. '89 came to mind and I just wanted it to end.
  • El Sobrante, CA - Woke up very frightened as the house shook. Two items fell off the tables but nothing broke. My cat jumped off the bed and refused to purr when I pet him. He finally went out the cat door. Got up and looked out the window. Saw that everybody up and down the street had lights on. The electricity went on and off several times after the quake.
  • brookdale, ca - Woke up felt "waving motion" felt like I was sleeping on a waterbed. House swayed a bit.
  • Vallejo, CA - It was very strong about 30sec my first earthquake thick glass almost hit my mother over the head and I almost had an asthma attack.
  • Pope Valley - Very strong shaking. Bed shook enough to wake me up. Chandelier above my bed was shaking 1' or so off of center. Took over 20 minutes before chandelier quit swaying. Short term power loss. No damage noted as of yet. Will inspect after sunrise.
  • Elk Grove CA - Long rolling quake. Woke us up. All hanging light fixtures swaying. Shaking seemed long. Wind chimes chiming but no wind.! No damage in Elk Grove.
  • lafayette ca - No damage but whole house shook and felt rolling for about 10 seconds
  • Vallejo - Stoppedal me and roommate debate we were having when the while house started shaking stuff got tossed a bit but overall nothing but some broken glass
  • Sacramento - woke me up from deep sleep. Bed was rocking and my whole house was swaying. Felt like it was forever.
  • antioch - Woke up 4 adults out of bed!! Shook the whole house felt like we were out on the boat!!!!!! Lasted about 15-20 sec!!
  • Novato - Woke up at 3:20 am to a strong loud jolt. Sounded like loud thunder. No damage.
  • Los Gatos, CA - First thought a large animal had jumped on our deck. Realized we were experiencing an earthquake when the shaking continued.
  • Arbuckle, California - Working at California Family Foods as Security Guard. NO damage. I felt good movement detected as I was sitting down. Employee inside building did not feel it.
  • Santa Rosa - Wake up. Needed to calm my husba.d and check on friends.
  • Novato - Woke us up. I grew up in Chicago and it was my first earthquake.
  • Lafayette, CA - Strong shaking. Worse one since 1989 quake. Very upsetting. Lasted 20-30 seconds
  • Vallejo - Loud crack and rumbling woke us up. Pictures fell off the wall, objects fell off shelves, some broken glass, no major damage or problems. Neighbors also awakened. Seemed to last a long time - like 5 minutes. Very slight aftershock.
  • san rafael - woke me up at 3 20 am. felt like house in extremely strong storm wind. swayed back and forth at least twice, then I was awake for good.
  • Santa Cruz - No damage. Felt building sway. Building on rollers.
  • Petaluma - House shook, nothing fell, no damage.
  • Ben Lomon - Rolling motion with two distinct stronger jolts. Dogs barked. Could tell right away it was a good sized one somewhere.
  • American Canyon - Violent shaking for slightly longer than a minute. Pictures fell of the wall, dishes fell out of the cabinets, cracks in the dry wall. No obvious structural damage.
  • Fairfield - Was at work a local hospital on the 3rd floor. The whole floor swayed and shook. Glass doors from patients rooms rattled really bad. Couldnt move and had to hold onto counter. Lasted a good amount of time. No damage reported at hospital. Patients shaken up.
  • Novato - Woke me up. I'm in a mobile home so it felt like strong shaking. Seemed to last around 8 seconds. No items fell down.
  • Felton, CA - I felt this! I'm sitting in my parked car in the Safeway parking lot in Felton, Ca. It startled me & I thought at 1st it was a semi driving by. Then the car began rocking & it lasted long enough 4 me 2 look out my side - views 2 see who in the world was shaking my car back & forth! When I didn't see anyone, I looked @ the building & the trees but they weren't moving & there wasn't any roar before it happened. I think I really felt it cuz I was sitting in my car. No body came out of Safeway & no
  • Petaluma - I was wide awake before this started and when it did it shook pretty good. It did seem strange though . It felt as if it was moving you in every direction. No damage done. Nothing seemed to tip over. Not even cans or cups
  • Cobb - Shaking lasted a while, water in jacuzzi swaying back and forth
  • cordelia - my wife awakened to strong shaking and rode the earthquake out in bed. i felt as if i needed to hold on so as not to shaken from bed. we heard lots of what sounded like breaking glass. after inspecting home after quaking stopped found lots of pictures, tri-fold fire place grate had fallen over but nothing broken
  • San Jose - I was asleep when I was awakened by a slight tremor and then squeaky noises of the apt building shaking ever so slightly. it lasted about 15 seconds then it subsided. I won't know if there is structural damage until sunrise.
