Extremely destructive earthquake & typhoon in Philippines - Bohol, Cebu: At least 222 people killed, 8 missing, around 1000 injured, around 4 billion PHP damage, 7 billion PHP reconstruction costs - Typhoon RED ALERT 12300 dead or missing

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Update 14.11.2013 18:00 UTC:

As of 6.00PM, 14.11.2013, using provincial (PDRRMC), national (NDRRMC) and CEDIM analysis:-
• At least 2400 dead with additional still to be counted.
• Overall, 332,973 homes have been counted as destroyed so far. 239,915 homes have been partially destroyed.
• 1,000,000 are expected to be destroyed or damaged once counting finishes
• Region VI (Western Visayas) has counted over 380,000 destroyed and damaged houses.
• CEDIM Forensic Disaster Analysis estimates 2.1 million long-term homeless, 4.7 million currently displaced/in-need.
• Economic costs range from $9 billion to $17.5 billion (median $13.6 billion or 590 billion PHP)



Update 14.11.2013 7:00 UTC:

- Including new data from NDRRMC and PDRRMC, there are now 194,000 buildings destroyed and 165,000 buildings damaged (360,000 total) with some extras counted on Eastern Samar and Cebu. There are still no counted destroyed or damaged buildings on Leyte.

Update 14.11.2013 6:00 UTC:

The latest update to the numbers in the typhoon are shown here in CEDIM, wettergefahren-fruehwarnung.de, CATDAT and Earthquake Report SITUATION REPORT No. 2.

In this edition 2 of the analysis of Typhoon Haiyan Yolanda (#YolandaPH):-
- The economic costs have been refined from $8bn - $19bn USD to $9b - $17.5b USD.
- The expected median economic cost will be around $13.6bn or 590 billion PHP
- The homeless number expected will be around 2,100,000.
- The current displaced number is between 3 and 5 million, with 1.18 million on Panay Island in Western Visayas (Region VI). This is much higher than the 600,000 currently quoted which do not include all of the locations in Western Visayas and only a few in Eastern Visayas and Cebu.
- The current number of destroyed buildings is at 160,000; there are in addition 148,000 damaged buildings - it is expected that the combined total will reach 1,000,000 or close to it.


Update 10.11.2013 12:00 UTC:

- Report 1 from CEDIM, wettergefahren-fruehwarnung.de and CATDAT/Earthquake Report has been released on the destruction from the typhoon. Download (1.3MB)
Update on the fatalities (estimated) below.

10-11-2013 1-32-16 PM

Update 10.11.2013 05:50 UTC:

- Bohol has escaped the worst of the storm.
- Over 12,300 estimated to be dead or missing.
- Around 14 billion USD (6% of the GDP of Philippines) expected in reconstruction costs and losses.
- 17 million affected.

- Download the summary report here.

10-11-2013 11-35-45 AM

CEDIM-Impact Summary-Yolanda-JamesDaniell 10-11-2013 11-36-06 AM

Update 08.11.2013 05:50 UTC:

- PAGASA has released their 7th update with additional locations in Luzon and Mindanao now predicted to experience very strong winds.



Update 08.11.2013 05:30 UTC:

- No news from Bohol currently. Strong winds are expected there currently more in the north than the south so we hope that the damage will be as little as possible, and that no casualties occur.
- Landslides are a major concern with the amount of rain.

Update 08.11.2013 05:20 UTC:

- Destroyed houses have been reported from Surigao del Norte
- 17 million people affected.
- 5 deaths reported on Cebu, Surigao, Cotabato and other locations.
- Expected catastrophic damage and storm surges from 3-5m.

Update 08.11.2013 04:50 UTC:

- Using the current modelled path - 17.1 million people will be affected.
- This has approximately $127 billion USD capital stock (current).
- Based on historic Philippines events to create loss ratios - the economic cost of the disaster may be around $1.5-3.5 billion (over 50 billion PHP) (this would be one of the largest disasters ever and be a significant impact). This is of course a very initial estimate, and may differ greatly from the final loss (given that very little is known of the damage currently).
- 8-11-2013 6-08-08 AM

8-11-2013 5-48-00 AM

Update 08.10.2013 04:00 UTC:

- Webcam links posted are now down.
- There is extensive damage in many locations unfortunately - some of this is seen in the following video from Tacloban.

Update 08.10.2013 03:30 UTC:

- Many trees uprooted, and there is as expected damage that is unquantifiable currently.
- Many families displaced, 3 dead, 25 million expected to be affected.
- Nearly all roofs have been ripped off in Daanbantayan. Cars and motorcycles were also dragged down streets in the storm.
- A way to view the typhoon is through the following link at Bolabog Bay.

Damage in Ormoc City

Damage in Ormoc City


Tacloban City damage (Reuters)

Tacloban City damage (Reuters)

Update 08.11.2013 02:30 UTC:

- As expected, many trees have been knocked over on Southern Leyte meaning that road transport is not possible in many locations, however no fatalities have been registered.
- 8 airports are affected.
- We are not sure when the livecams will go down - but here is one from Boracay, a popular tourist destination at Aklan.

Update 08.11.2013 02:00 UTC:

- The path looks like it will take out most of the tourist destinations with Cebu also being affected now.
- Approximately 5m storm surge.
- Major destruction likely and even storm shelters probably will not withstand it.
- The only good news is that Bohol will be spared the direct path - however the latest prediction is a lot wider than 80km for the severe damage (4) rating of NDRRMC - 10 locations including Cebu City which had earthquake damage have been added.

Click to access Update%20Sitrep%20No.5%20Effects%20of%20TY%20YOLANDA%206AM.pdf

- 1st fatality has been registered in Surigao.

List of affected locations (NDRRMC)

List of affected locations (NDRRMC)

Update 07.11.2013 05:00 UTC:

Just to step through what is expected in Cebu and Bohol via the Bernhard Mühr model (who has been giving us the weather conditions during the Bohol earthquake).

Update 07.11.2013 04:00 UTC:

- All classes have been cancelled in Bohol and Cebu in preparation for the typhoon (it should hit in around 26-30 hours).
- The typhoon Yolanda (or Haiyan) is the 2nd to hit, after Wilma has already destroyed 83 households on Bohol in Catigbian due to floods.
- The landslide risk remains high.
- People have been moved from tent cities (either due to being scared of aftershocks, or from having lost their homes) - usually to gymnasiums or safer locations.
- People have also been evacuated from high flood risk areas in order to save lives.
- It is expected that many of the 60,000 damaged homes from the earthquake (and the 14,000 destroyed homes), will receive additional damage.
- Currently, the PAGASA track looks like it will trend a little north of Bohol, after earlier anticipated tracks being directly over Bohol.
- Whereever you are in Central Philippines, please take precautions! Tie down dangerous items, leave substandard housing for safer locations (in advance of the storm). Ensure that you are not at risk of flash flooding. This is no small storm, and will likely be stronger than Pablo and many other typhoons you have experienced.
- Palau was hit earlier this morning with the eye of the storm hitting North Koror, and there is no contact with the 200 people on the island. In addition 60 people are missing after ignoring the mandatory order to relocate to safer areas.

Current Yolanda track via NDRRMC.

Current Yolanda track via NDRRMC.

- For the latest updates of Yolanda - CLICK HERE to go to the http://www.wettergefahren-fruehwarnung.de/ site.

- The current storm track from JTWC is also below.

The current storm track from JTWC. It can be seen that Bohol will still be within the major destructive winds area.

The current storm track from JTWC. It can be seen that Bohol will still be within the major destructive winds area.

Update 05.11.2013 06:30 UTC:

- The typhoon is unfortunately predicted to hit Bohol and this will cause much more damage.
- Predicted winds on Bohol will be around 120 knots or around 222km/hr which will cause much more damage to housing. It is expected that many people will need shelter.
- We will continue to update with further analysis but it currently looks like it will hit on Friday morning/afternoon.

Update 03.11.2013 06:30 UTC:

- 14512 houses have been destroyed, and 58,490 have been damaged - making a total of 73,000 houses damaged.
- No change in the deaths and injury toll
- Homeless inside evacuation centers down to 79,000 people. Homeless/In Need outside evacuation centers down to 269,000.

Update 02.11.2013 13:30 UTC:

- The death toll remains at 230, however additional injured people have been counted, bringing the total to close to 1000.
- 367,000 people remain homeless/in need.
- A new report has been undertaken by CEDIM and Earthquake Report in conjunction with CATDAT and is available for download here. This has much analysis on social sensors, information gaps, shelter and the latest numbers. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

The aftershocks in the last 17 days and the locations of the possible fault solution.

The aftershocks in the last 17 days and the locations of the possible fault solution.

Update 31.10.2013 05:30 UTC:

- A strong aftershock measuring 5.2 has hit Tagbilaran City.
- On the following diagram you can see the previous aftershock and this one marked in exactly the same place as the mainshock.
- This would have been well felt and likely caused some minor additional damage.
- The fear of sinkholes in Tagbilaran City will have also increased.
- It was 5.2, and at 8km depth. With Talibon likely having some damage.

Aftershocks since the earthquake - PHIVOLCS. (CATDAT/James Daniell)

Aftershocks since the earthquake - PHIVOLCS.
(CATDAT/James Daniell)

Update 31.10.2013 05:30 UTC:

-The death and missing toll remains at 230.
-The injuries total 796.
-No change in the counts of destroyed and damaged housing.
-GIS files with the statistics are available - email James Daniell (Gmail) or send a comment.

Update 30.10.2013 11:00 UTC:

-Unfortunately the death toll has risen to 222 and 8 missing still.
-The injury total is around 800.
-Around 13,500 houses are destroyed and around 53,500 houses are damaged.
- A sink hole has opened up in Tagbilaran City. Purok 7B, Populacion I, Barangay and is one of 50 that are throughout the city.
- People are advised to evacuate.

Update 28.10.2013 14:25 UTC:

- Death toll has risen to 218 with 8 still missing. The 3 deaths were found in Getafe/Jetafe.
- The injury toll has also risen to 768.
- There are 13700 homes destroyed and around 48,000 damaged.

Update 28.10.2013 07:25 UTC:

An interactive update with a new set of pictures below.
- The death and missing toll remains at 223.
- 760 are injured

Update 27.10.2013 07:25 UTC:
- 215 dead and 8 missing (209dm on Bohol, 13 in Cebu, 1 in Siquijor)
- At least 25 deaths due to landslides. At least 10 non-structural deaths. At least 10 heart attacks or panic deaths, with reasons still needed for many of the deaths.
- 742 injured
- 92,678 people inside 265 evacuation centers (presumed homeless)
- 259,399 people additionally requiring basic needs (outside of evacuation centers)
- 12,753 totally destroyed houses, 45,167 partially destroyed houses.
- 2.2 billion PHP damage to roads, bridges, flood control, school buildings, hospitals and other public buildings. (this refers to reconstruction cost - thus around 6.5-7.5 billion PHP total reconstruction cost expected).
- Power has nearly been restored to all barangays - 1. Antequera (10/21 still required), 2. Calape (5/33 needed), 3. Catigbian (3/21 needed), 4. Cortes (1/14 needed), 5. Inabanga (4/50 needed), 6. Loon (17/67 needed), 7. Maribojoc (1/22 needed), 8. San Isidro (1/12 needed), 9. Tubigon (2/34 needed).

Update 26.10.2013 07:10 UTC:
- The death toll is now 213 from the terrible earthquake, and 8 people remain missing. The problem comes that certain individuals aren't reported as missing officially as their families are either dead or in the confusion the names are not given to the final NDRRMS total. Thus, we can expect around 220 at least to have died unfortunately.
- The injured total is 742, with counts coming in from various locations.
- The number of houses destroyed remains at around 12,000 with more counting still to be done, with 44,000 damaged houses. Given that 360,000 people are still displaced (100,000 in shelters, and 260,000 outside of shelters) it could be that the destroyed count is actually closer to 20,000 houses (with previous unofficial reports giving a total of 30,000 possibly).
- Infrastructure and public reconstruction cost is up to 1.64 billion PHP ($40 million USD).

Power  supply to the last barangays without power (NDRRMC 24.10.2013)

Power supply to the last barangays without power (NDRRMC 24.10.2013)

Understanding the Bohol, Philippines earthquake

What happened exactly in Bohol?
At 8:12 AM on 15 October 2013, Tuesday, a destructive earthquake of magnitude 7.2 shook the island of Bohol and nearby provinces. Smaller-magnitude earthquakes followed afterwards, and as of 1:00 pm, 16 October 2013, 885 earthquakes have been recorded by the PHIVOLCS seismic monitoring network. At least 15 events were reportedly felt in the epicentral area. The main shock and succeeding aftershocks were located in the vicinity of Bohol. These recorded events were shallow, with a depth of at most 32 kilometers. Based on spatial distribution of succeeding events and characteristics of the earthquake, the event is tectonic in origin.
Based on preliminary intensity reports, the strongest ground shaking at PEIS VII (comparable with MMI VIII) was felt at Tagbilaran City and several cities in the province of Cebu. Neighboring island provinces of Cebu, Negros Occidental, Negros Oriental, Camiguin, Panay, Leyte, and several areas in northeastern Mindanao felt the earthquake at varying intensities of PEIS I-VI.

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 11.23.40-bis

Moderate-magnitude (M5 to 6.9) earthquakes have also affected Bohol Island in the past!
On 08 February 1990, a magnitude 6.8 earthquake occurred at Bohol generated by an offshore reverse fault east of the island. Sixteen municipalities felt the strongest intensity of ground shaking at PEIS VIII. There were reports of severe property damages, numerous casualties, hundreds injured, and several thousands homeless. The towns of Jagna, Duero, Guindulman, Garcia Hernandez, and Valencia experienced tsunami inundation.

Why do earthquakes occur in Bohol?
Bohol Island is one of the seismically active areas in the country. Instrumental monitoring of earthquakes for the past century has detected many small to moderate-magnitude earthquakes in Bohol Island. There is at least one known earthquake generator on the island, the East Bohol Fault. In addition, there are other local faults which can be sources of small to large magnitude earthquakes. Earthquakes can also occur offshore or undersea because of local offshore faults near the island or trenches in the vicinity of the region.

Can these present earthquakes indicate volcanic activity?
No. There are no volcanoes in Bohol Island.

What can we expect from the current earthquake activity?
The current seismic trend indicates that the magnitude 7.2 earthquake on 15 October 2013 is the mainshock, and the succeeding small magnitude earthquakes are the aftershocks. Aftershocks are expected, some of which will be felt (ER:and some of them might be dangerous). These may continue for weeks to months, but diminishing in number and strength as time passes. In this case, a higher magnitude earthquake related to this event is no longer expected to occur (ER: True, not related to this event, but as earthquakes cannot be predicted and as the Philippines have many fault systems, a new powerful earthquake can never be excluded).

What can we expect after a large-magnitude/high-intensity earthquake like this?
People are reminded to be cautious of structures visibly weakened or with signs of damage by the 15 October 2013 earthquake, as these may be further damaged by succeeding earthquakes. Strong ground shaking may cause extensive damage to or even the collapse of houses, buildings, bridges, and other infrastructures. Collapsed structures usually account for most of the casualties during a strong earthquake. Falling objects may also cause injuries.

Congratulations to Phivolcs Philippines for their very good explanation of this earthquake

Why are some places sinking and is the sea retreating away from the shore in other locations ?
Answer : deformation and partly liquefaction. In some locations
Isla Batasan is one of the islands located between Bohol and Cebu. It is experiencing sudden floods, causing its residents to believe that their island is slowly sinking. Phivolcs explains that there is indeed a big possibility that some islands may start sinking after the earthquake, due to liquefaction and earthquake deformation. Liquefaction happens when the soil loses its strength and stiffness due to an earthquake, causing it to soften and behave like liquid. Earthquake deformation, on the other hand, refers to a change in the original shape of a material.

