The MOST dangerous EARTHQUAKE sensitive COUNTRIES in the world

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 12.17.39A page you should remember when you are living or traveling to one of the red countries. The Red Colored countries in the first map below witnessed events with at least 1000 fatalities (some like China are counting hundreds of thousands), not to speak about the injured and the inflicted damage.

Building standards may be better today than in the past, but at the same time cities have grown enormously and many of them have a lot of slums in the outskirts, this often on steep slopes like in Haiti. We are keeping our breath until a M6.5 strikes near Quito (Ecuador) Istanbul (Turkey) or Teheran (Iran). It will be again mostly the poor and the unprepared who will suffer most losses but we are convinced that the outcome will be a cruel one!

An increasing global tourism is another giant risk for the future. The Christchurch earthquake (a small one in terms of fatalities) has learned us that tens of nationalities were buried below the rubble. This will happen over and over again. Why ? Mainly because tourists are simply not aware of the danger of earthquakes and tsunamis and when it hits it is too late!
The tourism industry should NOT be scared to talk about the risk. Every hotel in the risk areas of the red countries should put a "What to do in case of an earthquake" against the hotel room door. Touroperators should request an attestation that the hotels have been build with a high earthquake resistance. until today

Update April 28 15:04 :
The 2 maps below (a US map will be added shortly) are meant to make you aware of the earthquake risk who always might be luring around the corner. The following weeks we will add a list of each individual country will the location of the epicenter and a little more data.
Update April 29
It looks that the Interactive map has lost the red colors (it was a free map, so we cant complain about it:) ). The drop down list in the interactive map shows however the countries who should have been colored red + we have made a screenshot before which we have now published again.

Detailed country overview of the important (and sometimes deadly) earthquakes

Alaska - Arkansas - California - Hawaii - Idaho - Montana - Oregon - South Carolina - Utah - Washington
Canada - Mexico
Albania - Austria - Azores Islands (Portugal) - Belgium - Croatia - Cyprus - Czech Republic - France - Germany - Greece - Hungary - Iceland - Ireland - Italy - Macedonia - Netherlands - Poland - Portugal - Romania - Russia - Slovakia - Slovenia - Spain - Switzerland - Turkey - Ukraine - United Kingdom
Iran - Iraq - Israel - Jordan - Lebanon - Saudi Arabia - Syria - Yemen
Algeria - Burundi - Cameroon - Canary Islands (Spain) - Djibouti - DR Congo - Egypt - Ethiopia - Ghana - Guinea - Kenya - Libya - Malawi - Morocco - Rwanda - South Africa - Tanzania - Tunisia - Uganda - Zambia
Afghanistan - Armenia - Azerbaijan - Bangladesh - Bhutan - China - Georgia - Japan - Kazakhstan - Kyrgyzstan - Korea (North) - Korea (south) - Laos - Mongolia - Myanmar - Nepal - Pakistan - Philippines - Taiwan - Tajikistan - Thailand - Turkmenistan - Uzbekistan - Vietnam
New Zealand - Australia - Fiji - Kermadec Islands - New Caledonia - Papua New Guinea - Samoa - Solomon Islands - Tonga - Vanuatu
Argentina - Bolivia - Brazil - Chile - Colombia - Ecuador - Peru - Venezuela
Costa Rica - El Salvador - Guatemala - Honduras - Nicaragua - Panama
Antigua - Barbados - Cuba - Dominican Republic - Guadeloupe - Haiti - Jamaica - Martinique - Saint Lucia - Trinidad

Be Earthquake and Tsunami Prepared

RED colored countries map below have witnessed single earthquake events with more than 1000 fatalities
(for details see the above country in-depth overviews)

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 12.58.21

RED colored countries map below have witnessed one or more deadly earthquakes since year the year 0
(for details see the above country in-depth overviews)

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 17.19.23

USA states who have witnessed deadly earthquakes since 1500

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 18.19.31



  1. Mahesh Yashraj says:

    Why there is No Name of Indonesia in your most dangerous list???

    Please check.

  2. John Seymour says:

    I am amazed that your map of the countries in red which indicate more than 1,000 casualities in a single event does not include Portugaul where the earthquake of 1755 occurred.

  3. Sachin Pawar says:

    Hi Team,

    I am M.Tech. student studying Knowledge Engineering in National University of Singapore.
    I am doing one project in data warehouse domain. For that, I need a complete list of worldwide earthquakes.
    Can you give me the link to download the CATDAT worldwide earthquakes database. It would be of immense help.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Armand Vervaeck says:

      I am sorry but you might be better to contact USGS directly, we are unable to give you such a list

  4. satyaluke says:

    It is a nice map that show countries that may be impacted by earthquakes and tsunami. I live in a country that earthquake is a common thing too. Also, I write a web about earthquakes science on

  5. pradhumna says:

    How long will nepal's earthquake last

  6. Madhur says:


    Seems like no place is safe from the Natural Calamities. Can we please have the places that can show the intensity or most probable places for the Earthquake


  7. J.D. Gibbard says:

    This would be far more useful if it highlighted earthquake prone zones instead of the entire country. e.g. Do tourists really have to worry about earthquake when traveling to Minnesota? British Columbia isn't coloured red but we are expecting a megathrust earthquake and tsunami at any time and we have a LOT of unsafe buildings. I can't find good estimates but I'm pretty sure thousands of people died in the M9 event in 1700.

    • Armand Vervaeck says:


      This is the first map and we plan to add similar maps the following days. The next one will also be countries with multiple events which have combined 1000 fatalities. For the US there was only 1 event with 1000+ fatalities and that was California (San Fransisco). In other words, you are right but give us some time to add new ones. the current map goes back to 1900 - I might add another one who goes back 2014 years.

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