  • Cobb - Lasted a while it felt like Water in outdoor jacuzzi sloshing back and forth
  • North Napa - Woke up to extreme shaking. Lots of shelves, dressers, and TVs fell over. Broken glass everywhere and most shelves emptied. My dad works at Safeway and sent pics of some pretty bad damage. Luckily none of us are injured.
  • El Sobrante, CA - Woke us up. Lots of noise as house shook strongly. Plate fell off & broke, pictures fell over or askew, some books flung off shelves, dog's water bowl emptied.
  • Napa - was watching netflix when I felt a sudden, building roll in the ground, my first reaction was to grab and cover my dogs as it increased in intensity. after what felt like 8-9 rolls, feeling the walls of our concrete house literally wiggling like jello, it stopped. leaving my family and I in the dark. a small scramble for some flash lights revealed a large portion of the house was tossed. things flew from one side of the room to the other. it is going to be interesting to see it all in the light.
  • Healdsburg, ca - Slight cracking in previously repaired cracks in walls. Not seeing anything that fell off shelves.
  • Fairfield, California - Woke me up and heard the water in the swimming pool lapping over the edges! Makes me nauseous!
  • San Francisco - Half sleep/dreamy shaking started a little then it started to get more strong shaking more violently. Couldn't go back to sleep. Think I felt aftershock about 5:50 am very tiny
  • Hayward - I woke up to a strong rolling rocking shaking at 3:21 AM it lasted aboit 10 sec and seemed longer as the house moved and made noise.
  • San Francisco - Felt a moderate shaking at approximately 3:20 am. No damage and power is on.
  • San Jose - Shook enough for me to wake up...took me a few seconds to suspect an earthquake....when the noise and rolling continued, I knew it was an earthquake.
  • Vacaville - no damage sitting in chair downstairs trying to sleep. sounded like rumbling and pounding upstairs. watched the house sway and shake and the chandelier in the kitchen kept swaying for about a full minute after the shaking stopped I got up and checked the computer for earthquakes. It said 12 minutes ago in American Canyon epi center
  • san jose - Woke me up. Felt like someone moving the bed and then it felt like a roll. Windows and walls definitely swaying in a two story building
  • Sacramento - Woke me up, rolling motion!
  • rio vista, CA - woke me, but no damage
  • bakersfield - Children woke up.
  • Sebastopol, CA - Long horizontal swaying movement for about 30 seconds. Pool water moved for about 10 seconds after movement felt. Still surveying but no apparent damage. Adults and animals woke up, small children stayed asleep.
  • San Jose - Woke us up. No damage that we can detect. It seemed to last quite awhile.
  • Vallejo - Felt like someone crashed into my house
  • Mendocino - First earthquake, felt like a subway train underneath our hotel room.
  • Antioch - No damage. Shook for at least a full minute
  • burlingame - Some STUFF were about to fall
  • corte madera - It was scary. My friend and I were awake and my sister was sleeping and we felt. We told her to wake up and everyone was getting to safety just incase
  • Fairfield - No damage.
  • Windsor - I was just sleeping, it happened around 3:25am~ I only woke up because I have wind chimes in my room and they were going crazy! My house was going side to side, almost in a circular motion. My boyfriend was sound asleep. First earthquake for me, but nothing damaged at this point in time.
  • Tracy - No damage. 3:21 AM. Glass lamp rattling against dresser mirror, bed headboard rattling against wall. Lasted 5 to 7 seconds.
  • Morgan Hill - Laying in bed felt like some one had kicked my bed quite hard 2 times in succession, then some light rumbling for about 30 seconds.
  • Santa Rosa - Rolling movement, house seemed to be moving seamlessly with the quake, we were also startled by white flash of light in the sky that illuminated our room, no damage, nothing moved or fell
  • EMSC San Francisco Bay Area, Calif. Aug 24 10:20 6.1 11 MAP
  • Sunnyvale, CA - Swinging fan pullcords. Light creaking. Vertigo.
