Deadly earthquake in South Africa in Orkney and Klerksdorp - 1 fatality and 38 injured only survives with (mostly small) PRIVATE DONATIONS. Your gift will be highly appreciated.

Update August 11 volunteer Jamie Gurney did read all your Experience Reports below and made an overview of those mentioning damage, fallen objects etc. Thank you Jamie for this great job.
Klerksdorp – MM 8; no structural damage, power cut, photo frames fell off walls
Viljoenskroon – MM6; glasses fell off kitchen counter
Sandton, Rivonia – MM6; Wall cracked
Johannesberg – MM6; Picture feel off wall
Weltevreden Park – MM7; Candles fell from candelabra
Midrand – MM7; Minor cracks on walls
Klerksdorp – MM8; Damage to classrooms at school
Klerksdorp – MM8; Roofs collapsed on business buildings
Johannesberg – MM6; Minor crack in walls and ceiling boards, paint shaken off
Potchefstroom – MM5; “Everything in the office fell to the floor”
Pretoria – MM6; Door cracked and TV fell off stand
Pomona – MM5; Some objects fell
Johannesberg – MM5; Office furniture moved
Klerksdorp – MM6; Flats suffered damage
Orkney – MM8; House full of cracks; elderly man knocked off feet
Pretoria – MM5; Cracked ceilings
Pretoria – MM4; Cracks; plaster came loose
Stilfontein – MM8; Broken frames, dust falling from ceiling
Klerksdorp – MM8; Cracks in house wall
Alberton, Brackendowns – MM6; Items falling off shelves
Kroonstad – MM6; Some properties damaged
Potchefstroom – MM6; Ceiling boards fell out of roofs, cracks in buildings
Pietermaritzberg – MM9; Windows shattered, section of wall fell off building
Orkney – MM9; Power cut
Rustenberg – MM5; Loose items fell off shelves
Klerksdorp – MM9; Roof tiles fallen, ceiling loose from wall
Klerksdorp – MM8; Lights went out, ceiling boards fell through, groceries fell off shelves
Potchefstroom – MM6; Dust fell from ceiling and walls
Kroonstad – MM5; TVs and lights not working
Orkney – MM9; Lights and ceiling fell down
Benoni, Putfontein – MM5; Frames fell off wall, wall cracked
Klerksdorp – MM7; Things fell out of cupboards.
Stilfontein – MM7; Power out, ceiling boards fell and house cracked through the middle
Klerksdorp – MM7; Cracked window
Klerksdorp – MM7; Shelves collapsed, windows broken, power out, walls cracked, cupboard content fell out
Klerksdorp – MM7; Power out
Sandton – MM6; Vase fell off cupboard
Midrand – MM6; Large mirror fell off of wall
Kroonstad – MM6; House with cracks
Hartbeespoort – MM6; Crack in ceiling
Klerksdorp – MM9; Tiles fallen off bathroom wall
Hoopstad – MM4; House cracked
Klerksdorp – MM7; Minor damage to mall, ceiling dropping, stock falling from shelves, cracked walls and tiles, power out, collapsed mine shaft near Orkney

Update August 6, 16:12 UTC : Thirty-four workers at AngloGold Ashanti's Vaal river operations have been treated for minor injuries and released from hospital. To be added 3 people in a training center at the gold mine and 1 man in Orkney, brings our total to 38 injured people.

Update 18:25 UTC : An aftershock has frightened the population of Orkney again late this afternoon. No specific Magnitude has been given.

Update 17:08 UTC : The earthquake shaking damaged 400 houses!

Update 17:02 UTC : The shaking map as published by the USGS.  The max. theoretical shaking calculated by the USGS was MMI 6 or "strong shaking". We however have the impression, based on the experience reports we have received, that the shaking as experienced in Orkney and Kerksdorp was MMI VII or very strong shaking.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 19.00.43

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 19.03.52 Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 19.04.06

Update 16:05 UTC : AngloGold Ashanti, a mining company, said 17 employees at two mines in the Orkney region sustained minor injuries. Earlier in the day 3 people were slightly injured in a training venue from the gold mine and 1 man was rescued from below a collapsed house. A total of 21 injured people

Image courtesy and copyright @ANN7tv

Image courtesy and copyright @ANN7tv

Update 15:47 UTC : Seismicity in South Africa, an excerpt of a ReInsurance report :
The south-western Cape has one of the highest levels of seismicity in South Africa, which is characterized by its dual source of seismicity comprising mine related events and tectonic origin earthquakes.
According to new research from Professor Kijko, director of the Aon Benfield Natural Hazard Centre Africa, the Western Cape Province, with Cape Town as the capital city, can expect a maximum earthquake close to magnitude 7.0. By comparison, the largest mine related event in the Johannesburg gold mine area is estimated at magnitude 5.6.
Historically, the most severe earthquake of magnitude 6.3 occurred on 29 September 1969 in Ceres, 100 km northeast of Cape Town. The event resulted in 12 lost lives and numerous damaged buildings in the town of Tulbagh.
On 4 September 1809, a seismic event estimated at magnitude 6.3, occurred at the Milnerton Fault, a mere 10km from Cape Town CBD and the location of the Cape Town Stadium.
The largest mine related event in the history of South Africa occurred on 5 March 2005 in the Klerksdorp (Stilfontein) gold mining district, 200km west of Johannesburg, which reached a magnitude of 5.3. Below ground, substantial damage was observed within the mines, while above ground, the structural damage to property was relatively low.
South Africa Spotlight on Earthquake  Mining related events add a low magnitude, high frequency facet to earthquake risk in Johannesburg. It is also believed that accumulation of water within old mine shafts of several kilometres deep can trigger small, and occasionally moderate sized, seismic events.
The tectonic origin and mining related events are considered to be largely uncorrelated. As mining activity around Johannesburg diminishes with the depletion of gold reserves, so has the risk of mining induced seismic events originating below the city.
Based on this study, there is a very big chance that also this earthquake was Mining Induced and NOT tectonic. In other words a human triggered earthquake .
(Thank you Stéphane BAIZE for this related information.)

Update 15:28 UTC : The damage at the asphalt at the Waterbeesdam. Image via Twitter courtesy and copyright @MvanRyneveld. This kind of opening in the ground normally indicates a divergent or normal faulting earthquake (2 plates are pulling way from each other). Far too soon, as said earlier what the origin from the quake would be. Our map below shows however another quake who occurred right on the same spot on June 15 ! It was nearly as strong as this one but without being felt all  over South Africa. The June 15 one was shallower which explains in part the radius that is was felt. Click here for our report on June 15!

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 17.33.05

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 17.27.58

Update 15:19 UTC : We are HAPPY tot report that NO MINERS are being trapped in the Orkney mines any longer.
Johannesburg:Paramedics on Tuesday confirmed no miners were trapped in mines around Orkney in the North West following an earthquake that shook the region.
ER24 officials who had been sent to one mine following reports that some miners were trapped in 11 shafts were standing down, said spokeswoman Luyanda Majija. "There are no entrapments. Most miners working in various mines have been brought out," Majija said." Most shafts have been evacuated."Around 2.30pm, only one person had been confirmed dead. "A 31-year-old man was found deceased in an old mining village," Majija said. "He was found lying under some debris. "The incident occurred close to the epicentre of the earthquake, recorded at a magnitude of 5.5 by the Council for Geosciences in SA. (Source : Africa News Network)

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 17.24.47

Update 14:03 UTC : This was a violent earthquake for South African standards, but was "only" M5.3. We have to remark however that the shaking lasted extremely long for an earthquake from this Magnitude. Below an image from the damage in Orkney (courtesy and copyright News24).

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 16.02.58

Update 13:29 UTC : The South Africa earthquake is the 4th deadly earthquake in only 8 days time!

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 15.30.38

Update 13:12 UTC : The situation in the gold mine(s) shafts is far from sure. In 1 mine, everybody was safely brought at the surface, which is really great news.

Image courtesy and copyright @ER24potch - damage in Orkney

Image courtesy and copyright @ER24potch - damage in Orkney

Update 12:57 UTC : We are of course far from sure but the source of the earthquake may not be mining induced but tectonic based on the experience reports we receive from the direct epicenter area and the fact that this earthquake was felt in a 500 km radius.

Update 12:54 UTC : Every I HAVE FELT IT REPORT we receive from Klerksdorp and Orkney describes damage. This will be by far the most damaging earthquake in South-Africa since a long time.

Update 12:54 UTC : An impressive Experience Report from  an ER reader living in Orkney, the direct epicenter

I could hear it coming.. at first I thought it was just the normal mining operations but then when it hit us, the whole house was shaking and stuff started falling out of the cupboards and off shelfs. I stormed outside to see if my 75 year old father was okay and I found him in the garden. The quake knocked him off his feet and his head hit a rock in the garden. He was in total shock but he is okay. My house is full of cracks. Scary !!

Update 12:28 UTC : 3 people were hurt at a training center in the Orkney Gold mine

Update 12:08 UTC : Some mineworkers at Orkney in the North West were trapped following an earth tremor on Tuesday, said emergency workers. ER24 spokesperson Luyanda Majija said they had received reports that the tremor has had a significant impact on one mine (source:
Old buildings, old mining houses have collapsed, lots of debris, says ER24's Werner Vermaak

Image courtesy and copyright @Noxy_Duma

Image courtesy and copyright @Noxy_Duma

Update 1200 UTC : We have now confirmation that  a man in his 30's was killed in the Orkney/Klerksdorp

Update 11:44 UTC : We have unconfirmed reports of 1 fatality. A man was caught by a collapsing wall in Orkney, the direct epicenter area

Image courtesy and copyright @power987news

Image courtesy and copyright @power987news

Update 11:44 UTC : Some people are trapped below a collapsed building in Orkney

Update 11:43 UTC : We have still server problems due to too many concurrent users. We apologize for that.

Update 11:36 UTC : There are now unconfirmed reports that a building has collapsed in Klerksdorp

Small glass breaking damage at the Clock Tower of Klerksdorp

Small glass breaking damage at the Clock Tower of Klerksdorp

Update 11:34 UTC : Klerksdorp :    Massive shaking was working under vehicle when it started moving in the air ! A bunch of businessess roofs fell in and evaquated

Update 11:33 UTC : At least 2 minors have been injured in the Orkney mine + damage reported on buildings (mainly cracks, no collapses)

Update 11:31 UTC : Klerksdorp : Our entire school building shook and we were thrown off balance. Our school has 3 storeys and I was in the middle when it shook, we dove for the door along with our geography teacher and we were told to evacuate the building. We are on the football field, damage done to multiple classrooms.

Update 11:06 UTC : The earthquake has been felt as far as Durban and Cape Town. Offices were evacuated in Durban and Johannesburg. Our biggest concern is now the many mines and their underground workers in the area.

Important message : Due to the too high demand our servers have a hard time to cope.

Update 10:49 UTC : This report came in a couple of moments ago from Kerksdorp, the direct epicenter area, mentioning severe shaking

No structural damage so far. No electricity. Photo frames falling off walls and breaking. Hope the mines in vicinity is ok but doubt it.

Update 10:39 : This earthquake is severely dangerous because the epicenter is located right below Orkney and Klerksdorp.  The breaking point is extremely shallow, which increases the risk on damage a lot.

BREAKING NEWS: We have detected a strong readers increase in Johannesburg, which normally indicates that an earthquake was felt. Are you one of the people who felt the shaking of this earthquake ? If yes, may we kindly request you to let us know what you have felt and if you have damage or not. Please use the form below.
Update 10:30 UTC  : The earthquake was also felt in Botswana, no other details yet
Update 10:35 UTC : Preliminary data is showing a Magnitude 6.0 (Geofon), which is for sure a damaging earthquake if true. Epicenter is located (preliminary) in Klerksdorp

6km (4mi) E of Orkney, South Africa
15km (9mi) S of Stilfontein, South Africa
16km (10mi) SSE of Klerksdorp, South Africa
32km (20mi) NW of Viljoenskroon, South Africa
199km (124mi) SW of Pretoria, South Africa

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 12.40.35

144 km SW of Soweto, South Africa / pop: 1,695,047 / local time: 12:22:36.4 2014-08-05
18 km SE of Orkney, South Africa / pop: 145,801 / local time: 12:22:36.4 2014-08-05

Most important Earthquake Data:

Magnitude : 5.4

Local Time (conversion only below land) : 2014-08-05 12:22:36

GMT/UTC Time : 2014-08-05 10:22:36

Depth (Hypocenter) : 10 km

Depth and Magnitude updates in the list below.

Share your earthquake experience (I Have Felt It) with our readers.
Click on the "I Felt It" button behind the corresponding earthquake. Your earthquake experience is not only important for science, but also for people in the area as well as our global readership.

