Volcano activity of January 28, 2013

This (almost) daily post intends to follow up the activity changes of volcanoes all over the world.
This post is written by geologist Rodger Wilson who specializes in Volcano seismicity and Armand Vervaeck. Please feel free to tell us about new or changed activity if we haven't written about it. -

January 28, 2013 volcano activity

Volcanic tremor accompanying the ongoing eruption at Plosky Tolbachik (Kamchatka Peninsula) has been slightly elevated the past few days.  Seismicity ranging from moderate to low levels accompanies lava extrusion at nearby volcanoes Kizimen, Bezymianny, and Sheveluch.  Earthquake activity is moderate at Klyiuchevskoi volcano, accompanying low-level Strombolian activity at the volcano's summit, and low at Karymsky volcano where occasional Strombolian/Vulcanian explosions interupt the silence of its wilderness location.


Another pulse of earthquake activity is affecting Mammoth Mountain volcano (CA) (station MMS) today.  This episode is shallower (~ 3km depth) and comprised of a few larger magnitude earthquakes (to magnitude M1.4 so far) than some previous spates at the volcano.


A relatively vigorous swarm of volcanic earthquakes is taking place at Colima volcano (Mexico) at the time of this writing.  Volcanic tremor and small volcanic earthquakes accompany degassing (and some ash emission) at Popocatepetl.  Exhalations at the volcano continue at an average rate of about once per hour today.


Seismograms for the Guatemalan volcanoes were (again) not accessible.

A few volcanic earthquakes continue to punctuate continuous, low-level volcanic tremor at San Miguel volcano (El Salvador) (station VSM).

Seismograms for Colombia volcanoes also continue to be innaccessible.

Increased numbers of volcanic earthquakes and tremor continue at Tungurahua volcano (Ecuador) (station RETU).  EPN reports that increased vapor emission along with some ash have occurred at the volcano for several days.  Explosions events, volcanic tremor and earthquakes rock Reventador volcano (station CONE) again today.

SERNAGEOMIN reports that unrest within Copahue volcano (Chile-Argentina border) has decreased dramatically.  A vapor plume (containing some ash?) is visible in today's volcanocam photo.


Volcanic tremor has become increasingly unstable in the past 24 hours at White Island volcano (New Zealand), even stopping for short periods the past few hours. Hybrid (volcanic) earthquakes continued beneath the vent overnight and early morning volcanocam shots show increased steaming from the volcano.  Local earthquakes are also visible on seismograms from Tongariro volcano today.


Recent satellite imagery shows SO2 plumes drifting from Tolbachik and Ambrym (Vanuatu) volcanoes.


  1. Hi Colin,

    You have good eyes! Yes, GNS reports that the active vent is indeed ejecting some debris (probably old, altered rock) as it "dries-out".

    Sorry it took so long to respond! Thanks for your continued readership!


  2. Colin Logan says:

    Hello Rodger and Armand,

    I notice that White Island continues to be interesting with the unstable graph you commented upon and the 09:30 NZDT shot from the Crater Rim camera looking as though the normally pristine white vapour is carrying some sort of debris.

    Best Regards


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