Volcano activity of March 5, 2013 - Video strombolian eruptions Fuego Volcano, Guatemala

This (almost) daily post intends to follow up the activity changes of volcanoes all over the world.
This post is written by geologist Rodger Wilson who specializes in Volcano seismicity and Armand Vervaeck. Please feel free to tell us about new or changed activity if we haven't written about it. -

March 5, 2013 volcano activity

INSIVUMEH reports small strombolian explsoins continue at the summit of Fuego volcano (Guatemala) (station FG3) today (+ video below).  Periodic jet-like roars are also reported coming from the vent.  Occasional moderate-sized hot avalanches/pyroclastic flows affect Taniluya drainage at the volcano as well.  One moderate explosion was reported this morning at Santiaguito Dome Complex (Santa Maria volcano).  An ash plume associated with the burst rose to 3200 meters.  Light ashfall from explosions and small hot avalanches/pyroclastic flows descending the Caliente dome dusted San Jose and la Quine villages today.  Low level tremor and small volcanic earthquakes rumble within Pacaya volcano (station PCG).  Recent MODIS satellite imagery shows multi-pixel "hotspots" associated with active lava flows at both Fuego and Santa Maria volcanoes.


KVERT reports no significant changes in eruptive behavior at six active Kamchatkan volcanoesTolbachik (basaltic fissure eruption - strong volcanic tremor), Kizimen (lava flow/dome extrusion - moderate seismicity), Kliuchevskoi (weak strombolian explosions at summit - weak seismicity), Bezymianny (lava flow/dome extrusion - weak seismicity), Sheveluch (lava flow/dome extrusion - weak seismicity), Karymsky (occasional vulcanian/strombolian explosions - weak seismicity).
Moderate seismicity associated with strong hydrothermal activity at Gorely volcano continues.  Recent MODIS satellite thermal imagery detected a multi-pixel "hotspot" associated with the recently emplaced lava field at Plosky Tolbachik.


Earthquakes remain frequent in the vicinity of Mount Spurr volcano (Alaska Range) (station CKT).  Some of the events are very deep (100+ km) subduction zone earthquakes not directly associated with the volcano.

A burst of rapid-fire earthquakes (spasmodic tremor) occurred along the northwest shore of Yellowstone Lake (WY) yesterday (station YML).  Short spats of such events take place frequently beneath hydrothermal areas at Yellowstone.

Explosions have diminished in frequency and vigor at Colima volcano (Mexico) the past few days.  Continuous gas emission and summit incandescence continues at Popocatepetl volcano.  Ash-rich expulsions occasionally punctuate the continuous activity.  Today's Popo seismograms shows elevated volcanic tremor occurring at the volcano in-conjunction with the surface activity.  Recent MODIS satellite thermal imagery shows a double-pixel "hot spot" at the summit of Popo.



Something's geophysically afoot in Nicaragua and El Salvador again today.  In Nicaragua, periods of banded tremor and stronger volcanic earthquakes affect San Cristobal volcano (station CRIN), unstable elevated volcanic tremor shudders within Masaya volcano (station MASN, small local earthquakes continue at/near both Momotombo (station MOMN) and Cerro Negro (station CNGN) volcanoes, and volcanic earthquakes have been more frequent and stronger at Concepcion volcano (CONN) overnight.

In El Salvador, strong volcanic earthquakes and tremor affect San Miguel volcano (station VSM).  Recent MODIS satellite imagery shows a strong multi-pixel anomaly at the volcano.


A mixture of volcano-tectonic and volcanic earthquakes have periodically shook Nevado Del Ruiz volcano (Colombia) (station OLLZ) during the past 24 hours.  Tiny local earthquakes continue to affect Machin (station CIMA) and Galeras (station ANGV) volcanoes.

Volcanic earthquakes and tremor have continue to strengthen at Tungurahua (Ecuador) (station RETU) overnight.  IGN reports brief views of the volcano have revealed continuous, relatively low-level ash emission from the volcano.  Seismicity is on the decline once again at Reventador volcano (station CONE).


Volcanic tremor continues it's slow, but steady rise at White Island volcano (New Zealand).  GNS reports that the sub-surface temperature beneath Ruapehu volcano is now cooling.

Recent satellite imagery shows SO2-enriched plumes wafting from vents at Tolbachik (partially entrained by a weather front), Nevado Del Ruiz, Tungurahua, Etna (Italy), and Sakurajima (also entrained in a weather front) volcanoes.

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