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 10.57.29

Retreating sea : This can only be explained by an upthrust of some parts of the island. More detailed measurements in the near future will show serious deformations as can be seen on the images below.  The focal mechanism below shows a mainly thrust earthquake = 2 parts of the fault are pressed into each other. The earthquake was triggered when the extreme forces became too big. The released energy did create all the deformations.

Retreating see in the thrust part of the island

Retreating see in the thrust part of the island

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 11.05.54

Sinkholes are also generated by the shaking of the underground. Some sinkholes are produced when underground caves are caving in (the island of Bohol had a lot of caves) others are made by the shaking of loose material (some sources say that limestone is abundant in the islands).

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 10.59.06

Tectonic summary according to the USGS (a little more detailed)
The October 15, 2013 M 7.1 earthquake near the city of Catigbian on Bohol Island, Philippines, occurred as the result of shallow reverse faulting on a moderately inclined fault dipping either to the northwest, or to the southeast. The depth of the event indicates it ruptured a fault within the crust of the Sunda plate, rather than on the deeper subduction zone plate boundary interface. At the latitude of this earthquake, the Philippine Sea plate moves towards the west-northwest with respect to the Sunda plate at a rate of approximately 10 cm/yr, subducting beneath the Philippine Islands several hundred kilometers to the east of the October 15 earthquake at the Philippine Trench.
The Philippine Islands straddle a region of complex tectonics at the intersection of three major tectonic plates (the Philippine Sea, Sunda and Eurasia plates). As such, the islands are familiar with large and damaging earthquakes, and the region within 500 km of the October 15 earthquake has hosted 19 events of M6 or greater, a dozen of which have been shallow (0-70 km).

Update 23.10.2013 13:20 UTC:
Bad news once again with now 209 presumed dead. The other numbers remain the same.
The infrastructure cost has risen to 1.426 billion PHP counted (approx. 35 million USD).

Update 23.10.2013 04:35 UTC:
Unfortunately again we have had a rising death toll without reducing the missing. 195 dead and 12 missing is the current count.
- 651 have been injured
- 53,000 homes have been damaged - 14,000 of these have been destroyed.
- The public infrastructure loss including all hospitals, buildings, roads, flood control, schools is 1.097 billion PHP (25.47 million USD)
- 344,437 people are displaced (approximately the same amount of people as after the Tohoku earthquake.

Update 22.10.2013 07:35 UTC:
- All towns are now fully accessible by road given the hard work of DPWH in the last week. This is a huge accomplishment and will make it easier for relief to flow.
- The estimates of homeless range from 70,000 to 150,000 long term, with 377,000 currently displaced.
- The affected number has dropped below 3 million with a few barangays removing their "affected status".

Update 22.10.2013 03:05 UTC:
The fault has been found! A previously unknown fault caused the Bohol earthquake. It caused at least 3m movement across a road in Inabanga. Click above to view the news article (GMA).
- The total number of destroyed buildings is at 14,253 (extra buildings in Loon and Maribojoc counted). It is still expected to rise further.
- The total number of damaged buildings is at 39,186.

- The injured total is up to 605.
- An intelligent news article showing the relationship of aftershocks vs. the fault line.

Update 21.10.2013 20:25 UTC:
An assessment of the rebuilding cost for the Bohol earthquake has been made with the total reconstruction cost being estimated at PHP 7 billion ($162 million). This is exactly on par with the PHP 4 billion damage ($90 million) that has been calculated, as reconstruction costs are generally 1.6 to 2 times the damage/loss via an earthquake (via the CATDAT Damaging Earthquakes Database).
- It is estimated that around 30,000 homes have been fully destroyed (this has not been counted yet) by the government.
- The death toll has unfortunately risen to 190, with 11 still missing.
- The injury count is now over 600 (603).
- 10164 houses destroyed and 35000 houses damaged currently counted.
- Infrastructure costs via NDRRMC are up to 902 million PHP.

Update 21.10.2013 10:25 UTC:
We had to cut off a big chunk from this page as the load time started to become slow. We called it part II and can be read here.

Update 21.10.2013 10:25 UTC:
Here is the latest report with the current numbers, maps and analysis on the disaster from the team at Earthquake Report, in combination with Philippines and CEDIM (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, and GFZ Potsdam). Enjoy! Click Here to Download - Report #5 21.10.2013.

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 17.36.46

Update 21.10.2013 04:25 UTC:
- The death toll has risen again with 186 dead and 11 missing (the extra 2 missing come from Balilihan)
- 380,000 are classified currently as displaced but the numbers do not include Clarin and Pihar which have displaced people currently.
- Over 10,000 homes have been destroyed and 35,000 homes have been damaged.
- The cost to infrastructure has been raised to 869 million PHP but is expected to rise further.
- The affected total has been reduced to 3,000,000; It is expected that this will reduce significantly further once Cebu City and Mandaue City are taken from the affected cities.

Update 20.10.2013 12:00 UTC:
- The death toll remains at 185 (172 in Bohol (4 in Bilar and 1 in Batuan killed by landslides), 12 in Cebu (5 killed in a Fish port collapse, 1 trauma, 1 stampede, 1 motor vehicle accident) and 1 in Siquijor killed by falling debris), with 9 missing (1 in Inabanga, 5 in Sagbayan, 2 in Loon, 1 in Clarin).
- The missing people are Roger Tagsip (Clarin), 17 y/o, Jess Marvin & Meme Jane Empinado (10 y/o and 9 y/o) in Sagbayan, Joeliene and Jonalyn Somoro (11 y/o and 13 y/o) in Sagbayan, Reynaldo Sipsip (15 y/o) in Sagbayan, Henera T. Anunciado from Inabanga and Ireneo Campoarnor and Marcial Registos from Loon. If you have information on these people or where they were seen in the earthquake, please contact local authorities.
- So far, 54 are dead in Loon, with additional graphics to be released later in the day.
- 583 were injured (489 in Bohol, 89 in Cebu, 1 in Negros Oriental and 3 in Siquijor)
- 370,000 people are displaced. (about 25% of Bohol) while the 2104 aftershocks continue to pepper the Bohol coastline. 113,000 are in evacuation centers and 257,000 outside of evacuation centers.
- 3,540,000 people are affected.
- The destroyed and damaged count remains unchanged.
- The financial damage has totalled 767 million PHP so far (around 18-19 million USD) including all infrastructure (roads and bridges), flood control structures, schools, public buildings.
- As stated previously, the loss will most likely be between 2-4.5 billion PHP when the final total loss is counted with 3.9 billion PHP the calculated total through our CATDAT loss estimation system on 15.10.2013.

Update 08:25 UTC: Many new powerful aftershocks in the greater epicenter area. We have now set an item "Aftershocks Bohol, Philippines" on top of our daily lists. Please write your experiences there as this article is mainly about the mainshock.

Update 06:37 UTC: Good news overnight (comparatively 🙁 ), with the total death toll reducing by 2. 185 dead and 9 missing is the count currently.
The destroyed buildings count has also reduced slightly to 8,480 (down 200), and the damaged buildings count up to 28,165.
An important bridge update on Bohol - There are only 4 bridges now that are not passable. 2 roads - Loay Internal, and Tagbilaran North Road are also not usable but all others are in service.

Bridges that are not currently in service, and some of those that are now passable (as of 20.10.2013).

Bridges that are not currently in service, and some of those that are now passable (as of 20.10.2013).

Update 12:56 UTC: 183 is the new official death toll, 13 more people are still missing. Rescue teams don't expect to find them alive. Up to 600 people were injured.

Update 11:00 19.10.2013 UTC : The death toll is up to 175, and 17 are missing. The latest update can be found here in Summary Report 4.
- The number of destroyed houses is  8688 and the number of damaged houses is now  25,910.

The number of displaced people is now over 372,000, so please give generously to aid organisations dealing with this disaster. Currently, around $2 million USD has been invested in the recovery operations.
- The total economic loss is predicted to be around $90 million USD with over $12 million USD already reported to lost infrastructure.
- The injury tolls have now been corrected with 89 injuries on Cebu and over 380 on Bohol.

Felt Reports from Earthquake-Report.com viewers on 15.10.2013 - Thankyou to all those who participated. We welcome any more also to get more of an idea of what was felt around Bohol.

Felt Reports from Earthquake-Report.com viewers on 15.10.2013 - Thankyou to all those who participated. We welcome any more also to get more of an idea of what was felt around Bohol.

Update 15:15 UTC : All power has been restored to Bohol. The damaged and destroyed buildings counted so far are as follows.

Update 14:45 UTC : Some additional pictures of the current dead, missing and injured and where they are.

Update 14:14 UTC : - 192 dead and missing (173 dead - 160 Bohol, 12 Cebu, 1 Siquijor and 19 missing on Cebu).
- 498 injured
- 353,785 are displaced.
- 3,426,787 are affected still.
- 34,590 houses have been damaged or destroyed - 8,681 totally destroyed and 25,909 damaged.

Around 350,000 people are now reported to be displaced.

Around 350,000 people are now reported to be displaced.

Update 09:47 UTC : Version III of our detailed PDF report is now online - Click here to load it

Update 05:35 UTC : The death toll has gone up to 171 with 20 people still missing. The majority of the additional dead were found in Cortes.
There have been over 162000 people currently displaced. In addition, the landslides have now been mapped. In addition, there is an updated summary of the earthquake with new statistics on displaced, landslides and dead and missing. Click here to download. 

Barangays with landslides (dark red) from the earthquake. It can be seen that they are widespread.

Barangays with landslides (dark red) from the earthquake. It can be seen that they are widespread.

Update 15:09 UTC : A new updated version of the summary in PDF in now online - Click here to load it

Update 14:04 UTC :
- The losses to infrastructure have reached PHP 563 million (around 12 million USD)
- As said on 15th October, we at Earthquake-Report think the final losses will be around 90 million USD (4 billion PHP)

Update 14:00 UTC :
- 161 people have died (149 in Bohol, 11 in Cebu, 1 in Siquijor)
- A large update of the number of displaced people : 158466 are currently displaced. In past events around 10-20% of these have been homeless
- 2938 houses have been destroyed
- 16371 houses have been partially destroyed.
- Affected people have reached 3.5 million people.

Update 11:10 UTC : The new aftershock of M5.5 has caused additional damage.  Here is the update of the major aftershocks that have been felt, with a few possibilities of where exactly the epicenter was.

For a current summary - Click here to download.   

The aftershock locations according to PHIVOLCS and the updated dead and missing toll. (CATDAT/James Daniell)

The aftershock locations according to PHIVOLCS and the updated dead and missing toll. (CATDAT/James Daniell)

Update 10:30 UTC : The death toll has sadly reached 158. It is unclear if the additional 2 people, were 2 of those of the 22 missing. Our hearts go out to those who are suffering. Bohol is known for caves (Boho) and given ground movements and major aftershocks, Earthquake-Report.com (and viewer Buzzy who sent in a comment to this effect), hope that rescue staff take appropriate measures to ensure that no more deaths are added to the ever-rising toll. For a current summary - Click here to download.   

Update 09:42 UTC : The following update should give you a full summary of the current numbers and situation at Bohol and Cebu. This 2 page summary was produced by Earthquake Report using the CATDAT Databases and Analysis tools in conjunction with our friends at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the Center for Disaster Management and Risk Reduction Technology. It contains facts, figures, photos, maps and analysis of the situation.
We hope you enjoy it. Click here to download.      EarthquakeReport1-Impact Summary-James Daniell

Update 09:01 UTC : Continuous aftershocks including 1 very strong near Tagbilaran ! This aftershock might have a further damaging effect on on Bohol Island and in particular on Tagbilaran. If you have something to report from Tagbilaran about this powerful aftershock, please write your comment on our October 16, 23:37 earthquake.

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 11.00.11

Update 05:15 UTC - Day 3 :
- The death toll has risen to 156, with 22 people still missing.
- 144 have died on Bohor, whereas 11 have died in Cebu and 1 in Siquijor.
- 374 injured (188 Bohol, 182 Cebu, 3 Siquijor, 1 Negros Occidental)
- The counting continues with 605 totally destroyed houses, and 1461 partially destroyed houses on Bohor.
- 47067 persons have been displaced with 32000 in evacuation centers and 15000 outside evacuation centers.
- 75% of the power supply in Bohol has now been restored.
- The Maribojoc, Carmen and Macaas substations are still down and will hopefully be restored in the next 2-3 days.
- The following death toll summary:-

The dead and missing in each municipality across the region now total 178. Of these, 53 have occurred in Loon according to NDRRMC data. (CATDAT/James Daniell)

The dead and missing in each municipality across the region now total 178. Of these, 53 have occurred in Loon according to NDRRMC data. (CATDAT/James Daniell)

Update 18:15 UTC Day 2 : We thank everyone for over 500 felt reports in this earthquake. Your input, even a few sentences about what you have felt, helps to work out a fast estimation of fatalities and economic losses, allowing for faster and better measured response. We are looking for Philippines volunteers to help with translating tagalog, and for those of you who are interested in earthquakes to contribute to the site. Together, we can hopefully cover the earthquake world 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365.24 days per year.

Update 17:45 UTC Day 2 : Over 900 aftershocks have occurred, with magnitude 5 earthquakes continuing to pepper the region around Clarin, Loon and Tagbilaran on Bohol. The fault sense can start to be seen well from the PHIVOLCS data, with the fault break running at about WSW-ENE. At least 100 of these have been strong enough to be felt. Our hearts go out to all those in Bohol, with the rain, and no power, and to all those who are suffering.

Aftershocks and their magnitude as reported by PHIVOLCS through Earthquake Report (CATDAT/James Daniell)

Aftershocks and their magnitude as reported by PHIVOLCS through Earthquake Report (CATDAT/James Daniell)

Update 17:15 UTC Day 2 : The death toll remains at 144 with 23 missing. Power has only been returned to 67% of Bohol. It has been mooted that there could be significantly more deaths underneath the collapsed BQ mall structure. Running historical events through with various intensity assumptions can give as high as 400 deaths for this earthquake, but the average is around 170-200.

According to the reports of Julie Jaramillo, an earthquake-report.com reader traveling in Bohol, public transport is not being used due to many road outages and damaged bridges. Locals are very scared of the aftershocks and potential landslides due to rain.

Economic Damage:- Cebu City Disaster Office Operations Officer Alvin Santillana said the earthquake caused P331 million in damage to the city, mostly to private and public structures. In addition, an additional 18 million PHP damage had occurred to infrastructure. This totals around 8 million USD. Most of the damage of the predicted 3.9 billion PHP damage will be on Bohol with already 57 million PHP in damage to 4 roads and some bridges being reported, with this set to rise significantly.

Update 17:12 : "Sagbayan Bohol - Father/Mother in-law's house mostly collapsed. Brother in-law's house badly damaged. No power. Roads are badly damaged. Cell phones out (Tower damage?). No gasoline (No power to pump or tanks damaged)." - Earthquake Report felt report #500.

Update 12:54 : The current death and missing toll remains at 167 as night descends on Bohol. We hope that they are found.

Update 12:51 : The following shows the potential areas where landslides may have played a major role, by simply showing the slope and roads on Bohol.