  • martinez, ca - Reading book in bed at 3:15am when moderate shaking of bed and house ceiling lamps swaying about a foot side to side
  • Walnut Creek, CA - Awakened at 3:21 by about 15-20 seconds of shaking. Plenty of knocking around but no visible damage
  • Pleasant hill - No damage but significant shaking woke me up. About 20 seconds. Rocking motion.
  • Fremont, California - One of the stronger and longest lasting shake I've felt in a while.
  • San Francisco - Moderate shaking woke me up. Tinkling chandelier. No damage.
  • Vallejo - Woke me up at 3:21 AM. My first earthquake since moving to the North Bay area 2 years ago.
  • San Francisco - No obvious damage, but a good shaker that seemed to last at least 10 seconds
  • petaluma - woke the family up. very wavy felt for at least 10-15 seconds.
  • petaluma - woke the family up. very wavy felt for at least 10-15 seconds.
  • San Jose - enough to set my and my husband's vertigo off; door moving very slightly
  • Richmond - Objects on walls made noise, house shook like jello, cats disappeared...shook for quite a few seconds.
  • castro valley - Strong shaking of the bed for a several seconds followed by gentle rocking... Seemed rather long
  • san leandro - Returned with fast food and went to check on laundry in dryer. Stood there gripping the washer after noticing the bicycles that are on hanger hooks began swaying nsync together about 8inches both ways... more of a back and forth side to side direction was how my body was being moved.
  • Sunnyvale - Light shaking. Enough to wake me up and shake / move around the pool water.
  • Vacaville - Woke me up because the bed was shaking. My mirror closet doors rattled for quite a while. Definitely felt far across the Bay Area and more.
  • San Francisco - Woke me up and I heard my tables and drawers shaking
  • Roseland - Scary. Woke up my whole family out of bed. Still shaking :
  • San Rafael - (No damage, but lots of shaking and noise. Kept waiting for it to get more violent, like 1989 Loma Prieta Quake, but it never happened. During that one, experienced in Mill Valley, you couldn't stand. Felt it from the beginning because I was up.
  • Albany, CA - Awakened immediately. Went on longer than others. Heard rolling noise. Did not get up.
  • Foster City - I was awaken by the shakes around 3:20 a.m. I hope everyone is okay.
  • San Leandro - I was on the Internet reading when the whole bedroom rolled back and forth for about 15 seconds. No apparent damage.
  • Novato, Ca - Woke everyone up. Dog and cats were alert. Long rolling shake. Bed shook. No damage, power is on.
  • San Jose - I was on-line at the time. However, being born and raised in California I just caught the wave and hanged 10.
  • Santa Rosa - Very strong jolt with strong side to side movement for about 30 seconds. Cat panicked. No damage. A few small objects fell over. Read up on triangle collapse zones to prepare for dangerous quakes!
  • San Francisco - Native Californian, used to earthquakes BUT this was first time since 1989 Loma Prieta quake that I actually felt alarmed. Moderate shaking & lasted about 40 seconds. I steadied big computer monitor at my desk so it would not fall on me. Scary! I'm on 4th floor or seven story residential hotel. Desk clerk on ground floor felt it too, thought someone was banging on the door. No damage that we know of. Plate glass windows in front lobby all OK.
  • Woodacre - Woke up to rolling and shaking house. Lasted longer than I've experienced recently.
  • San Jose CA - 3:21am. woke up me, my wife on 2nd floor of our wood frame home; 1 adult daughter also on 2nd floor did not wake up, adult daughter on 1st floor did waken. Mild to moderate shaking, rolling motion that started slowly but grew in intensity. I thought it might get stronger but it abruptly stopped. Room was dark so I didn't notice anything moving, but the house was creaking a bit.
  • Yuba city - Pool sloshing for several minutes, water ran over the top
  • Soquel,ca - Felt it at 3:21 am woke me up doors shaking seem to last awhile
  • Clayton - No damage awoken by sharp cracking noise followed by immediate shaking or rocking back and forth for about 10 seconds maybe longer.
  • El Granada, CA - Woke us up with shaking bed. Lasted about 15-20 seconds.
