(Major) Earthquakes list November 6, 2012 - Earthquake in Montreal and Ottawa, Canada (epicenter near Hawkesbury)

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Earthquake felt in Montreal and Ottawa, Canada
We see a sudden surge in visitors from Canada. If you are one of those people and have felt an earthquake, please let us know what you have experienced.
It appears that the quake has been felt in the Montreal area.
To follow up what happened, please read the many experiences below. Thanks to the Canadian people for their swift sharing of experiences.
Update 09:18 UTC : still no seismological values from USGS
Update 09:26 UTC : Canadian sources are reporting via automatic instrument readings : Automatic detection of seismic event: magnitude 4.4 - 6 Nov 4:05 EST - HAWKESBURY, ON region.
Based on these preliminary readings this can be considered as a rather strong shaking related to the area where it occurred. The depth of this earthquake is unknown at the moment and is the most important trigger to predict whether (very slight) damage might have occurred. Very slight damage means in this case : cracks in walls, fallen objects inside houses, slight rooftiles and chimney damage.
Update 09:41 UTC : Canada seems to be a huge distance for the USA seismographs as we have no values yet from USGS. This happened in their so called backyard :)) . The Candian sources have now released a report with a Magnitude of M4.2, no depth stipulated
Update 09:59 UTC : Both EMSC and USGS are reporting a Magnitude of  3.7 at a depth of 15.7 km (USGS) and 16 km (EMSC). Natural Resources Canada is maintaining his value at M4.2

Image courtesy Natural Resources Canada

2 strong earthquakes off the coast of Sulawesi, Indonesia
2 consecutive strong earthquakes occurred just north of Sumalata, Sulawesi, Indonesia. Due to the distance to the coast, these earthquakes can luckily be called harmless.  The earthquakes have nevertheless led to a moderate (normally non-damaging) moderate shaking (MMI V) for 26000 people. 1.3 million people have felt a light shaking and 582000 people a weak to very weak shaking. Double equally strong earthquakes are not happening very often, but do occur here and there.
BMKG, the Indonesian seismological agency, who has a lot of equipment installed in Sulawesi reported  for the first earthquake a Magnitude of M5.7 at a depth of 10 km and for the second M5.7 at a depth of 17 km.

Shaking map based on a Magnitude of Mw5.8 at a depth 16.7 km

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SRC Location UTC Date/time M D INFO
ER I Felt A (not Listed) Earthquake Nov 06 23:59 4.6 0 MAP I Felt It
  • Tsukuba - I felt a bit of shaking at midnight last night (06 Nov, 15:00UTC), but it doesn't seem any earthquake happened at that time. Did anyone else feel it??
  • Mcleod Ganj, Dharamasala - Just before 6.om last night (6 Nov) shaking for a few seconds.Seemed worse as i was in a flimsy wooden shop where all the glass doors of the cabinets rattled quite dramatically. Many people outside didn't seem to notice and it lasted a few seconds only. There have been reports of several tremors like this over the last few weeks.
  • Pequannock, nj - we just had a mild quake in Ringwood, NJ 2.0 my son and I were talking about it and he said that early this morning around 4am the floor he was sleeping on was bouncing and he felt the building move. He was sleeping at a friends house. I googled earthquakes with todays date and found this site with this data. crazy!
  • Huntington Beach, CA - I definitely felt an earthquake last night around 9:41PM. I can't find any record of it anywhere either. I know of 5 other people who felt it in different areas - and I saw people tweeting and facebooking they felt it. But it's not listed here. It felt like a sudden jolt, my dog freaked out, and then it was over. At first I thought a car ran into my home. But it was just a jolt and then a slight shake and it was over.
  • EMSC Off East Coast Of Honshu, Japan Nov 06 23:16 4.6 34 MAP
    USGS Off The East Coast Of Honshu, Japan Nov 06 23:16 4.6 33 MAP
    EMSC Oaxaca, Mexico Nov 06 17:32 4.3 40 MAP
    GEOFON Oaxaca, Mexico Nov 06 17:32 4.2 103 MAP
    USGS Oaxaca, Mexico Nov 06 17:32 4.3 38 MAP
    USGS Papua, Indonesia Nov 06 17:30 4.5 86 MAP
    EMSC Papua, Indonesia Nov 06 17:30 4.5 86 MAP
    EMSC Kepulauan Babar, Indonesia Nov 06 17:12 4.3 123 MAP
    GEOFON Banda Sea Nov 06 17:12 4.3 123 MAP
    EMSC East Of Kuril Islands Nov 06 15:57 4.7 33 MAP
    USGS Philippine Islands Region Nov 06 14:27 4.6 44 MAP
    GEOFON Philippine Islands Region Nov 06 14:27 4.9 10 MAP
    EMSC Philippine Islands Region Nov 06 14:27 4.9 60 MAP
    EMSC Bismarck Sea Nov 06 14:20 4.7 10 MAP
    GEOFON Bismarck Sea Nov 06 14:20 5.4 24 MAP
    USGS Bismarck Sea Nov 06 14:20 4.7 10 MAP
    EMSC Izu Islands, Japan Region Nov 06 13:54 4.6 34 MAP
    USGS Izu Islands, Japan Region Nov 06 13:54 4.6 34 MAP
    GEOFON Southeast Of Honshu, Japan Nov 06 12:13 4.6 67 MAP
    USGS Bonin Islands, Japan Region Nov 06 12:13 4.9 33 MAP
    EMSC Bonin Islands, Japan Region Nov 06 12:13 4.8 20 MAP
    EMSC Southeast Of Easter Island Nov 06 11:09 5.5 10 MAP
    GEOFON Southeast Of Easter Island Nov 06 11:09 5.6 10 MAP
    USGS Southeast Of Easter Island Nov 06 11:09 4.7 10 MAP
    EMSC Halmahera, Indonesia Nov 06 11:04 4.7 164 MAP
    GEOFON Halmahera, Indonesia Nov 06 11:04 4.4 142 MAP
    USGS Halmahera, Indonesia Nov 06 11:04 4.7 164 MAP
    GEOFON Queen Charlotte Islands Region Nov 06 10:27 4.6 10 MAP
    EMSC Hecate Strait Region, Canada Nov 06 10:27 4.6 2 MAP
    USGS Queen Charlotte Islands, Canada Region Nov 06 10:27 4.6 10 MAP
    EMSC Off W Coast Of Northern Sumatra Nov 06 09:25 4.6 10 MAP
    GEOFON Off West Coast Of Northern Sumatra Nov 06 09:25 4.8 10 MAP
    USGS Off The West Coast Of Northern Sumatra Nov 06 09:25 4.6 10 MAP
    NRC Montreal - Ottawa, Canada Nov 06 09:05 4.2 17 MAP
  • Montreal, Quebec - Approx 4:01 am. the ground started shaking, lightly, lasted 30 seconds. I was surprised as it peaked, and then waned.
