Volcano activity of April 27, 2013

This (almost) daily post intends to follow up the activity changes of volcanoes all over the world.
This post is written by geologist Rodger Wilson who specializes in Volcano seismicity and Armand Vervaeck. Please feel free to tell us about new or changed activity if we haven't written about it. -

April 27, 2013 volcano activity

KVERT reported no changes in eruptive/seismic behavior at the five active Kamchatkan volcanoes: Tolbachik, Sheveluch, Bezymianny, Kizimen, and Karymsky overnight.  Moderate seismicity continues to affect Gorely volcano which exhibits strong hydrothermal activity.


Small, shallow earthquakes (and alot of glacier-quakes!) continue at Iliamna volcano (Alaska Range) (station INE) today.

Just like clockwork, another round of small earthquakes is taking place beneath the Central Pumice Cone (station CPCO) in Newberry volcano's caldera this morning.  Thanks to reader Trenton Cladouhos for verifying that this activity is indeed "natural" and not related to geothermal exploration (which ended at the volcano in December 2012) on the volcano's west flank.  If Newberry keeps it up, it will quickly outpace Mount Rainier, Mount Saint Helens, Mount Hood and Lassen Peak as the most seismically active volcano in the Cascade Range!

A rapid-fire burst of earthquakes (maximum event magnitude M1.8) occurred at Mammoth Mountain volcano (CA) (station OMMB) this morning.

Still not able to access seismic data for Colima volcano (Mexico), but this morning's volcanocam photo shows a gas plume projecting through a collar of (volcanic?) haze that surrounds the Fuego cone.  Exhalations of gas continue at an average rate of 1.5 events per hour today at Popocatepetl volcano.  A larger outburst yesterday cast incandescent blocks and ash onto the volcano's upper slopes.  Today's Popo seismogram shows low-level volcanic tremor and small exhalation events.



Amplitude of volcanic tremor has ebbed and flowed at both Pacaya (Guatemala) (station PCG) and Fuego (station FG3) volcanoes during the past 24 hours.  A recent MODIS satellite transit captured the new lava flow descending the volcano's flank.  A period of stronger degassing is visible (at 1:25 UTC) on the Santiaguito Dome Complex seismogram (STG3).  Three explosions were heard coming from the volcano overnight.



Seismicity has returned to its, albeit high, background level at Telica volcano (Nicaragua) (station TELN).  The question is: Will it stay there?  The decrease in activity is most apparent on the TELN spectrogram. Volcanic tremor remains elevated at San Cristobal volcano (station CRIN), and periods of rather strong (degassing?) tremor have affected Masaya volcano (station MASN) in the past day.

Volcanic earthquakes are more numerous on seismograms from San Miguel volcano (El Salvador) (station VSM) again today.

Small (hydrothermal?) disturbances (and regional earthquakes) continue at Poas volcano (Costa Rica) (station POA2).

Volcano-tectoninc earthquakes have eased at Nevado Del Ruiz volcano (Colombia) (station OLLZ), but continuous volcanic tremor continues at the volcano.  Small local sesimic events continue to be recorded at Machin (station CIMA), Sotara (station SOSO), and Cumbal (station MEVZ) volcanoes.

Volcanic earthquakes have increased in number and amplitude overnight at Tungurahua volcano (Ecuador) (station RETU).  Note the increase in internal "noise" recorded on the RETU spectrogram at the volcano.  A recent Tungurahua volcanocam photo shows mild degassing occurring at the summit of the volcano at this time.  Events similar to those occurring at Tungurahua (along with possible volcanic tremor) continue at Cotopaxi volcano (station CO1V) today.  Reventador volcano (station CONE) also shows a slight increase in activity.


A slow diminution in volcanic tremor is evident (again, best viewed on the spectrogram) at White Island volcano (New Zealand).

Still no OMI satellite updates.  MODIS satellite thermal imagery today includes the new lava flow at Fuego volcano and the ongoing lava effusion at Tolbachik volcano.

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