  • Livermore - No damage to property but water in pool sloshed around heavily for about 15 minutes afterwards - it was a shaking motion that felt like it lasted a minute or two, enough to wake me out of a sound sleep.
  • Rescue CA - I was awake and heard movement in the panel of a skylight. At first thought a raccoon was ontogeny roof. Heard two shorter sessions and one longer, overall lasting maybe 30 seconds at most. Realized it was an earthquake but fairly far away. Went to Internet to see where. Sending thoughts for the recovery of the injured.
  • Healdsburg - Lots of horizontal swaying. Not violent but steady. Pendants swaying. 11 year old daughter didn't wake up. 7 year old yes. Appears to be no damage.
  • San Francisco - Was out raging at an underground club. We thought it was the music or the neighbors banging on our floor agin. NOPE! it was a crack then a slow roller that abruptly stopped. We kept partying!
  • Rio Vista, CA - I'm an emergency management professional. The quake woke me- good roll felt here. No damage that I know of yet- here. Rio Vista is about 40 miles from the epicenter. This area enjoys lower earthquake activity than its neighbors (geology), so light to moderate shaking was very unusual and speaks to the severity in Napa and surrounds. American Canyon has a large number of mobile homes.
  • Fairfield - VERE strong jolts and rolling motion. No damage here. Wow!
  • Novato - I was awake and felt a very slight wobble for a few seconds. Had I been asleep I am certain it would not have woken me. There was no sound and I had no damage.
  • Sacramento - Couch was shaking, blinds were moving house felt off balance. No damage done just felt crazy
  • Sacramento - 3:15am Just got back in bed. Heard noise near slider door, thought someone was outside. bed started swaying back & forth. Seemed like a good minute or two. Knew it was a nearby earth quake.
  • San Rafael - Shaking woke my husband and me up, and our two kids who are very deep sleepers. On initial investigation, no damage noted.
  • Inverness - 3:22 a.m. Awakened by short but strong shaking--maybe 15 seconds. Felt house (wood frame) swaying back and forth. Laid awake waiting for more, but that was it.
  • Milpitas CA - Milpitas,CA 8/24/14@ 3:21AM.
  • Napa - Very strong side to side shaking, seemed to last longer than most and got stronger as it went. No damage, but my house is built on solid rock. Scary.
  • Davis - Woken up on the second floor of our home. Rocking, jerking motion lasted about a minute, made the walls creak.
  • Sebastopol, CA - Woke me from my sleep at 3:21am PST. Very strong rocking/rolling. I felt it for about 20 seconds. There is no signs of damage.
  • Fremont CA - No damage that I know of...
  • Orinda, CA - Woke us up. Bed rocking and roof squeaking.
  • Sacramento, CA - I woke up at 3:21 a.m. and the whole house was shaking and rattling. The movement seemed to sway between north and south. Seemed to last about 10 seconds.
  • Alameda - No Damage. Back and forth sharp shakes for about ten seconds. Woke us. Dog barking.
  • Redwood City - Our dog woke us with barking and she stayed on alert growling and barking for some time. She's still on edge this morning. We felt a shaking of the bed but no damage. We didn't realize it was an earthquake until we turned on the news this morning.
  • Graton - Moderate shaking for first 15 seconds, then really shook hard for about 45 seconds. Not a roller like the 1989 quake. This one was side-to-side and did wake me up. My son also woke up. Tenant slept through it. No damage.
  • Sunnyvale - Felt the room sway a bit and heard a flock of parrots take off squawking around 3:30AM Aug 24.
  • Palo Alto, California - Different than any experience I've seen reported here. I was awake, watching video. It felt like a large, heavy, thick wind moving through, north to south, with rattling. Got up and stood in doorway.
  • Rohnert Park - Was woken up by room shaking rapidly and pretty rough. Our dog was running around the room a little worried. Everything in the room was rattling, but nothing broken or displaced. I saw two bright flashes outside, unsure what it was. Power went on and off twice. After the shaking the room started swaying as if we were on a boat for a while and slowly ebbed away. Was a little alarmed when I woke up, but it was pretty cool.
  • Novato, CA - Woke the boyfriend and I up at 3:28ish am. The whole room was shaking, the shelves above his bed were rattling but nothing fell. The biggest EQ I can remember feeling.