  • Ottawa Ontario - Around 4:06AM light shaking
  • Laval - Je me suis aussi réveillé en sentant la terre tremblée, on dirait un peu moins fort que la dernière fois
  • Montreal - Felt slight shaking for a few moments then it subsided
  • St-Sauveur, Quebec - Computer screen, desk, tv, basically everything started shaking vibrantly.. Caught me off guard.
  • Ottawa, Ontario - Felt light shaking for about 15 seconds at 4:07 AM.
  • laval - felt like strong winds with a rattling shake beneath me
  • Montreal - Woke up suddenly to a steady vibration. Was that an earthquake?
  • NDG - For few seconds the ground start to shake, then subside
  • montreal - I felt the building shake sideways.
  • Ottawa ON - 405am shaking strong enough to wake me. Lasting 45 seconds or so.
  • Saint-André-d'Argenteuil - 60km au nord de montreal. assez fort pour reveiller la maisonnée..
  • DDO Quebec - 4:05am (laptop clock) Rumbling for about 10 seconds (sounded like a loud airplane) then one big shake that moved my very solid bed. Softer steady rumbling for about another 20 seconds.
  • saint constant, quebec, canada - lasted a GOOD 45 seconds, light to moderate shaking
  • Deux-Montagnes - I was awake and felt it in my bed.
  • hudson qc - pictures and windows rattled, moderate shaking lasted about 10 seconds with light shaking for 5 before and 10 after
  • Montréal (pierrefonds) - Grondement et vibration
  • Montreal - Felt the earthquake just pass 4am
  • Ottawa, Ontario - 4:07am felt house shaking, lasted a few seconds
  • ottawa, ontario - Heard furniture shaking / felt light shaking at 4:06am
  • ottawa ON Canada - 4h06 this morning...
  • 4922 westmore ave - Felt like a baby version of the oct 10 earthquake. The house shook for about 10-15 seconds. At first, thought it was a big truck passing but it lasted too long and it was big enough to make the glass door in my bedroom shake. I was awake in bed at the time. I'm from New Zealand and used to live in Japan, so I think I can spot a quake quite well.
  • Montreal Quebec - Light shaking for a moment
  • montreal - I felt everything vibrating including the water in my glass that was shacking!
  • Laval - 4h07. Secousse breve mais asser forte
  • Montreal (R.D.P.) - ...It lasted for just a brief moment, not as strong as the one felt a few weeks ago, but nonetheless strong enough for me to notice...
  • Laval - last for 2-4 seconds.. around 4:01
  • Lachine - 10 sec environ
  • ottawa, ontario - Light shaking felt at 4:06am
  • Montreal - I felt the shaking as well at 4:02 am
  • Laval - last for 2-4 seconds around 4:01 am on 6th Nov 2012
  • Montreal - Approx. 4 AM, shaking of bed which lasted for about 5-10 seconds (enough to be awoken)
  • Pierrefonds - Sounded like the last one we had...thought it was a truck and then felt the shaking...
  • Ottawa, Canada - I felt it in Ottawa too. Only lasted a few seconds, but the house got a good shake. At approx.4:05 AM
  • Marlborough, CT - I woke up from my sleep around 4:15 and felt my bed and boxy shaking! I heard a rumbling sound with no vehicles outside.
  • Montreal ahuntsic - Lasted 5-10 sec, low rumble.
  • Montreal Canada - At: 4:05 AM EST - Lasted about 5 seconds. Mild shaking and trembling
  • Ottawa, Ontario - I felt an earthquake at approximately 4:00am that is not listed. It was mild and lasted about 30 seconds
  • Montreal - Woke to rumbling and my bed shaking back and forth.
  • Ste-Adèle - J'ai ressentie un tremblement d'environ 20 secondes et la terre grondais
  • Le Plateau - I heard a rumbling sound and felt my bed and apartment shake a little bit.
  • Repentigny, Qc - 4:06 AM My husband and I were both awake and felt it. Very light 3-4 seconds of shaking.
  • blainville - felt it a around 4:00am not as stong as the last one with the boom. No boom this time.
  • Ottawa Ontario - Bed started vibrating slightly for about 20-30 seconds like as if it was about to get worse but suddenly stopped
  • Unknown - Felt virbrations and noticed my water rumbbling for about 30 seconds.
  • Lachute - Vers 4:02AM, a été assez fort pour me reveiller et a durer longtemps, a été fort et puis a diminuer.
  • Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC - Sourd bourdonnement de quelque secondes suivi d'une secousse. Craquement (sonore) du plafond. 4h01AM.
  • Laval - J'etais devant mon ordinateur et j'ecoutais de la musqiue quand ca sest mis a trembler. Cela ma pris 5 secondes realiser que ce n'était pas normal et j'ai areté la musique et j'ai senti les dernieres vibrations... Je crois que cela a duré 10 secondes
  • Unknown - Ville st Laurent Montreal- 4:07 felt it as well
  • Dollard de Ormeaux, Qc - at exactly 4:05 am lasted about 10 seconds.
  • mirabel - Felt in Mirabel... the door over my bed made noise...
  • Blainville - 4h06 réveillée par un grondement et secousse faible d'une durée d'environ 2-3secondes
  • Laval - J'etais devant mon ordinateur et j'ecoutais de la musqiue quand ca sest mis a trembler. Cela ma pris 5 secondes realiser que ce n'était pas normal et j'ai areté la musique et j'ai senti les dernieres vibrations... Je crois que cela a duré 10 secondes
  • Unknown - It felt strong to me , my clock on the fell. The dogs panicked.