The slope on the island of Bohol. It can be seen that there are significant slopes in the west and throughout the island. (CATDAT/James Daniell)

The slope on the island of Bohol. It can be seen that there are significant slopes in the west and throughout the island. (CATDAT/James Daniell)

The population per barangay shows that there are a few main areas on Bohol which are heavily populated. 15:26 The names of the major towns are also included. Currently there are 11 missing in Loon on the west coast and much of the destruction has been located there. (CATDAT/James Daniell)

The population per barangay shows that there are a few main areas on Bohol which are heavily populated.
15:26 The names of the major towns are also included. Currently there are 11 missing in Loon on the west coast and much of the destruction has been located there. (CATDAT/James Daniell)


Update 12:48 : Landslides have played a major role, with at least 7 roads impassable. Many bridges have also been destroyed and damage, with a list of over 40 roads and bridges being impassable.

The list of the roads and bridges currently affected (NDRRMC, 7pm report, 16.10.2013)

The list of the roads and bridges currently affected (NDRRMC, 7pm report, 16.10.2013)

Update 12:45 : A reminder of the barangays affected by the current earthquake - in terms of intensities.
Update 15:01 UTC : GMA reported earlier today : Phivolcs Seismic division officer in charge Ishmael Narag said in a report aired on "24 Oras" that upon closer examination of their data, they learned that quake's real epicenter is located  between the municipality of Catigbian and Sagbayan in Bohol and not in the town of Carmen as the agency earlier said. The intensity map reflects this epicenter.

Intensity MMI Bohol

Shakemap intensities by USGS averaged per barangay. It is expected that the actual intensities are around 0.5 lower than these. (converted by James Daniell)

Update 12:45 : According to the NDRRMC, just over 3,000,000 people have been affected, but it can be seen that this is probably incomplete at this point or the boundaries they are counting are different.


Affected population according to NDRRMC (CATDAT/James Daniell)

Update 12:40 : According to the NDRRMC, the 37424 people displaced are currently housed in the following locations.

Displaced people locations according to latest NDRRMC report (CATDAT/James Daniell)

Displaced people locations according to latest NDRRMC report (CATDAT/James Daniell)

Update 12:00 : 144 deaths currently. 134 from Bohol, 9 from Cebu and 1 from Siquijor. In addition, 23 people are missing - 11 in Loon, 4 in Antiquera, 4 in Tagbilaran, 3 in Clarin and 1 in Sevilla. Less areas have been affected however than first thought in the east of the island, which means that the damage should be slightly less than first thought :- between 50 and 90 million US dollars.
The homeless/displaced toll has increased to 37424 according to NDRRMC. Currently only some of the damaged houses have been counted, so this data will only be included later.

Fatalities predicted

It can be seen that the predicted fatalities are on the west coast, and located mostly around Loon. Using the new intensity data, the fatalities will most likely reach around 170-200 due to shaking. (CATDAT/James Daniell)

Update 10:16 : As most of the footage comes from Cebu, who has also been which resulted in a limited number of killed people, most people are underestimating what happened closer to the epicenter on Bohol Island. As we are fortunate to have people from Bohol Island in our readership, the following short stories of what they experienced are describing how it feels to be hit by a massive earthquake. Just frightening! + the aftershocks are continuing at full force.

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 12.08.57

Update 09:15 UTC : The death toll may have been higher, were it not for it being a public holiday with the earthquake occurring at 8am, and the markets were closed.
The Loon municipality has been particularly hit.

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 12.13.36

Update 09:05 UTC : The death toll has sadly risen to 142 (according to 132 deaths reported in Bohol province by the head of the province's information office, Augustus Escobia. In addition, at least 20 are still missing, meaning that the final death toll may be around 160.

The 2 videos below have been recorded during and immediately after the earthquake. We do warn our readers that the first video has some explicit cruel scenes. Sensitive people should not look at that one. The lower video shows the collapse of an historic church tower.

Update 06:18 UTC : The death toll did further climb to 107 (97 from Bohol Island). Earthquake rescue and relief agencies are now reporting that 2.8 million people have been been affected (in many ways) by the earthquake. 276 people have been treated for injuries.
The photo below reflects the type of earthquake as it shows an uplift of the surface. Both fault sides are pressing into each other (focal mechanism at the bottom of this article)

Image courtesy @TokyoDrastic

Image courtesy @TokyoDrastic

Update 05:20 UTC  : The death toll remains at 99 unfortunately. Our hearts go out to all those who have lost someone.

Update 04:59 UTC  : Tagbilaran City port terminal has collapsed, however the airport resumed operatins despite the collapse of the ceiling on the 2nd floor. To remind viewers of the extent of the landslides, the photos of Julie Jaramillo in Delmonte, Alicia, Bohol, show the full story. Thank you for sharing these with earthquake-report.com and the world.
Click on the picture to see them in full format.

Update 04:53 UTC  : The death toll remains at 99, however a small number of people are still trapped.
- 6 hospitals have sustained minor damage (cracks) on Bohol, however are still functional.
- 12650 people are homeless on Bohol and 15 people on Cebu.
- Houses have collapsed in Anonang, Inabanga and Loreto and Cortes barangays on Bohol. In addition, Argao has significant damage.

Update 04:45 UTC  : 100 million PHP (just over 2 million US dollars) has been put aside on standby for recovery. The economic damage is expected to be around 3.9 billion PHP (around 89 million US dollars) according to the CATDAT loss model currently.

Update 04:30 UTC  :
99 people are dead and 276 injured according to the latest counts.
90 of these deaths occurred on Bohol, as well as 166 injured.
8 dead in Cebu and 106 injured.
1 death and 3 injured in Siquijor.
1 injury in Negros Oriental.

13 evacuation centers are currently holding 12500 people. 12665 are displaced/homeless, of around 2841956 people affected (2.84 million people) covering 3 provinces, 7 cities and around 900 barangays.

Airports have reopened as well as all seaports except Pier No. 4 at Cebu which was heavily damaged.

Update 04:00 UTC  : Death toll: 99.


The image below shows the epicenters based on the first incoming data, totally wrong (as it is often). The real epicenter was close to Loon and Tagbilaran !

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 02.31.03

629 km SE of Manila, Philippines / pop: 10,444,527 / local time: 08:12:33.0 2013-10-15
60 km SE of Cebu City, Philippines / pop: 798,634 / local time: 08:12:33.0 2013-10-15
2 km NW of Mahayag, Philippines / pop: 2,353 / local time: 08:12:33.0 2013-10-15

2km (1mi) S of Carmen, Philippines
31km (19mi) ESE of Tibigan, Philippines
40km (25mi) SSW of Talibon, Philippines
41km (25mi) ENE of Tagbilaran, Philippines
636km (395mi) SSE of Manila, Philippines

Most important Earthquake Data:

Magnitude : 7.1

Local Time (conversion only below land) : 2013-10-15 08:12:35

GMT/UTC Time : 2013-10-15 00:12:35

Depth (Hypocenter)  : 24 km

Depth and Magnitude updates in the list below.

Share your earthquake experience (I Have Felt It) with our readers.
Click on the "I Felt It" button behind the corresponding earthquake. Your earthquake experience is not only important for science, but also for people in the area as well as our global readership.