  • Middletown - no damage noticed so far
  • San Francisco - It woke all four of us up in my family. After waking we felt it shaking for a few more seconds. It felt like a rocking back and forth motion. It made me jump out of bed and was waiting for a stronger jolt but it didn't come. Not sure how long it shook before we woke up.
  • Moraga - Moderate Shaking for almost 40 seconds.
  • Redwood City - Woke up a few seconds before the quake. No apparent damage here, but it was definitely felt!
  • Berkeley - Woke up, bedroom upstairs, windows jingling, house rocking. No damage.
  • Oakland - woke out of sleep to slight rattling, shaking & rocking, grew stronger over time, seemed to last about a 45 secs.
  • Vallejo, CA - The strong jolt woke us up, the mirrored bypass closet doors in our room made a lot of noise, but surprisingly, no structural damage and nothing fell off shelves. I believe our single level home sits on solid bed rock. Very thankful.
  • Menlo Park - Some shaking, some rolling, a couple waves, strong but not tremendous. I was awake, it woke the neighbors, but my kid slept through it. No car alarms went off, but stuff kept rattling for a little while after.
  • Pinole - No damage, but power was out immediately following the quake.
  • San Ramon - My bed shook enough to wake me. Side to side. and my wind chimes outside went crazy. Felt like it lasted for a good 15 seconds
  • San Francisco - It woke me up, but nothing fell over in my apartment. I didn't feel any aftershocks.
  • Sebastopol - Fairly strong rolling motion that lasted about 10 seconds. It was a similar motion to the 1989 Loma Prierta earthquake.To my knowlwdge no damage evident here in Sebastopol.
  • Fremont - Bed started to move and windows rattled.. creak noise felt stayed for couple of seconds around 3:10 am. and stopped suddenly
  • Oakland - There was no damage in our house, but there was quite a bit of shaking. It was pretty minor though, and I haven't been in very many earth quakes.
  • Camptonville,Ca. - Awakened at 3;20 no damage
  • Castro Valley - It woke us up from shaking of the bed an shaking of the blinds in the window. Nothing broke. But it was a pretty good shake. Lasted for a little bit
  • alameda - Light Shaking
  • Davis - Heard everything shaking
  • Santa Rosa - Rolling horizontal movement. 30 secs. Makes one lose balance. No cracks in house. No broken objects.big blue flash in sky-lost power following the quake for over 3 hours. House is creaking and settling now.
  • petaluma - Everything in cabinets, doors, windows, chattered no damage that I know of. Woke me up severe shaking sideways not an up down jolt or wave
  • Pittsburg - Woke up at 3:20 from my bed and house shaking. Also, my patio became slightly separated.
  • Santa Rosa - Not sure what time it was but it was midnight and I thought I was floating for about 30 seconds, with my face against the wall I can hear the walls creaking and trembling for long periods of time.
  • Livermore, CA - Woke me up from sound sleep. After waking, shaking continued for 5 or 10 seconds.
  • Mountain View - I was woken up along with my oldest daughter at exactly 3:22. We felt like the whole house was lightly rocking back and forth. My other two children slept through it.
  • Walnut creek, ca - Pool sloshed water out.
  • Sebastopol - Woke up to 3 dogs barking, then a picture fell off the shelf. Even all that did not wake me completely. Next came the sensation of something pushing up on my mattress from below. There is someone under my bed!! Extremely creepy and scary! I assumed I was having a realistic dream, and went right back to sleep.
  • orinda, California - dog barking and shaking for long time
  • Sunnyvale, CA - Woke me up with shaking of the bed. 2nd floor of Residence Inn. Also woke family member sleeping in loft above my room. Didn't wake up family members in bedroom next to mine. No known damage.
  • Milpitas - No damage. Very strong and scary shaking of bed woke me up from sleep. Some noise around the room. Not able to walk floor was swinging.
  • Clayton - Woke us at 320am. Moderate shaking lasting for about 15 seconds, but no damage in the house we are aware of.
  • Alameda, ca - Earthquake struck at approximately 3:22am. I was still wake. Shaking was vertical, side-to-side, and came in ripples. There were two distinct peaks - the initial hit which faded about 25% before increasing again. Shaking went on for about 10-12 seconds. No aftershocks have been felt.
  • Davis - Didn't really feel it.