  • St andre avellin canada - 4:01 resemtis a st andre avellin canada qc dure 30 segonde moyennement fort mais rien a bouger dans la maisom
  • Chertsey - Secouse breve Mai's forte suivis de plusieur autre tremblement pendant plusieur minutes
  • St andre avellin canada - 4:01 resemtis a st andre avellin canada qc dure 30 segonde moyennement fort mais rien a bouger dans la maisom
  • Pointe-Claire - I was already awake. At first, I thought it was a large truck passing the house. Then things got too loud for a truck. This one felt as strong as the most recent significant one (October). but didn't last as long. I think because there had just been one, this one definitely had me more on edge.
  • Unknown - was in bed and felt rumbling for about 5-10 seconds
  • North Lancaster, ON - It came in 2 short waves with trailing vibrations.
  • Boisbriand - Je l'ai ressentie aussi pendant 30 seconde environ...
  • Ottawa - Woke me up out of a dead sleep!
  • greely on - at 4:03 am, i heard (not felt) a weird vibration from outside
  • Montreal - Got woken up by the shaking. 4:01 am
  • Montreal - Everything was shaking for 20 to 30 seconds with famous earthquake sound. Dog started barking and my bird woke up.
  • Rigaud, QC - J'ai entendu un bruit fort puis tout s'est mis a trembler assez fort, durée environ 10-15 secondes
  • Rawdon - 4:06. Bruit suivi d'une légère secousse. Rien d'alarmant.
  • Hammond Ont. - Woke me up at 4:05. Lasted maybe 5-10 seconds.
  • Ottawa - At 4:06am there was a short earthquake.
  • montreal verdun - At approx 4am I was watching a movie and felt a distinct shaking that lasted for at least 30 seconds before stopping. I t was definitely another earthquake.
  • Mille Isles, QC - Quite a rumble, shaking, and a good noise, could hear it come, feel the shake then hear it pass. Seemed to come from the west heading east.
  • Kirkland - Earthquake woke me up, the dog started barking.
  • Mascouche - Felt it and woke me out of my sleep! Not as bad the last one... Are we in for more????
  • Ottawa - Woke up by house shaking shortly after 4am.
  • ottawa cumberland - November 5 2012. 4:07am just had a earthquake in ottawa i live in the outside in navan / bearbrook area i was sitting in bed checking my phone messages and all of a sudden the house and windows started to shake my wife woke up it lasted about 10/15 sec....wow it seams to be happening alot more latly around here someone should start lookibg into this problem so we can be prepared i myself am going to work on a plain and try to prepare just incase........
  • Sheldon VT - I was awake already. I heard a rattling sound in the house and felt the bed shaking. I could hear a rumbling outside (very quiet and low). Not as strong as the one a few weeks ago.
  • Nepean,Ontario - Woke at 4:08 am, Nov 6, to shaking
  • Unknown - Heard and felt shaking at about 4:04am. It woke me up and seemed to last for 10-30 seconds. My dog is pacing
  • Montreal downtown, concordia - i felt the earth is shaking, more strong vibration than last october earthquake, but this time it wasn't followed by a voice. I am in the 17th floor so i felt it the most i guess.
  • Wendover, Ontario - Shaking was enough to wake me at about 4:05.
  • Apple Hill ONTARIO - Loud bang then rumbling for some seconds. Nov 6 2012 4:04 AM
  • Laval - Although it was a light shake (4:06) ....it woke me up!
  • Finch, Ontario - Felt a light shaking at 4:06 this morning.
  • lefaivre ontario - woke at 4:00 am to the shaking..didnt expect it to get stonger but it did. Lasted a good 30 seconds. Biggest one i have felt yet.
  • Brownsburg Quebec - Woke us up at 4:06
  • Alfred Ontario - shortly after 4am, wake up to shaking of bed and shelves on wall for a good few seconds. Managed to wake me and fellow roommates up.
  • Roxboro,montreal - Felt an earthquake at about 4 am. Strong enough to wake me up from my sleep. Intense shaking then it subsided.
  • Montreal - I felt light shaking around 4:00AM. It was lighter than the previous one but enough to wake me up.
  • val david - jai ete réveiller..moi jai sentie cela intense..j'ai courue vers la porte de dehors..pour voir ce qui se passait..car..jai penser qu'Une deuzieme secousse pouvait arriver..c'est la 2 ime secousse en 1 mois.
  • Nepean,Ontario - Woke at 4:08 am to light shaking/thumping, Nov 6.
  • Rigaud, QC - J'ai entendu un bruit fort puis tout s'est mis a trembler assez fort, durée environ 10-15 secondes
  • st-jerome - jai entendu gronder pendant 5 longue secondes avant de ressentir le tremblement assez puissant que jai eu peur, jai ete me refugier en dessous du cadrage de porte !!
  • Montréal-Est - Comme il y a peu de temps, moins fort et moins longtemps. Mais assez pour venir voir si j'étais seule à l'avoir senti. NM
  • montreal - j'ai senti aussi a exactement 4h05am pendant environ 10 secondes pas plus
  • Unknown - Orleans, Ont 4:02 am, woke up to my bed shaking. What was the magnitude on tha one?!?
  • 1700 Renelevesque, west, Montreal, QC - I was watching tv and suddenly I could feel the ground shaking.It was very strange and then I thought to google it to see if there was any earthquake. Not feeling to good about the recent storms and shakes.During sandy I was dreaming about a tsunami and then when I woke up I heard the news. May God help us all.
  • montreal - j'ai senti aussi a exactement 4h05am pendant environ 10 secondes pas plus je suis a montreal
  • st-jerome - jai entendu gronder pendant 5 longue secondes avant de ressentir le tremblement assez puissant que jai eu peur, jai ete me refugier en dessous du cadrage de porte !!
  • Laval - Around 4 a.m woken up shaking bed for few seconds..dislike
  • Rockland ,ontario - Je me suis réveillée a 4:02 ,je suis de Rockland,. Tout branlait ,gros bruit
  • Hawkesbury ontario - Woke me up, dogs panicked was strong enough
  • About 10 km near montreal, vaudreuil-dor - Was sleeping, and was wake up around 4:07 gmt -5 (around 9 : 07 utc). Lasted about 15 seconde.