Refresh this list
SRC Location UTC Date/time M D INFO
USGS Panaytayon, Philippines Oct 15 17:32 4.6 75 MAP
EMSC Bohol, Philippines Oct 15 17:32 4.5 45 MAP I Felt It INFO
GEOFON Leyte, Philippines Oct 15 17:32 4.6 15 MAP I Felt It INFO
EMSC Bohol, Philippines Oct 15 16:57 4.9 80 MAP
  • Siquijor - slight damaged
  • GEOFON Mindanao, Philippines Oct 15 16:57 4.8 15 MAP I Felt It INFO
  • Mactan - It was a 7.1 and it is still shaking - Magnitudes are NO exact science, they are mostly different in type of Magnitude and the value the agency gives them. Also the hypocenter depths is the same story. Phivolcs keeps the M7.2.
  • EMSC Negros- Cebu Reg, Philippines Oct 15 13:51 5.1 5 MAP
    GEOFON Negros, Philippines Oct 15 13:51 5.0 16 MAP
    USGS Calape, Philippines Oct 15 13:51 5.1 20 MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGS Nueva Fuerza, Philippines Oct 15 13:01 4.9 54 MAP
    GEOFON Cebu, Philippines Oct 15 13:01 4.7 15 MAP
    EMSC Negros- Cebu Reg, Philippines Oct 15 13:01 4.8 20 MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSC Negros- Cebu Reg, Philippines Oct 15 10:49 4.7 20 MAP
    GEOFON Negros, Philippines Oct 15 10:49 4.7 10 MAP I Felt It INFO
  • Dumaguete City - we learned that dumaguete city and sibulan in negros oriental had 6.2 magnitude as according to PHIVOLCS
  • USGS Loon, Philippines Oct 15 10:49 4.7 20 MAP
    USGS San Isidro, Philippines Oct 15 10:07 4.6 20 MAP
    EMSC Negros- Cebu Reg, Philippines Oct 15 10:07 4.7 20 MAP
    GEOFON Leyte, Philippines Oct 15 10:07 4.6 15 MAP
    EMSC Bohol, Philippines Oct 15 09:47 4.7 20 MAP
    GEOFON Mindanao, Philippines Oct 15 09:47 4.8 15 MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGS Valle Hermoso, Philippines Oct 15 09:47 4.8 17 MAP
    GEOFON Leyte, Philippines Oct 15 09:18 4.8 11 MAP
    EMSC Leyte, Philippines Oct 15 09:18 4.8 10 MAP
    USGS Nueva Fuerza, Philippines Oct 15 09:18 4.7 11 MAP
    EMSC Bohol, Philippines Oct 15 08:52 5.2 20 MAP
    GEOFON Mindanao, Philippines Oct 15 08:52 5.2 14 MAP
    USGS Catigbian, Philippines Oct 15 08:52 5.4 19 MAP
    GEOFON Negros, Philippines Oct 15 08:42 5.6 19 MAP
    EMSC Negros- Cebu Reg, Philippines Oct 15 08:42 5.7 20 MAP
    USGS Loon, Philippines Oct 15 08:42 5.9 20 MAP
    EMSC Bohol, Philippines Oct 15 08:36 5.5 20 MAP
    GEOFON Leyte, Philippines Oct 15 08:36 5.3 10 MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGS Valle Hermoso, Philippines Oct 15 08:36 5.5 19 MAP
    EMSC Negros- Cebu Reg, Philippines Oct 15 05:47 4.9 20 MAP
    GEOFON Negros, Philippines Oct 15 05:47 4.8 10 MAP
    USGS Buenavista, Philippines Oct 15 05:47 5.0 19 MAP
    EMSC Negros- Cebu Reg, Philippines Oct 15 05:12 4.8 2 MAP
    GEOFON Cebu, Philippines Oct 15 05:12 4.8 10 MAP
    USGS Calape, Philippines Oct 15 05:12 4.8 1 MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSC Bohol, Philippines Oct 15 04:22 5.2 10 MAP
    USGS Clarin, Philippines Oct 15 04:22 5.2 25 MAP
    GEOFON Leyte, Philippines Oct 15 04:22 5.2 14 MAP I Felt It INFO
    GEOFON Mindanao, Philippines Oct 15 02:42 5.0 10 MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSC Bohol, Philippines Oct 15 02:42 5.0 20 MAP
    USGS Clarin, Philippines Oct 15 02:42 5.0 22 MAP
    USGS Negros - Cebu Region, Philippines Oct 15 02:36 4.6 20 MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSC Negros- Cebu Reg, Philippines Oct 15 02:36 4.6 20 MAP
    GEOFON Cebu, Philippines Oct 15 02:36 4.7 10 MAP I Felt It INFO
  • Mandaue - woke up with a strong jitter..lasted fr about 30 secods... God...save us..
  • Progreso, Alicia, Bohol - Just some minutes ago the house started shaking for the 3rd time this night. It started lightly 2:00 at night. But now shaking became very strong. We shelter evacuate people from Sagbayan and all woke up now and noone can sleep anymore. Right now we also have some cracks in the walls of our house. We keep the door open in case shaking become stronger, so all can run out.
  • Mandaue - About 4:40am local time. Seems like it's the strongest aftershock since the big one.
  • Cebu-City - wir sind um kurz vor 5 hochgeschreckt, und dann nochmal um ca.5.30 am time.ein leichtes schuetteln, das aber recht gut bemerkbar war, daher um 5 uhr am morgen auf einen sonntag schlafen wir normal immer noch.
  • Talisay - woken up by house shaking
  • Matalom / Leyte - Being in our house in Matalom / Leyte in the near of Bato we felt these four earthquakes what happened within the last hour in a strong way. We are now expecting more earthquakes and so we have prepared all to run out of house immediately if something happens again. We are scared but no panic having. The earthquakes lastet 3 - 8 seconds each.
  • Shangri-La Mactan, Cebu - I was at the swimming pool when the ground started shaking. I heard the building shaking too. I was so scared I don't know which direction to run. Checked the sea for any signs of tsunami, fortunately there was no signs. I was shaking of fear. It's now Oct. 20 and at 4:40am, there was a strong aftershock AGAIN.
  • Cebu - Pour celui de Mardi le matin j'étais a Borbon env 60 km de Cebu la secousse a été relativement longue et l'après midi je suis retourné a Cebu et il y a eut plusieurs secousses dont une vers 18h00 assez sèche forte. Depuis nous sommes sur le qui vive d'autant plus que ce matin a 4H45 environ il y a eut encore des secousses et depuis il y en a de temps en temps.. Mes Amis a Bohol sont dans la peur que celà recommence encore, beaucoup de dégât ont été constater cette fois ci..
  • Cebu City - strong aftershock felt starting at 4:44am. aftershocks felt every 20-30 minutes. another strong aftershock felt at 7am and 9:45am
  • Mactan - Me and my partner are in a 15 story condo, she woke me to get out, the building was shaking very severely, We found it was very hard to walk, vases broke and items were falling, water cooler fell over and the microwave fell to the ground, the grinding and cracking of concrete really scared us, the power was out as we had had 2 brown outs before the quake and during the quake it was out again, the lifts were down, so we went to the stairs, and we got to the ground. Now back in our condo and seei
  • EMSC Bohol, Philippines Oct 15 01:55 5.1 20 MAP
    USGS Maribojoc, Philippines Oct 15 01:55 4.9 21 MAP
    GEOFON Mindanao, Philippines Oct 15 01:55 5.0 10 MAP
    EMSC Negros- Cebu Reg, Philippines Oct 15 01:38 5.2 25 MAP
    GEOFON Negros, Philippines Oct 15 01:38 5.2 13 MAP
    USGS Loon, Philippines Oct 15 01:37 5.2 22 MAP
    EMSC Leyte, Philippines Oct 15 01:30 4.8 10 MAP I Felt It INFO
    GEOFON Leyte, Philippines Oct 15 01:30 4.8 10 MAP
    USGS Naga, Philippines Oct 15 01:25 4.8 21 MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSC Bohol, Philippines Oct 15 01:24 4.9 10 MAP
    GEOFON Mindanao, Philippines Oct 15 01:24 4.7 10 MAP
    EMSC Bohol, Philippines Oct 15 01:07 5.0 21 MAP I Felt It INFO
    GEOFON Mindanao, Philippines Oct 15 01:07 5.0 10 MAP
    USGS Canmaya Diot, Philippines Oct 15 01:07 5.0 20 MAP
    USGS Catigbian, Philippines Oct 15 00:33 5.3 69 MAP
    GEOFON Leyte, Philippines Oct 15 00:33 5.3 10 MAP
    EMSC Leyte, Philippines Oct 15 00:33 5.4 10 MAP
    USGS Nueva Fuerza, Philippines Oct 15 00:29 5.4 87 MAP
    EMSC Bohol, Philippines Oct 15 00:29 5.4 42 MAP
  • my family in Bohol - Im here in Australia just called my family back in Inabanga Bohol, she's telling me that the roads and farm cracked then the mud or wit soil came out. Is it normal or what? ER : Yes thats normal, it is called liquefaction. It happens when the sandy soil is shaken and the water comes out on top. Happens often in every massive earthquake
  • Bil-Isan, Panglao, Bohol - Worse earthquake experience including 2 yrs spent in taiwan, power been off all day, night now small but quite bouncy aftershocks
  • sikatuna, bohol - matay buanga jud! lisang ko dah..di gajud ko mkatuo nga ing-ato kakusuga ag linog..arang gajud paita.. louy aho bay ky hapit matumpag..aksyon kog kalisang..matay..naa pay aho mga binuhi mga kabaw ug kanding isigpanagan ky nahadlok.. hapit pa nawa amo kabaw..matang
  • Carmen - We were inside when it happened and had to run outside when we manage to stand up. We are fine. But we are still outside about 3 hours later. It's still unsafe to go inside. Chandeliers are broken, glasses, TV, and I don't know what else.
  • Alicia, Bohol - Just finished my laundry, suddenly hear a vary loud roaring voice,then roofs shaken. I shouted to let my 3 kids go outside in our house. God so scary, I can't help but cry, because of fear. All along I thought that shaking will never stop. After shocks are still felt. SO SCARY.
  • Pob. Sur,Carmen,Bohol - oh my god!!! so strong shaking, our church was totally collapsed,some of our neighbors house were damaged, my sis in laws houses part of their house was collapsed,piled cases of soft drinks was damaged. Famous chocolate hills was also damaged.. GOD PLEASE STEP THE PEDAL TO STOP THE AFTER SHOCKS. FELT SO NERVOUS AND SCARED.
  • Sagbayan Bohol - Father/Mother in-law's house mostly collapsed. Brother in-law's house badly damaged. No power. Roads are badly damaged. Cell phones out (Tower damage?). No gasoline (No power to pump or tanks damaged).
  • Pob.DanaoBoholPhilippines - God help hngng ngaun my lindol prn mlks pdn s Pob.DanaoBohol cmula p khpn lhtng tao nsa klsada nktira cmula ng mg umpisa ang lindol super nkktkot dw ang laks2.kwawa mga tao ngiiyakn hbng ngppray.
  • Bohol - Officials should visit Brgy. Virgen of Anda, Bohol, Philippines. The hall collapsed, the residents needs help much...the brgy. officials especially the brgy. captain did nothing, he is always on gambling and campaigning himself for the election. how bad the captain is...
  • Dampas, Tagbilran City - Woke up at 8am to a roaring jet engine like sound. I thought a commercial airliner was about to slam into our apartment. The house started shaking uncontrollably and I started to rush downstairs to be with my wife. I realised I was naked and ran back into our bedroom to get dressed. I was bouncing off the walls as I was putting my shorts on and just as I was searching for my tshirt the quake stopped. My wife rushed upstairs and we were both white from fear and just hugged. Was the most intense,
  • Tiptip,Tagbilaran,Bohol - I was awaken by the quake,and I hide under a table. 30-40 seconds.
  • Loon, Bohol - Please help explain the following occurrences in Loon, Bohol as sent by one of the residents in the place: 1. Sinkholes are appearing near the shorelines. 2. Yellowish liquid are coming out from the ground and in the sea. 3. Fishkills are experienced in some areas. 4. Springs are dried up. ER : Sinkholes and springs drying up are quite common... (as a result of serious changes in the underground). Did it rupture a waste disposal pipe ? The waste disposal goes out into the sea usually to disper
  • Tagbilaran City, Bohol - I was sleeping in my room which was 3 stories up in a 4 story building.. Every one was rushing down the stairs.. And I'm the only one who went up stairs coz I thought the building would collapse and The 4th floor is only covered with a rooftop and i was ready to jump just in case. but the building did not collapse..
  • Ubujan - We had made an emergency visit from the UK to attend the funeral of my wife's mother. It was a scary experience. A garden wall lost its top and many items in the house were thrown about. A TV is beyond repair. The local people were ill prepared and ill informed on how to react. They feared a tsunami more than anything else and many panicked by rushing to higher ground. Conserving water is important, but not practiced. Better training and local leadership would help a lot.
  • Loon - naka mata ko sa kakusug!.. gadagan dagan ko padong gawas.. ming laag laag ko sa gawas habang my time.. pag tan.aw nako sa among simbahan wasak.. murag bilat nga na wasak.
  • Tawala, Panglao, Bohol - I was walking on a small road going to the beach when it happened. people run & scream, everybody in panic including me. It was very strong, everything was shaking & there was an extreme loud and scary noise. I was never so afraid in my whole live. we had many aftershocks, some of them as well pretty strong. Now we are afraid that people in Loon or Maribojoc or other parts of bohol are badly harmed and without food. can someone from this areas let us know how bad it is there? we prepare reliefe
  • Tagbilaran City - i was trapped in my bathroom doing my shower. the blocked out came first then the very strong earthquake i felt in my 53 years in life i really felt the shaking what i thought i will fell down in the septic tank because my bathroom is just above my bathroom. i can really feel because i can see nothing its very dark i can hear the sounds of my daugther calling my name to come out from the bathroom i was able to got out only after the shaking in naked... ...thanks God that only our things were bro
  • Taloto, Tagbilaran City - ..I really thought "End of the World" na.Padulong na me mag.duty adto the time when suddenly kalit lang nag.brownout ug kalit may strange sound under us and a very strong shake follows. And my 3 years old niece cried and hug me so tight and said," Hulog tah Mom..Hulog". My father that time na nagkaon just staring our things nga nangahulog, he's shocked.Nahadlok me ni Papa that time coz my heart failure siya.Mama pull her out, nakurat siya nd suddenly realized to crawl out sa house. Til' now so h
  • Canmaag, Loon, Bohol - My house in loon had been partially collapsed some of the walls are totally cracked,if you will get inside the house you can still the vibration
  • Balintawak,Talibon,Bohol - OCTOBER 15,2013 8:03AM -I was so scared that i piss my pants and i ran out of the house wearing only my underwear.And i ran screaming and as i look back at my house i saw my house dancing like the song Gimme gimme no joke. it may sound funny by how i write it but i was still terrified that wont still sleep back at my house even today.
  • Talibon,Bohol - It was an earth-shaking experience.I was in my room, as usual I'm making my personal devotion. I entered the room at 8:07 then started praying at 8:08.Suddenly, I heard a thundering and crushing noise. So I opened my eyes and I felt the very strong shaking in the floor and I saw the corners of my room almost ruptured as they sway to and fro.I felt dizziness afterwards. That was the strongest earthquake I ever experienced since the Feb. 8, 1990 quake.Thanks God, no one was hurt and we are all ok
  • GEOFON Mindanao, Philippines Oct 15 00:29 5.4 12 MAP
    PTWC Mindanao Philippines Oct 15 00:22 7.2 33 MAP
  • Cabanglasan, Bukidnon, Phil - very strong earthquake that lasted more than a minute.
  • Cebu city - 8:00 am
  • Gingoog City - thats the strongest earthquake i had experienced for my 34 years.
  • cagayan de oro, philippines - 8:13 am. lasted more than a minute. house creaking. pets hiding. suspended items rotating. dizzying effect after...no aftershocks so far...
  • bacolod - Woke up around 8am to a strong shaking
  • Davao City - felt it
  • dao, capiz, philippines - so far ita was the very long shaking i had experience..
  • Toledo City, Cebu,Phillipines - It was early morning and we were still sleeping and we felt at first, small tremors and we first thought it was just a shake from a blasting event in the mining company here in our community but, it was strong and lasted for about 1 to 15 seconds.
  • Surallah South cotabato - Slight earthquake
  • Bacolod City - Sudden shaking for about 5 minutes. Television was shaking as well as the wind chimes and the chandelier.
  • Dipolog City - i was on the streets. gosh.
  • Iloilo City - I was sleeping in my bed then all of a sudden..my head is like spinning.. Grabe ang earthquake. Nakakalingin ng ulo. Matagal talaga siya.
  • Dipolog City - the door in our house banged a little and the water in the dogs bowl spilled out
  • Iligan City - 10 minutes ago.
  • Davao City - Just sitting on chair in my classroom, felt a weak shaking sensation that was not inside me! Sort of swaying a bit, had to sit on the beanbag. It passed but lasted for about 1 - 2 minutes.
  • dulag, leyte - it felt like i was in the rocking chair
  • bacolod - Lasted for 2 minutes. still dizzy up to now.
  • Naawan, Misamis Oriental - very long shaking
  • Ormoc city - Shaking lasted about 1.5 minutes
  • cebu - house shook 0820 - cebu city
  • Dipolog - shocked. o_O
  • Oton, Iloilo - That was a long sustained shake.
  • bayawan city - It was not damaging jusr alarming.
  • Caridad - I get dizzy like riding a rollercoaster
  • Palo, Leyte - i felt dizzy nina
  • Cebu City - This was the strongest quake EVER
  • Bacolod - I am from the UK and I have been living in the Philippines about 4 years. This is the worst earthquake that I have experienced. The whole house shook.
  • Cabanglasan, Bukidnon - Furniture were swaying,
  • Bacolod - Feeling nervous up to this minute!
  • Cagbang, Oton, Iloilo - Me and my family just finished eatimg when i first felt the shaking.
  • Cagayan de Oro - Lasted around 3 minutes
  • Moalboal Saavedra - Moalboal Saavedra
  • Ozamiz City - dugay nahuman
  • maasin city - Veeerry scary. Hopeful that everything will be alright! God keep us safe!
  • Iloilo City - We felt the earthquake here at past 8 in the morning. It was strong. The whole building was shaking.
  • Sibulan, Negros Oriental, Philippines - The shake lasted for almost 1 minute
  • Iligan - nakakahilo yung lindol dito kahit kotse gumalaw din.
  • Jagobiao, Cebu City - Still experiencing aftershocks...Thank God my family is safe!
  • Dumaguete - We ran outside as our house was madly shaking
  • Iligan City - We in Iligan City felt the strong shaking of earthquake at 8:15AM today. Street electric cables strongly swayed and our house shook strong we fear that if the shaking last a bit longer it might cause tremendous damage to structures.
  • siaton, negros oriental - Im still shaking
  • Rocky Village Yumbing Mambajao Camiguin - A moderate long rolling shake
  • lapu-lapu - may konting shake parin
  • iligan city (suarez) - Ik zat achter mijn pc, en voelde grond onder mijn voeten bewegen, zag de water in de vissenkom bewegen, rende naar buiten en zag de top van de bomen bewegen.
  • Ozamiz - Light shakings
  • Palao, iligan city 9200 - Cars wobble, water in the jug moves as I leaned on the chair due to dizziness..
  • Iligan City - Strongest quake in the past 10 or 20 years so far.
  • Cebu City - My heart can't speak right now
  • Dumingag - I woke up because of the earthquake, at exactly 8:19am today.
  • Talisay City, Negros Occ - everything is shaking. it woke me up. lasted for 30 seconds
  • Cebu City - I was asleep. It felt as if someone was shaking my bed. I am usually a heavy sleeper, now, only an earthquake has woken me.
  • ormoc city, - mka suka gud ang kalipong..
  • Kabankalan - Frames fell down. same with the vases and some other furnitures.
  • Gingoog - Scary
  • Iligan City - Woke me in my sleep, hanging objects were shaking, no vertical movement
  • Iligan City - I was working on a computer when I felt it. I was in the second floor and I really felt that the whole house is shaking. Everyone in the house went out. I also called my mother and she said they also went out of their house after noticing the water in the pale leaking due to the movement of the earthquake
  • roxas city - I'm on my shower this morning and my wife shouted that there's an earthquake happening. I ended up barely naked going out the apartment with my wife. It was quite strong.
  • Villa Aurora Cebu City - i was sleeping when i felt not ordinary shaking... all of my room mates jump out from the bed and ran towards an open field. We expect aftershock after this because the earthquake was very strong
  • Katipunan - Strongest earthquake I have felt since being in the Philippines.
  • Cagayan de Oro City - Light shaking,
  • Bogo City - I was asleep when a violent shaking woke me up.
  • Maasin City - Very Scary! It woke me up, and even until now it's still shaking. God keep us safe ^_^
  • Mandaue - Shook house from side to side
  • kauswagan, cagayan de oro - Rice cooker fell due to earthquake. We imnediately vacated the house.
  • tacloban, leyte, philippines - Felt dizzy
  • Bacolod City - I was awoken from sleep by slight jerking of the bed but it felt more like a sustained glide than a fast, short jerk. Everybody rushed outside. I felt like I was riding a boat and experiencing mild seasickness.
  • cagayan de oro - I was sleeping. I thought I was dreaming then I woke up to the shaking.
  • Iloilo City Capiz - I was sleeping and suddenly my brother called my name.. I looked at the ceiling and I got dizzy. until now
  • danao city - felt so strong shaking
  • Isabel, Leyte - Things were swaying. It was the first time I experienced that strong
  • Catmon Cebu - I was playing NBA 2k13 and last 3 seconds Kevin Durant fires for the win and missed it and My Heat wins. Because My computer was shaking. LOL
  • lapulapu city - I was asleep and i was awakened.
  • Bato, Leyte - Scary...lasted long time
  • Isabel, Leyte - More than 4 aftershocks felt. Though they were very weak.
  • cebu philipines - i saw it on skype video with my friend..the building was shaking and i lost contact with her...she is now outside experiencing after shocks
  • Consolacion - I woke up from sleep as I felt the Earthquake. My drinking glasses fell from the shelves. lucky they're not destroyed.
  • Tacloban City - It's strong. The animals felt it and it went for long.
  • bacolod city - last at least 30 second with strong shaking everybody ran outside and got down so they would not fall