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SRC Location UTC Date/time M D INFO
GEOFON South Africa Aug 05 10:22 5.4 10 MAP I Felt It INFO
  • Sandton - Nedbank 5th Floor Sandton
  • Pretoria - very mild shaking of windows and vibrations felt for 20-30 seconds
  • Centurion - Quite exciting - the first time I felt it so certainly, and for at least 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Kroonstad - Vibrating walls and windows, roof creaking.
  • Pretoria - My first earthquake expriance
  • Johannesburg - The roof started to move and all things in the office where moving.
  • Benoni - Light shaking of building
  • Alberton - lasted for up to 2 min
  • Edenvale - No damage , 3 secs of tremble
  • Johannesburg - It was a tremor.
  • Midrand - Mustek Midrand All buildings shook
  • Johannesburg - No damage but everything rattled and shook for about 10-15 seconds
  • Walkerville Johannesburg - lasted about 30 - 40 seconds, crockery rattling, sahiking & trembling felt
  • Pretoria - First time I felt a earthquake this strong
  • Johannesburg - Felt shaking, was quite nervous but no damage.
  • Moreleta Park - My TV almost fell over
  • Parys - First Time I felt an earthquake. Quite exciting. Super glad I was not in a mine underground!!
  • Johannesburg, Fourways - At least 10 seconds of light sustained shaking peaked with strong shaking - building moved at the peak.
  • Kempton Park - Could feel the floor moving slightly. Gave a feeling of movement in the building.
  • Vanderbijlpark - Surprised
  • rustenburg - building shaked/rattling
  • johannesburg - Lasted about a minute in total with about 15 to 20 seconds of strong shaking. pictures on walls threatening to come off and shelfing wobbling during the peak. low rumbling sound throughout. happened at around 12H30 more or less.
  • Sandton, Rivonia Road - Not that bad!
  • Northriding - Started as light tremours then got stronger and the subsided again. For about 30 seconds
  • Centurion - Quite a scare, we evacuated our school children.
  • Paulshoff - At least 45 seconds. The building shook
  • Stilfontein - Never experienced that lasted for about 6 seconds. Everyone at work ran out the building
  • La Lucia - Felt the building shake!!! flip!!!
  • edenvale - Moderate shaking lasted up to +- 1 min
  • Pretoria - Felt floor moving from side to side on the 3rd floor.
  • Alrode - Wow, that was the worst i ever felt.
  • Midrand - Last for about 30 sec. Light shake
  • Randburg - No damage, slight shaking, tremors were felt for about 15 seconds. Started off with sound only, like the rumbling of thunder, then there were waves of tremors, with one of the intermediate peaks of tremor being the most severe.
  • Johannesburg - Very strong shaking was felt. Office furniture etc moved. Ground shook. No damage
  • Vereeniging - No Damage felt like strong wind on roof and windows
  • Johannesburg - This was the worst tremor that I have ever felt (in 70+ years). Our whole house shook and everything rattled but no damage noticed. The shaking lasted at least a minute and seemed to come in waves of varying intensity.
  • Pretoria - Light shaking and windows rattle on 1st floor for around 15 sec.
  • Midrand - Felt two separate tremors. First lasted about 5 seconds followed by one that lasted almost a minute with continuous shaking and vibrations
  • pretoria - It was definitely scary, I felt it for like few minutes and the whole house was shaking very bad... Is it going to be again later today?
  • Johannesburg - 1st tremor/quake I've experienced.
  • sandton - the tremor lasted quite a while. could see other buildings in sandton CBD shaking.
  • Alberton - Roof and walls shaking.
  • Johannesburg - Our entire building shook, desk contents rattled significantly. No damage, we evacuated the office
  • Hennopspark, Centurion - geen skade, was verby voor ons werklik besef het wat dit was, eers gedink die gautrain het ontspoor ......
  • Centurion - continuous movement, felt like two events
  • Pretoria - Moderate shaking, even computer screen vibrating. Building was evacuated.
  • sandton - No damage
  • Johannesburg - No known damage; strong shaking for +- 2 minutes, followed by decreasing vibration for about another 2 minutes.
  • Potchefstroom - Almost shat myself....i want to know the cause and if it is over....
  • Midrand - Prolonged light shaking. No damage.
  • Kempton Park - strong shaking and some objects fell
  • Elandsfontein - Very unsetteling
  • Johannesburg - It felt like the building was leaning to the left, tremor lasted for more than one minute. Extremely scary.....still traumatised.
  • Johannesburg - No damage
  • Jhb - Roodepoort - Started strongly....easily lasted between 60 - 90 seconds
  • Pretoria - What an lunchtime announcement.
  • Centurion - Furniture shaking lasted 20-30 seconds
  • Sunninghill, Rivonia - My desk started to shake and vibrate. Some of the girls in the office ran out of the building.
  • johannesburg - light shaking for several seconds, perhaps 30 seconds at most.
  • klerksdorp - Things came of cupboards. Lasted between 15sec-45sec. Alarms of houses and cars going of every where
  • Sandton - No Damage
  • Durban - Mild Shaking suspended fire pipes swinging
  • Bedfordview - I was having a nap and was woken up by the shaking...being half asleep I thought I was just dreaming
  • Rustenburg - it started out as if an helicopter was passing over the house. but then got stronger. went on for about 30 seconds. never felt anything like this before. everything was moving, rumbling and shaking.
  • Evander - I thought it was my imagination, felt my chair shaking
  • Illovo (Sandton) - no damage to property but very scary. it felt never ending.
  • Johannesburg north - Ground shook beneath me, windows vibrated and water in my glass moved around moderately
  • Randburg - There was a deafening sound and then the tremor, it felt like one of those dreams where you feel like you falling, weird and very scary. the entire warehouse shook (it is 5000cubic meter warehouse)
  • Highveld Techno Park, Pretoria - It was crazy... We all started running outside, very alarmed...
  • Stilfontein - It shook so bad that our power went out. Ceiling boards fell out and the steel structures shook. One of the houses cracked right through the middle.
  • klerksdorp - i was running like a headless chicken perhaps the chicken wanted to lay eggs" i hope mine workers are okay
  • Pretoria - 2nd Floor of building - scary!
  • westdene - i have no damage but eveything in my house was shaking
  • Melrose Arch - Scary
  • Durban - In the office & felt light shaking / vibrating of my desk & chair, and floor. Nothing Serious. My colleagues confirmed they felt the same thing.
  • roodepoort - I was at university when it happened, it was truly terrifying as the whole building was shaking and it felt as if the building was going to collapse.
  • Centurion - Felt initial light tremor which escalated suddenly to intense shake after which a light tremor kept going for 30 seconds
  • Bedfordview - No damage, but very anxious moment. Our chairs were shaking.
  • Pretoria - scary
  • Gauteng - Windows rattling, monitor shaking and desks moving slighly
  • Centurion - Everyone started going crazy... We thought it was people on the floor above us stamping there feet until we realized that it was actually an earthquake. It was a very scary feeling - My first earthquake experience
  • Durban - Second floor office, everything "wobbled". Was felt on ground floor too
  • Wesselsbron - No damage but definatly felt it
  • Sasolburg - No damage, glasses and ornimants moved a little
  • Roodepoort - very slight shaking that increased in strength until our large double storey house shook.
  • Germiston - Pretty scary and went on for over 1 min
  • Lonehill Sandton - Windows and wooden staircase rattling. Duration only about 30 seconds.
  • Gauteng - Scary enough considering we DO NOT HAVE EARTHQUAKES in South Africa.
  • Randburg - Weird feeling
  • Rustenburg - Lasted approximately 2 minutes.
  • Sandton - No damage, felt strong tremors for about 30 seconds, never felt it so strong here.
  • Pretoria - Was at the office. Building structure could be felt flexing. Had two tremors with the second one more pronounced. Quite alarming. Multi-storey building, was checked by structural engineer, no structural damage.
  • Vereeniging - Windows and blinds shaking
  • Potchefstroom - House shaking, windows rattling, things falling. Hate that!!!
  • Woodmead - windows and items on tables shook and rattled - lasted approx 30seconds or bit more
  • Sandton - Strong shaking and rumbling lasting about between 60 to 90 seconds. Vase fell off cupboard.
  • Johannesburg - Windows rattling and people walking out of houses to see what is happening. No damage caused
  • Pretoria Nord - Ein sehr komisches Gefuehl, wenn man ein Erdbeben zum erstan Mal spuert! 12.23 Uhr,erschreckend, keine Schaeden
  • Pretoria Nord - Ein sehr komisches Gefuehl, wenn man ein Erdbeben zum erstan Mal spuert! 12.23 Uhr,erschreckend, keine Schaeden
  • Pretoria - We all felt the tremor in the office, at first the tremors were very slight but they gradually increased in intensity and we realized windows were shaking as well as wooden walls and floors. No damaged caused. Must have lasted for about 30 to 60 secs.
  • Pretoria - No damage - minimal items vibrating off shelves.
  • Johannesburg - No damage. Lasted about 40s...had to chase my laptop around the kitchen counter
  • Pretoria, South Africa - two sets of tremors 30+ seconds from 12h24
  • Ventersdorp - I was busy digging a hole to plant a pole, then I felt the shaking, then I thought I did something that could cause it, was very scary...
  • Germiston - our entire office block shook was rather scary - No damage
  • Sandton - No discernible damage. Sounds and vibrations associated with a tremor, increasing in strength and producing a large degree of rattling of windows and other sounds. Many seconds pass, rattling decreases but even after no tremor discernible large windows still rattling a bit. Contacted family members by cell phone and landline to determine if they felt the tremor (which some jokingly reported as .001) and non-jokingly: .5 0r 1 in magnitude. Surprised to find out later from eNEWS channel that it w
  • Pretoria - Two waves, shaking lasting about 10 seconds each time. Windows rattling, as well as a distinct but light tremor felt through floor
  • Bedfordview - Shaking and rumbling, stopped and then started again. Lasted about 30 seconds.
  • Johannesburg - Started off with a little vibration and then there was a strong shake and then it went down again. Kept on going for a good couple of seconds before it stopped completely. Office furniture moved
  • Johannesburg - The quake was quite an exciting but scary experience. Some of my colleagues even evacuated the building.
  • Benoni - My mother stays in Klerksdorp. Their flats suffered damages. Flamwood walk
  • North Riding - 30 seconds of objects vibrating, very interesting experience!
  • farm near Bloemhof - We felt it and ran out of the house.
  • Alberton - Experienced strong shaking and rattling of windows. Could feel the tremors in the floors
  • Ilovo Sandton - Building and computers shaking
  • Pretoria - Was lying on my bed and all of a sudden it felt like a person was shaking it, but there was no one else in the room. Cupboards were vibrating and objects on my dresser were moving
  • Pretoria - vibration felt. no damage
  • Johannesburg - Rather long quake, but not very harsh. No damage
  • Mafikeng - Windows an desks shaking my home glasses falling cubourds shaking
  • Centurion - No damage to property but electrical equipment had to be grabbed in order to stop it from falling off the table.
  • Kimberley - No damage caused.
  • Johannesburg - No damage here. Nothing fell off walls or tables.
  • Craighall Park - Felt like there were two distinct tremor over the course of a minute, with a small gap inbetween
  • Woodmead - .. i feel the earth, move, under my feet..
  • roodepoort - scary
  • Parys - Scared the heck out of us. No structural damage. Shaked everything wildly though, some falling over.
  • Olifantsfontein - No damage. I'm from the 'struck' area, went through the one around 9 years ago. More or less same epicentre. Just hope and pray miners underground are ok!
  • Pretoria - Windows rattling, earth shaking, rumbling sound. Two tremors felt.
  • Magaliesburg - No damage.
  • Pretoria - Building was shaking, hanging objects were swinging, cooldrink in bottle was shaking around.
  • Sandton - felt tremor for about 20 seconds or so. no damage
  • Johannesburg, Victory Park - It wasn't severe shaking, but it seemed to carry on and on for a very long time. Intensely scary!
  • Pretoria East - Laptop and table shook for baout 30 seconds , moderately
  • JHB CBD - Building shook lasted 10-15 seconds very scary
  • Midrand - Kyalami - My chair and laptop shook and there was a buzzing sound in my ears whilst through out the entire tremor.
  • Maputo - I was working in the RHDHV-Moz office on the 8th Floor (Maputo City) and the building started shaking very slowly, but enough to make everyone here dizzy.
  • durban - It was crazy
  • Potchefstroom - It was strange at first, but when it got worse we left the building..
  • pretoria - we felt the floor n our desk shaking it we were nervous but it did not last long. no harm
  • christiana - It was only a light tremble for a few seconds.Did not at first realize what was happening.
  • Durban - we evacuted from our building
  • Edenvale - The whole building shook as well as the trees. Did not check how long it lasted (but felt like a long time).
  • Sandton - On the 9th floor of a building. It was bad.
  • Pelindaba - Shaking of the buildings
  • Centurion, Gauteng - Felt strong wind and the shaking & sounded like tapping....
  • Johannesburg - Many people shaken up and building evacuated.
  • Rosebank - A bit nauseating, very unsettled in the office
  • Pretoria - Was felt in offices all around, everybody went outside. Thought my desk was collapsing, then realised the building was shaking.
  • Rustenburg - No damage. Windows made rattling noise.
  • Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal` - The building where we work started to shake quite badly, this was the first time we have had an experience like this in the building.
  • Parktown - No damage reported yet in the area after earthquake.
  • Edenvale - Windows shook, building shook. Everyone noticed and were alarmed. Lady came running out the rest rooms.
  • Johannesburg - Linden. Felt like a large truck rumbling outside for a few seconds, then escalated and table vibrated and windows began rattling. Laptop screen was shaking back and forth. About 20 seconds of serious rattling and shaking and then it began to die down.
  • Gauteng - Weird,everything shook but was not dangerous
  • South Africa - The whole of SA felt this. Drill more, mine more... we all will suffer from your actions... your millions won't save you...
  • Vanderbijlpark - Strong tremors felt with various items, including the bed vibrating. No obvious damage observed. The tremors lasted about 60 seconds and the house shook as if it was hit by a very strong sudden wind. Windows rattled as well as burglar bars. You could feel it running from west to east through the whole house.
  • Westonaria - Felt the ground shaking - no damage
  • Pretoria - We thought someone has totaled a pillar in the basement....yeah, a moderate shaking.
  • Johannesburg, Gauteng - Building alarm was activated, full evacuation, one person fainted from shock.
  • Pretoria - Felt my flat shaking for a few seconds. No damage
  • pretoria - no damages. just cabinets shaking.
  • Hartbeespoort - Felt very strong shaking just after 12pm. It wasn't a gradual tremor, but more like several hard knocks, which kept on going for about 30 seconds. Glass rattling in large window panes, luckily no damage. Felt like a troop of baboons landing on ibr roof and going wild!
  • Kya Sands - All is good but everyone ran outside
  • Hyde Park - I Was in a meeting when i had this and the projector was shaking and we just feelt people screeeming was really and scary
  • Centurion - It is creepy. The tremor is strong, never like that before. I am on the fourth floor, look like the walls are shaking too.
  • Kyalami - This tremor seemed to go on for a long appeared to subside and then started shaking again..the entire building was shaking..very scary
  • Pretoria - No damage but the tremor was felt with noticeable vibration of glass doors for atleast 30seconds...maybe a bit longer.
  • Klerksdorp - Only craceked window. Is there another one on its way? Please let know!!
  • Pretoria - Nothing is damaged but because I can't walk stairs of a broken leg I felt terrified having to walk down three levels out of the building. Scary and still shaking.
  • kempton park - was quite scary, the desk and floor shook, but no damage
  • Vanderbijlpark - I was in class on the NWU Vaal Triangle Campus, heard a rumbling in the air vents and felt the ground trembling, and both projectors wobbled a bit. Went on for about 25-30 seconds. Apparently the class directly below us did not feel a thing.
  • Pretoria - No damage
  • Johannesburg - Noknowledge of direct damage in this area.
  • Midrand - No Damage, woken from nap, confirmed by grandmother and sister.
  • Parktown North - no damage in the area, but will wait to see when i get home.
  • Three Rivers, Vereeniging - Nothing was damaged but the whole building was shaking, computers, cupboards everything, we are on the first floor and went down to the ground floor because we thought the building was busy collapsing.
  • jhb - None were damaged
  • Roodepoort - Double storey, timber mezzanine felt shaking and creacking audible
  • Pretoria cbd - Tables and chairs were shaking
  • Johannesburg - house shook and everything rattled
  • centurion - Strong shaking in centurion, windows shaked alot
  • amanzimtoti - felt light shaking and stuff moving
  • Rustenburg - My desk at the office was literally shaking, for a moment there i thought I was imagining things, I came to my senses and ran out the office, so did everyone else in my office block.
  • Klerksdorp - Very strong shaking. Lasted 45 - 60 seconds. Windows and doors were shaking and stuff falling out of cupboards. Minor damage to my house - small cracks and cornices pulling away from the walls.
  • Edenvale - Two distinct tremors felt, first for a few seconds and second for almost a minute. No damage.
