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As a non-governmental site we are completely depending on volunteers who are making the difference day and night. Volunteers are the people who are creating the Value Added information you will not find in traditional sites. Scientists are mainly interested in the detailed physical data of  an earthquake.
Our mission is triple :
a) reporting the most important seismological data
b) explaining what exactly triggered the earthquake and
c) reporting on the human impact of the earthquake.
We do this for our entire planet.

To accomplish this mission we need urgently volunteers with the following profiles :

Earthquake in-depth article writer(s)
An in-depth article is covering the 3 earlier described subjects. We still need a couple of people who have good English writing skills. Most urgent are 1 or 2 volunteers living in Asia; Pacific or in the Western USA (to backup the writers living in Europe). Learning to write in our site will be a gradual process and we will of course support you in acquiring the necessary skills.
Example article : Dangerous earthquake near Nicoya, Costa Rica

Earthquake damage scanners
Reporting on the Human Impact of an earthquake, especially a damaging earthquake, is a specialty of our site. To retrieve as much information as close as possible to the epicenter needs people who are specialized in such tasks. Websites, radio and local TV are all information sources. The "earthquake damage scanners" will be joining the in-depth article writers in a conference chat to exchange information.
Bilingual volunteers (English - XXX) are most needed. The main XXX languages we are looking for are : Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Persian, Spanish and Arabic. English only is welcome too of course.

Social media damage scanner(s)
Identical than the Earthquake damage scanners, but searching in the social media (not limited to Facebook and Twitter) for Value Added information.

Social Media specialist
He or she knows tips and trics to broaden our readers audience. Not only Twitter, Facebook and Google+ but also other important social sharing sites outside the USA and/or in other languages than English. The social media specialist will help spreading our information.

Earthquake data collector(s)
The volunteer who want to support us for this task will have to collect as fast as possible the necessary geological data like the Magnitude and depth reported by the local geological agency. He also goes after additional information like epicenter maps, faulting maps, plate tectonics maps, etc.  This is only needed for important potentially damaging earthquakes.

Volcano activity and Landslide scanner(s) main subject is earthquakes, but earthquakes are also a main factor in volcano activity and can trigger landslides too. Reporting on a regular basis what is happening in the world would be great for our readers. A regular scan of webcams, checking seismograms etc is also part of this task.

Let's start an Facebook page in your language ! has no borders. We are covering earthquakes wherever they are occurring on our planet. We have however one very big handicap : language barriers. When we report about a major Indonesian earthquake, we know that most of the local people will not be able to read it because of their language handicap and even more, they think they cannot share their experience in our site. For both reasons we want to setup Facebook pages who are administered by you. We will be your partner in this venture. We have no limitations in languages. What we require however is that you will be responsible enough to keep the page updated all the time (eventually with a couple of friends). Your skills ? You should have a keen interest in earthquakes and write talk in English/your language
Interested ?

A lot of these tasks are only needed now and then but they are nevertheless extremely important for this site.

Interested ? Send a few lines explaining us what your interest is and how you would like to support us. Thank You

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