  • Ozamiz - I am an American living in Ozamiz City. That was my FIRST earthquake. WOW! I felt like I was standing on a wobbling table. Our house shook including everything inside. I still feel like my balance was off. I pray no one was hurt and no tsunamis occur because of this. Be safe everyone! God Bless!
  • dipolog city - Woke up due to the quake
  • Cagayan de Oro - 2-3 minutes light shaking
  • bayawan city - a earthquake strike in 1min when i standing outside
  • sibulan , negros oriental - the earth was shaking and everything are tumbling..
  • bacolod city - The glass of water on my desk spilled. From forth floor, we really need in out fast from the building.
  • cebu city - high rise building on 14th floor. no damage. small things fallig off shelves. electricity cut. 8.43am local time still well noticiable aftershakes
  • tangub city - lightly shaken my computer table
  • malaybalay city - my house shaking..my son shouting and nervous... now still feel dizzy..thanks god were safe and alive
  • Asturias,Cebu - nangahulug ang mga gamit dire
  • Cagayan de Oro - circular motion
  • gingoog city - felt the shaking... everyone runs outside the house
  • Cagayan de oro - long rolling waves, strong but not violent, lasting more than 1-2 minutes...still dizzy
  • Iligan City - I could see the house literally shaking, although not that strong and fast. I mean, aside from feeling it, you could see it. our cars were shaken as well, waters in containers were disturbed. hanging objects were swinging..
  • Catmon, Cebu - I was playing NBA 2k13 and last 3seconds in the 4th quarter when Kevin Durant fires a three for the win and missed it because my PC was shaking. LOL. I won it.
  • Iligan City - I was asleep when I noticed that I was being shook. I thought it was just a dream til I woke up and found out that it was indeed an earthquake. My chair and my computer almost fell from the table.
  • Malaybalay city - It felt like I was in a ship during rough seas.
  • Cebu City - Strong and long ground shaking.
  • Ozamiz City - i thought my roommate shake my deck, so i told her not to... then i realize it was an earthquake,. and she was awake because of the shaking.. 🙂
  • Dumaguete - Very strong several aftershocks
  • Bacolod City - the shake was long and strong.the plastic table was literary dancing.
  • Butuan City - I woke up from my sleep when my grandmother started screaming.
  • Bayugan city, Agusan Sur - I felt like riding in the boat, medyo kusog ang balod... mga 2 to 3 minutes nawala.. ohh medyo dugay.. thank you Lord we all safe..
  • lawigan camiguin island - the shaking seemed to go on for quite awhile,
  • ozamiz city - Naka mata kos kakusog sa linog pisti
  • ebu - This was my first Earthquake I thought it was works being done at first till it continued and become worse ran outside just as it slowed to a top. 5 minutes later a very small quake was felt. We are in a Hotel on Holiday's
  • Camiguin Island - I was in the C.R. I thought that my sisters are just playing games on me. T'was very strong! my God!
  • Ormoc City - I'm an American now living in our Ormoc City. I was sitting at my computer desk having a video chat with an American friend in California. The house started shaking more and more, as my friend in California saw the room behind me moving all around like me. Then the power went off and I went outside real fast. Quite an experience, made me sick to my stomach, not fearing but definitely concerned.
  • Cagayan de Oro - Our ceiling fan was shaking so bad. The building next to our house has glass windows and they were swaying. Good thing they didn't break.
  • talisay city - Felt around 8:15 am for 4-5 minutes duration. No aftershocks so far.
  • Bacolod City - It woke me up- my bed is really moving- window blinds are swaying, open doors banging- it last for almost 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Iloilo City, Philippines - What was thought of someone just moving our cubes was actually an earthquake. We had to stay still for a couple of seconds before making a run for the exit. The shaking lasted for like 5 mins and we all had to wait 5 minutes more before going back in our offices.
  • malaybalay city bukidnon - we run out from our building, as we saw the opposite building shaking.
  • Talisay City, Negross Occidental - I was in my room just checking facebook, when all of a sudden, my room started shaking, the bunk bed swayed and my windows rattled. Some books fell. That's it.
  • Sto Rosario, CPG, Bohol - Biggest earthquake felt in CPG in the last 50 years at least
  • Bolisong, El Salvador City - My bp rises immediately..i felt so dizzy because of the shake..nakakatakot, yong mga manok namin nagpuputakan,they really felt the strong earthshake..God Help Us..
  • Cagayan de Oro - Longest and stronger earthquake I felt so far.
  • Cebu City - I've been in several earthquakes in my life. This was by far the strongest & most frightening. I thought my building would fall down. Many aftershocks continuing every few minutes. Power is out everywhere. Even our generator has not come on yet.
  • ormoc city - I'm shaking while my bro holding our tv so it wont fell on the floor. It lasted for a minute or so......
  • cebu city - The buildings fell and some house has cracks and people were running towards their children and the children were crying. no electricity for 30 minutes.
  • Dumaguete - woke me up. thankfully there was no damage. slight aftershocks were felt a few minutes after
  • Cagayan de oro - felt dizzy with one minute earthquake
  • Iloilo City - The earthquake woke everyone out and it lasted very long.
  • Dipolog City - We were eating breakfast and we felt mild shaking, it lasted only about 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Pontevedra - Wake up Call! House shaking...
  • Talisay City - i was sleeping, the earthquake woke me up! scary felt like it won't listen to our plea to stop...
  • Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines - appx 1 minute first shake, up to 3 minor aftershocks
  • Looc, Salay, Misamis Oriental - I really felt the shaking of the ground and I really heard the strong sound coming underground..I felt so scared because we are living in the coastal area and I am worried of Tsunami..
  • Naawan, Mindanao - Slight movement of ground. No damage.
  • Ormoc City - I'm an American now living in Ormoc City. I was sitting at my computer desk doing video chat with a friend in California. The room started shaking and he saw me moving back and forth and also the walls behind me. Soon, there was no power, and I was going to the street where my neighbors were all standing. Quite a new experience, not really scared, but certainly concerned about those who are near the center. Prayers go out that God will protect life and property.
  • Iligan - we felt the shaking that got us out of bed and went outside the house. it was long and strong even in a one storey home. we found neighbors outside of their houses too.
  • Cagayan de Oro City - Woke up due to the earthquake so stayed in bed to wait for it to stop. It was one of the longest earthquake I've ever felt.
  • Victorias City, Negros Occidental - this is the strongest we felt here. we can feel the aftershocks too.....strong aftershocks too
  • Bacolod - first earthquake I have ever felt! Scary
  • Cebu - Cebu City - A long and violent earthquake woke me up running outside the house
  • Manolo Fortich - Furniture started moving.
  • Talisay City, Cebu - Nangahulog ang amo figurine sa divider...
  • Valencia City, Bukidnon - almost 20 seconds of shaking..
  • Kabankalan city, Negros occidental - The people were running to the streets for safety. Power was out. Strongest earthquake in my 24 yrs of existence! I was lying in bed and it felt like the end of the world.
  • abuyog leyte - I woke up because of the earthquake. People were shouting.
  • Surigao City - we were in a gasoline station & our car was shaking. i thought somebody was shaking our car while the boy was filling diesel tank. the top of the electric posts in that station were also swaying as if somebody was playing below.
  • Lapu Lapu - hiding in the doorway hiding under the table many after shakes small cracks in the building
  • san carlos city, negros occidental - It woke me up! First time i felt that our concrete house swayed and it lasted for almost a minute. Aftershocks are still felt here.
  • bangcaS A HINUNANGAN SOUTHERN LEYTE - it was not that strong but it took some time. .
  • Lapu Lapu - was skyping with Fiancee and saw terror in her face.. still no contact or answer cell
  • Cebu - Bagay, Daanbantayan - Concrete House shook some popping of concrete beams - felt very sick and dizzy - My first time so i have nothing to compare it to but i will say it was strong.
  • EL SALVADOR CITY, MIS.OR. - lasted more or less 3 mins. we really felt the shaking and seen it on the things around us. ALARMING!
  • zamboanguita,Negros oriental - I was in the second floor and I cant stand nor walk anymore.Its really a strong earthquake.Anybody knows the exact magnitude recorded in our place? <a href=http://thepcaa.org/tags/adventure_games >http://thepcaa.org/tags/adventure_games</a>
  • Cagayan de Oro City - it's my first time to experience a strong earthquake. first time nako kita og sakyanan og electric wire nga ga sayaw2. scary xa
  • Siquijor - Very strong shaking more than a minute mirrors fall down.Many tremors but less severe
  • talisay negros occidental - Lingin akon ulo.
  • aklan - the earthquake lasted for more than a minute and i thought nahihilo lang ako kasi i didn't take my breakfast... even my co-worker thought he had a high blood that time but then it was an earthquake...
  • valencia, ormoc city, leyte - lasted so long....
  • buenavista Nasipit Agusan Del Norte - I was sat on a chair, I felt something is not good in my surroundings its very strongground shaking I've experience.
  • cebu city - Inside house was totally messed up, school beside my house destroyed.
  • Bato, Leyte - my first time..the strongest earthquake...
  • Cadiz City, Negros Occ - Whole house was shaking and our aquarium was splashing water everywhere.
  • guadalupe cebu city - Cebu city - our wall mounted tv fell off..scary
  • sams labrador hinunangan soutern leyte - kusog KAAJU KUBAAN KO...
  • SIQUIJOR - Hit and move strong and long... many house and electric post also moving but so far around here no major damaged.
  • cebu city - Without recognizing, the earthquake suddenly happened, many small objects fell down, and some furniture moved. After several weaker shocks continued for 6 to 8 minutes.
  • Victorias City, Negros Occidental - feeling the strong aftershocks too....
  • Cagayan De Oro City - I've experienced a moderate swing inside my house. Without waiting for anything I've decided to get out of my house.
  • ozamiz city - One of the worst morn7ngs I ever had in my entire life. Thought that was my ending.
  • Dubai, UAE - I felt the quake even though im not in philippines because we're on the video call with my gf that time when suddenly the video was shaking. She told me its a quake and she ran outside immediately leavinf the laptop behind and the cam was still ON. I observe several shaking on the video. It seems a very strong quake. Thanks God she is okay and my family as well.
  • pob.oton iloilo - Praying for'the'safety of each and everyone!
  • tacloban city - very nice smooth rocking about 45 sec
  • Bacong Negoros Oriental - The house was shaking... chandeliers went crazy!!!! it was like the house was gonna collpase. It felt like the land will swallow every establishment
  • Isabel, Leyte - Strong shaking, I ran out of the house.
  • Sibulan,Negros Oriental - Strong earthquake
  • Consolacion - We're so scared! Everything was shaking!
  • Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines - I was in my 2nd floor bedroom. Things on shelf fell down and a stadning airconditioner was shaked as it would fall down on the floor. Even it passed an hour almost after first earthquake, but still we have the secondary shaking. It makes us more nervous.
  • macabalan,cagayan de oro city - Macabalan, cdoc - that whas one of a kind earthquake ! watch out for the aftershock guys! be alert and vigilant!!!
  • bacolod - house was shaking, and it really lasted pretty long. hope everyone in Bohol okay.
  • Cebu City - This was the strongest quake to hit this city in over 30 years or more ! Things came falling off of shelves and the rumbling and shaking lasted for it seemed like a full minute or more ! Everyone ran out of buildings in a big panic. The electricity was off for only a little over an hour, thank God. We are having regular tremors around every 20 or 30 minutes now.
  • Silay City - kululbaan
  • larnaca - Opened bathroom door..quick bed lateral movemen... sound on walls. .max 3 seconds. .
  • Dumaguete - It was very strong earthquake in Dumaguete, much stronger and longer then in February, 6, 2012. But we still have electricity and internet connection. Hope no damage in the city
  • Ozamiz City - mka labad ug ulo ang linog nkamata nlang c ate carlota
  • midsayap,cotabato - little dizzy
  • Dumagate - Mild shaking
  • Pagadian City - I felt it! Our car, the wires and the trees are shaking :O
  • Dipolog - Omgee! Ang lakas talaga nun. And now Im having my program now and ders aftershocks dow mahina nalang nakakatakot talaga ang station namin nasa 4th floor . Iiwan ko talaga ang booth.If ever!Dead air ka na jan. BWAHAHAHA
  • Tacloban City, Leyte - The earthquake woke me up
  • Dumaguete City - last for almost 30 seconds here. It was a very strong quake. Feeling dizzy.
  • bacolod city - around 8am in the mornig.the gate of our house was shaking,,
  • Tagum City - In my lifetime it was the strongest and longest earthquake I've ever experienced, probably my mom's and grandma's too. The cats were frantic. Cars were shaking too. My neighbors were shouting for us to get out of the house. I was scared.
  • tacloban city - matagal ung shaking. i can really fet it inside the house and outside.
  • Lapu-Lapu City - Strongest and longest quake I have experienced in Mactan so far. The water from our underground pump comes out muddy when it is usually very clear.
  • ORMOC CITY - Concrete electric post swaying like coconut trees in the wind.
  • cagayan de oro city - You can really feel the intensity
  • Lapu-lapu Cebu - i woke up bexause of the sahakin..it's strong and it lasted for about a minute ..
  • cdo - I feel the shaking for 6-7 minutes. I was afraid but I stayed inside our house praying.
  • iligan city - very strong so far..not good... maybe a half of a minute experience of quake... but not bad no damages ive heard yet..
  • Cagayan de Oro City - Keep safe everyone...
  • Cebu City, Cebu Business park - I live on the 4th floor of a 14 story condo. I was in a deep sleep with my pregnant gf next to me. I was disoriented as I couldn't understand what was occurring. Then, my gf said "earthquake". It was extremely frightening. I thought the building would collapse. It left cracks in various walls. The severe shaking seemed to get more intense as the moments seemed to take forever. The aftershocks are constant reminders of what we went through. Super scary.
  • Consolacion Cebu - things were falling breaking, see building moving and people were scared..lasted 30 seconds to one minute Sm mall was damaged everything is mostly closed...
  • Mandaue City - 2 secondslight shake..
  • Cebu City - I am a night shift employee and just renting apartment on 2nd floor Building. That morning I was just about to sleep when suddenly the floor vibrates, I thought it was just the other occupants next to us but suddenly a strong shaking was followed. It was a very strong shaking I was thinking the building next to us would collapse and may have buried us alive. I quickly ran outside the building and find safe place. I've seen a lot of tourist outside their hotels with face of intense fear.
  • Zamboanga City - My friends told me that they felt the earthquake here
  • Carcar, Philippines - we are on our breakfast when the land starts to shake,,feel so scared calling my mothers name..huh kuyaw kaayo hadlok matumba amu deck.
  • Naga, Cebu - The old house where I live Was ok No damage. The new one had a horizontal crack in one wall, witch is already been taken care of.
  • Orihuela Costa - At 0948 local time windows rattled but no vibrations felt. It lasted for about two seconds.
  • Cebu City - I am very thankful because I am fine now eventhough I've been experiencing after shock all the time here in Cebu City. I could not forget last October 15, 2013, I had my duty at 16th floor Ebloc2 IT Park, I work as a call center agent, while sitting and talking to my customer, I felt that the building was shaking and all of us were very scared coz we didn't know what to do. I cried because its my first time to experience a very strong earthquake. Till now, we are still experiencing after shock.
  • Pangangang Island - 90% from the island is damaged
  • Talisay - I was scared to death.
  • USGS Carmen, Philippines Oct 15 00:13 7.2 33 MAP
    WCATWC Mindanao Philippine Islands Oct 15 00:13 7.2 33 MAP
    USGS Nueva Vida Sur, Philippines Oct 15 00:12 7.2 33 MAP
    USGS Balilihan, Philippines Oct 15 00:12 7.2 56 MAP
    GEOFON Mindanao, Philippines Oct 15 00:12 7.1 24 MAP I Felt It INFO
  • Ligan City Philippines - about 8:15 am, philippine time, we experienced a quake of more than 2 minutes..
  • iligan city - horrable
  • Cagayan de Oro City - I am about to shake.. Still up to this point, I am still bit dizzy.
  • Cabanglasan, Bukidnon, PH - very strong earthquake that lasted more than a minute
  • iligan city - it moved my bed from one corner to the other..
  • Iligan City, Lanao del Norte, Philippine - I was asleep when the earthquake occurred. My family vacated the building right away. I didn't really want to leave yet at first, thinking that it was just a mild earthquake. But the entire house began to shook horribly. And so I got up in no time and flew downstairs.
  • Naawan Misamis Oriental - We experience strong earthquake around 1min or least..
  • Iligan - Shocking!
  • Tangub City, Misamis Occidenta - I felt dizzy after the earthquake.
  • Bacolod City - house was really shaking
  • Iligan City - It was 1-2 minutes long.
  • Pandan, Antique Aklan - In a two-story home. Felt side to side shaking, movement of lights and standing fans, etc.
  • Oroquieta City - my house was shaking,car in driveway was visibly moving
  • Opol - pool from Apple Tree overflowed
  • sapang dalaga - it was scary for me! God is only the words ive said!
  • Brgy. San Miguel, Iligan City - Scary experience.. But luckily nothing bad happens..
  • Baybay City, Leyte - shaking me!!
  • Ozamiz City - Our mango trees are horrifyingly shaking including our roof in our garage
  • Cagayan de Oro City - I'm a little dizzy...
  • Cagayan de Oro City - took a long while to finish that everything felt like waves already. very weird
  • Talisayan, Misamis Oriental - Like the house is dancing..
  • Butuan City - i was sleeping and i woke up because i felt something is going on.. i look around our room and i saw the cables are swinging strong. So i quickly carry my daughter and run out of the room
  • Cagayan de Oro - Slow swaying
  • Talisay City - Im still filing dizzy
  • Kauswagan Cagayan de oro City - I was still sleeping when i felt that our bed is shaking so hard. Even feeling dizzy. I ran in my mom's room to wake her up and bring my baby outside. Buy thanks God. We are safe.
  • roxas city capiz - appliances dancing
  • Cebu - Things were falling down and the shaking was so strong.
  • Misamis Occidental - akala ko nahihio lang ako dahil hindi a ako kumakain ng almusal ngunit biglang sumigaw ang nanay ko at ang mga kaldero namin kay nalaglag
  • Iligan City - the qhole building was shaking, alarms from the nearby school was sounded.. people wew advised to go outside of their homes and stay away from buildings.
  • Cagayan de Oro City - We're in the office when it happened. We all stopped working and observed if the shaking would get stronger. Thankfully, it didn't.
  • Dipolog City - quake last more than a minute
  • Kabankalan Citu - The earthquake woke me up...my bed is shaking..
  • Tudela, Misamis Occidental - It woke me up. The car was shaking. That was intense.
  • El Salvador City,Misamis Oriental - I felt dizziness, and saw the trees outside shaking also esp. our coconut trees..my tv antenna was still moving even after the quake..its the strongest earthquake i experience ever in mindanao.
  • Dumaguete, Negros Oriental - Still feeling small aftershocks
  • bacolod city - The earthquake woke me up and my brothers too. And I ran outside seeing light chandeliers swaying.
  • ozamis city - I was sleeping heavily when suddenly I woke on the vibrations of the earthquake
  • San Jose, Antique - here in san jose, antique we also felt it to...
  • Initao, Misamis Oriental - Awoken in my sleep and the shaking continued for like 5 minutes. Longest we had in years.
  • dipolog city - Concrete house moved. Cars shaking
  • Cagayan de oro,Philippines - I tought I was drunk....but then it was an earthquake
  • Cebu city - It was the strongest i felt ever. I felt like the house was gona fall
  • Zamboanga - Edwin Andrews Air Base - Only light rolling, but definitely felt it.
  • Bacolod City - chandelier is rocking in the house...
  • Cagayan de Oro - Jasaan - It really felt to the bones.
  • Iligan. City - I was awaken by the strong shaking of my bed and the movement of the wind chimes by the windows...
  • Oslob, Cebu - im in oslob ( cebu south) it was a strong one . our parked cars even ''danced''
  • Pagadian City - thought i was just dizzy