  • Centurion - I am on the 2 floor of our Office building and felt my chair moving and my table shaking.
  • rustenburg north west - I felt the vibration while standing in spar shopping center body was vibrating aswell as could see the shelves shaking
  • East London - Did NOT feel it in East London
  • Kloof - My entire desk shook, thought my imagination was running wild.....
  • Benoni - No damage
  • Pretoria - It started lightly and then intensified for probably 15 seconds+
  • Bryanston - No damage but strong tremors felt and computers were vibrating on desks.
  • Randfontein - Felt two separate tremors. Just when the first one ended you could feel the second one coming. lasted about 2min from start to finish with continuous shaking and vibrations
  • pretoria - I felt the earthquake very mildly. Everything started shaking, it was frightening but very mild.
  • PRETORIA EAST - First time in my life i felt an earthquake the desk and chair in my office was shaking and i was shaking with the chair.
  • gaborone - computers were shaking
  • Randfontein - The office was moving....from left to right. My thoghts were "Just as the Word predicts, yesterday was the quake in China..... time is running out"
  • Pretoira - Weak shaking on the second floor, but lasted the longest I have experienced it. Scary.
  • johannesburg - Moderate shaking in house for about 40 seconds
  • CBD - Mild vibrations felt for a couple of seconds before the building started shaking. Cups on table moved. This was not a regular "tremor", street vendors scattered away from the buildings into the street. After the shaking, mild vibrations continued for a couple of seconds
  • Rosebank - Never felt a quack like this before in Jhb. Cups were tingling in the cupboards and everything was shaking. Scary!
  • pretoria west - No damage in elandspoort area. Pretoria gardens felt stronger shaking.
  • Sandton - Up on the third floor of a building in Sandton, shaking started during a business meeting. People in other offices started vacating out of fear, but it passed within 1/2 minutes.
  • Johannesburg - Sitting at desk in office felt light shaking of walls and underfoot. "Oh my goodness, what was that?" Everyone at School where I work felt it and were alarmed. Felt first tremor followed shortly after by a second one. No damage
  • PRETORIA - We were having a class in building 6 3rd floor, then we had the shaking of the earth 2 times, the first one was a strong shaking then the second one was a weak shaking, hopefully there are no damages happened so far.
  • Midrand - Large Mirror fell of wall and broke on the floor. The earthquake persisted for about 20-30 seconds
  • rosebank - no damage. shook for about 45 seconds. scary. colleagues just sat frozen not knowing what was going on. then it started dying off and we then started telling each other it was an earthquake.
  • Brooklyn - On the 3rd floor of our building - felt it quite hard
  • Jetpark - Extreme Shaking, things fell off of my desk and the whole building was shaking
  • Johannesburg - Weak shaking for about 5 minutes
  • ladybrand - It felt like the floor rolled not really a shake as such made me feel queasy
  • durban - furniture & office building started shaking from side to side. Evacuated and then building checked and given the ok. No damage
  • boksburg - Thankfully no damage. Trembling that shook a few things of shelves. Longest minute in my life
  • Klerksdorp - Shelves collapsing, windows breaking - physically SAW doorframe move. Electricity out. Walls cracked. Cupboard contents falling out.
  • kempton park - Felt our desk shake and windows were rattling. Coffee almost spilled over.
  • Randburg - It was scary literally seeing the things in the house shaking
  • rivonia - nothing was damaged but we were shaking and the tables and chairs in the office.
  • Lanseria - I felt 2 earthquakes- the second longer than the first (seemed to go forever). My whole house shook - walls included, windows rattled and the floor shook. My house felt like it was gently rocking. Very frightening experience!
  • Midrand - Building started shaking, subsided for 2 seconds and started shaking significantly again, Computer screens were literally tip toeing.
  • Pretoria - The ground was shaking lightly which started about 12h24 - almost like someone lightly bumped against your chair. Then is subsided a bit and started again stronger. The ground was shaking and you could hear a rumbling sound with windows rattling and computer screens and other loose objects rattling. The swimming pool water was moving about and the dogs were unsettled. This lasted for approximately 30 seconds and then subsided with nothing further. No damage or breakages.
  • Johannesburg - The office walls and metal supports were shaking, could feel the floor moving and everything in the office was shaking, swinging or rattling for about a minute, water in glass on my desk sloshing about, etc - we all ran out of the office.
  • Secunda - Sitting on the second floor of Sasol Technology Secunda the whole building was shaking at 12:34 today
  • Pietermaritzburg - It was approx. 12.24 when we felt the building shake. It lasted close to about 10 - 15 sec. We assumed it to be the local quarry, wondering why the blasting alarm had not gone off. We only realised afterwards that it was a tremor. Was indeed quite scary. The building swayed and I felt my desk move.
  • Johannesburg - Shaking lasting around 1 minute, glass, door frames etc... shaking continuously.
  • Bothaville - No damages, lasted for over 30 seconds
  • Vanderbijlpark - A very mild shaking that was strong enough to move things off Desks
  • Pretoria - No damage. The building was rumbling and shaking. Quite scary
  • Pretoria - Computer screens shaking, walls rumbling and some loose furniture shaking. Felt two distinct waves.
  • Johannesburg - No damage but could feel it on the 2nd floor of the building we are in
  • Gaborone - Very weak shaking in that at first i thought it was my chair inexplicably vibrating and only caught on when i registered the tremors through the soles of my shoes and funny sounds from the office wall
  • koster - very exciting
  • johannessburg - My property seems fine but i did witness my Star Wars bobble heads headbang
  • Randfontein - No damage but I got a big fright. Lights and mirrors inside the house was shaking.
  • Dainfern - Building not damaged (Bedrock is granitic). Ground wave felt for around 10 secs
  • Vanderbijlpark - Bit of a surprise, really. We don't expect quakes in these parts. No structural damage. Some things did fall off our desks, and my chair moved away from the desk (with me still on it).
  • Gauteng - Whole building was shaking, windows vibrating, no damage to property
  • Rustenburg - We were in the Math cass when we heard the earthquke...At first we thought it was a mining operation but my friend said that it was felt in Durban too...The we realised it was an earthquake and not a mining operation...Scary !
  • Robertsham Johannesburg - No damage. Lasted about 60 seconds. For the first 30 seconds the vibration was quite intense with the last 30 seconds less so. Doors were rattling. My 3 year old was quite scared - she said could feel something shaking in her toes.
  • Centurion - Just a few seconds of everything shaking and the solid concrete floor vibrating
  • pretoria - No damage, just the whole room shaking. I live on the 15 th floor so I guess I felt it more than the people in the ground
  • Honeydew, Johannesburg - Worst I've ever felt. Lasted almost two minutes. House shaking, windows rattling, roof creaking, and an eerie rumbling sound. Felt dizzy for a while afterwards.
  • Delmas Mpumalanga - Funiture and walls were wobbling lightly . Felt very eary .
  • Randburg - Felt the chair shake and the ceilings were shaking as well
  • Ferndale - Was a long tremor - about a minute I think and intensity varied but certainly made me nervous and i moved outside.
  • Gaborone - Floor of the Offices, Desks , Keyboard Vibrated for some seconds
  • pretoria - scary
  • Kameeldrift west - Coach shaking and windows rattling
  • vereeniging - No damage here but shaking was quite alarming. Rumbling sound and rushing wind
  • Rustenburg - I felt a 20 seconds shake, then when I looked around the office the files on the shelve looked like they were gonna fall. Then I ran out of the office, only to find out that all other people were long on the passage. They thought I am a sny as I was screaming. The shaking has stopped and hasn't repeated since.
  • Durban - No Damage. Tremor intense lasted for about 5 seconds.
  • Benoni - Frame's fell of the wall and one wall cracked
  • Vanderbijlpark - We were in class and suddenly the windows started to shake and then we felt the ground shaking. It lasted about 30 seconds.
  • Secunda - First I heard a noise and realise its the blinds moving and then I felt it underneath my feet. It stopped after about 30 seconds and resumed again for about 15 seconds
  • Maputo - We live on the 16th floor of a high apartment building, and the whole house was swaying. Lamps were swinging, water in glasses trembling. What an unnerving feeling!
  • Rosslyn - 2nd one in my life, this one by far the strongest
  • Kimberley - No damage. Shaking lasted for a short while.
  • Johannesburg - I heard two bangs in the roof and the house rumbled. The dog barked and cowered. Everything on the shelves shook and rattled for about 15 seconds and then the shaking reduced. My laptop screen continued to shake gently for at least another minute after that.
  • DURBAN - Felt a light shaking
  • Pretoria East - walls, floor, desks were shaking and roof was creaking. luckily no damage
  • Johannesburg - Felt it!No damage...
  • gauteng - We felt two distinct major "jolts" and with vibrations in between.nothing was thrown off desks, no damage to be seen and no injuries, this was significant to the previous tremor felt in pretoria
  • jhb - Windows were rattling and the floor literally shaking beneath for a more then normal while.. must have been for 5 mins.
  • sasolburg - We were in class teaching the kids when all of a sudden everything started to shake. Kids found it amusing... I was a bit freaked out! No damage.
  • Midrand, Johannesburg - The house, windows and the my office deskand coffee shook.
  • Pretoria - very scary it felt like the building was swinging. but likely nothing damaged
  • pretoria - felt the house shaking and all the windows, no damage
  • Pecanwood Golf and Country Estate - Chairs,monitors, doors were shaking, could feel the building shake. Feld the temors twice. The first time in our lives.Not a good feeling
  • Krugersdorp - No damage
  • Vereeniging - Very light, first i thought it was my imagination but then i felt it a second time! no damage
  • Pretoria - Fuckin terrifyin!!
  • BLOEMFONTEIN - I was sitting in my office and it felt like someone was standing behind me and shaking my chair. I even looked to see if there was someone.
  • Port Shepstone - Do you think that this will effect the ocean or cause a sunami(sorry just had to ask).
  • Johannesburg - Normally we feel a short light tremor, though this one lasted more than 30 seconds and scary considering we don't get earthquakes. No damage though
  • Pietermaritzburg - No damage.
  • Bryanston - No visible damage. Frightening experience
  • Mafikeng - I was withdrawing sum cash,i thought it was just one of those small tremors we get one in a while and just wondered what it was
  • Centurion - The roof was shaking quite heavily and it lasted for 'n while
  • Potchefstroom - Dust fell out between the ceiling and the walls, everything shook (including the walls), but there was no damage. I know of other people who had some damage in Potch. It was rather scary....
  • Arcadia Pretoria - I felt the shaking and then my computer screen shakes and I heard a rumbling noise. It lasted for about 10-15 seconds. Most terrifying and strange experience.
  • Sandton - Shaking on the 6th floor
  • Witbank Mpumalanga - I was in the office busy marking learner's books when it happened it was at 12H24 I felt the table shaking coupled with a sound as if it is a light thunder rumbling and as a Natural Science teacher I noticed that it was an earth tremor but it was scary the building had a small shake but no damage was caused
  • pretoria - Mild shaking for a few seconds, cupboards also shaking, felt like heavy wind
  • Maseru - I have never felt anything like it before-it was as though an entire six storey building has become mobile!
  • johannesburg parktown - no damage and I was not injured
  • Lichtenburg - First I thought I was sick then I saw people running. For a moment I did not care about others because I now my luck, the whole building would collapse only on me!
  • johannesburg - We were underground, at medical we just saw the ceiling above us shake for a while.
  • Vereeniging - I lived in Alaska and know earthquakes very well. I first felt the floor shake, thought it was a truck passing, but it kept on then the whole house shook. Kinda seemed to roll back and forth. I predicted it was between a 4.5-5.5 from my experiences in Alaska. Not sure of house damage on outside. Have to wait for my partner to get home from work. I'm from America and been here only 7 mo.
  • Cleveland, South of Johannesburg - Our building shook, not severely, but it did shake enough and for long enough to be quite interesting.
  • Pretoria - Felt some light trembling in the ground and the windows shook a bit. The alarm at the school near us went off. We thought they were blasting nearby, as there is construction work near us.
  • Kroonstad - Everything started shaking, but nothing fell or broke... We felt kind of dizzy afterwards, but recovered very quick... My house however do have more cracks now...
  • klerksdorp - Was really afraid Whole building Shook Lights went off was in total darkness
  • Pretoria - I was working inside, the windows rattled and crockery and glassware shook; paintings swayed. However our housemaid outside, and she thought it was a strong gust of wind that had the windows quivering like that. No damage, just a big fright.
  • Vereeniging - I was at school in high school Overvaal and while in class I felt some shaking like when someone is kicking your chair. There was no damage to report of.
  • Rivonia - Felt the earthquake approaching and ripple past. The entire house vibrated, as did the garden wall outside. Lasted a few seconds, maybe 15 secs. Seemed to come from a southerly direction and continued northward.
  • Bloemfontein - No damage of knowledge, weird trembling of about 5-10 seconds
  • Kendal Power Station - Slight vibration felt but initially thought it was something with my body like blood pressure or something
  • Roodepoort - hey what a way to spend my B-day, lets have a castle and a earthquake on the same time i was born!! fantastic....
  • Johannesburg cbd - johannesburg cbd, was writing something on board in a classroom and just heard students screaming, i thought maybe other students were running around outside. the shacking was moderate. lasted about 30 sec, students were really scared.
  • Saldanha - when we felt it here not to strong,we knew it had to me worse somewhere else
  • Heidelburg Gauteng - I was sitting in front the computer suddenly I feel my chair shake and there was a rumble through the house.
  • North West - were at school after break less shaking for 15second
  • Johannesburg - We were sitting in class when it started and the students couldn't decide whether to run out or just stay calm
  • Maputo - Livi g on the 5th floor. Sitting worki g and suddently felt my body shake back and forth as if it was dizzyness.
  • Durban - We are on the 2nd floor and felt the tremor. Was on the phone with a colleague in PTA, and she said they felt a tremor, and suddenly I noticed my chair and pc screen wobble for a few seconds.
  • Pretoria - All the windows in the house vibrated for about 20 seconds. Some glassware wobbled audibly. Shaking could be felt when walking. All the dogs in the neighborhood went crazy.All conversations were interupted
  • Pretoria - There was no damage to my property. I thought a truck was crashing on the highway and heard a rumble similar to a low flying plane
  • Witsieshoek - nothing damage
  • Sebokeng - I thought the huge truck was passing but there was no sound of it. Checked under the couched if there's something lifting it, but there was no such. Lights were buzzing and just heard noise outside, but still couldn't think straight as it continued to strike. God must be punishing us, as we a"l know that Africa don't have such. Father we ask for forgiveness for our wrong doing unto you, hope you hear this plea
  • Heidelberg - Chair shake and strong vibration through the house
  • Pretoria North - Earthquake caused by a mine near Orkney. History of such man made earthquakes in 2007 in Australia: 5.6M and killed 13 people. Amazing what we do to earth just for the money of it.
  • Krugersdorp - No noticeable damage. Dogs were in the house and started barking fiercely. Then jumped against door to get out. Tremor lasted a good 30 seconds.
  • Pretoria - I think those not at the epicentre need to calm down, in Pta South we hardly felt anything and they started to evacuate schools. Seriously?! The media should educate people on how to respond better.
  • North West - Not a good experience at all,very scary was working in the office the next minute I just see evrything shaking around me....was really ppl say its coming again in 48 hours plz it cnt be true..
  • Vanderbjlepark - I was sleeping on my bed at res, an later on I awaken by my shaking bed when it hits the sides of my room walls, then hold tight on my bed and listen to the vibrating room. I thought maybe construction workers where demolishing some old building with explosives. but No!!! it was a tremor around 12:30 CAT.
  • lenasia - no damages May Allah Save Us All
  • Durban - Just in office when I feel wobble that I thought there is construction drilling outside then check and realise it tremor.
  • Gaborone - Felt around 12:20 for about 20 seconds. No damage
  • Randburg - Just lasted longer than any other I have felt over the years !!
  • Durban KZN - I was leaning against the wall and felt like the wall was tumbling over so first I thought I was light headed felt the wall and leaned again and felt the same. when I looked out the whole office block had evacuated the building.