  • montreal - j'ai senti aussi a exactement 4h05am pendant environ 10 secondes pas plus je suis a montreal
  • Ottawa Ontario canada - At 4:05 am bottles and things in my room shook for about 10 seconds. Naky
  • Montreal east - Just after 4:00 am heard a rumble from far away came and went. No shaking nothing in east Montreal.
  • Cumberland - Wakened by light rumbling shake approx 4:07
  • Montreal - 4:01AM ET:Light shaking for 20 seconds
  • Montreal - My wife and I just woke up with the light shaking around 4.01 am Seem to have lasted 10 seconds and slowly died down, our guess it was a 3.7 or 4.0
  • Montreal, Canada - 4:05 AM EST - Mild shaking that lasted about 6 or 7 seconds
  • Ottawa - We were woken up to light shaking at 4 am. (downtown Ottawa)
  • St-Eustache - Light rumble lasting approx 10 seconds. Same sensation as heavy truck driving past house.
  • Montreal - awoken to rattling and trembling oct 6th in Montreal QC at 4:05am
  • St. Sauveur - Ressenti a 4;05 am.Le bruit a reveille mon chien et moi meme mais ce n'etait pas tres fort, ca a dure environ 20 sec.
  • Ottawa, Ontario - Approx 4:03 AM something fell off the wall downstairs, heard it from bed, then the house started shaking lightly, almost like a huge gust of wind blew over, lasted approx 10 seconds
  • ottawa, ontario - aroud 4:05 or so , we were awaken by some shaken, I thought it was the dog wanting to come in our bedroom and banging his tail (he is a "sausage dog" but then my daughter step out of the guest room, an said " did you feel the shaking.... This is why i am chequing if anyone else felt this.. We don't like this !!!!
  • Saint latent at 4:07 am - Felt it as well for a few seconds vibrating rumbling
  • Montreal - Sounded same as Oct 10 earthquake just shorter period and a little less shake
  • Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Around 4:05AM felt light but easily-noticeable shaking while in bed on upper floor of two-storey single house. Slight creaking noises in walls. Onset and cessation was sudden...was felt for about 5 or 10 seconds.
  • Ottawa Ontario - Good shake of the house at about 4:06 am. Enough to disturb the dog.
  • St lazare - Shaking and rumbling was so loud it woke me
  • ottawa - Almost 4 am I feel a quick shaKing from bed
  • Montreal, QC - Felt a very light shaking in downtown Montreal around 4:05 am, less than 5 secs, building structure shaked, however no deep long wave as experienced few weeks ago in Montreal
  • Montreal - Feel wave shaking my bed, and sound as diesel truk close, short
  • Gatineau - I was sound asleep and it woke me up, I am at a hotel and it felt like the was a large accident outside with a semi truck,
  • Ottawa Ontario - My bed shook and the mirrored doors rattled in my ensuite at about 4 a.m. Nov 6th.
  • Pierrefonds - That felt stronger than the 1 last month. It was like a big jolt then a few seconds of shaking. Maybe cause i'm on the 4th floor? Scared the crap out of me
  • Ottawa, Canada - Woke me up, shook the bed and house.
  • St-Léonard,Montreal,Qc - Feeding my Newborn and heard glasses shaking and a low rumble
  • Alexandria,Ontario - Like a freight train went by the house. Looked at the clock it was 4:01am
  • St. Jerome Qu - Was sleeping soundly and was awaken with very strong rumble under my bed, lasted maybe less than a minute, but enough to me out of bed. Its a bit freeky. two in less than a month
  • Ottawa ontario - Shaking woke me up - glasses were rattling- approx 4:05 am
  • Alexandria,Ontario - Scared the crap out of me!
  • Pointe-claire - Woke me up at 4:07. Lasted 20 seconds. No reaction from my cat.
  • Unknown - Vers 04h am, j ai été réveillé au cours de la nuit par des vibrations. Courte durée et peu violente. Ma femme dormant dans une pièce voisine est venue confirmer.
  • Ste-Agathe-des-Monts,Quebec, Canada - Approximately 4:06 am my dog started barking at the earthquake. Located about 70 km north-northwest of Montreal. Lasted about 30 seconds (long time). Felt like a train passing 20 feet away
  • Alfred, Ontario - Heard it coming from the northeast, loud rumbling (louder than a truck) house shook, dogs took notice. Felt like it was slow even movement passing by.
  • laval - Vers 04h am, j ai été réveillé au cours de la nuit par des vibrations. Courte durée et peu violente. Ma femme dormant dans une pièce voisine est venue confirmer.
  • Hudson, Quebec - Happened around 4 am. Woke up to mild shaking and rumbling of the house. Lasted about 3-5 seconds.
  • beauharnois - Very weak shaking -luxurious montreal-
  • Montreal - Woken up again this month by shaking and rumbling, this time at about 4 am.
  • Orleans, Ontario - I felt a rumble just after 4 pm. Woke me up and scared me because this area is sitting on unstable clay.
  • St lazare - Ok it happened, lets all go back to bed
  • Ottawa - I was sleeping. Felt and heard the whole house shake. Lasted a while.
  • Northlancaster, On - The shaking woke me up. Seemed to last for quite a few seconds.
  • l'orignal,ont - selon le Live earthquakes map le tremblement a eu lieu a environ 5-8km du point de depart, tout les cadres ont tomber et sa shaker pas mal
  • Gatineau - Light to moderate shaking here, Started with a good shke, seemed to slow and then a secondary strnger shake. Lasted 10 seconds give or take a couple
  • l'orignal,ont - selon le Live earthquakes map le tremblement a eu lieu a environ 5-8km du point de depart, tout les cadres ont tomber et sa shaker pas mal
  • Bois-des-Filion - I felt the house shaking for about 10 seconds. Heard glasses and furniture shaking. It first felt as if a huge truck was passing but then the house shook from the basement to upstairs. This one was light compared to the last earth quake.
  • Unknown - trembling enough to awake me out of my sleep , awoke to shaking and the sounds of a bunch of rattling for 10secs. nov 6th 4:05 am montreal qc .
  • Montreal - Vibration d'une durée d'environ 10 sec
  • Deux Montagens - I could not sleep and felt and heard the tremors. Now I know why I wasn't able to sleep.