  • lapu lapu - everyone is in the streets fearing after shocks,,,many people crying fearing damage and loss of poer
  • Iligan City - Nakakahilo po!!
  • cagayan de oro city - whew!! super strong this is my first time !!
  • Bacolod City - was awakened by the earthquake... quite strong.. waiting for more information.
  • Cagayan de Oro City - The strong ground shaking brings dizziness its like making us rounding shake inside house.
  • Stone Haven Residences, Brgy. Granada, B - The house was practically shaking. I was shocked how strong it was.
  • Cagayan de Oro City - About 3 mins long. Felt dizzy inside the bathroom. Doors swaying. Neighbors went outside their homes..
  • Citi homes, Opol, Misamis Oriental - Lasted for about 4 minutes. People went out of their houses. Felt dizzy afterwards.
  • Bacolod - table was shaking
  • Butuan City - circular shaking lasting for long (1 minute or more). everyone went outside their homes
  • Calatrava - strong enough to awake someone from sleep but not that strong to cause any damage.fishponds smelled like you were in a middle of mangrove
  • Cagayan City - building was shaking
  • Bacolod City - it was long and strong
  • mabolo cebu - I was preparing myself to sleep when the entire house started shaking. That was by far the strongest earthquake i experienced in my 23 yrs of existence. Thank God were all okey.
  • Mabolo Cebu - I was preparing myself to sleep when the entire house started shaking. That was by far the strongest earthquake i experienced in my 23 yrs of existence. Thank God were all okey.
  • Talisay City, Neg. Occ - very strong earthquake i've experienced..luckily it didn't last long..God, it shook the house! Literally!
  • Malaybalay City, Bukidnon - tremor lasted for 45 minutes. twas that long.
  • Baybay City, Leyte - people went outside here homes
  • Taliay Neg.Occ - I was asleep the nwoke up sa shaking
  • Cebu City - it was very terrifying...i am just thankful that it is holiday today no class or else i dont know where to put my soul while thinking my son is in school...keep the faith
  • Isabel, Leyte - That was alarming! We must be cautious
  • Talisay City, Neg Occ - Strong shake i've experienced...Luckily, it didn't last very long...God, the house really shook! Literally!
  • Avalon Condo Ayala - Terrifying, felt that the building was going to collapse
  • Ilgan City - too long , too strong so far....
  • Maranding,Lanao del Norte - felt dizzy
  • malaybalay City Bukidnon - wake shaking coz i know only wn i saw d chandeler swaying
  • Hilongos, Leyte - trees are shaking.. bottles fell
  • Gingoog City - nakakatakot kasi ang wall sa loob ng bahay namin ay nag sway..nandon p nman ang anak ko natutulog. a very strong quake i had experience in my life.
  • Bacolod - Im from Australia im in Bacolod on holiday visiting family and i woke up at 8:12am to strong shaking i was the only one inside everyone was already outside! First time ever and it was so scary! Ready for the aftershocks! I thought it was my mum at first but wow! If thats what an earthquake feels like i wonder what a strong strong strong earthquake feels like? I dont wanna find out!
  • Tagum City , Davao - lasted about 4 mins , from 8.13am to 8.17 am, office computer units shaking and we are in the second floor, preparing to duck under computer unit table if it lasted more than that ,,,
  • San Juan, Siquijor - ang daming aftershock,,masakit na ulo namin,,,nabasag yung flower vase namen
  • Bago City Negros Occidental - Sitting at my desk in a wheelchair, about 5-10 seconds before the major jolt i felt a small movement of my wheel chair, then jolts that were swinging a large heavy wooden door that was partway open, move about 6-8 inches total movement, and My steel and glass patio doors started banging in he frames, My guestimate here about 6.8 or so,
  • San Carlos City - All appliances are shaking. almost 6 minutes of shaking!
  • Cebu City - Es war ein ca. 1 Minute andauerndes sehr starkes Schuetteln. In der Nachbarschaft stuerzte der Glockenturm der Sto. Nino- Kirche zusammen. Nach dem starken Benen rannten die Studenten und ich ins Freie. Noch jetzt bebt immer wieder die Erde nach. Der Unterricht ist fuer heute abgesagt.
  • Cagayan de Oro - i thought there's a dog under my chair .. then a few seconds i realized its an earthquake :
  • Lapu-Lapu City - (Please amend your heading on this website page! The epicenter was not in Mindanao. Bohol is not in Mindanao; it is in the Bisayas. Thanks Barry Wolff
  • Marikina - It was strong...
  • Mandurriao, Iloilo City - We felt the earthquake around 8 in the morning.. It was steadily strong (experiencing it from our one-storey house), but to those who are inside the schools, malls and buildings, it was stronger and more shaky.
  • Bindoy - We experienced strong earthquake again,...a second time since feb. 6 6.9 that struck in the first district of negros oriental
  • Camigiun Island - The Earthquake was really strong.. We were eating by that moment when suddenly our neighbors were panicking.. And everything else shaked. That was one of the strongest earthquake here in our province.We were scared..
  • Cagayan de Oro City - one of the terrifying experiences ever had in the city
  • Bacolod City - i was playing a music wen i feel the aftershocks.and it takes 2mins..
  • CDOC - nervous morning!!!
  • Dipolog City - nalurkey ako!!!
  • Libertad, Butuan City - i immediately felt it and so did my 4 yr old twins. immediately carried them out of the house as i noticed our mirror and glass doors swaying and things rattling, my staircase was literally swaying... it lasted for a minute or so and felt a light aftershock about an hour after.
  • Maasin City, Southern Leyte - The first strongest quake i ever experience in my hometown.
  • Tagum City, Davao del Norte - felt it...
  • Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental - started off like a dream until I heard some people outside running, until it reached a clear intensity, I covered near a doorframe .. the first shock took almost one minute, the later I felt fading light, weak abd very weak .. the last mild feeling was avg 1 hour ago ..
  • Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur - T'was not the usual tremor of earthuakes. It was like the waves. feeling dizzy afterwards. Usually the house trembles but this one made our doors sway and the hanging objects too. I felt dizzy and nauseaus afterwrds.
  • Ayia Thekla - I am right on the sea front. felt whole house shake. bed was rattling. made me feel very nauseous. checking on line and learning of 9.7 quake in the Philippines. counting my blessings.
  • Buaya, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu - A very shocking morning here in Buaya, Lapu2x. The Neighborhood are in full of nervous when the M.7.2 earthquake destroyed at eight, fifteen-morning. Lasted-one min.
  • Bacolod - woke up from the shaking, scary how long the shaking lasted
  • Punta Engano - Strongest quake ever. Pool water turned into tsunami.
  • Valencia, Ormoc City, Leyte - felt nerve-racking shaking
  • Iloilo City - We were in the office, I am working as a call center agent then all of a sudden we felt a strong shake then lights went off and we ran down the building.
  • Bogo City Cebu - strong earthquqake!!!
  • Cordova Mactan - High frequency shake like a fast rattle came on instantly with no build up, I thought my house would come down. Standing in my under wear on the street it slowed to a wavy feeling and then the aftershocks began. No tsunami...I'm going to the beach to sit out these nerve racking aftershocks.
  • Siquijor - I felt like I was on a boat during the earthquake.Everything was really shaking.
  • Carcar - woke up about 812 this morning with bed shaking thinking my wife was having a seizure, as I placed my feet on the ground I was experiencing my first earthquake that was shacking our two story home terribly. I woke up my wife and told her we need to hurry outside there is a quake by the time we could make it to the stairs it had stopped, it lasted about 45-60 seconds with about a dozen aftershocks in the first hour a few of them made us almost run for the door again.
  • Talisay City, Cebu - experienced strong shaking, our figurines fell after some time, heard the choppers roving
  • Cebu - grabe kakusog,,nanghapa me sa center sa karsada murag megna muslim kadiyot..i see peaople running, buildinbg dancing,power post swinging,,pastang kusoga..i thought is the shaing will never end..abe nako last day na nako run...naghalocination nako tungod sa kakusog. tanbks sill alive and my family are okey...Lord patawad....
  • Dumaguete - Fortes secousses violentes, difficulté à tenir debout pendant 10 minutes, suivi de répliques dans les heures suivantes. 8:00 Dumaguete Philippines
  • Mandaue City - swiging pictures and broken glasses in cupboards
  • Kalunasan, Cebu City - I was awaken by the earthquake. It was shaking so bad that my heart was aching. The intensity was far different compared to the other year. It was much stronger today. Some aftershocks were strong too that they were very noticeable. I hate to say this, but my feet are still shaking.
  • mahayag,Zambo.Sur - our aquarium made waves
  • Cebu City - That was the strongest earthquake I experienced in my 19 years of existence. Thank God we're safe!
  • Cebu City - It was really scary. I was at the second floor of our apartment and the building beside our house had a lot of damages. thank god nobody got hurt. The strongest I've ever felt so far. :
  • Kapatagan - (Scary moment
  • Cagayan de Oro - i was dizzy
  • Kalunasan, Cebu City - I was woken by the earthquake. Our house was shaking so bad. Worst quake I have ever experienced here in Cebu. Til now, I'm still terribly shaking. The aftershocks are strong too and that some were even noticeable.
  • Mactan, Cebu - It was not only sever but also lasted for many seconds.
  • Maribojoc, Bohol - Houses are destroyed. Some are injured. I never thought this would happen.
  • IT Park, Cebu City - I was traumatized due o strong shaking caused by the earthquake. I was in the 9th floor when it happened and it was quite shocking. One thing that popped up in my mind is that, if I can still have life after this horrible experience.
  • Pagadian City - wala kaayo nako ma-feel ang linog. hiny ra man diri pagadian city. diliparehas last 1976 nga thousands ang patay ug millions ang damaged diri sa amoa.
  • Sagay City - bed was shaking and windows are rattling
  • Labangon, Cebu City - Very strong earthquake.
  • Iligan City - I felt the quake while i was on the shitter. Shitter water splashed about and touched my ass. WORST EARTHQUAKE EVER!
  • Nasinu - Was watching TV ,laying on sofa, suddenly it started to shake ,it continued for few seconds and stopped .House did make some sound but no cracks .This was our first experience of earthquake in our house
  • Sagay City, Negros Occidental - shaking bed and rattling windows woke me up..scary..
  • Roxas City - I was in the office when suddenly i felt that parang nahihilo ako akala ko dahil inaantok lang ako, when i saw our mirror na gumagalaw na pati chair namin. Lumabas agad kami ng office! ang dami ng tao sa labas...katakot.
  • Cebu - very strong and frightning
  • Mactan Island - What do you mean you haven't heard from Bohol? How did you get the pics of damage in Bohol then? I've spoken to a relative in Carmen and he said everything is ok, but the church is down(which you knew)
  • Cebu City - I was walking in a hurry to Sto Nino Basilica around 8-810AM before I went to the entrance, the ground suddenly shook, street carts and parked motorcycles were shaking, right before me, the facade of the Basilica collapsed and people were panicking.
  • Bacolod City - Just about to finish work at CVG when we felt the floor shaking beneath that lasted for 2 minutes. The building felt like a pendulum.
  • Pusok, Lapu Lapu Cebu - Zwaar beven en schudden.Direct het huis uitgelopen met mijn vrouw en dochter. Auto's in de straat deinde behoorlijk heen en weer. Op dit moment nog steeds naschokken. het is nu hier 12.18 uur in de middag.
  • Silay City, Negros Occidental - Ang lakas ng lindol sa Silay City, Negros Occdental, nasa 2nd floor ako ng bahay ko kaya nararamdaman ko talaga ang lakas.
  • Lapu Lapu city, Pusok, Cebu - 12.24 net een korte maar redelijke nabeving gehad met gerommel en schudden. rond de 8 seconden
  • Bacolod - open doors are moving
  • Malapascua Island - Logon - Daanbantayan - Was very long and strong, we felt it just standing outside, even along the shoreline. The people woke up because of the earthquake.
  • Iloilo City - The water from our pool made waves until until some of the water splashed out resulting to 3" decrease in water level.
  • Bacolod - i thought my wife is shaking the bed just to wake me up. i was awaken by her shouting not the shaking though
  • Cebu - Woke up in Shangrila few minutes after 8, room was shaking quite strong, grabbed half awake kids and run down emergency staircase from 5th floor. Very scary!:
  • Lapu-Lapu City - (I was sitting in our living when I felt a vibration. I thought an airplane crashed bec I live near the airport. Then I felt the up and down motion severed and realize it was an earthquake. I place a pillow on my head and stayed at the door frame for a few seconds then ran to the a vacant space where electrical post is farthest.
  • Bacolod City - my gfs katrina and michele had an early squabble and it shaked us, we prayed and reconciled, life is too short, let us be thankful that were still alive
  • Cagayan de Oro City - The shaking of my bed woke me up this morning at 8:12 in the morning. I thought I was just dreaming!
  • Dipolog City - Grabe 1 minutes Shake samin sa dipolog.
  • Carcar Cebu - Our substation was damage during earthquake. our work was suspended immediately.. (stelasia manufacturing coporation)
  • Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines - Its my wake up call..grabe..nahihilo pa ako...
  • Molave, Zamboanga del Sur - Am writing my penmanship sway too, I felt dizzy all I thought due to feeling hungry but oh our pile of rice bags sway too.I close my eyes and say a prayer.
  • Badian Cebu - scared much
  • Maslog Sibulan Negros Oriental - The of the fence here owned by Matiao furniture collapsed
  • Lapu-lapu City - There are cracks in our building
  • Ormoc City - i was sleeping.... and earthquake awake me... i run out of my house..... then when i see the water... in the pond its swaying..... before that i nver sleep bec i scare....
  • Pardo, Cebu City - I was in a deep sleep, but was awakened by the immediate shaking of my bed. I immediately rushed outside my room to meet my family doing the dock cover and hold approach. We prayed together throughout the whole shaking and always reminded each other not to panic. It actually paid to do it. byfarthe most terrifying feeling Ive ever experienced! Lord, thank You for the mercy.
  • Tagum City, Philippines - On the bed,laying down and i felt a very strong shaking on the bed until my sister came saying " ate naglinog" and i was "ahh" *goes outside the house* After the earthquake. It made my head dizzy~ the strongest earthquake~ i've remembered..~
  • Tibanga, Iligan City - The earthquake woke me up.
  • Calape - my parents house was damaged.still felt the aftershocks..
  • Valencia City - i felt dizzy after the earthquake... hooooooooooh!
  • Bago City, Neg Occ - The shaking woke me up
  • Cebu City - I was sitting on my bed, surfing on my mobile when the the earthquake started. I remember the previous earthquake a couple of years back in Cebu but this started really strong. I was thinking it couldn't get any stronger than it already is but I was wrong. It was the strongest in Cebu and I can literally see the walls of my room shake. At the time, I believed that if this were to continue or escalate,I will start seeing cracks and the building I'm in would collapse.Thank God, it didn't!
  • Deca Homes Tungkil Minglanilla Cebu - there was an unsual sound coming a distance then the shaking started and i just kept on praying for it to stop.
  • Patag, Cagayan de Oro - Twas shaky more that 2 min. I hop it will it come back. Thank you Lord for keeping us safe
  • Duamguete - I am retired here from the US and never felt anything like this in my life. At first it sounded like a helicopter flying very low, but then the shaking and vibrations continued for 20 seconds. We were fortunate and had no damage but stayed outside and felt after shocks for more than three hours after. We thank The Lord for no damage.
  • La Libertad,Negros Oriental - oh!!! our shaking we felt a year ago is back.tnx God, quake this morning didnt last long as compared to the 6.9 magnitude last february 2012..that centeredly hit our place.
  • Tisa labangon,Zuidhills Cebu City - ik en mijn gezin wonen in villa elena houseowners,ik was buiten toen het heel zwaar begon te schudden,ik rende naar mijn woning en trok mijn dochtertje naar buiten met mijn vrouw,wij hebben een cementen huis wat hevig schudde,er kwam ook een scheur in de muur,zo hevig hebben wij nog nooit beleeft,en ook na schokken,we vluchten elke keer weer het huis uit,we zijn bang voor de nacht,want het was een angstige ervaring,het is verschrikkelijk ook geen water meer in huis,also no electric,we zaten buit
  • Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro City - I thought someone was walking on top of my bed... grabbed my pistol pointing to no one and realized it was an earthquake! quickly run outside with only my boxers shorts on...
  • Lligan City - Nervous of the incident
  • Batayan Island, Cebu City - many people run out here in bantayan
  • Pit-os, Cebu City - Just felt a weak shaking, not enough to dislodge but just enough to be felt in our 2-storey home.
  • Surigao - Working on computer when it hit. Strong but slow shaking for what seems like several minutes (perhaps aftershocks) (not use to my keyboard moving while I type)
  • Apas, Cebu - displays around the room started falling
  • Dumaguete City - Very strong and felt so dizzy. The ground still shakes every now and then.
  • Bacolod City - I felt a slow shake then I realize it as an earthquake..there was no damage to the house,just ornament moving..
  • Bacolod City - 8:20 am my mom scream.. I was so shocked I thought there was a robbery inside our house.my mom grab me to go out to our house it's was an earth quake ... I feel lucky all of us are safe...
  • Bacolod City - strong enough to wake up a sleeping person
  • Labangan, Zamboanga del Sur - creaking sound in our roof then water in pail splashed out. braced myself, in case it will get stronger.
  • Mandaue City - LORD PATAWAD......very strong. cried after na...
  • Cebu City - It was the strongest earthquake ever!!!! gosh I was going to panic but praise the lord 🙂
  • Surigao City - i thought it was just the usual earthquake we usually encounter..it scared me when it's been shaking for such a long duration...it didn't come to my mind how terrible the damaged in cebu and bohol...good thing its holiday, no class or else m going crazy thinking of my kids in school ang my baby in his school..
  • Cebu City - still experiencing aftershock. :
  • Sapang Dalaga - (we also have our share of tremors here in our municipality but that was the strongest yet that i have experienced... my son and me woke up to the shaking and we have difficulty standing and walking so we just squatted on the floor... maybe the quake lasted about a minute or two and up until now we still feel aftershocks every hour...
  • Private, Cebu City - It was the strongest earthquake I've ever had since I my childhood.. It was the most effective alarm for me to wake up immediately.. Sorry to tell this, "I enjoyed it but worried at the same time".. Keep safe everyone! Private,Cebu City!
  • Pagadian - Na buyong c reah, aftershock na cguro to amo a
  • Mabolo Cebu City. - sobra ka kusog ang naigo dri sa among gi-trahoan nangatagak ang among mga items nga gipamatong
  • Lapu-Lapu City - Some of the houses were damage, followed by a heavy rain but poured out shortly. All the people from a 2-storey dormitory went out to an open field.
  • Lapu-Lapu City - Houses are strongly shaking that we could hear sounds from down below.
  • Nasipit, Talamban - The earthquake scares the hell out of me!I just finished taking a bath and I have no clothes on, as the shaking was getting stronger I was still trying to wear my clothes and it was really really scary, i was trembling, I can feel that my knees were shaky until now. I can't do anything right now but just listening to more aftershocks to come. I just can't calm myself. This experienced is really unforgettable and really let my heart jump that way.
  • Quiot,Cebu City - Very strong shaking and all in the house are frightened
  • Talisay Cebu - First time in my life to experience such phenom that really shocked me but was able to compose myself after awhile. Thank God nothing serious happened!
  • Cebu City - I-I was so shocked....I was still on my bed that time when the wall suddenly shook..I stood up immediately and went to my family down stairs.. We thank god we were not harmed..But we still pray for Bohol and Cebu
  • Ozamis City - nag internet ko gniha ug sa dihang galinog ug kusog..ninggawas kos akong bordinghouse kay ako gtan aw kung nag panick sila kay mag panick pod unta ko..
  • Santa Magarita - House on stilts so it was concerning. Felt like riding on a boat in slightly rough waters.
  • Guadalupe, Cebu City - I was sitting on my bed, surfing on my mobile when the the earthquake started. I remember the previous earthquake well a couple of years back in Cebu, but this started really strong. It was the strongest in Cebu in 30+ years and I can literally see the walls of my room shake. I remember thinking, "God, don't let it get any stronger". Thankfully, it didn't and the building I'm in didn't collapse.