  • Johannesburg - the tremor shook our bodies & brains & their buildings - all of it . sjoe .
  • Hartbeespoort - Felt like an explosion close by. We thought that something exploded at NECSA as we can see it from our offices in Flora Park.
  • Bloemfontein - I thought that some large birds have landed on the roof,I WAS Terrified thinking that the house was being spooky.I only realized that it was an earthquake after hearing about it on the radio.That's when i got really scared.
  • Rustenburg - The Glass door was rattling and the portraits on the walls all moved
  • Morningside - Virtually nothing.
  • Kailua-Kona - A light shaking that lasted just a moment. Came at about 12am local time.
  • Centurion - One could hear it approaching. At first I thought it was a strong wind. Then the windows started to rattle in their frames. The house and furniture started shaking lightly. It lasted for 12 seconds.
  • Mtunzini - Sitting on the verandah and felt our chairs gently rocking side to side. The initial sensation lasted only 10 seconds and then continued for about 45 seconds very faintly.
  • Sandton - I was at Tara Hospital and I just thought its the wind blowing. Didn't feel any tremor/shaking, wish I would have though :
  • Parktown - (Building shaking. Roof and ground shaking. Furniture shaking. Lasted for about a minute
  • Sandton - Xolani Johnson Nkomo, made me aware. it was a scary one. but a life changing experience
  • Randburg - Felt like the house was shaking, windows rattling, floor shaking, stated with a loud sound, thought it was a plane and then the shaking started and noise got louder, quite long, very scary
  • Hartbeespoort - Windows started shaking and dogs ran around the house barking. I took pups outside, and waited for the rattling to stop. No major damage to property except a pretty big crack has appeared on our ceiling.
  • Koster - We were on the third floor.Me and my friend looked at each first we thought it was children running on the stairs...then it became worse.The building and our desks started to shake.First earthquake EVER..awesome but at the sametime SCARY!!!!*
  • Hoopstad - House cracked
  • Pretoria - Could feel it while sitting down - felt as if chair moved. Windows and doors were rattling. I experienced dizzyness.
  • Warmbad - I was sitting at my table and busy on my computer and suddenly I felt everything moving and shaking it was like that bad feeling you get in your stomach when something really bad is going to happen. It kept on for about one minute and when it stopped I could feel my legs is still jelly.
  • Durban - The building appeared to sway (similar experience to being at sea - same type of disorientation) but no damage apparent
  • Johannesburg - Was drinking coffee and felt the chair shaking and the cups shaking. It was weird,unexpected and scary cause I wondered if it would stop or continue.
  • Carletonville - No damage to property but incredibly strong shaking that appeared to go on forever experienced. Very scary.
  • Johannesburg - Shaking of building lasted what felt like a while but was probably 10 seconds. No damage noticed
  • Johannesburg - Damn it was a horrific feeling. I ran out thinking if it's going to continue I am out of this building it has concrete floors and one above my head there was no way I was going to stick around for the next shutter and having this building come down on top of me
  • Ventersdorp - No damaged that I know of has been caused to anything or anyone..but it was a huge shock...stil is..never felt so afraid in my life it felt BIG even though you cannot see it...and just like that it come destroys and went away...mind blowing...
  • Gaborone - Felt tremor for a minute or so. Floor of building shook lightly. No damage
  • MIdrand - The wooden chair I was seated at started rattling - I thought a big bird had flown in and was trapped under it- and then I felt my desk move as well, and could hear the rattling all around me. I stood, all the ceiling lamps were swinging and the thatch above me sounded like a giant flock of geese was battling on it. I ran, finding that I didn't know what space would be safe, down the stairs hoping they wouldn't collapse before I made it to the ground floor. When I got outside, it had stopped.
  • pretoria - Felt 2 tremors. Could feel ground shaking. No damage. Very scary
  • Pretoria - Was making lunch for my 6 yr old when the windows started rattling. Went to check for a low flying airplane. Realized the fish in the tank were huddled in the centre end that it felt like pins and needles in my feet. Door was rattling. No damaged noticed yet. Dog was petrified and also my daughter.
  • North Riding - 5 August 2014 at approx 12:25 midday. I was on the second floor, quite a lot of shaking, could see furniture shaking. Must have lasted a minute or two. Started slow and built up then faded and carried on very weakly.
  • Pretoria - Floor of office was "moving" and window blinds were moving back and forth as though wind was coming through (closed) windows, windows were shaking
  • Gaborone - No property damage, two separet tremors second one stronger than first. windows shaking but no damage.
  • middelburg mp - I thought it was a usual mine blast. My table was shaking I saw n felt and thought it was a ussual mine blast. No demages.
  • Kuruman - Kurman weird! Lasted for about a minute
  • Kimberley - No damage. Slight feeling as if a big truck passes the house. Trembling for about 3 seconds
  • Johannesburg - ground moving and structure of house moving
  • Setlagole Village - This todays earthquake have caused me a pain by taking away the life of my nephew in Setlagole village,
  • Johannesburg - I was working on my laptop, I felt tremors under my feet, I thought its due to construction in the next block. Then I saw the laptop screen moving, the crockery , glasses making noise..... What a first time experience.
  • Klerksdorp - Some roof tiles fell in, broken windows, power was cut off, cracks in the walls still feeling small after shocks last one was 22:45 CAT 05/08/2014
  • Parys Free State - Lasted 30 sec felt like a life time. Paintings Moved went outside birds flying dogs barking First time for me. No damage to house. Sounded Like thunder before house started shaking
  • Mafikeng - I was in the house the shaking and noise was very strong but no damage occurred. It was really terrible
  • Mafikeng - Its was cool hey
  • Orkney - hi my name is ongeziwe when the quake started i thought i was jst a normal mine shacking but i thought wrong it kept on mother started crying i was confuced an i didnt know wt to do when the house started cracking i pushed my mom outside so dt she can be this is realy hasnt stoped like clearly bt nw its jst shacking lightly...hope it stops coz it coused 2much damage alrdy!!!
  • Emerantia - Emerentia-the building swayed for about 5seconds its the most terrifying experience johannesburg
  • Stilfontein - Me my self are 14 ears old and I was outside at my hous I wasent at school tank god for that I when I hear this vibration coming and I was thinking thy are making a joke and then it strike all I dit was I got to the strongest three and I was holding on to is you no I am from limpopo I am not use to this it was my firs time scary!!!!!! Tanks fo listening MARNO SCULLARD
  • Gaborone - Was in the office working ,third floor building and suddenly the building was shaking and I ran out of the office
  • Hekpoort/Magaliesburg - Die aardbewing was om 12h20 en het vir ongeveer 1 minuut lank geduur. Geen skade maar huis het en meubels het erg geskud.
  • Gaborone West - No damage, cubicle walls and computer were shaking as well as an audible rumbling
  • Maseru City - I was in my office on the 5th floor of a 7 storey building. The chair i was stiing was shaken as if someone behind held the back of my chair and shook it. I saw no one. Continued to work with my PC. after about 20/30 seconds again it happened. I thought it could be a subsidence below the foundation of the building or an earthquake. I got to the fire escape stair case nearby and found it flowing full with occupants already. In a couple or 3 minutes most people were out of the building.
  • Johannesburg - I was in the kitchen, preparing for lunch. I felt some vibrations and heard people screaming whilst evacuating the business premises. I stood there with no reaction because I knew the similar thing happened last year though it was one moderate shaking.
  • Maseru - I felt dizzy initially then my chair was shaken. We ran out of the office we thought something was wrong with our offices. Later we learned that several buildings were affected.
  • Randburg - I was sitting on my desk and suddenly my PC screen and the desk started shaking for about 30 seconds and I quickly thought it must be an earth quake and I ran outside.
  • Lichtenburg - Scary
  • Heidelberg, Gauteng - I thought someone creeped up behind me and shook my chair, but when I turned around no one was there, I thought I might be imagining it. Did not think for one minute it was an earth quake.
  • Durban - Building - structure swaying.
  • Pretoria - Thought it was my aircon falling out the wall, took me a second or two to realize it wasn't. Quite exciting.
  • Gaborone - It was my first time experiece.. only a few things like chairs and boxes were shaking in ma offices.
  • Kempton Park - The tremor that I felt in my (2nd floor) office building was quite a scarry experience, as it lasted for almost 2 minutes
  • Nooitgedacht - it was very wierd but not so scary
  • Rustenburg - We could hear it, feel it see it. It felt like nearly a minute long. The ground shook, the roof shook. We were inside a friends home. We ran for a doorway. When I checked with my child's primary school which is about 4/5km away from us, they felt it too and moved the kids onto the field. The sound it made was very weird.
  • Pretoria - I felt my table shaking pens falling off then we ran outside and everyone was outside scared and did not know what was happening
  • Gaborone - furniture was shaking but no damage caused
  • Reitz - I was attending class when all the tables began shaking, all the windows rattled and the roof squeaked and moaned. All of us attending got quite a fright.
  • Pietermaritzburg - Felt trembling below my feet and things were rattling, lasted a few seconds. No damage.
  • Fochville - None only white-faced and spooked, usually bump's occur due to mining activities, about a 50 second very strong shake...
  • Makwassie - Paintings fell of the walls. Started as a rumbling noise and then started feeling the shaking on ground. Windows rattled and couple of paintings fell of the wall. Lasted for a period of approximately a minute.
  • East London - I live in East London and we did not feel it. Why I am writing is to say that on a serious matter, some remarks are absolutely common.
  • Kroondal - It was around about 12 o'clock when I felt office is shaking, and I thought maybe they blasting underground.
  • Sandton - i was scared we on the top floor.
  • Mmatau - I thought there was ghost in the house,it was very scary,the house was shaking.I was so shocke to realise it was a earthquake.
  • Witbank - At first I thought it was a blast from the near by mine when I felt the house and bed move, I also noticed my pc was shaking a lot and I thought to myself they must have used some strong charges this time. Only realized it was an Earthquake when a friend called. But there was no harm done
  • Randfontein - Windows and doors ratteled, walls shaked moderately. it lasted for maybe a minutte. Construction in progress cracked.
  • Koornfontein - Felt minor tremor
  • Pretoria - I felt like my house is about to fall. No damage
  • Johannesburg - Tables and wall shook that i could see it and felt on the ground while i was standing. Lasted for 5 seconds
  • Pretoria - No damage only shaking. The wind started blowing quite strongly Dogs were barking excessively. Cell phone went crazy
  • Johannesburg - A mild shake - enough for us to ask each other:"What was that?" "It's continuing - it must be an earth tremor". Lasted about 40seconds. Time was local time 12h24. Some tall cardboard boxes leaning against the wall tumbled over. No damage.
  • Durban - Was sitting on bed and felt light shaking for about 10 seconds
  • Sharpeville - I just thought is a huge construction machine that was passing. I ddnt even bother to go check outsite, I'm shocked now that people say it was an earthquake.
  • roshnee - My experience was a first ... I felt the quake while in class I thought a big truck had just past by but I had come to know it was in fact a quake ... my teacher had told us to leave the classroom and it is my greatest yet scariest experience. .. :))
  • maseru - Nothing was damaged but it was scary
  • standerton - i felt it but no damage
  • Klerksdorp - Very strong shaking felt the tremors run, ceilings pulled away from walls cracked windows and broken picture & photo frames that fell from the walls.
  • Midrand - One storey house. I was upstairs and thought the wall would surely crack
  • Pretoria - Building shaking on 13th floor; thought it was due to road construction work (drilling)
  • Bethlehem - Felt the vibration for 2 seconds. never knew what it was until they said there was an eartquak
  • Rand Girls School - I was in a class at school on the second floor. I first thought it was a tremor but after watching the news I thank god it was not bad although the building felt as if it was tilting to one side! Sorry to those who got hurt I will keep praying for your safety and condolences to the loved ones of the man who passed on.
  • Pretoria - The underground shaked quite a bit harder and for a moment i thought a construction troctor was passing by the street but then i realized that the shake was actually more than that.i was bathing when i experienced the underground shaking n i was frightened because my family was out including my siblings they were at school as the house was shaking i quitely went out n still it was shaking my heart almost stopped but thank god nothing was damaged in my house...will we experience the underground s
  • Welkom - Everything started shaking. First slightly and then stronger! It was so scary! That night I woke up and I still felt slight shaking!
  • Stella - A girl named Megan has just returned from ringing the bell. Suddenly all began to shake slightly,Windows,desks,doors.Everything.With Megan in the classroom, the bell rang again.They noticed that the school secretary had just rang the bell again because of shock.She called at the principal:"grab your stuf!Earthquake."No damage.Just a girl that tought me she has a couple of cracks in her if I hear the wind on my window I want to just run away.we can be lucky compared to others*good luck
  • Stella - No Damage ...just very scary... In class when windows, desks and chairs started shaking...*** good luck!!!
  • gamaloka village - the has been protests lately I thought I was been attacked ran towards the door with a pistol nd pumpgun shaking
  • USGS Orkney, South Africa Aug 05 10:22 5.3 10 MAP
  • Johannesburg - Situated in Standard Bank 30 Baker Street Rosebank. Felt a tremor lasting about a minute. Whole building shacking, lights and blinds moving. Scarry. What caused it? Could anyone let us know
  • Johannesburg - No damage caused. Shaking was pretty bad considering that we hardly have any earthquakes in Johannesburg.
  • Johannesburg - At approximately 12:24 light tremors started and increased and decreased in intensity until a very large, but not dangerous, tremor hit. After the last big tremor everything subsided and returned to normal.
  • Spartan, - No damage just a very long tremor
  • Johannesburg - Indoors, felt the quake, lasted about a minute. Building and windows vibrated.No breakage or damage.
  • Krugersdorp - No damage, just light shaking for about 10 seconds
  • Johannesburg - Could feel the ground shaking and building
  • Johannesburg - Very odd as we do not get these but the whole 3 story building shook so much that things moved around. People from Benoni, Randburg and further have felt the same one
  • Woodmead - It shook enough to open one of my desk drawers about 20 cm's no damage that I am aware of.
  • Johannesburg - The whole Hangar was shaking
  • Johannesburg - At around 12:25 our building in Illovo, Johannesburg starte shaking/ground trembling for about 2-3 mins. No damage.
  • Johannesburg CBD - At approximately 12:24 light tremors started and increased and decreased in intensity until a very large, but not dangerous, tremor hit. After the last big tremor everything subsided and returned to normal.
  • Rosebank, Johannesburg - It was scaring..
  • johannesburg - Approximately 12.15/12.20 pm today. Sitting at my office chair and felt the vibrations and the office walls shook and our office clock cover rattled. I didn't measure but it started off very weak, intensified to light then weakened.No damage. Lasted about two minutes in total
  • Johannesburg - I felt ground shaking for about 10 to 15 seconds
  • Johannesburg - First had a moderate tremor, which turned strong - whole house shook windows rattled, doors rattled. I fled into the garden!
  • Johannesburg - The tremor lasted for about 15 to 20 seconds. There was an initial tremor which intensified and then slowly died down.
  • Johannesburg - Very strong experience. whole buidling shook
  • Johannesburg - No damage that we're aware of. Building (we're on the 2nd floor) shook noticeable for several seconds.
  • Johannesburg - Felt a very light vibration of our office building at 12:20pm
  • Johannesburg - Felt a quake....there was trembling for quite a while. I hear it was bigger in jhb central. Might have felt it on the outskirts...
  • Johannesburg City - No damages, but desks were shaking and it was for over a minute, twice in a row
  • Sandton - At first there was a slight shake which almost stopped and then it became stronger with ceiling boards creaking and items on the desk shaking
  • MIDRAND - Tremors felt in Midrand about 12:25.
  • Randburg - Entire building vibrating with the deep rumble
  • Durban - Very weak shaking of the building starting at approx 12:30 pm and lasting for approx 2 min.
  • City Centre - On 6 floor in large building in Johannesburg Ciry Centre. Hanging signs swinging. Tremor lasted about 30 seconds. Felt like 2 peaks.
  • Durban - I ate some cheese
  • Johannesburg - I work on the 5th floor of a highrise building and wow, it's the strongest I have ever felt in my life. The whole building was swaying from left to right and lasted about 45 seconds to a minute. My husband is at home in Sundowner (23kms from where I work) and he said the doors were flapping, things were falling off the shelves at home. Scary......