  • Montreal South west - The floor was vibrating and there was a rumbling sound from the basement
  • Val-David, Laurentides - I live on a mountain and there was a profond sounds and shaking... but nothing felt, nothing broke
  • Hudson, QC, Canada - Different from other quakes I have felt in the Montreal region. This one had a big spike at the start and then was just just rumbling. It felt bigger than the October one...
  • St-Jerome, Quebec - Was awake and at 4:05 (approx) felt a strong rumbling which was loud. Did not last long but enough to realize it was an earthquake. Seeing that my bedroom is located downstairs (below ground level) you tend to feel it more.
  • Montreal (Pierrefonds) - 4h05 am - A trembling of the house and a sound similar to a big truck passing by woke me up.
  • wentworth north - lasted 20 seconds...very loud shaking
  • Kirkland, Quebec - While sitting at computer, I heard buzzing in walls and felt floor lightly vibrating for about 45 seconds.
  • Unknown - a 4.06 tremblement a Boisbriand
  • Pointe Claire - 4:05am bed shaking and heard things on walls rattling woke me out of a sound sleep
  • Laval - It woke me up, yet another earthquake!! Whats going on we are having a few lately...
  • st-jérome - J'étais réveillé quelques instants avant la secousse (4h07). Léger grondement au début puis rapidement un pic de bonne intensité et diminue graduellement comme une vague qui s'éloigne.
  • Alfred, Ontario - Occurred at 4:06 a.m. give or take and gave me a little scare. A lot of vibrating from the ground and heard things shaking a bit in the house.
  • orleans ottawa - strong shaking of the bed and rumbling sounds..406am our bedroom is on second floor. kind of scary
  • st-jérome - J'étais réveillé quelques instants avant la secousse (4h07). Léger grondement au début puis rapidement un pic de bonne intensité et diminue graduellement comme une vague qui s'éloigne.
  • Rockland ON - Woke me up after 4am. Rattling windows - shaking
  • Cornwall, ON - Shaking strong enough to shake my bed and wake me up at about 4:05am
  • Clarence Creek - Shook shed in back yard while out walking dog scared the dog about 20 seconds
  • Lachute - je dormais ca m'a réveiller il était 4h environs
  • Terrebonne - My husband was leaving for work and I thought his truck had taken the side of my house off. I sat up in bed thinking maybe I'm going mad because of the other one we got not long ago. Was glad to see some other people sensed it. It shook for at least 30 seconds +, around 4:10 am.
  • 5062 rue prince rupert, laval, qc - Je dormeais et le tremblement m'a reveille. Et il y avais un bruit
  • Buckingham, Quebec - Le4:06 the house started to rumble and shake. The noise of it woke the kids u. Dishes were shaking
  • Ottawa , Ontario - woke me from my sleep. Windows rattling for a good 20 secs.
  • L'Orignal ON - I live next to the quarry, normally with previous Earthquakes I don't hear the "boom", I was awake it felt exactly as when the Quarry blasts dynamite to loosen up stones. The difference with Earthquake from quarry dynamite blast is the trembling was progressively stronger 4-5 seconds, then a low sound 'boom', trembling continued but progressively weakening 4-5 seconds until all was calm again.
  • Cornwall, Ontario - Walls, windows rattling & fan on counter rattled. It only lasted 10-30 secs at approx. 4:05 am.
  • Montréal - J'ai senti la terre trembler vers 4h a.m. Je n'ai pas eu peur, juste surprise.
  • orleans ottawa - Woke me up. Once a wake l realised it was an earthquake. Lasted about 8 more seconds. Moderate rumble sound and shaking.
  • Ottawa - 4:05 was feeding our newborn and heard rattling/felt house shaking ... Not as strong as every morning when the construction truck roll past our house, though!
  • Gatineau, Quebec - C'est notre oiseau qui volait partout dans sa cage et un petit gars de 9 ans qui est arrivé en courant dans notre chambre qui nous a réveillés vers 4 h du matin... Nous avons seulement sentis les 2-3 dernières secondes de la secousse.
  • Cornwall, Ontario - Woke up slightly after 4am to bedroom armoire rattling and bed shaking. Dog must have been in deep sleep because she didn't wake until the end. Felt like it lasted 25-30 seconds.
  • east end Montreal - I live on a third floor, desk lamp shook very lightly, felt a little bit of shaking on the floor for about5 seconds
  • saint laurent,qc - at 4 07am... rumbling enough to wake me
  • Martintown, ontario - At around 4am felt my bed shaking for about 10 seconds.
  • Gatineau, QC - Boyfriend woke up and felt it around 4 am.
  • Beaconsfield - Around 4AM. Thought it was a truck passing at first, then felt and heard the rumbling for at least 20-30sec
  • Unknown - ottawa felt it around 4:06 in orleans
  • Ste-martine, quebec - Woke up at fourish wondering why there was a huge truck parked outside my house, then realized with the rattling of objects in my room on the fireplace that the rumbling was that of another earthquake, not a truck parked putside my house! Shook and rumbled longer than the last time, but shaking was milder.
  • ottawa,vars - Felt it at 4:07 for 15 secconds whole house shook
  • ottawa - Felt mild to moderate shaking at approx. 4 am (enough to wake me) Lasted only about 30 sec
  • Orleans - light shaking lasting 15-20 seconds just after 4am
  • Curran, ontario - felt the earthquake at 4:04am. shook enough to wake me up. Laster around 30-45 seconds
  • Curran Ont. - It was a big rumble that scared my African Grey Parrot to fly out of his cage and onto the floor in terror. I had pick him up and hold him in my arms as he was so frightened. It lasted about 15 or 20 seconds. I am half way between Ottawa and Montreal. I am 20 min west of Hawkesbury. The time was about 4:05AM.. It was a deep rumble like an explosion that was underground and it shook the house. Although it was very strong, it did not last very long.
  • alexandria ontario - watching t.v thwn felt the ground shake first earthnqauke ever to exprerince
  • Ottawa Ontario - Woke up a minute before Quake started . My computer was rocking back and forth on its stand at 4:05 am . It was only a few seconds of shaking but it was wild!
  • Rigaud - Léger tremblement de la maison avec grondement soutenu.
