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It took us quite some time before we wanted to make a step in this direction. Our reason not to make a JSON feed before, was that we did not wanted to make a feed for a feed. We have made the decision to do it know, as we are thinking that our in-depth articles page is mature enough to bring some Added Value. The map with the historic earthquake in the greater Epicenter area (based on James Daniells CATDAT database) gives an immediate idea of what happened before. Additionally, the JSON feed will also be continuously updated.
The JSON feed will include the following information :
"title":"Moderate earthquake - Vanuatu Islands on June 29, 2013"
"location":"Vanuatu Islands"
"depth":"120" (km)
"date_time":"2013-06-29T12:29:45+00:00" (UTC)
"link":"http:\/\/\/2013\/06\/29\/moderate-earthquake-vanuatu-islands-on-june-29-2013\/" (link to our in-depth pages)

Important 1 : These data is normally coming from the first reporting agency and both Magnitude and Depth are preliminary values. 10 km means in most cases "we do not know it yet exactly"
Important 2 : a feed may only be integrated when the link to our in-depth pages is present for more information. Link given in the feed.

RSS Feed(s)
A feed with Magnitude and Area where it happened + a link to our in-depth articles (articles with


Besides the above RSS feed, you can also subscribe to one our specific category feeds :
Magnitude 6 and above earthquakes :

Magnitude 5 and above earthquakes :

Magnitude 6 and above earthquakes :

Damaging earthquakes with a serious economic impact

Deadly earthquakes


  1. If I used the wordpress CMS for my website, do you have any idea what plugin I should used to put this RSS Feed data into my Post.....

  2. Bjorn bostrom says

    At around 11:30 I felt an earthquake that moved my house enough to make me think it could possibly collapse luckily it didn't. I live in Cave Creek Az. Just north of Phoenix. There was an after shock a little while later. Anyone have any info about this?

  3. Hi, I can't access your service using "jsonp" (cross domain access). It doesn't produce `callback(json)` data.

  4. It is a pleasure to see ER growing...
    Very nice feature..... Congratulations ER Team especially Mr. Armond.


  5. Me preocupa los sismos,presiento k algo grande ba a pasar.Dios nos bendiga a todos.