  • Johannesburg - Felt a tremor at around 12h23, no damage but quite a long lasting shake felt.
  • Johannesburg - Felt like the generator kicked in, but we know it didn't.
  • Sunninghil - I have no idea if there was any damage, all I know is I felt it beneath me and saw my ceiling fan shake...scared me...
  • Johannesburg - No damage. Light Shaking started at about 12.25 and strengthened to a moderate shaking. Desk and bed moved a considerable amount. It lasted about a minute.
  • Randburg - Was working at computer. Whole house shook and there was a strange noise - wup wup wup, sort of. Noise also heard by charwoman. Shaking felt like short waves on approx. east west axis
  • Johannesburg - So scary considering we do not have earthquakes
  • Sandton - Sitting in the office and first felt a light vibration like that of construction work, then it got stronger to where our computer screens were shaking, the desk dividers were rattling and then an even stronger shake where people got up from their desks and were starting to evacuate the building. There has been no damage to property though. Just a few frightened people.
  • Randburg - Was sitting in car. Felt shaking
  • Johannesburg - Moderate shaking of the building for about 15 seconds.
  • Johannesburg - Moderate and quite lengthy tremors and shaking felt in the Bryanston area at approximately 12h15. Buildings, desks etc shaking. No damages.
  • gaborone - No damage at all but the bed was shaking.
  • Johannesburg - Light tremors, then the big tremor, and then a repeated light tremor that faded slowly. Everything back to normal. This lasted for about 3 minutes. No damage was caused. Rattled staff - especially if you are in a double story building.
  • Pretoria - Building was shaking twice within a few minutes.
  • Johannesburg - Loud noises!!!
  • Bryanston - No Damage, but definitely a shaking that got us all very scared.
  • alberton - about 20 seconds, started slow, got worse and then slowed down again. could hear beams or something in the ceiling vibrating
  • Johannesburg, Auckland Park - No Damage caused. Light tremors felt.
  • Roodepoort - No damage just shaking for approx 40 seconds.
  • Johannesburg - Sitting in Auto and General Park in Dainfern (Fourways), felt the moderate shaking and no damage done or reported
  • Pretoria - Left and right shaking
  • Pretoria West - Happened at around 12:24. I could feel the ground and the walls shaking and then it subsided. A few seconds later it happened again but this time a little stronger but decreased in intensity. Second one lasted for over a minute.
  • Durban - the whole building was swaying!!!
  • Johannesburg North - strong shake windows and doors rumbling dogs felt it and were barking and howling
  • Johannesburg - Shaking the campus for about 30 seconds. Students were a bit uneasy, some leaving classrooms for the parking area. No damage.
  • Potchefstroom - Windows and buildings shook lightly for 30 seconds
  • Klerksdorp - No structural damage so far. No electricity. Photo frames falling off walls and breaking. Hope the mines in vicinity is ok but doubt it.
  • bloemfontein - Still scared!
  • Midrand - Our building was shaking visibly
  • durban - There has been week shaking of the building & chairs. More like a slight wobble.
  • Johannesburg - no Damage, but lasted about 20-30 seconds at 12:35
  • Johannesburg - Just a Small one.. About 30-40 Seconds. Windows Rattled a bit. No Damage that I can See
  • Johannesburg - Felt like the concrete floor was flexing like a drum.
  • Durban - No Damage, felt the shaking, water in glasses was wobbling well above the standard bump of a desk. Also colleague felt his car wobbling in the parking lot. Every one in the building noticed really, I think first floor maybe less than second story.
  • Pretoria - No property damage
  • Johannesburg - Fairlands, Johannesburg - Felt the quake - quite disturbing – gave me the shakes, lasted about a minute. Building and windows vibrated. No breakage or damage
  • Alberton - everything was shaking and strange other people never felt it yet i felt it strong
  • Viljoenskroon - Things like glasses fell off the kitchen counter.
  • Johannesburg - I am based at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (3rd floor) and I felt tremors. Quite scary since it doesn't happen a lot in JHB... Lasted about 45 seconds and nothing since.
  • Ottosdal - No damage so far,still doing inspection rounds.
  • Centurion - About 12h20 two shakes after one another - walls of the house shaking, sounded as if someone ran on the roof, dogs barked.
  • Centurion - all our tables where shaking
  • Johannesburg - Felt shaking in our Illovo offices for about 1 minute. Very Scary
  • Brooklyn, Pretoria - my First one, lasted a few (2 - 3) minutes
  • Johannnesburg - MUST say it was quite different than the usual tremors we exprience here in Crown mines, Johannesburg. felt like two or three. First one mild then strong then a very slow elongated tremor
  • Pretoria - two sets of tremors, second one stronger lasted under a minute, no damage
  • Johannesburg - No property damage, but floors were vibrating and roof support structures were visibly shaking.
  • Durban - Vey weak shaking of building, some business evacuating
  • Johannesburg - This was the longest and strongest quake I felt in the area. Trembling and vibrations shook the walls and furniture.
  • Gaborone - No damage, but heavy shaking for a few seconds
  • Bloemfontien - just felt the buliding moving slightly. No damaged objects on my desk moved slightly
  • rivonia sandton - Buildings needed to be evacuated
  • Johannesburg - Bedfordview - i was sitting in a car and it felt like the car was being picked up!
  • potchefstroom - Unreal Sirens and alarms ER vehicles
  • Umhlanga - Durban - Building shaking and evacuated
  • Johannesburg - Strong tremor, building shaking.
  • sandton - the wall cracked at my office park
  • Germiston - No damage. Lasted quite sometime. Building & windows shook.
  • Johannesburg - No damage but I have felt tremors in the area before and this was the scariest and strongest.
  • Johannesburg - No damage
  • Durban - No property damage - just the craziest feeling ever to be on the fifth floor of a building that feels like it's swinging in the wind.
  • Randburg - I wasn't bad, just a small trimmer
  • Alberton - No damage but scary
  • Vanderbijlpark - Extremely surprised to feel an earthquake in Vanderbijlpark.
  • Durban - Felt and saw the walls shaking from side to side on 6th floor office block. This was strong enough that people left the building immediately.Am a technical person and can estimate that the walls moved approx 5 cm either way easily. scary.
  • Montana Pretoria - Die gebou het beweeg en die vloer het geskud. Alles op die tafel het beweeg. Ongeveer 1 minuut.
  • Irene, Pretoria - No damage. My dogs jumped up and started howling, windows rattled, the earth shook for about 20 seconds. Was scary!
  • Pretoria - Felt like the whole house was shaking and the ceiling about to cave in. Nothing fell over (to my awareness) and no damage. It sounded, and felt, like a passing train. Then it got louder and heavier and the whole house was creaking and shaking. I ran outside, but then it stopped.
  • Secunda - We thought it was a Sasol explosion
  • johannesburg - no visible damage,but just felt a slite tremor
  • Vryburg - The Building was just shaking felt a bit diss& the lights were shaking
  • Johannesburg - Audible rumble with distinct tremors lasting atleast 20-30 seconds
  • Secunda - Mild shaking. Lasted approx. 1 30sec
  • Groenkloof Pretoria - Office walls were shaking badly, portrait almost fell off. Shaked in my chair. First shake was bad, stopped for 4 seconds and continued. All together lasted for 2 minutes. Building was evacuated.
  • Johannesburg - It felt very close and lasted an unusually long time.
  • Johannesburg - No damage but very scary indeed... Thought it would stop after about 10 seconds but it just kept going on
  • Johannesburg - The house was vibrating, my bed shook violently and one of my photos hanged on the wall fell.. But no serious harm done. I was too shaken to move
  • City - No injuries, no damage but wow, 20-30 seconds
  • Pretoria North - Ground tremlbling, glass windows and doors shaking, people running out of buildings. No damage noticed as yet
  • Centurion - Chairs moving (no damage)
  • FLORIDA - No damage. Walls and floor and windows shook.
  • Gaborone - Shaking for about 20 seconds, felt like elephant stampede. No damage
  • Pretoria - No damage - first thought it was one of my team members playing around - was on the phone with a client!!!
  • Bryanston - Entire floor shook quite vigorously for perhaps a minute, no damage. Entire building evacuated as precaution
  • Pretoria - No damage - rattling windows and doors
  • Roodepoort - My entire house was shaken. The candles from the candelabras fell off without hesitation. I ran outside to the lawn area, thinking that it was the safest place to be. May Allah / God save us all from any calamities. Amen!
  • johannesburg - Was it just me or where there two tremors one slight one earlier this morning *just creaking and then the full blown tremor just after twelve?
  • Rooikuil Farm Klerksdorp - I'm a principal of a farm school near Klerksdorp. It was just about 12:30 when suddenly a heavy tremor started shaking the mobile classroom I was in. The learners spontaneously ran out of the classroom. the same was with the other learners in the other classrooms. Fortunately, there was no damage or injury, but it was very frightening. I called my wife in Jouberton immediately and she told me that it was even heavier in the township near Klerksdorp. She reported that the whole house was shaking
  • Carletonville - Shaking lasted 60-90 seconds. Frightening experience
  • Midrand - Experienced 2 tremors, both very strong shaking - minor cracks on some walls.
  • Brakpan - Rumbeling
  • JHB CBD - lasted about 20-30 secs building felt like it was swaying. did not hear any rumbling though. no damage
  • Rivonia - i suddenly thought somebody shaking my desk after that I realized its a earthquake. thanks
  • vanderbijlpark - computers and tables shaking
  • pretoria - we wer more 150 students attending a class then suddently we felt vibrations to our class and everybody was scared and i am glad that no one was injured by LN Zandamela
  • Vanderbijlpark - Windows and tiles on roof shook. was accompanied with a strong wind here which lasted for about a minute.
  • Secunda - Het gebou voel beweeg, het gedink dat iets by Sasol gebeur het.
  • Sasolburg - There's no damage, as far as I know. But it was a shocking experience. I never thought things like this happen in South Africa.
  • Randburg - no damage, was in the basement parking lot. nearly ran out the building thinkingthe building would collapse on me, but we are all ok
  • Klerksdorp - Our entire school building shook and we were thrown off balance. Our school has 3 storeys and I was in the middle when it shook, we dove for the door along with our geography teacher and we were told to evacuate the building. We are on the football field, damage done to multiple classrooms.
  • Pretoria - Felt two tremors, petrol pumps were shaking
  • Pretoria - Building shook! Pretty scary..
  • klerksdorp - Massive shaking was working under vehicle when it started moving in the air ! A bunch of businessess roofs fell in and evaquated
  • Albertville - First light shaking, then it got stronger, my roof made a noise as if someone was walking on it. I could hear noices and shaking of the windows, didn't know at 1st what it was, but now I pray that our country will be spared.
  • Harrismith - Tables and computers shaking
  • Johannesburg - Im working in ABSA Towers 2nd Floor and the monitors and floors where shaking. My wife who works in Sandton said the Air vent fell off the wall and as her colleague saw this moved away quickly hurting her neck.
  • Johannesburg - Longest strongest tremor I've ever experienced: first time I've ever been scared during one - thought roof was going to collapse. Animals highly alarmed. Terrible shaking, hard to walk, bushes and trees sounded and moved like they were caught in storm winds. Ran outside. Only slight damage - Some minor-looking cracks in walls and ceiling boards, paint has been shaken off.
  • Potchefstroom - My husband and I were watching TV when suddenly everything started shaking it felt like the ground was jumping under the house very frightning and we heard a loud rumbling sound. I don't see any damage to our property.
  • Taung - There was no damage that was caused by earthquake but I was frightened because I was at shoprite on the qeue and I felt earth shaking and people were were screaming and it lasted up to 50 seconds
  • Johannesburg - Tables shook, blinds were moving about, empty plastic bottles fell.
  • Sandton - Felt tremor, lasted about 30 seconds or so, no damage
  • Johannesburg - Nothing violent - more like a gentle swaying (almost as if you are off balance) but it lasted quite some time and the water in our coffee machine continued to move even after we couldn't feel the swaying
  • Potchefstroom - UPS connected to my PC tripped out just before everything started shaking. I didn't move thinking it will be over soon, but then jumped up when it continued and got more intense - everyone in the building ran outside.
  • Potchefstroom - Everything in the office fell to the floor. But what i want to know is, what was the cause if the epicenter was in Klerksdorp? There are no fault lines or plates there???
  • Durban - 11th Floor Office: I thought I was getting dizzy with furniture shaking.
  • Maseru - I just sat on my desk, at 6th floor, wondering what was going on. Heard the noise from the street below of people vacating buildings. I only got shaken some time later, now nursing palpitations and a headache from hell. Very scary.
  • Johannesburg - No damage, heard noise like furniture moving or firecrackers far away some minutes before the shaking. Shaking lasted quite long, about 10-15 seconds, with 2 peaks, the second bigger.
  • Edenvale - Felt definite shaking and rumbling lasting about 30 seconds. Walls and roof rumbling. No damage/misplacements inside/outside
  • Rosebank - No Damage
  • JOHANNESBURG - my desk was shaking and the ground beneath me was vibrating
  • Roodepoort - That was the strongest tremor I have ever felt, and here I thought we were "safe" from natural disasters in South Africa...
  • Pretoria - I could feel the floor was moving under me and my screen was shaking a lot as well
  • Allanridge - Moderate vibration is windows and doors. Pot plants falling over.
  • Vanderbijlpark - Strong tremors damage to property but it was quite strong
  • Potchefstroom - This was really scary. It was my first experience! NEVER AGAIN!!!
  • Mondeor - Lated for 20 sec
  • Ballito - Upstairs, everything in the office was shaking and windows rattling
  • gauteng - On top floor of newly constructed building (10 stories). Floors shuddered, glass/windows trembled. Lights overhead were swinging (gently). Scary. Nobody really knew what to do.
  • kroonstad - the whole houses was shaking about 1 minute. was realy bad
  • Woodmead - 2 rolling shakings
  • pretoria - Firts time I felt it was sitting at work and everything start shaking got a phone call my room door cracked end tv fell of the stand..... not cool.
  • Vereeniging - NO damage noted but things were really shaken around and rattling, also noted a slight rumbling if i can call it that.
  • Maseru - i felt a light shaking in the 5th floor. people fled the offices. most o them took an advantage of the situatioin and decided to knock off from duties claiming to be afraid of the shake
  • Midrand - Nothing serious just lasted for 5-10 sec, Exiting though.
  • Alberton - No damage recieved or known of in my area. I was in my flat on 2nd floor, was extreme shudder throughout building. Felt the tremor move along like a shockwave. Heard the windows rattle first then felt the ground. Lasted at least 1 min+. Felt this worse than last years.
  • Kimberly - No damage felt it Iwas a bit scared
  • Meyersdal Estate - Glass sliding doors rattled for a period of time.
  • Sunninghill - No damage but strong shaking for approx. 2 min
  • Boksburg - The house was shaking, but no damage
  • Rustenburg - The floor was shaking, walls where shaking, everything in the kitchen was moving/shaking
  • Johannesburg - I was in the library, and we felt the first lighter one which lasted for a couple of seconds but there was continuous light trembling, then it started to shake heavily and everyone started to run out of the library, which is on the 2nd floor of a 7-storey building.
  • Vanderbijlpark - Lights started making a strange noise from shake, and then felt a shaking fibration feeling while sitting on office chair, soooo wierd!!! God is in control!
  • Pretoria Centurion - So far we have not reviewed our building for damage, but all seems ok
  • Durban - Was nodding off while working at my laptop and felt the ground move, thought it was just me… then my wife sitting on the couch across from me said "did you just feel the ground move or was it just me?"… just a very mild shake. At least I'm wide awake now 😉
  • Mafikeng - I though a heavy construction truck was passing in from of the office, after a few seconds colleagues told me it was a quake
  • Gaborone - We evacuated the building in Old Lobatse. Some crazy stuff very confusing.
  • Mbabane - The desks nd chairs were moving and was felt on all 6 floors. It was scary for me. Thank God it's passed.
  • Standerton - The computer screens started to shake, we also heard a tremmor
  • Bloemfontein - Potplants were moving on the office desk and steel cubboards rumbling.....
  • Potchefstroom - It was so bad, lasted for about a minute!! stronger and stronger
  • Necsa - i am still shocked
  • Potchefstroom - crazy day at the office!!!
  • Roodepoort - Building was shaking thought it was going to fall
  • Bloemfontein - Ek het in die bed gele om en by 12pm toe hoor ek n wind wat so sterk deur kom tafel buite en rond geskuif my vensters het geslaan en die deure in die huis. Die vloere het so gekraak geluid gemaak.
  • Gaborone - Shaking around 12:24 for about 20 seconds, felt like elephant stampede. No damage