  • Pleasanton - The jolt woke my husband and I up around 3:32 am as our bed started shaking uncontrollably lasting what seem forever, but just a few minutes. Nothing in our house seem to be damaged.
  • Healdsburg - Woke us both with a big jolt. We felt the jerk, room rumble and rock for what seemed 6 seconds or so.
  • Corning - My family was asleep but my husband woke to bed shaking. No damage.
  • Winters, CA - Our in-ground pool thru water all over the pool deck. We did not wake up during the earthquake but again, there were several puddles of water on pool deck this morning.
  • San Francisco - My boyfriend and I had just laid down a few minutes before the earthquake started. I lasted at least a few minutes and was very unnerving- I thought it would never stop. The biggest earthquake I've experienced in the 9 years that I've lived here.
  • Crockett - Strong shaking woke us up, felt like it lasted about 10-15 seconds. Many things fell off counters and shelves, but not too bad. No structural damage, but several long cracks in our drywall.
  • Winters, Ca - Quake felt very strong and seemed to last longer than previous earthquakes.
  • Walnut Creek - No known damage to property. Very small movement of objects. A few items fell on the floor. It was a rolling feeling, not so much a shaking. Definitely got me out of bed and in a doorway.
  • union city - I felt it around 3:20. Ok thought my kid was shaking the bed then realised something is going on..
  • stockton - Felt my daughter's bed start to shake lasted about 30 sefonds
  • san francisco - High rise building, high floor. Woke to 15 seconds of mild shaking that gradually became more dramatic. The stronger shaking lasted another 15-20 seconds. Sounds of objects rattling. Didn't move from bed - just waited for moderate side-to-side shaking to stop, then reported to USGS, knowing this was big "somewhere", though here nothing fell. The '89 quake was a rolling motion, but today's was a shaker.
  • Fremont - I was watching a movie on my laptop in bed when I started feeling the shaking. At first I thought it was a large truck nearby on the freeway by my house, but then I noticed that I felt bigger than that. I got up thinking that I might have to run out of the house because I thought that it may be the "big one." Fortunately, the light shaking only lasted for about 10 seconds.
  • Hayward - Woke up this morning to mild shaking and rolling.
  • Montara - I was in bed & it rocked noticeably for 20-30 seconds or so, getting stonged until it stopped.
  • Colfax, CA - House shook enough to rattle windows for about 15 seconds.
  • Millbrae - I was totally afraid,i felt it 2 times where it seems as ifmy apartment was tilted by 30 to 45 degrer and everything was shaking and even there was too much of wood sound .
  • Santa Rosa - Was asleep and entire bed and room was shaking, grab my son and went under door
  • Angwin - It felt like the house was rolling. I jumped out of bed but lost my balance as it continued to roll. The windows were shaking and the blinds were beating against the windows. Afterwards when I checked the house out I found all the cabinets open and everything hanging from the ceiling was still swinging violently.
  • Watsonville - In bed, felt rolling sensation lasting 5-10 seconds
  • Healdsburg - Woken up around 3:20am by shaking bed and rattling objects on shelves. No damages. Lasted about 15-20 secs while I was awake. Heard rumbling sounds out my window too. First earthquake I've actually felt since living in Ca the past 27 years (I was only 2 during the '89 quake).
  • Pleasanton - No damage, but the whole house shook, and it sounded like critters were scampering all along our roof top. Felt like a level 5 earthquake.
  • Oakland - No property damage but the quake woke me up. It seemed to last for about 15 seconds.
  • Vallejo - Shaking and then rolling, really loud, but not much damage. Drawers/cabinets opened, pictures fell off wall. Many local friends weren't as fortunate.
  • Oakmont - Violent side to side shaking
  • Santa Rosa - Ok the wee hours if morning my cat jumped up on the bed but the bed kept moving it was rolling back and forth. I waited until it stopped then ran outside. A few items fell off shelves planter boxes rolled over damaged. But we are safe at this time. Transformers blew out power down for an hour or so . Santa Rosa felt it!
  • Pleasant Hill - Strongest one I've felt in many years. It woke us up, rolling & shaking causing the window shutters to rattle loudly. No breakage or apparent damage.
  • San Mateo - Moderate to strong shaking. Stepped out of the house. No damage.