  • Vancouver, BC - Obviously, I felt/noticed nothing... but I'm amazed by how upset people in that region are by a little shaking. I liven on Haida Gwaii for many years and quakes are simply part of normal life there. Even last weekend's 7+ monster (more than 2500 times the size of what hit the Ottawa valley tonight) did no more than frighten a few people and knock a lot of things off their shelves.
  • Mont-Saint-Hilaire - Un grondement d'environ 3-4 secondes. Les 4 murs de ma chambres et les fenêtres sont tremblés.
  • Unknown - Cetainly felt it as my bed was shaking and it woke me. Maybe lasted 30 secs.
  • ottawa - Around 4:08 am in Ottawa. Was in the bathroom washing my face when the toilet started shaking, things on top of the toilet were rattling. Thought a huge heavy truck drove outside or a car crashed somewhere near. Lasted less than a minute. My sleeping mom in the next room was awoken by the shaking.
  • St Pascal Baylon - I was awawke and heard the rumble, then the house started shaking. Glass rattling, wall shaking...lasted about 20 seconds.
  • Lefaivre (Hawkesbury) ON - I now understand the "train coming" comment. More of a Loud grumbling rather than shaking. Nothing fell.
  • Ottawa - My bed was shaking beneath me, it last for about 30 seconds at 4:09 am.
  • ottawa, canada - @about 4am i was paying a game of poker on my computer when i felt the chair i was on and my furniture shaking, my first thought was .......an earthquake!! i quickly dismissed that thouhgt though until about an hour later i decided to research, and ur sight confirmed my first thought
  • Dorval - woke up at 4.00 am and felt the shaking of the building
  • Casselman - I woke up right away to feel the bed shaking, walls trembling etc. Lasted for at least 30 sec before dying down. No objects moved etc. No one else woke up. Just me 😉 Hawkesbury is only 20 min away and seems to have many earthquake in the area over the last few years.
  • Côte des Neiges- Montréal, Québec - Was already awake but recognized the feeling from last earthquake. Felt like a train coming throuhg my bedroom but seemed to come from a different direction.
  • Ottawa - Woke me up at 4:05, bed was shaking
  • mirabel quebec - i could hear the rumbling coming from a distance and then it fekt like a rolling pin past under the house i do not see any damage yet i will look later this mornig when it is light outside
  • Laprairie - November 6th 4h00 am light shaking woke me up that lasted 20 seconds.
  • Orleans (Ottawa) - It woke me and I am usually a fairly heavy sleeper. I probably noticed it for 10 seconds or so, then back to sleep.
  • Ottawa, ontario - Awoke to bed shaking. 4:06 a.m. Lasted about 30 secs.
  • Kanata, ON - Woke me at 4:05
  • Cornwall, Ontario - Heard more of a rumbling noise, lasting about 15-20 seconds just after 4 am.
  • Lasalle, montreal - Me and my husband felt moderate shaking when I wake up at 4 to get milk for my baby, but it was not as strong as on October 10th.
  • clarence creek - Bed shaking that woke me up at 4h05
  • Ottawa Ontario canada - Happened around 4 AM. Walls shaking, dog jumped out of her bed. Fairly loud as I thought it was an airplane flying very low and was going to crash through the roof, but the rattling noise of the walls made me think it had to be a quake.
  • Gatineau(Buckingham)QC - Woke me up at around 4:05am. When i try to wake my wife, The quake was gone. Never felt a quake, let alone this strong. I can't say that earthquake virgin anymore.....thanks Mother nature!
  • Montreal downtown - Around 4:00 am rumble like a freight train passing by with "crescendo" vibration much like a snow plow scrapping along the side of the building (don't ask me how I know ;-)... not severe but strong enough to make me run outside where I saw leaves being shaken of the trees, looked kinda surreal. Not as strong as last time.
  • Pierrefonds - Heard a loud dropping noise which woke me up and then another one followed by a good shake....
  • Montreal - Was sleeping. Felt and heard vibration like truck, but it was longer and grew. House shook and rattled. Solid all brick bungalow.
  • Ile-Perrot, Qc - 4:07 ce matin ressenti le bruit arrivé, pensais à un train, mais ça à tremblé dans la maison, mais rien d'alarmant ! Ma femme et mon fils ne se sont même pas réveillés!
  • Outremont , q.c. - At 406 am a very weak trembling occurred ; it lasted approximately 30 to 40 seconds
  • Anjou, Quebec - felt it, my chair shook and the walls rattled, about 20 seconds
  • Unknown - Morrisburg..woke me up..like very heavy wind...bed shaking
  • Ottawa, Ontario Canada - It was pretty loud in my Barrhaven home, I thought an airplane was going to come through the roof! Then I realized after about 20 seconds of the walls shaking that it had to be an earthquake. Happened around 4am and it scared my dog out of her bed.
  • Unknown - Ville LaSalle, woke up with sound of glasses clinging and a rumbling noise.
  • St Eustache,Québec - Woke up a couple of seconds before the shaking., this is the second quake felt in 2 months.
  • Hudson QC - Big enough to wake me up! Very scary.
  • mascouche - it woke me up!!!
  • Ottawa - It woke me up just after 04:00 EST with a shaking and an audible rumbling that was clearly an earthquake.
  • Laval - Felt the house shake for a moment, enough to make me uneasy!
  • Orleans, Ontario - Bed shaking. Looked at clock which was at 4:09 AM.. Wasn't snoring that woke me this time. 😉
  • Arnprior, Ontario - I woke up at 3:58 and a few minutes later just after 4 the whole house shuddered.
  • Russell, ON - 30 seconds or so of house shaking, bed was rattling, then it stopped suddenly, just after 4 am
  • Cumberland, Ontario - The windows were rattling and I felt a lot of shaking that seemed to last for about a minute. It was enough to wake me at 4 this morning. Still looking for an official report of its magnitude.
  • Montreal - It woke me up this morning at 4:05EST with a rattling in my bedroom...
  • Blainville Quebec - Don't know the magnitude but when it wakes you up at 4 am, it felt fairly intense, the aftershocks continued for several seconds.
  • Montreal - I’m a very light sleeper.. I woke up with noise of shake weaker than the previous earthquake . It was 4:04 am EST in Montreal. I took my phone and went on Google to check if anyone experienced a similar situation, but I didn’t see any news. Here I am confirming that it was an actual earthquake
  • Massena, NY - An eerie sound followed by the shaking of the house, moderate in magnitude but strong enough to wake everyone up in the house.