  • Krugersdorp - Tremor started, nothing to be concerned about initially as we are quite used to light tremors here, but this one lasted a lot longer. Quite disconcerting when the house began shaking, felt as if it was swaying. Dog ran out the house, I was on the toilet, so couldn't follow LOL. Swaying stopped, rumbling continued for a while and then stopped. Thankfully no damage to property.
  • Vereeniging - Windows and ornaments started shaking first,then a loud noise. I was sitting in my office chair, when I felt the floor moving, I jumped up to look out the window and was very unbalanced. Scary!
  • kroondal - No damage. ..everything in the mine store was shaking...
  • Potchefstroom - VERY scary!!! Ive never experienced anything like it. Will it reoccur?
  • Gaborone - Although there is no property damaged, the shaking of the building was felt.
  • Bloemfontein - The roof of my house just vibrated a little. Nothing serious, but I even felt it over here in Bloem.
  • Standerton, Mpumalanga - Feels like a Train rumbling under the ground for 5-10seconds!
  • Evander mpumalanga - Scary !!!!" no damage
  • Thaba-Tseka - only strong winds felt
  • 2nd floor sandton office towers - I was sitting with my manager when the whole office shook for about a minute was quite scary
  • Vryburg - There was no damage but the office furniture were shaking even the seat I was sitting, I was so in a shock
  • Pretoria - No damage. Just light shaking of the building, but our security evacuated the building as a precautionary measure.
  • pretoria - no damage -
  • Rustenburg - Just got out of the bath when I heard my glass on the table shake and suddenly everything shaked,luckily no damage to apartment
  • Amanzimtoti - Slight tremors felt
  • Brakpan - very light shaking but no damage
  • Johannesburg - Was so scary,things where moving and shaking....
  • CARLETONVILLE - WOW, We have earth tremors, its a mining town, but this was something I have not felt before.
  • Middelburg, Mpumalanga - At first I thought it was a tremor from the blasting operations by the nearby open-cast coal mines around Middelburg. However, shortly after I felt it my mother from Potchefstroom called me and told me about it, and how she was startled by the tremors felt in that town (about 35 kilometres in a straight line from Klerksdorp). I immediately switched on the news and saw the reports of the quake in the KOSH area.
  • Kyalami - I was in the kitchen in our home just after lunch. We have glass panels on the kitchen cabinets with glass shelving. The dishes were shaking and the salt and pepper shakers were rocking back and forth. The doors then banged open and closed repeatedly. It lasted for about a minute and then slowly stopped. I've never been in an earthquake before, but as it was happening I thought, "This feels like an earthquake!" No known damage.
  • Carletonville - I felt the shakes and I thought it was from the mines but it got very bad in such a way that we evacuated our offices. I thought SA didn't have any earthquakes but manje hay sengyasaba
  • PRETORIA - Very obvious, building and ground were shaking, some thought it to be a mine blast, but it lasted for several seconds. I thought the earth could tear at any moment ..
  • Pretoria - I felt the floor vibrating and then it happened for a second time just stronger. We left the building but came back later. No damage to the building. Sure were a scary feeling.
  • Ficksburg - my couch and windows were vibrating for a few seconds
  • Pretoria - I was on the third floor of the building. floor was shaking, quite intense
  • Johannesburg - Was on the 4th floor of our office building, severe shaking which got worse - we decided to evacuate. No apparent damage.
  • Johannesburg - Lasting about 70 seconds
  • Vanderbilj[ark - It was the most shocking thing that I've ever experienced in my life. I was so scared and trembling.
  • krugersdorp - We were in class when the vibriation happened.I thought it was just vibriation coming from the mine 9km away from our school.The teacher told us that it might me the science teacher expirimenting.But it became scary.I was so scared I think it will happen again
  • Potchefstroom - Was outside and saw ripple in the earth as the earthquake passed by moving in an easterly direction. Trees shook, houses rattle, it carried on for about 1 minute. It was as if a strong storm wind quickly came up and died. No apparent damage.
  • Hilton - Desks and Chairs were shaking slightly
  • Gaborone - Was on the top floor of a double storeuy house and the vibrations started slowly then increased in intensity. It went on for some 20 seconds then quickly died down
  • Orkney - I could hear it coming.. at first I thought it was just the normal mining operations but then when it hit us, the whole house was shaking and stuff started falling out of the cupboards and off shelfs. I stormed outside to see if my 75 year old father was okay and I found him in the garden. The quake knocked him off his feet and his head hit a rock in the garden. He was in total shock but he is okay. My house is full of cracks. Scary !!
  • Hartbeespoort - No damage. Things on tables moved.Glass top of stove rattled.
  • Pretoria - I was sitting in my bedroom when the the walls,fridge,windows and fridge started shacking. I was scared cz I ddnt know the cause of the shaking by then
  • Johannesburg - I felt a strange sensation while sitting in my chair as if the chair was being shaken by someone behind me.Scary experience!!!!!
  • potchefstroom - my home started shaking, windows was rattling, it felt like it lasted a minute. I hope the miners are OK?? must be even scarier under ground
  • Secunda - Light Shaking. rattling Etc.
  • Batho Pele Building, Cnr Schubart and Pr - i thought i was dizzy and sick as everything was shaking and my body felt the vibration of the earth. Scary yoooh, thanks God we are still alive
  • Maseru - when the shaking started i thought i was running mental. when everyone was talking about it in the office,we thought it was all about our offices supposedly poor structure only,until we got phone calls from friends and family members,followed by floods of comments on facebook.
  • Alberton - No damage.Just shaking for a few seconds. As if a heavily vibrating large truck were passing. By the time I realized what it was it was over
  • Boksburg - Shaking for a good minute. No damage.
  • Pretoria - The floor started shaking badly n the wall were also shaking very scary
  • pretoria - It was de first time I heard earthquake,the house were slightly shaking and they is nothing damaged in my house
  • Bronkhorstspruit - No damage.
  • centurion - still standing but scary
  • Pretoria - Started of lightly and then got more noticeable and harder lasted about 20 seconds just around 12:20, literally saw how the house shook cupboards flew open. No damage.
  • Sasolburg - felt the atm machine shaking
  • pretoria - It felt scary and very strong
  • Johannesburg - Went into fight or flight mode, picked up my keys and ran for the door. Hey, we are new to this!
  • Primrose - Was in class teaching when it felt like the floor was moving (vibrating). All the learners suddenly looked up and we left the class. Lasted about 20 seconds. No damage.
  • pretoria - no damage , everything just shaked
  • Sasolburg - No known damage. Our 3 story office building shook, quite scary most people evacuated the building.
  • durban - no damage
  • Deneysville - We were very scared.. It was more as if the windows were to break it lasted for minute.. Tools in the garage were down.
  • Woodmead - My computer,phone,chair,was shaking in the office. i didnt even know what to do ....we rushed outside and stay for about 30 minutes after the incident took place.i was scary i didnt even know what was going on.
  • Pietermaritzburg - Felt like the building was swaying. Two very definite episodes lasting a few seconds and about 30 seconds apart.
  • bedfordview - lasted for about 4 minutes
  • Vereeniging - Nothing major, just buildings swaying
  • Gaborone - Shaking for about 5seconds, Building vacated but no damage
  • Vanderbijlpark - Bit of a surprise. We don't exactly expect earthquakes in these parts. No structural damage that I know of. Whole house shook, felt it outside too. My chair moved away from the desk with me still on it (it has wheels though), glasses and mugs on desks fell to the ground.
  • sunninghill - Felt two separate but overlapping sets of tremors (S&P waves?) felt like a long build up and then a sustained period which subsided spasmodically - building shook visibly but no obvious damage - whole event lasted 20 seconds or so
  • krugersdorp - It felt like the cradlestone mall had just started collapsing. The floor felt like standing on a completely rubber floor thats swaying around under u. Very scary
  • Pretoria - Very scary - Cracked Ceilings
  • Johannesburg - I thought that august winds had come up all of a sudden! My window were rattling and I seriously thought my house was going to collapse! Don't know if I felt it stronger than others cause I'm on a hill but I was scared!
  • Roodepoort, Gauteng - It slowly build up from mild shaking to pretty strong shaking. Windows and doors rattled and it lasted more than a minute
  • Hartbeespoort - the whole house was shaking, even my computer was shaking. but no damage. just very scary.
  • PRETORIA - felt nothing @ all
  • Pretoria - Sitting in my 10th floor apartment and felt a light shaking. No damage
  • Bloemfontein - vibrating.....
  • Brakpan - I work in the mall and everything was shaking. At first I thought it was a normal mining tremor from the mine close by but it lasted way too long for that.
  • Hilton - Desk swaying no damage
  • Klerksdorp - At first I thought it was just a rattle caused by the mines, but then it got worse. Waited for it to stop but the rumbling noise just got louder and the shaking got worse. Dogs started barking like crazy I didn't know what to do.I was really scared. I panicked and froze. No damage to our house. Sugar levels just dropped bad
  • barrage vaal river - damage assessment not done yet. commencement 12.22 pm. mild at first becoming strong, evacuated the house. Duration approx 90 seconds.
  • klerksdorp - meestal goed van rakke af geval, hoor geboue het erg skade. krag bly af gaan
  • johannesburg - Everything in the office was shaking and everyone went silent and still, until a glass fell off from my table then we all realised it was actually a earthquake and not our imagination
  • Pretoria - University of Pretoria prinshoff campus we were all running all over during that 15 seconds until we reach the emergency assembly. All we were traumatised.
  • Johannesburg - Was woken up by it. First though I was dreaming but as I came to realise, it felt like my bed and room was shaking.
  • Rustenburg - My whole office was shaking, could see the whole complex's windows and doors moving. There were 2 tremours after each other, the first one lasted about 15seconds and the second one about 10seconds. It was a strange feeling, the sounds vibrations in the air.
  • Fourways - Our office buildings on cnr of witkoppen and waterford drive was shaking and windows vibrated. Scary experience indeed. Lasted for about 10 seconds.
  • kempton park - was sitting in front of the pc. felt a light shake at first but didnt panic yet, a few seconds after it stopped the 2nd shake came... that was really scary.. rushed out of house with my daughter. no injuries or damage. Thank God for that 😀
  • Braamfontien - windows are shaking computers vibrating.. It was scary and its movement was strong
  • Potchefstroom - Sounded like a large truck driving through the building. People was evacuated while building shook! No damage.
  • Johannesburg - No damage Office furniture and ground and building shook for quite a while.
  • Maputo - Building was shaking and we all evacuated, it started at more or less 12:25 PM. my colleages in the 13th floor felt it more than us on the 11th.
  • Sandton - Rumbling sound lasted maybe 25 seconds. Shaking barely noticable lasting perhaps 10 seconds.
  • Bloemfontein - Thought I was dizzy but then saw glasses and my PC move around.
  • vryburg - Things almost fell,television n others
  • Klerksdorp - By far the worst earthquake I have ever felt, I am used to small tremors but this was something else. My dogs were in a panic and the sky was filled with birds during the chaos. After surveying the house I came across some damage, general cracks.
  • Witbank - No damage. Thought it was dinamite explosion at Quary nearby. When checked no explosion at Quary. Realized it was quake.
  • Germiston - No Damage
  • Trichardt - Relaxing with 2 visitors in the lounge and suddenly we felt movement! Like I'm on a seesaw. Things in the house shaking! We quickly ran out of the the house! Nothing was damaged but it was scary!
  • Pretoria, East - My windows and display cabinet was shaking, at first I thought it was a truck going by, the second tremor was much lighter.
  • Boksburg - at 2nd floor in our appartment, our bed, table, cupboard everything shakes for 30 sec
  • westonaria - No damadge but I was realy scared my house was shaking for at least a min
  • Randburg - Started slow rumble vibration then sustained for a 30-40 seconds then slight shaking of steel framed windows for a minute or so later. I was looking for our cats but they had disappeared!
  • Alberton - I was just about to leave for work when I heard a rumbling sound. I thought it was a helicopter that might crash-land on top of the house! Just as I was about to go check outside, the rumbling got louder and everything started shaking. My brother ran out of his room and said things were all falling off the shelves. So me, my brother and my sister all stood there while everything shook for about 1.5/2 mins. scariest thing ever!
  • Brits - Felt the ground move and the dogs were off balance
  • Pretoria prison - Computers and tables were shaking woh it was a shock
  • Grasmere - I could feel the shaking and I was scared, damage was done
  • Kroonstad - At first I felt something shaking and thought it was workers outside the school building! Then the shake became all stronger and the school building shaked really bad. Some properties is damaged. The earthquake in our part of the country lasted for about 1 minute.
  • vanderbijlpark - no damage felt weird
  • Centurion - It was strange but not really scary, furniture rattling and the floor shaking, the building seemed stable
  • Potchefstroom - Couldn't believe what I was feeling. SCARY!!!
  • Sandton - No Damage. We were in a meeting and all stopped speaking and sat staring at one another realising this wasn't a truck in the basement, since the shaking was too strong and sustained for that.
  • Johannesburg - No damage
  • Gaborone - 3rd time feeling it, 2001, early 2014 and today, and today's one list 2nd strongest on ones I felt before. Lasted bout 5-10 seconds (12:30 GMT +2)
  • johannesburg - Scary stuff , the entire building was moving. Doors and windows shuddering.
  • Napa - No damage but a scared first timer lol
  • pietermaritburg hilton - at first I thought it was the wind but my chair just carried on vibrating my office door just rattling it lasted like 5 minutes. no damage but a very scary feeling my stomach is still in a knot wow first time feeling such scary.
  • Randburg - I was on the ground floor, felt the building shaking, no damage.
  • DUNSWART - It was during lunch time, the building was shaking very strongly & the other lady ask, what is that, I just reply, earthquake but I was joking, I didn't know it was an earthquake
  • Gaborone - No damage but was unexpected!!
  • Vanderbijlpark - we were sitting in the classroom when suddenly the tables all started shaking and then the windows all rattled and the vans on the sealing started turning , the door also shook . we were on the third floor of the school
  • Strijdom Park, Randburg - No known damage but started off as just a slight tremor and then it stopped and then a few seconds later the whole building literally started shaking, looked outside and saw the building opposite us shaking and their windows were shaking so much that it looked like they were going to fall out (but didn't) I honestly thought my office was going to collapse on top of me any second - but glad it didn't. Was very scary.
  • randfontein - very scary feeling all glass things rattling and first thing run and check where the kids are
  • DURBAN - I taught I was feeling dizzy. I was on the 5th floor of the building. My colleague saw the ceiling fan move. I watched things shake in the room. Gosh! Scary
  • Midrand, Johannesburg - No damage. Ground vibrating. My laptop on my desk vibrated and I could feel the floor shake.
  • Boksburg - We experienced a very strong shaking of the building and kept on for about 7-8 minutes.
  • Kroonstad - I was at the office , suddenly my chair and everything started shaking and the lot was drama. Am still shoked
  • Rustenburg - Scary! Thought it might be the end of Days
  • Pietermaritzburg - Building shook horrifically. Windows shattered. Section of wall fell off the building. People falling from the extreme highest floors, through the shattered windows, and strown on the roadside. This is really BaDddddddddddd!!!
  • durban - no damage
  • Edenvale - moderate shaking of entire building for about 15-20 seconds, no damage
  • Pretoria North - Thought the house was gona fall apart.
  • building in durban city - Felt light shaking on the eighth floor of the building . Scary stuff
  • Centurion - At first I thought the rumbling was from dynamite blast at the nearby Dolimite mine but then it got stronger windows started rattling and and you could feel the earh shaking.
  • Vanderbijlpark - Wouldn't have noticed if my class didn't say anything.We felt on the second floor the desks were shaking,saw windows rattling and heared a soft roar from the ground.No damage.My class were very calm for the 30 seconds that it lasted.
  • Kameeldrift West - It sounded like a freight train headed to the house. Very scary. Things started to shake and fall over. About twenty or so cracks in all the walls. Animals panicked. Weducked into doordrames. No-one worse for wear...
  • Gauteng - The hole 10 floor building was moving left to right , pc screen moving back and fort , very scary.... People were running out of the building .
  • Pretoria - I was at school when it happend.Was on the 3de flour and could feel the ground shaking. The window's made very loud noise.
