Volcano activity of April 25, 2013

This (almost) daily post intends to follow up the activity changes of volcanoes all over the world.
This post is written by geologist Rodger Wilson who specializes in Volcano seismicity and Armand Vervaeck. Please feel free to tell us about new or changed activity if we haven't written about it. -

April 25, 2013 volcano activity

KVERT reports no significant changes in eruptive/seismic behavior of the five active Kamchatkan volcanoes:  Tolbachik, Sheveluch, Kizimen, Bezymianny, and Karymsky, but recent MODIS satellite data suggest either a new lava flow is being extruded at Kizimen, or a significant collapse occurred at the volcano recently, as a bright, multi-pixel thermal anomaly is centered on the volcano today.  MODIS satellite thermal imagers also detected "hotspots" at Tolbachik and Sheveluch volcanoes.




Another episode of small earthquakes occurred at Newberry volcano (Cascade Range) (OR) (station CPCO) this morning.

Small earthquakes (magnitudes < M1.0) also continue along the southern boundary of Long Valley Caldera (CA) (station MRD).

Eruptive activity is believed to be continuing at Colima volcano (Mexico).  UCol seismic data have not been updated the past two days.  A recent Colima volcanocam photo shows the volcano barely visible through a thick (volcanic?) haze.  Exhalations occur at an average rate of about 1.5 events per hour at Popocatepetl volcano today.  The Popo sesimogram shows an episode of volcanic tremor and several volcano-tectonic earthquakes.


INSIVUMEH reports a new lava flow is being extruded at Fuego volcano (Guatemala) (station FG3).  MODIS satellite imagery also "captured" that event, depicting the flow with a multi-pixel "hotspot" today.  Volcanic tremor has risen at Pacaya volcano (station PCG) this afternoon, and four explosions were recorded during a two-minute interval this afternoon as well at Santa Maria volcano (station STG3).


Numerous volcanic earthquakes continue to afflict Telica volcano (Nicaragua) (station TELN).  Recently, the number of events at Telica decreased and event magnitudes increased.  This pattern has been observed before at the volcano with no end result.  Volcanic tremor continues to be elevated at San Cristobal volcano (station CRIN), and tremor also remains unstable at Masaya volcano (station MASN).

Volcanic tremor remains elevated at San Miguel volcano (El Salvador) (station VSM) and relatively large magnitude (magnitudes M1.0 - M2.0) volcanic earthquakes have developed at San Miguel overnight.

Small (hydrothermal?) disturbances continue at Poas volcano (Costa Rica) (station POA2).

Earthquake activity and volcanic tremor are reduced somewhat at Nevado Del Ruiz volcano (Colombia) (station BISZ) today.  Small earthquakes are evident on seismograms recorded at Machin (station CIMA) and Sotara (station SOSO) volcanoes.  Small volcano-tectonic earthquakes rattle Galeras volcano (station CUVZ) (the larger, emergent events are gas and ash emissions).  A photo of a gas and ash emission which occurred at Galeras today is included.


Earthquake activity remains elevated at Cotopaxi volcano (Ecuador) (station CO1V).  Similar, but fewer, earthquakes occurred at Tungurahua volcano today (station RETU), and battery/solar panel problems continue to compromise the collection of seismic data from Reventador volcano (station CONE).

Volcanic tremor is slowly waning at White island volcano (New Zealand),...but for how long?

Recent OMI satellite data show SO2 plumes drifting from Popocatepetl and Ambrym (Vanuatu) volcanoes today, while MODIS satllite data reveal "hotspots" at Tolbachik, Kizimen, Sheveluch, Fuego, and Paluweh and Batu Tara (eastern Java) volcanoes.

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