  • laval-north - yup, less hen the last one, but strong enough to wake me up!
  • Rockland - Woke my husband and I up at approximately 4:02am. We are approximately 45 min from Hawkesbury. House shook for what seemed like 10 to 15 seconds.
  • LAVAL - It was 4:06amlocal time...I was already awake and heard the windows tremble. Barely felt any shaking in the house but I knew it was a quake!
  • Gatineau Quebec - Woke me up.
  • ottawa - Woke to light shaking 4.06 am Nov.6/12
  • Dorval - Enough to wake me up.
  • Montreal - Felt a slight bang lasting 2 sec at 4:06 am local time
  • Orleans ON - Woke up at 4:06
  • dorval - woke me up, felt shaking for 10 seconds
  • Westmount - I woke up and felt the strong side to side shaking...then it calmed down quickly. It was obvious that it was an earthquake and not just a heavy truck driving by.
  • Lasalle, Quebec - 4:03 nov 6,2012 Vibration and sound passed through the house from one end to the other. Mild rumble that increased in intensity before subsiding after its 10 seconds. My cat was scared and hiding! Not as strong as in October 2012.
  • Hudson Montreal - Woke up to shaking but didn't last long. Children were scared.
  • Montréal, near St-Michel & Jean-Tal - I did not feel it but I heard it a low-frequency grumbling (like a big truck going by slowly) around 4:07am, lasted 10 seconds, gradually disappeared. That was about 1 min after it was noticed by my friend in Ottawa, with whom I was chatting on the web.
  • Saint Lazare Quebec - This woke us up at 4am....it felt like a train going down the street.
  • ottawa - woke me up!
  • Arnprior - Woke me up and could hear shaking all around. At around 4 am.
  • Kirkland, Montreal - Woke me & my daughters up, mild shaking, more of the rumbling that woke me up.
  • Ottawa, Ontario - Woke me up - a small jolt and then vibrations which lasted about 10 secs. My clock read 4:05 a.m.( November 6, 2012)
  • Laval - It woke me up, it was grumbling under my house and my cats needed comforting. Makes you wonder what will happen next. Bizarre.
  • Oka Qc. - Woke us up 5-6 secs rumble like a heavy vehicle passing.
  • Arnprior Ont. - Woke me up around 4am felt it for a few seconds.
  • wendover - the rumble woke me up and the house more vibrating than shaking.
  • Hawkesbury On - Felt one big bang, followed by a few seconds of light shaking
  • Ottawa - Woke me up out of a deep sleep around 4 am. Knew it was an earthquake right away. Lasted around 30 seconds (seemed like forever!).
  • Grenville-sur-la-Rouge - Big Bang followed by shaking
  • NDG (Montreal) - My dog woke me, she was distressed. I told her to come on the bed for a cuddle. A couple of minutes later the quake happened, she seemed to know or feel it. Quite a bit of shaking and rumbling that lasted for a minute. The rumbling was fairly loud and long enough that I started to be concerned that it was more than a quake. My 9 month old puppy took quite a while to settle, she was upset before I felt or heard anything and more so after the quake.
  • Kirkland, québec - Around 4am, my bed was shaking and the dog was barking. Lasted a good 40 seconds but then continued very lightly for about 10 seconds or so. It was quite strong since it woke me from my sleep.
  • Montreal - I felt my bed shaking and heard a low rumbling. I looked at my clock it was 4:07 am November 6, 2012.
  • Wendover - woke me from sleep around 4am. lasted a long time and faded away. I heard it as well as felt it. It was a steady rumbling noise.
  • Ottawa - It definitely woke me up. Picture on wall fell.
  • ottawa, on - The house was shaking just enought to wake us at 4:06 am.
  • alfred ontario - Large rumble Bed side tables rocked and alarm click shook across table
  • Orleans, ontario - I had just gotten back in bed and heard rumbling and felt shaking. Everything in bedroom was shaking.
  • Barry's Bay, ON - shook me awake in bed, and closet doors were rattling.
  • Napanee, Ontario - Woke up to bed shaking twice. Thought it might be from my husbnad snoring, so I rolled over. Then I heard on radio this AM that there was an earthquake.
  • deux montagne - my husband and i woke up feeling the earthquake a little after four this morning
  • Navan - Heard the rumble and felt the house shake at 4:07 in the morning.
  • vars ontario - this event woke us from a solid sleep - we heard a rumble noise, rattling windows and felt the prolonged shaking motion on the second floor of our home.
  • Cornwall, ON - Bed shook at 4:06 am
  • Ste-sophie - il etait 4h07 du matin .
  • Montreal - I was sleeping but still felt it. Didn't last long but still, was strong enough to scare me...
  • N45*37.646'--W75*23.040' - Rumbling loud enough to awaken at 4h05AM. Lasted about 15 sec. Location: 2160 rte 315 NE of Buckingham.
  • Ottawa East - felt initial "bounce" and cracking noise of the house structure while lying in bed. This was followed by slight vibrations for 15 seconds or so.
  • Montreal - It woke me up, I could feel it and hear things vibrating/rattling in my kitchen.
  • Montreal - items on my walls and dresser were vibrating
  • Northfield Station, Ont. - At 4 AM 20 Minutes north of Cornwall,Ont, felt shaking, window raddling, approx.30 seconds.
  • Ottawa - Woke up. Water in glass moving, rattling on tops of cabinets
  • Hudson Heights - Our bed made a 2 inch HOP off the floor!
  • Ottawa - Felt very weak shaking at around 4am in Ottawa Canada.
  • Montreal Qc. - IT woke me up again. This time i felt my cheeks vibrating. it lasted 5 seconds.
  • Monkland Ontario - heard the doors of the dresser rattle around 4:05 this morning lasted around 15 seconds
  • Buckingham, Qc - The shaking started and climbed quickly then levelled out for 4-5 seconds. Living just 1h away West from the epicentre, it was just about the strongest shaking I ever felt.
  • Candiac, Qc, Canada - Woke up at about 4:08 to the bed shaking and windows rattling. There was no other noise and at that time in the morning I was sure it was an earthquake, but it was weaker than the last one which was also accompanied by a large (& scary) boom)!