  • Pagadian City - I was working at my office when I felt dizzy. I thought my blood pressure must have been high but when my comp monitor started swaying then I realized it was an earthquake. No damage to my home as well as my convenience store!
  • Mandaue City - I was waken up from my deep sleep with the intense tremor! Half-awake, my sister and I immediately found our way out of the house. The shaking still hasn't stopped when we were already outside. It's really a scary wake up call!
  • Buenavista , Guimaras - I was sitting in my office chair suddenly I felt the office table and the walls were shaking! First time in my life! We were all running outside the house!
  • Dumaguete City - kind'a scary.. felt the world moving..
  • Guimaras - very strong... bottles shaking in the table..
  • Talisay City - Quake was strong and our electric fan falled in 2nd floor
  • Lapulapu City, Cebu, Phils - still feel the aftershocks, it still very scarry and alarming, we can not discard the more scarry one might happen. Keeping our faith will keep us all safe. May the Divine Almighty protect us always and hope it will not happen again. Please Lord, Have Mercy On Us...
  • Dumarao, Capiz - My mother shouted that there was I earthquake, and I also felt it.. It was like waves rolling. The clothes sways.
  • Butuan City - I was in the middle of my nap when my roommate woke me while screaming that the earthquake is so strong and we both go outside our house
  • Surallah - i was brushing my teeth when i felt dizzy and i heard that the anchor on a radio station t koronadal city that they also felt an earthquake...
  • Cebu City - I am staying on the 7th floor of the Tune Hotel right near the Ayala Mall in Cebu City. Very strong swinging, felt like it lasted for 30 seconds (hotel must be well built because no damage that I can see other then some minor cracking). Since 1pm-2pm I have felt at least 5 aftershocks. It is now 4:05pm and I just felt another one. They are mild but it is still a little scary. I hope there is no more damage to anyone here in Philippines.
  • Cebu City - I'm from Texas this was my first earthquake and I have to say it was scary I'll take a gulf hurricane anyday over one of these I watched a crack form on my wall very freaky
  • Cebu - When i woke up it feels like my house would already collapse and the bed was shaking ,the stairs also
  • Lahug - scary
  • Cagayan de Oro - we experienced light shaking in the bench this morning..
  • Ma-a, Davao City - Felt it but thought I was just too tired from my travel. Later I received report the residents from the condo building went down to the ground floor and outside to the basketball court.
  • Cagayan de Oro City - felt the aftershocks... uhoh...
  • Northern Samar - Mondragon - Nkahiga pa ako nun nang bigla nalang para a akong dinuduyan... Napansin ko nlang yung aming nga gamit na nkasabit eh para nang inuuyog kaya napabangon akong bigla. Natakot ako sa lakas ng paggalaw... yung mga puno parang inuuyog din at para bang may papalapit na malakas na ulan... Umuungol yung lupa. Grabe natakot tlga kami. Ung iba nga sa amin eh nagpunta agad sa may tabing-dagat at bnantayan ang tubig kung may senyales ba nang tsunami. pero buti nlang at wala naman.
  • Ozamiz - na.istorbo akong morning jakol dah.. ang akong kingdom naluyat ky mahadlok
  • ozamiz city - I was awakened by the noise of the dogs and the chickens. I thought they were just hungry. Then suddenly there was strong shaking. I immediately stood up and warned the other members of the family that there's an earthquake. Sometimes if not, most of the time, animals know what's going to happen...
  • ALOPEZ cebu city - yung bahay po namin prang sinalobong ako ng train
  • Cebu - I was on the 7th floor of Quest Hotel at approx 8:15am when the earthquake hit. I was also present in Haiti for the big earthquake there and this was easily comparable in strength and duration. The hotel was evacuated by the staff. On the way down to ground floor you could easily see evidence of the quake with vertical and horizontal cracks in the walls. After a couple of hours we re-entered the hotel. Staff in Quest did an awesome job of crowd control during the crisis. Still getting trem
  • Sogod, Southern Leyte, Philippines - We've felt moderate shaking in our place but it's still scary ! Aftershocks is still going on here !
  • Cebu - This is insane.. . It's still shaking
  • Bayawan City - I almost fell to the ground
  • Villamonte Bacolod City - Im Sleeping at that moment.. about 8:15 am then i feel something is shaking I ignor it assuming that the Lovers on the other side of the room but suddenly I hear prople running outside my room and shouting... I tried to stand up but I cant, I feel dizzy just thesame thing I experience last year...
  • Dumaguete City - while i was hybernating i heard my mom shouting and i was like "what?!" then i saw my mom harlem shaking and i joined as well so we went "gimme x14" but then we realized.... it was just the ground shaking
  • Cebu City - We had a Magnitude of 7.2 earthquake this morning. A lot of structures collapsed and most of them were churches. Aftershocks every now and then and it's quite shaking. We are really scared now :
  • Mandaue City - (8am very strong shake, followed by random 3-5 sec strong aftershocks throughout the day
  • Mabolo - Strong after shocks
  • Fairview Village, Talisay City - I'm still 13 years old, so you can imagine what a person in that kind of age thinks. From the 2012 earthquake i have felt, this is much more stronger. Even as i type the aftershocks are still rumbling. I cant tell if its either me shaking to fear. The strongest was the one i felt a few minutes ago, I pray that everything will be okay again, its scary in many ways to describe. I pray everything will be okay soon.
  • Camiguin Island - We were having breakfast when the earthquake happened. My sisters were in panic when they noticed THE glasses shaking and the chairs misaligned from the original setting. That was indeed one of the strongest quake I ever experienced on this Island.
  • Minglanilla - i feel nauseous,the last 2 consecutive aftershocks were a little alarming. i thought there's another earthquake coming
  • Mactan - Shangrila Mactan whole hotel violently shake superficial damage noted
  • Pinamungajan, Cebu - I was at the gate of the auditorium in Pinamungajan when the stampede begun.. Being an Election Officer,I was there to observe the distribution of the money intended for the beneficiaries of the 4P's, to see to it that there will be no premature campaigning and that the program will not be used by some candidates.. Thank God I was still at the door when people came rushing to get out.. there was stampede.. I can see the faces of the people running for their lives. I was pushed out. 1 has died..
  • Bio-os Amlan Negros Oriental - I was inthe bedroom preparing the clothes for my hubby and daughter when i felt the shaking and the noise of glasses breaking i run to our sala and shouted to our workers to pick up my son and bring outside the house my daughter was in the washroom and i shouted her to get out of there for i was having a hard time running towards them. I was looking at the roof an was so scared hearing the noise of the trusses and went out. My hubby went to the washroom who havent finished showering and grab our
  • Moalboal - A 8h ce matin , toute la maison a trembler, nous sommes sorti dehorss, c'est tres bruyant, il y a encore des secousse ce soir, et surtout pas d'eau pour 3 jours
  • San Roque, Maribojoc - Houses in the neighborhood collapse. Few people are homeless now
  • cebu - parked car shaking.. but the nasty part are the several aftershocks that seems no end.. when can we feel safe?
  • Cabancalan Mandaue City Cebu - i was sitting, watching the news when the sofa i was sitting moved.
  • mabolo - Our cemented walls outside shook and cracked. And the condomonium right beside looked as if wiggling. We had a lot of cracked up walls on the first floor which some are major. And we had series of after shocks since the earthquake. Probably the most terrifying experience in my life.
  • Cordova, Cebu - time check 7:00... and still shaking...
  • Cebu City - I was in the 14th floor in a Hotel with my family and we realy experience a very strong shaking.
  • Guadalupe , Cebu City - The strongest earthquake I have ever felt in my whole entire life . I was quite frightened , the rumbling noises were so loud and my house was shaking violently . I wanted to call but Sun cellular was down , such an unreliable network
  • jugan consolacion cebu - when i turned in the tv then after how many mins. it started to shake then we were frightened we started to shout and seek for lord i cover my head with my blanket and after that we went out to our house we have a big lot in our house every strong aftershocks we will go out just to sure that we are safe....what can i say to all the bisaya just pray and keep the faith to GOD another test to face keep safe every one pray harder
  • mandaue city - I was in a public vehicle called jeepney. we we're stopped waiting for the traffic lights to turn greed. suddenly the vehicle swayed and shaked violently as if someone was jumping up and down in it. it went on for half a minute.
  • Arevalo, Iloilo City - Some family members woke up due to fairly strong shaking. If you are walking, you'll be slightly unsteady. Trees outside shaking continously. Street outside moving. No cracks noted in house or street. No trees uprooted or with trunks broken. Some family members slightly dizzy after.
  • Cebu City - Lasted for 30 to 40 seconds furniture was doing a tap dance, mean while I got under the the table while all other persons were high tailing it outside. Was 40 mile from the epicentre, some degree of damage to houses IE: in walls , large pieces of concrete dislodged from house walls but no injuries or deaths. This was in the Goldenville sub-division in Banawa Cebu City.
  • Bais City - Moderate shaking
  • Canlaon. Neg. Oriential - scared the hell out of me
  • Talisay City - cabinets are shaking and vases broke due to the heavy shaking.
  • Cebu - my 30-yea old house was shaking I had to scream at my yaya to hide under the table because it was hard to get out. There were falling debris from the school across our house thank god everyone was safe
  • Mandaue Cebu - I was having a deep sleep until my mom suddenly woke up and told me to move out bec there was an earthquake going on. I had a slight trauma. I was the 1st one on our way out and had difficulty in opening up the door I get used to opening up everyday. After that, aftershocks lasted in seconds, yet strong. We were sad about the damages done like our broken frames and figurines and even lights. We are still grateful that we're safe and there was no harm done unto us. We pray for our safety, God! 🙂
  • Lapu-Lapu City - im riding a jeepney when the earthquake happened. im wondering why there are lots of people in the street , when the jeepney stopped , I was very shock and at the same time afraid. then , when I am under the ( Marcelo Fernan Bridge) the aftershock happened which made the lamp posts were swaying.
  • Talamban - it was the strongest earthquake. luckily there was no damages done to my house but it was so frightening
  • Dumaguete - Very scary, my first earthquake experience....a lot of light shaking throughout the day and afternoon
  • Hilongos, Leyte - It was the strongest earthquake experienced for 35 years...thank God we are safe!
  • Bacolod City - still shaking
  • Lawaan, Talisay City - Strong shaking of the house.
  • Metro Ayala, Cebu City - At the office. 2nd floor. Just started with the work routine. Then the rumbling and shaking. From slow to very strong. Fast. As if on cue, in seconds, everyone stood up from their cubicles, leaving everything (including cellphones and bags). The shaking and rumbling went on and on and on. Dragging our feet, hands forward to persons in front. Shouting Go! Go! Go! Felt like the floors would fall and crumble anytime. Cement chips falling. Rumbling got louder. Shaking, strong. Out is all we care.
  • Mandaue City - Felt light shaking for a few seconds.
  • Minglanilla - It was the strongest earthquake ever in my entire life.
  • cebu city - ever since born @ 65 of age
  • mandaue - Feels like a very strong pushing force.
  • Ormoc City - shaking lasted for about 10 to 15 seconds with slowmotion movements sideways
  • Liloan - Nothing like waking up to an earthquake but no noticeable damage in this seaside resort town in the northwest vicinity of Cebu City. Felt by all and alarming however. Oddly, talking with friends it seems all the areas around were hit harder, including farther north. Aftershocks too numerous to try to count but minor. Talk and preparation for a second major earthquake tonight abounds.
  • canduman, mandaue city - it was the worst earthquake i have ever experienced! our house were shaking like crazy and thought it would collapse.. it was really frightening and traumatizing experience.. thank God, many of the people were unharmed..
  • cebu city - I can still feel the aftershocks. Di ako makatulog. Kanina nga lang ay malakas ang naramdaman kong aftershock.
  • Danao City - until now i still felt the aftershock pc is quite moving while typing....
  • Maasin City - Thank you God for sparing us here in leyte, those who perish may they rest in peace. So minimal reports taken from southern leyte thats the strongest earthquake i felt for my lifetime.
  • Cebu - Jumping for about 1 minute
  • Consolacion, Cebu` - was awakened, almost lost balance. the strongest experienced yet.
  • Bug Ong camiguin - Felt strong shaking at 8.15 am and numerous aftershocks throughout the day the last at about 20.15
  • Cebu - Jumping shockwawes for 30 sek
  • Pardo, Cebu City - Strongest and longest earthquake I experinced so far
  • Cebu City, Banilad - See my FB posting at https://www.facebook.com/lawrence.hughes.758 I have included a plot of time vs intensity, which gives good idea of ongoing activity from phivolcs site. If you send me an email address I can send you copy of Excel spreadheet. Our kids' school (CIE) is shut down until 10/21 for now. Local grocery stores closed, but a few restaurants open.
  • Tagbilaran City - First time I experienced this..
  • Dumaguete City - A table lamp fell to the floor on the 2nd floor of our house. The horizontal movement of the shake was lonnger in time compared to the 2012 7.0 earthquake.
  • llpu lapu City - building shaking for maybe 15 seconds in lapu lapu city
  • Molugan, el Salvador City, Misamis Orien - strong shaking and lasted about 1 or 2 minutes,,,,dizziness afterwards...
  • Binalbagan, Negros Occ. - experienced strong and long shaking yesterday and aftershocks until today.
  • Tongkay Toledo City Cebu - still experience for over ten times the aftershocks, it is quite nervous on my part specially that i'm far away from my family. i know god will protect us, let us all pray and believe in god's power for he will save us and protect us from any danger.
  • Talibon - Bridge of San Agustin, Talibon, Bohol has been damaged. As per phone with my sister, the bridge will most likely unpassable.
  • Bogo - we went outside our home with my kids ... our house was shaking
  • Cebu City Talisay - I was really scared and the house keeps on shaking and shaking. I am also scared of the aftershocks. I couldn't sleep at night just because of the aftershocks.
  • Canlaon City,Negros Oriental - shocked because im having my morning bath that time.
  • Bohol - i get dizzy
  • Cebu City - things from the cabinets thrown to the floor. bottles & picture frames toppled down. hanged pictue frames vibrate.vertically object turn around. suspended plants sway about 45 degrees. the continuing series of little jolts makes the cabinet glass clink on each other, spills water from the glass, house makes a grunting sound. water seeps up the concrete post cracks but no heavy rain yet...
  • Davao City - there was like swaying of the ceiling fan and felt it when i was stnding
  • Cebu City - It jolted the building quickly followed by light shaking.
  • Regency Subd. Iponan CDOC - Played Basketball and had to stop for the ring/board was shaking
  • Minglanilla Cebu - i was at the second floor and i felt the computer monitor move so i quickly grab my sleeping son to go outside
  • Nueva Ecija - Cabanatuan City - shaking buko shake with blast of iced quake magnitude 8.2
  • Ayala, Cebu City - Ayala, Cebu City....just felt a sharp jolt from 17th floor.
  • Cebu City, Philippines - The tremors woke me up. The glasses and the china inside our china cabinets were making so much noise.
  • Davao - Sa davao nakaexperince ko og linog pero hinay ra sa gamay pako.hangtod karon nga 35 na ako edad wala ghapon nkalimot.mga 5yrs old cguro ko adto.misiga man god ang mata s ako mama ky miuyog anglamesa ky Nanihapon me msiga pod ako mta.
  • Springwoods, Minglanilla Cebu - Hairline cracks observed in one of our steel-and-concrete walls, although building code isn't exactly up to date.
  • Cebu City, Mandarin Plaza Hotel - We were in the newly built hotel Mandarin Plaza Hotel in Cebu City, Cebu. It is located directly to Ayala center. We had rented a room in the 15th floor. I was myself sleeping and my wife and my son as well as my father-in-law busy with something. Suddenly without any warning it started to shake very strong. I got up because of the very strong shake and got very afraid. The whole room was shaking. The whole earthquake took about 1 minute. Then it was over. We are happy that this new built hotel
  • cebu - i was crying during the first earthquake. and the following aftershocks i'am so nervous that lets me go out the house bringing my gadgets now i know what is the reason.... but is it really a cause of volcano eruption or movement of tectonic plates ... until now my legs is shaking and i'm so worried what happened in basilica del. santo nino. i hope that all churches had been destroyed will be fix as soon as possibe 🙂 NOte: they are just letting us Remember that the month of october is a m
  • Himamaylan Negros Occidental - we, still the shaking here in Himamaylan City Negros Occidental
  • Lapu lapu - Scary my first time to experience this....lucky we are safe
  • Cebu City - Violent shaking, large glass windows began warping, objects falling off shelves, ran to open area. Paving stones rippled. Experienced multiple aftershocks. Still feeling them physically even though I have left the area.
  • Cebu - I felt moderate shaking for what seemed like a lengthy period...maybe it was a few seconds but it was longer than others previously...
  • Baclayon - We've felt some shakings here at Baclayon
  • Talibon Bohol - Shock
  • Junquera, Cebu City - na paranoid ko sa earthquake.. grabe, ni swing jud among boarding house!
  • Cotabato City - many parts of cotabato cty s 1meter below sea level; hit by equake/tsunami 1976; always experiencing since then; but last monday was diff, slow but took more than 5 secs and we started to worry and went out of d hous fast. prayng for cebu and bohol -- bohol especially. makabarog mo tanan. wa mi pagduda ana. sending unceasing prayers positive thoughts & good energies ur way. for the rest of the country, every time is the right time to be prepared. the life we save may be our own. godbless us all
  • Cebu City - Bohol, island is known for caves. Other lacal names s "boho" or holes undergrohnd. Constant shifting of ground is expected in next few days and still not safe. I hope everyboady should practice sound judgment as well as with the rescuers, residents, lgu, volunteers. Keep safe everyone.
  • Negros Oriental Sibulan - west bolocboloc sibulan negros oriental
  • EMSC Leyte, Philippines Oct 15 00:12 7.1 7 MAP
  • ormoc city - it was not rough shaking but it lasted at long time more than 4 minutes on my watch, it hit 8.19am and my watch said 8.24 when it was done, we have just had 2 very very mild aftershocks also. my guess is the first was around magnitude 3-3.5
  • isabel leyte - our lamp shades began to shake! the big heavy cabinet too.
  • Ozamiz City - I was sleeping and was awakened by considerably strong earthquake...
  • Binalbagan - Almost bump my head in the bathroom.All of us rushed out of the house.Neighbors are running out of their houses too.So as the people inside the market.
  • Tacloban City - Strong enough to awaken someone from sleep but not that strong to cause damage. It was scary though.
  • ormoc city phillipines - felt it in ormoc, i know it was felt in palompon and calubian also. but it did not seem that strong, it just lasted a long time
  • Ormoc City - It was very terrible!! wer're on the third floor of the building...as if we're on a see-saw...
  • Bacolod City - Wow... It was a strong one...
  • malapascua island - Minor shakes lasted about 2mins
  • cagayan de oro city - moderate shaking but it last longer than 2 minutes...people went out from their houses ..commotions everywhere...dogs are howling...trees are swaying....
  • Cebu - A second i woke up, i felt a very strong shaking. i hurriedly got up and went outside
  • talisay, gingoog - house shook and lasted several tremors for a minute or more, located right on the northern shore of mindanao, gingoog, talisay
  • Butuan City - woke up to strong shakin. .
  • Dauin - First time I felt an earthquake like that. I was awakened by that, everything in my hotel room was moving, locals prayed... Fortunately no damage around me. Some shocks were felt in the next hour.