  • Santa Rosa - A picture frame fell down
  • Black Rock City - We were sleeping in our RV at Burning Man. I thought it was an earthquake but it may have been an Art Car passing by with its heavy bass. Guess I will never know.
  • Redwood City - 3:22 a.m. was awake texting a friend. I felt jolts increasing in intensity for about 10-15 seconds then it stopped. Loud rolling noise. No damage.
  • Walnut Creek - Long gentle shaking awakened me. And I rode it out and waited for it to stop and intuitively realizing that most likely the epicenter was somewhere else.
  • Sunnyvale - I was woken up by floor/bed shaking and rattling of my windows. Since it was my first big one, I was pretty shaken myself. My cat was probably more scared than me. And I was pretty scared.
  • Guerneville - Shaking woke up me and my dog. I jumped out of bed wondering whether it was bad enough to go outside. By the time I'd decided "yes" it was over. No damage here.
  • Santa Rosa - On second story. Felt jolt then swaying for about fifteen seconds. Very disturbing. Sixteen year old son vows to not sleep naked anymore.
  • Pleasant Hill - 6.0 woke us - felt side motion shaking no damage
  • Vacaville - No date at my house but strong shaking
  • Santa Rosa - 15 seconds solid steady side to side quake. No damage. Power went out for just a moment.
  • Campbell - Live in mobile home. Woke at 3:24, jumped out of bed, waited a few minutes, then back to sleep. Decided it is too far or not very strong, no harm to my area.
  • Forest Knolls - Woke us up at 3:20a PST and we were upstairs in a wood frame home and the whole house was rocking from side to side, the bedroom door came open and was banging as well as the sound of everything clinking/clanking - went on for about 20-30 seconds. A few crooked pictures, but no damage. I think because we are on a valley floor and upstairs it felt pretty intense to us.
  • Santa Rosa - Worst earthquake I've felt since 1989
  • USGS American Canyon, California Aug 24 10:20 6.0 11 MAP I Felt It INFO
  • San Leandro, CA - Very "gentle" but strong shaking. 2nd story of a 2 story house. No damage.
  • redwood city, ca - I was awake. easy to figure out the shaking is a earth quake. built up, then slowed, then another increase. solid 20 seconds long.
  • Martinez - Woke me from a deep slumber, instinctively ran outside. Porch swing swaying side to side, crooked pictures on wall. No apparent damage
  • Vallejo - That was a pretty long one. Woke everyone up
  • Lakeport - Felt slow side to side motion. Seemed to last quite a while. Hanging items in house swayed for a while. No damage noted.
  • Fremont - felt moderate tremors. No damages.
  • Walnut Creek - Awaken from sleep. Moderate pool sloshing with approximately 1-2 inches of water sloshed out of the pool and onto the deck.
  • Santa Cruz - Woke up to bedroom door rattling loudly and bed noticeably shaking. Husband slept through it.
  • Vacaville - Was up already. Pool sloshed out a lot of water
  • mill valley - lasted for apprx. 20 seconds. everything was shaking strongly but no damage, nothing fell off. immediately felt it was a strong earthquake. everybody woke up.
  • Emeryville - Interesting sensation, in my sailboat, docked at the marina. A mild though rapid up and down vibration, followed by tide like ripples, lasting (II would guess), about 5+ seconds. Probably wouldn't have noticed if I had been sleeping...
  • EMSC San Francisco Bay Area, Calif. Aug 24 04:54 2.3 13 MAP




    Other earthquakes in the greater epicenter area

    Strongest earthquakes (since 1900) within a 150 km radius from this earthquake


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    I felt the shaking *
    Country where you felt the earthquake *
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    Street or suburb (area) where you felt the earthquake
    Latitude (area) where you felt the earthquake
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    Shaking Strength *
    MMI II (Very weak shaking) ?
    People :
    Felt by persons at rest, on upper floors or favorably placed.
    MMI III (Weak shaking) ?
    People :
    Felt indoors; hanging objects may swing, vibration similar to passing of light trucks, duration may be estimated, may not be recognized as an earthquake.
    MMI IV (Light shaking) ?
    People :
    Generally noticed indoors but not outside. Light sleepers may be awakened. Vibration may be likened to the passing of heavy traffic, or to the jolt of a heavy object falling or striking the building.