  • Johannesburg - No damage
  • Illovo - Wow the earth moved interestting experience, just luck no one was hurt, office shook for 30seconds
  • durban - Felt my office shaking.
  • johannesburg - systems were moving it was quiet an experience.
  • OTTOSDAL - Iesh. My tea was out off the cup
  • Centurion - Just a slight rattling of the roof and doors. I initially thought it was a heavy truck passing - but then it went on for too long
  • Pretoria - Was the weirdest thing ever! Thought my friend was just messing around with the sound in his car. but when my bed and fridge started shaking... Pretty cool.
  • PRETORIA - TWO DISTINCTIVE WAVES, I thout someone was behind my chair shaking me jokingly and i looked behind me and there was no one, so i carried on working, then few seconds later another wave stronger, then i ran out the building with a few colleagues as we expected another wave which could bring the building down, thank God we still safe (for now)
  • Gaborone - something not too familiar , hope that was the last time i got to experience damage to property here
  • EMSC South Africa Aug 05 10:22 5.2 10 MAP
  • Pretoria - Eish!
  • JOhannesburg - It seemed to last a very long time. We do have tremors in Johannesburg but have never experienced one as large as this before. House walls were trembling, crockery and fridge contents rattling. Quite scary!
  • Pretoria - Lasting about 30 seconds
  • Centurion - Weird ....not sure , never felt one before
  • Johannesburg - im soooo shaking right now I have never experience such shacking in my life
  • Kimberley - Very Scary feeling
  • Johanesburg - Parkwood, Jhb. Heard the slightly ajar glass door rattle, realised it was a tremor. It started with light shaking and then became more intense, cups on desks and windows and the glass door desks rattled. The shaking started becoming slightly more intense and I felt that it may get much worse but then it started to die down. It took a while for the tremors to finally end, with very light tremors lasting a fair few seconds
  • Edenvale - Windows & building rattling for a long time
  • johannesburg - A bit scary, when you hear your printer rattling on your desk - nothing broken.
  • Pretoria - Moderate shaking of the building for about 15 seconds
  • Johannesburg - shaking walls and windows for appr. 60 sec - no damage - strongest earthquake I ever felt...very scary!
  • Vereeniging - It was a very quick tremor. Felt ground shake, but was over in 3 seconds.
  • Rustenburg - Felt it at around 12:20 pm in Rustenburg CBD, my husband phoned from the farm 30km to Swartruggens side and had also felt it at the same time.
  • Johannesburg - Felt it no damage.
  • Potchefstroom - Shaking and trembling for over 1 minute
  • Kempton Park - Sitting in my car at a stop street, thought my car developed a missfire.
  • Pretoria - No damage. Slight shaking for about three seconds.
  • Johannesburg - So scary considering we do not have earthquakes
  • Pretoria - 2nd Floor, glasses and picture frames and loose items trambling
  • Gauteng - Very strong Earth Tremor. Earthquake, everything was shaking, doors, windows, tables, i heard the floor vibrate aswell. No damage though. Lasted about 20 seconds! Biggest one as of yet, whole of South Africa felt it!
  • Randburg - no damage, just started with light shaking then became more intense. Roof and electric fence were moving the most. Also felt by my parents out in Hartebeestpoort
  • Johannesburg - No damage. Not the first quake I've experienced here, but definitely lasted longer and larger than before.
  • Johannesburg - We are at VodaWorld. Some people in the building felt a small shake of the building for a few seconds
  • Sandton, JHB - At 12:35, we felt a moderate shaking of the 9 floor building - this lasted for 2 mins
  • Marikana - 30 - 40 seconds tremmor
  • Potchefstroom - Started weak, so I thought its the train passing and then became stronger. Was ready to take my bags and run but didnt know where I'd run to. Scary experience indeed.
  • Krugersdorp - Shelves fell over
  • Potchefstroom - WEll we grabbed our stuff and went outside the office haha
  • Sandton - It must have last more than a minutes. The building shook and poeple got up to escape the building
  • sasolburg - Whole bulding shaked and knocked the files off of the cabenits. Desks and walls were shaking
  • Ga-Luka - No damage but furniture and windows rattled.
  • Rosslyn - No damage - just shaking
  • kimberley - Very mild shaking but it felt like it went on for a long time. Our prayers to all people underground!
  • Pretoria - Was sitting in our office when the glass doors, desk, windows started shaking, i fell over when i tried to walk out.
  • Vryburg - My first experience.
  • Krugersdorp - 60-90 seconds no damage
  • pretoria - Wow. Please tell us that this wont happen again. i was in shock when i saw my flat sceen shaking
  • Zeerust - Shaking for about 7-8 seconds at 12:23 and no damage. Experienced it first time!
  • RUSTENBURG - Shaking a lot. I was so shock to realize it was a earthquake
  • Pretoria - i was in my office and the whole desk and monitor was shaking, i ran outside because i was scared the upper office will fall on top of me
  • Randburg, Jhb - I felt the ground shaking for 30-40 seconds, everything on my desk was rattling and the dog ran inside a little bewildered and hid behind my desk.
  • Potchefstroom - was on the third story ,people ran outside
  • Potchefstroom - The tremours lasted much longer than usual ... about a minute and it was strong for most of that time. At least two waves of tremours and then continued rumbling/ vibration. Ceiling boards fell out of roofs, cracks appeared in buildings. I just kept thinking what about the miners underground!
  • mpumalanga - my windows and beds were shaking about 12:30 approx. Not heavily but enough to feel the earth shaking. no damage but praying for the miners and people clos er that experienced it badly. Here not even everyone felt it.
  • Centurion - It felt if someone shook the apartment and the bed where I sat on. no damage though. The floor, walls and all the furniture moved around. quite scary experience. definitely first time experience
  • Vereeniging - First experience. House shook for about 20s. No damage.
  • MASERU - At first I thought, oh this table shaking, I move my chair back and realise I was shaking too. Thought the buiding was finally settling since its three years old and only after 10 minutes, news spread that it was an earth quake. The waves are from the Earthquake from my neigboring country south africa
  • Schweizereneke - It felt like a lift going down and the walls , roof and stuff on the shelves were shaking then I quickly ran out on the flat surface
  • Johannesburg - It started off very slow and stopped then it repeated again and this time round it came back strong shaking our desks and computers. It was scary because it went on for about a minute before it stopped. It felt like the building was going to colapse
  • ENDICOTT - Everything was shacking in the house and office, it lasted almost 2 mins, there seemed to be 2 quakes
  • rustenburg - Heard a rumble sound then felt the first tremor and a few moments later felt a even stronger tremor no visible damages to building small loose items fell over , david brink primary school globes fell out of light holders animal cages shaked vigorously also no visible structural damages
  • Bloemfontein - noise like something falling on our roof
  • johannesburg CBD - i thought i was seeing things wobble
  • Claremont, Cape Town - felt my office desk sharing and my neighbour and everyone in the office building felt the same
  • vryburg - I had been walking to the office and felt this shaking I didnt know what was going on but then I seen a teacher run out and asked another if she had felt that
  • Krugersdorp - Appox 30 -45 seconds tremmor before violent shaking
  • Kempton park - At first I thought I was dizzy that one lasted about 5sec then it started again we all rushed for the door.
  • klerksdorp - It was a very scary feeling was on the phone with a customer so could not run any where
  • rustenburg - scary experience - building and ground shaking . Desks also shook.
  • Midrand - 2 tremors: 1st one only lasted about 5-10 seconds,& the 2nd one lasted about 2-3 minutes. Building shook but no damage.
  • Gaborone - We were in a meeting desks started shaking, windows shattering very scarry - we all ran outside the building
  • Randburg - Because we are not use to this, it was well scary. We did not know what to do! Just glad it was over so quickly!
  • Ventersdorp - No damage but everything rattled.
  • Lobatse - I was in my office when my desk with everything on it (desktop computer and file trays), including other office furniture started shaking.The walls and floor were vibrating with windows making the most sound. I then ran outside and every body walking along the streets was surprised.
  • carletonville - I was in class,the learners thought it was the sound of a passing truck yet it lasted for about 20 to 25 second and some thought it was just a sound of the strong wind.
  • Benoni - Lasted about 5-8 seconds. I was busy editing footage, went to make coffee, I heard it coming, then felt the tremor then it stopped. I return to my studio and my systems had switched off with my UPS beeping like mad. Scary though.
  • Mogwase - A vibration was quite evident
  • Benoni - My gosh i had the scare of my life! House was shaking, windows rattling, and it kept on for about a minute
  • Lenasia - Everything was rocking and rolling, we thought Elvis was here to give an unexpected show.
  • Johannesburg - Floor was shaking made me dizzy.
  • Maseru - No damages, injuries or fatalities reported as far, most tall buildings evacuated. A light shake went for about 2 minutes.
  • alberton - eye opener and scarey. ran out the building as everything was shaking
  • Gauteng - Strangely no quake was felt in Heidelberg
  • Klerksdorp - I was busy with the Patient in Klerksdorp hospital, initially I thought that it was a emergency helicopter landing, and the shaking got stronger that's when I realize it is something more than that. Then I started shouting in the name of Jesus!!! And my patients were just staring at me... When all was over I ran to check the lady I usually pray with to check if she is there because I was now thinking that rapture has occurred .... What an experience!!!!!
  • Klerksdorp - Lights went out and all you could hear was the rumbling noice, people screaming and stuff falling off the shelves. Once over many people crying and panicking. Obvious damage included ceiling boards that fell through and groceries that fell off the shelves. Terrible experience to go through and I would not wish that onto anybody. My grand daughter of 7 was severely traumatised as well as many women inside the store
  • Melrose Arch - No known damage, tremor felt and we are wondering if there will be further tremors. We did not know if we should hide under the tables or stand in doorways or get out of the building, but we could not find the security gate key anyway.
  • Potchefstroom - I was in class and it literally felt like the building was failing. It took at least a minute to stop. Very scary, a lot of people on campus were freaked out
  • Durban - 7th floor of education building - swaying movement of building - objects moving - including chair on which seated - felt somewhat like dizziness
  • Pretoria - No damage but 3 of us at the office thought something was wrong but never gave a thought to an earthquake whatsoever! LOL we thought of something more logical.
  • isando - my collegue and i thought someone was playing a joke hitting on the glass until we relaised the whole building was shaking
  • Fairmount - Staff moved away from windows and ran downstairs to check the boiler and machine. Intense shaking, i believe, I was chatting with my pregnant daughter around her desk we both heard and felt nothing we didnt even notice our panicked staff!!I can really rely on my great staff.
  • Three Rivers - At first thought it was a heavy train or blasting at the nearby coal mine, until it did not stop for about 30-45 seconds went outside as was afraid building would colapse
  • Mbabane - no damages reported but very short (few seconds) and strong shaking
  • Soweto - Really scary and lasted longer than previous ones. Lights and furniture shaking. I could feel the Earth's vibration on my butt while sitting on the couch. No damage. WHAT THE HELL?!
  • Kimberley - I was lying on my bed when I felt it shake, thought I was hallucinating. I picked up my face and my mirror was shaking as well. The thought of it being a tremor crossed my mind but than I! we never get those around here. So I stopped thinking about it. After hearing what had happened it finally sunk in and gave me a fright.
  • gaborone - very scary the floor and the computer were literally shaking
  • Olifantsfontein - pictures fell off the walls and broke , so did some of my ornaments Have not checked my walls for cracks
  • Johannesburg - Loud noises and shaking that lasted around 1 minute
  • Johannesburg - Felt desk and chair jiggle slightly under me. Computer monitor vibrated. Lasted about 30 seconds. Thought I heard a distant rumble, but couldn't be sure due to the constant din of computers and air con.
  • Kroonstad - Was sitting on my bed aal of a sudden my bed started moving with me. It was very Scary as I thought something was under my bed but when I looked there was nothing I have three televisions that don't work now as it also ifected the lights who do I speak to as I want my Televisions repaired or I want others.
  • Cultura Park, Bronkhorstspruit - Felt 2 waves, very terrifying!
  • Kempton Park - Our building and everything on my desk was rattling. Some staff fled outside. Scary!
  • Klerksdorp - 2014.08.05 - Felt at aprox 13:25 and lasted about 30-40 seconds. Some minor damage to mall with ceilings dropping and stock falling from shelves. Some cracked walls and tiles as result of 5.5 earthquake. Town power down for few hours. Collapsed mine shaft in nearby Orkney - some miners trapped. One person killed in nearby Stilfontein.
  • matsheng - was no damage but wi was affect. I was inside house I run to out side ask people what happen I was naked
  • Durban - My missus says she felt as though violent damage had been done to her "walls".... Says that I shouldn't be such a rough rider next time... Damn, those vibrations! Felt like the earth was shaking in-sync. . . . ;P
  • witbank - Trembling and rumble sounds were felt and heard as if the mine was blasting but for a longer period of time. about 30 seconds. It sounded as if a helicpoter was coming closer but never appeared. Shaking experience though.
  • Durban South Beach - I had the great shaking of the bed , tables and everythng on top of the table from the eight floor and the shaking was so severe. Fortunately no one injured and no damages to the building.
  • Potchefstroom - Was in class at PUKKE, started to shake everyone got quiet waiting for it to pass then it got way worse and some of the girls started to shrill and we all evacuated (basically stormed out) the building , class was cancelled, power went off, super scary!
  • Johannesburg - No damage, but the whole house shook for several minutes. Got quite a fright. I was debating whether to run outside in case the house collapsed.
  • Brits - I felt it and thought it was the wind.
  • klerksdorp - I was on the 5th floor, could SEE the building shake. Worst experience ever!
  • krugersdorp - I've never seen schoolchildren & teachers so scared
  • Hartbeespoort - Was sleeping after a nightshift upstairs, trembling quickly advanced to strong shaking which lasted about 3o seconds after which it slowly subsided lasting another 30 sec or so. I could see the roof trusses wobbling. Ran downstairs out of fear for my life. fine hairline cracks in newest section of the house, window frame pulled slightly away from plaster.
  • Eastleigh - At first I could Hear it and i actually tyhought it was a helicopter then the shaking started but did niot last long I can still however feel slight tremours still now at night
  • Johannesburg - The whole office starting shaking. Lasted for about 1 minute although it felt longer. My dogs jumped up and started barking. Scary stuff.
  • Hoopstad - I didn't hear about any damage but all people were scared some even got heart problem and some schools were out after the shaking
  • Durban - Very scary experience. Building swayed a bit. Dizzy feeling. We evacuated the building immediately.
  • Pretoria - I am not aware of damage. It was frightening. The house and windows were shaking, the tiles were vibrating, my computer flat screen almost fell over. It lasted for maybe 30 seconds? It felt long.
  • Johannesburg - Sitting in the office, the floor started to shake, approx in two waves. We stared out of the window, could not imagine what's going on. Just read later in the news, it was an earthquake.
  • Johannesburg - The house shook, and the shaking got stronger and then weakened again, kind of like listening to a truck going past. We did not have any damage. An 11-year-old visitor thought the house was falling down because he'd never before experienced the earth tremors older Jo'burgers are used to. We just thought it was a mining operation. Condolences to all those who lost loved ones, were injured, or had damage to their property.
  • Gaborone - I was at Block 8 in my work place , in the school and my chair started to shake strongly. I looked around to see who is shaking my chair but no one was closer to me.Immediately I felt that it is earthquake and ran out of my office. It lasted for 20 seconds. At Maruapula my husband was sitting in the bed and the bed started to shake strongly. He saw the window pane and curtain was shaking. He ran out and saw the drainage pipes of the 4 storied building shaking. We do not have any damage.
  • Durban - Slight tremor that lasted for about 10 seconds
  • Johannesburg - Shaking lasted more than a minute. Desk and pc rattled, windows rattled, doors slammed, objects fell off desk. felt inside and outside.
  • Walkerville jhb south - Furniture in house rattled for about 30-60 seconds, firstly though it was the wine but when it became more prominent I went outside, thought the walls would crumble down on me hahah!
  • Johannesburg - First earthquake I felt. Didn't last very long. Moved away from windows in courtyard where I was having lunch in case they came loose.