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    Generally noticed indoors but not outside. Light sleepers may be awakened. Vibration may be likened to the passing of heavy traffic, or to the jolt of a heavy object falling or striking the building.
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    Doors and windows rattle. Glassware and crockery rattle. Liquids in open vessels may be slightly disturbed. Standing motorcars may rock.
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    Walls and frames of buildings, and partitions and suspended ceilings in commercial buildings, may be heard to creak.
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    People :
    Generally felt outside, and by almost everyone indoors. Most sleepers awakened. A few people alarmed.
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    Small unstable objects are displaced or upset. Some glassware and crockery may be broken. Hanging pictures knock against the wall. Open doors may swing. Cupboard doors secured by magnetic catches may open. Pendulum clocks stop, start, or change rate.
    Structures :
    Some large display windows cracked. A few earthenware toilet fixtures cracked.
    MMI VI (Strong shaking) ?
    People Felt by all. People and animals alarmed. Many run outside. Difficulty experienced in walking steadily.
    Fittings :
    Objects fall from shelves. Pictures fall from walls. Some furniture moved on smooth floors, some unsecured free-standing fireplaces moved. Glassware and crockery broken. Very unstable furniture overturned. Small church and school bells ring. Appliances move on bench or table tops. Filing cabinets or "easy glide" drawers may open (or shut).
    Structures :
    Slight damage to buildings with low standard. Some stucco or cement plaster falls. Large display windows broken. Damage to a few weak domestic chimneys, some may fall.
    Environment :
    Trees and bushes shake, or are heard to rustle. Loose material may be dislodged from sloping ground, e.g. existing slides, talus slopes, shingle slides.
    MMI VII (Very strong shaking) ?
    General alarm. Difficulty experienced in standing. Noticed by motorcar drivers who may stop.
    Fittings :
    Large bells ring. Furniture moves on smooth floors, may move on carpeted floors. Substantial damage to fragile contents of buildings.
    Structures :
    Unreinforced stone and brick walls cracked. Low standard buildings cracked with some minor masonry falls. A few instances of damage to buildings of ordinary workmanship. Unbraced parapets, unbraced brick gables, and architectural ornaments fall. Roofing tiles, especially ridge tiles may be dislodged. Many unreinforced domestic chimneys damaged, often falling from roof-line. Water tanks Type I burst. A few instances of damage to brick veneers and plaster or cement-based linings. Unrestrained water cylinders (hot-water cylinders) may move and leak. Some common windows cracked. Suspended ceilings damaged.
    Environment :
    Water made turbid by stirred up mud. Small slides such as falls of sand and gravel banks, and small rock-falls from steep slopes and cuttings. Instances of settlement of unconsolidated or wet, or weak soils. Some fine cracks appear in sloping ground. A few instances of liquefaction (i.e. small water and sand ejections).
    MMI VIII (Severe shaking) ?
    People Alarm may approach panic. Steering of motorcars greatly affected. Structures : Low standard buildings heavily damaged, some collapse. ordinary workmanship buildings damaged, some with partial collapse. Reinforced masonry or concrete buildings damaged in some cases. A few instances of damage to buildings and bridges designed and built to resist earthquakes. Monuments and pre-1976 elevated tanks and factory stacks twisted or brought down. Some pre-1965 infill masonry panels damaged. A few post-1980 brick veneers damaged. Decayed timber piles of houses damaged. Houses not secured to foundations may move. Most unreinforced domestic chimneys damaged, some below roof-line, many brought down. Environment : Cracks appear on steep slopes and in wet ground. Small to moderate slides in roadside cuttings and unsupported excavations. Small water and sand ejections and localized lateral spreading adjacent to streams, canals, lakes, etc.
    MMI IX (Violent shaking) ?
    Structures Many low standard buildings destroyed. Ordinary workmanship buildings heavily damaged, some collapse. Reinforced masonry or concrete buildings damaged, some with partial collapse. Buildings and bridges designed and built to resist earthquakes damaged in some cases, some with flexible frames seriously damaged. Damage or permanent distortion to some buildings and bridges, designed and built to normal use standards. Houses not secured to foundations shifted off. Brick veneers fall and expose frames. Environment : Cracking of ground conspicuous. Landsliding general on steep slopes. Liquefaction effects intensified and more widespread, with large lateral spreading and flow sliding adjacent to streams, canals, lakes, etc.
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