    Fittings :
    Doors and windows rattle. Glassware and crockery rattle. Liquids in open vessels may be slightly disturbed. Standing motorcars may rock.
    Structures :
    Walls and frames of buildings, and partitions and suspended ceilings in commercial buildings, may be heard to creak.
    MMI V (Moderate shaking) ?
    People :
    Generally felt outside, and by almost everyone indoors. Most sleepers awakened. A few people alarmed.
    Fittings :
    Small unstable objects are displaced or upset. Some glassware and crockery may be broken. Hanging pictures knock against the wall. Open doors may swing. Cupboard doors secured by magnetic catches may open. Pendulum clocks stop, start, or change rate.
    Structures :
    Some large display windows cracked. A few earthenware toilet fixtures cracked.
    MMI VI (Strong shaking) ?
    People Felt by all. People and animals alarmed. Many run outside. Difficulty experienced in walking steadily.
    Fittings :
    Objects fall from shelves. Pictures fall from walls. Some furniture moved on smooth floors, some unsecured free-standing fireplaces moved. Glassware and crockery broken. Very unstable furniture overturned. Small church and school bells ring. Appliances move on bench or table tops. Filing cabinets or "easy glide" drawers may open (or shut).
    Structures :
    Slight damage to buildings with low standard. Some stucco or cement plaster falls. Large display windows broken. Damage to a few weak domestic chimneys, some may fall.
    Environment :
    Trees and bushes shake, or are heard to rustle. Loose material may be dislodged from sloping ground, e.g. existing slides, talus slopes, shingle slides.
    MMI VII (Very strong shaking) ?
    General alarm. Difficulty experienced in standing. Noticed by motorcar drivers who may stop.
    Fittings :
    Large bells ring. Furniture moves on smooth floors, may move on carpeted floors. Substantial damage to fragile contents of buildings.
    Structures :
    Unreinforced stone and brick walls cracked. Low standard buildings cracked with some minor masonry falls. A few instances of damage to buildings of ordinary workmanship. Unbraced parapets, unbraced brick gables, and architectural ornaments fall. Roofing tiles, especially ridge tiles may be dislodged. Many unreinforced domestic chimneys damaged, often falling from roof-line. Water tanks Type I burst. A few instances of damage to brick veneers and plaster or cement-based linings. Unrestrained water cylinders (hot-water cylinders) may move and leak. Some common windows cracked. Suspended ceilings damaged.
    Environment :
    Water made turbid by stirred up mud. Small slides such as falls of sand and gravel banks, and small rock-falls from steep slopes and cuttings. Instances of settlement of unconsolidated or wet, or weak soils. Some fine cracks appear in sloping ground. A few instances of liquefaction (i.e. small water and sand ejections).
    MMI VIII (Severe shaking) ?
    People Alarm may approach panic. Steering of motorcars greatly affected. Structures : Low standard buildings heavily damaged, some collapse. ordinary workmanship buildings damaged, some with partial collapse. Reinforced masonry or concrete buildings damaged in some cases. A few instances of damage to buildings and bridges designed and built to resist earthquakes. Monuments and pre-1976 elevated tanks and factory stacks twisted or brought down. Some pre-1965 infill masonry panels damaged. A few post-1980 brick veneers damaged. Decayed timber piles of houses damaged. Houses not secured to foundations may move. Most unreinforced domestic chimneys damaged, some below roof-line, many brought down. Environment : Cracks appear on steep slopes and in wet ground. Small to moderate slides in roadside cuttings and unsupported excavations. Small water and sand ejections and localized lateral spreading adjacent to streams, canals, lakes, etc.
    MMI IX (Violent shaking) ?
    Structures Many low standard buildings destroyed. Ordinary workmanship buildings heavily damaged, some collapse. Reinforced masonry or concrete buildings damaged, some with partial collapse. Buildings and bridges designed and built to resist earthquakes damaged in some cases, some with flexible frames seriously damaged. Damage or permanent distortion to some buildings and bridges, designed and built to normal use standards. Houses not secured to foundations shifted off. Brick veneers fall and expose frames. Environment : Cracking of ground conspicuous. Landsliding general on steep slopes. Liquefaction effects intensified and more widespread, with large lateral spreading and flow sliding adjacent to streams, canals, lakes, etc.
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