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    MMI II (Very weak shaking) ?
    People :
    Felt by persons at rest, on upper floors or favorably placed.
    MMI III (Weak shaking) ?
    People :
    Felt indoors; hanging objects may swing, vibration similar to passing of light trucks, duration may be estimated, may not be recognized as an earthquake.
    MMI IV (Light shaking) ?
    People :
    Generally noticed indoors but not outside. Light sleepers may be awakened. Vibration may be likened to the passing of heavy traffic, or to the jolt of a heavy object falling or striking the building.
    Fittings :
    Doors and windows rattle. Glassware and crockery rattle. Liquids in open vessels may be slightly disturbed. Standing motorcars may rock.
    Structures :
    Walls and frames of buildings, and partitions and suspended ceilings in commercial buildings, may be heard to creak.
    MMI V (Moderate shaking) ?
    People :
    Generally felt outside, and by almost everyone indoors. Most sleepers awakened. A few people alarmed.
    Fittings :
    Small unstable objects are displaced or upset. Some glassware and crockery may be broken. Hanging pictures knock against the wall. Open doors may swing. Cupboard doors secured by magnetic catches may open. Pendulum clocks stop, start, or change rate.
    Structures :
    Some large display windows cracked. A few earthenware toilet fixtures cracked.
    MMI VI (Strong shaking) ?
    People Felt by all. People and animals alarmed. Many run outside. Difficulty experienced in walking steadily.
    Fittings :
    Objects fall from shelves. Pictures fall from walls. Some furniture moved on smooth floors, some unsecured free-standing fireplaces moved. Glassware and crockery broken. Very unstable furniture overturned. Small church and school bells ring. Appliances move on bench or table tops. Filing cabinets or "easy glide" drawers may open (or shut).
    Structures :
    Slight damage to buildings with low standard. Some stucco or cement plaster falls. Large display windows broken. Damage to a few weak domestic chimneys, some may fall.
    Environment :
    Trees and bushes shake, or are heard to rustle. Loose material may be dislodged from sloping ground, e.g. existing slides, talus slopes, shingle slides.
    MMI VII (Very strong shaking) ?
    General alarm. Difficulty experienced in standing. Noticed by motorcar drivers who may stop.
    Fittings :
    Large bells ring. Furniture moves on smooth floors, may move on carpeted floors. Substantial damage to fragile contents of buildings.
    Structures :
    Unreinforced stone and brick walls cracked. Low standard buildings cracked with some minor masonry falls. A few instances of damage to buildings of ordinary workmanship. Unbraced parapets, unbraced brick gables, and architectural ornaments fall. Roofing tiles, especially ridge tiles may be dislodged. Many unreinforced domestic chimneys damaged, often falling from roof-line. Water tanks Type I burst. A few instances of damage to brick veneers and plaster or cement-based linings. Unrestrained water cylinders (hot-water cylinders) may move and leak. Some common windows cracked. Suspended ceilings damaged.
    Environment :
    Water made turbid by stirred up mud. Small slides such as falls of sand and gravel banks, and small rock-falls from steep slopes and cuttings. Instances of settlement of unconsolidated or wet, or weak soils. Some fine cracks appear in sloping ground. A few instances of liquefaction (i.e. small water and sand ejections).
    MMI VIII (Severe shaking) ?
    People Alarm may approach panic. Steering of motorcars greatly affected. Structures : Low standard buildings heavily damaged, some collapse. ordinary workmanship buildings damaged, some with partial collapse. Reinforced masonry or concrete buildings damaged in some cases. A few instances of damage to buildings and bridges designed and built to resist earthquakes. Monuments and pre-1976 elevated tanks and factory stacks twisted or brought down. Some pre-1965 infill masonry panels damaged. A few post-1980 brick veneers damaged. Decayed timber piles of houses damaged. Houses not secured to foundations may move. Most unreinforced domestic chimneys damaged, some below roof-line, many brought down. Environment : Cracks appear on steep slopes and in wet ground. Small to moderate slides in roadside cuttings and unsupported excavations. Small water and sand ejections and localized lateral spreading adjacent to streams, canals, lakes, etc.
    MMI IX (Violent shaking) ?
    Structures Many low standard buildings destroyed. Ordinary workmanship buildings heavily damaged, some collapse. Reinforced masonry or concrete buildings damaged, some with partial collapse. Buildings and bridges designed and built to resist earthquakes damaged in some cases, some with flexible frames seriously damaged. Damage or permanent distortion to some buildings and bridges, designed and built to normal use standards. Houses not secured to foundations shifted off. Brick veneers fall and expose frames. Environment : Cracking of ground conspicuous. Landsliding general on steep slopes. Liquefaction effects intensified and more widespread, with large lateral spreading and flow sliding adjacent to streams, canals, lakes, etc.
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