New theme now working in smartphones, tablets and on desktops

Several weeks ago, we made a call to our readers to help us with some financial support in getting our site ready for today's technology.
Thanks to their support we were able to buy a new theme and could outsource the project to a specialized programming company.

As has gone through different phases of automation, and as we wanted to keep the usual look and feel of the site, we had to find a way to combine both worlds. We tend to be very conservative about the look and feel and do see no reason to change the basic location of the subjects. Conservative does not mean a standstill as we still have some improvements in the pipeline.

The result is finally working (we hope). We have tested it on a number of smartphones and tablets, but of course not all of them.

On smartphones, the responsive (= special smartphone theme) will be standard. At the exception of YouTube videos (only in some cases) all the content will fit the width of your smartphone screen, either vertical or horizontal.



At the bottom of each page, there is a link to the usual Desktop view layout, just like it was in the past. It is up to you to make your choice, but we like the horizontal smartphone look the most.


The tablets were we have tested the new theme are changing the view whether you use it vertically (smartphone view) or horizontally (desktop view). Try it out, we think you will like it.

New logo and other header
No more harassment with a promo banner in the header unless we find a real sponsor for this site.
At the same time we have replaced the old picture behind our site name with a logo in front of the name. It is a globe, part of a seismogram and a volcano (this explanation for those among you who have a hard time to find the clues :) )

All this was only possible because of the support of our kind donators/readers.

Armand Vervaeck




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