  • Pointe-Claire, qc - Woke up at around 4:05am to deep rumbling sound, and after what seemed like a long while, milder and lighter sounding repetitive vibrations for a time. Seemed longer than 15 seconds but not loud at all. No shaking felt and no pictures crooked or objects moved.
  • Rockland, ON - I was in the living room (ground floor) when at 4:03 am, very distant vibrations started rushing my way. Usually earthquakes around here are over before you even know what happened but not with this one! It just kept getting stronger and stronger and I was waiting for it to peak and then disappear but it never did. Instead it plateaued for almost a full minute and it took it's sweet time to calm back down. It was 4:06 am when it was almost over so it lasted at LEAST 2 minutes for me!!!
  • Brossard, Qc - Shelves and glass wear were shaking and rattling. Felt like my teenager was running down the hall and then it suddenly stopped...Didn't feel like it peaked at any time. Strong enough to wake us!
  • Montcalm, Quebec - Woke to rumbling ,sounded like strong winds, my bed was shaking and so was my dog who circled the bed nervously.
  • Montcalm, Quebec - I woke at 4:06 to a loud rumbling , sounded like strong winds blowing or a train going by, my bed was shaking and so was my dog as he nervously circled my bed.
  • Orleans Ontario - At around 4am the whole bed started shaking left and right and loud rumbling my bedroom door opened. It was strong enough to wake me out of my sleep.
  • Pierrefonds, Quebec - The vibration woke me up. It was like a rolling effect and kept going until it eventually diminished. The last earthquake in October was much stronger.
  • Orleans ottawa - I feel it big time everything was shaking around me
  • bolton landing - During night between 3:00 am and 5:00 am
  • St-Lambert, Quebec - Light vibration happening around 04:02, lasted about 25 seconds
  • Hawkesbury - Hawkesbury, Ontario. This was my very first but scary 4.2 earthquake for about 10 seconds at 4:05 a.m. this morning.With the shaking and noise, it felt like a big freight train was passing next to the house.
  • Ottawa - Our bird fell off her perch and started flapping around like crazy! We thought she was having night terrors, until a coworker told me this morning it was an earthquake! Poor Birdie! We were so caught up in trying to settle her down, we didn't feel the quake.
  • Lachine, Quebec - At 4:06 it woke both my husband and I. Rumbling noise and shaking on the second floor of the house.
  • Pierrefonds - lasted all of a few seconds here. I was awake during the Oct one as well, and it was a little shorter than that one. At first I thought it was the people upstairs making noise they like doing that around 6am ish, but this was too early for that. 😛 So made me wonder if it was another one and looks like it was! 🙂
  • Chicago, IL - I was sleeping on the couch when I thought someone pushed me then the couch starting vibrating for about 30 seconds.
  • Chicago, IL - I woke up on the couch to a push and vibrating sensation. It lasted for about 30 seconds.
  • Pierrefonds - Woke up at 4:05 AM very loud noise vibrations felt for 10 seconds
  • Ottawa - Rumbling and shaking did not last more than a few seconds. Was in bed at the time, but awake. Cats were not bothered by it.
  • Hawkesbury - Biggest rumble I ever heard and felt. Everyone in the house was awakened.
  • Gatineau, QC - I was sitting on the sofa and suddenly the electricity flickered and I heard rumbling in 2 distinctive shots. It sounded like an explosion, so much that I ran to the window and looked outside to see if a transformer had exploded. I stayed staring for 2 minutes or so and was confused. All seemed to be fine. And no thunder.
  • 25 miles NW of Boston - More heard than felt.
  • LAVAL - It woke me and my husband up
  • Rockland Ontario - it woke me up it souded like a train coming close to the house, the house was shaking. it lasted about 20 sec or so.
  • Underhill, VT - Just after 4:00 am, felt weak shaking of house and small rattle of stuff on sheleves.
  • Hudson, QC - Impressive rumble at 4:04 am (Nov. 6) accompanied by shaking for about 15 seconds. Enough of both to wake both myself and my wife up from deep sleeps.
  • Ottawa downtown - It was awesome
  • Huntingdon Quebec Canada - At 3:59 AM I felt and Earthquake and heard a lot of rambblig downstairs and the time of the quake here when I was awakenned lasted 12 seconds.
  • laval - my room was shaking, it felt stronger than the last one in october 2012... lasted about 5 sec.
  • Cumberland, Ontario - Was woken up at 4:05 a.m. by a loud noise, shaking & sound of house creaking loudly...then the standard rumbling went on for a good 20 seconds. This is the 2nd quake in the last couple of months, we've felt in Cumberland.
  • Монреал ,Сейнт Леонар - Достатъчно за те уплаши посред нощ.Все едно минава снегорина и големи камиони.Абе нещо много често се усещат напоследък тука.
  • Lachute,QC,CANADA - jhabite au sous-sol il y a des objets qui a tremblé un peu, sa commencé par un tremblement et ensuite il y a eu comme un gros (boum) qui ma figé je dois dire et apres le tremblement c'est dégradé et a cessé
  • Tupper Lake ,NY - My husband was startled out of his sleep as our decorative crystals were rattling on the windows and the bed was shaking slightly He said " What's That !" I said "It's an earthquake! matter of factlyIt was at 4:05 AM and lasted about 15 seconds. We feel them right through our house...sometimes it sounds like a freight train is going right through it.
  • Laval, Quebec - I was awake when I felt the bed shake for a few seconds.
  • Montréal - je me suis reveiller à 4h04 et j'ai senti des secousse mais legere. Je sui a montreal. deja avec toute ces video sur la fin du monde lorsque j'ai senti la petite secousse ( et se pour la premiere fois de ma vie ) j'ai tellement paniqué que je n'Ai plus fermer l'oeil 🙁 Sa fait peur
  • Montreal - I was woken up at about 4am by the feeling of my house shaking. It seemed to only last a few seconds, and I wasn't sure if I had imagined it, or if perhaps a large truck had driven by.
  • Laval, Quebec - A low rumble which lasted for a good 20 seconds. Weak shaking, much less than October 10. No serious shaking or no lights wavering. Sounded like a heavy snow plower passing by.
  • laval - I felt it at 4:04 am
  • Chteauguay Quebec - normally the winds will rattle this time felt the earth move -- felt right to the basement
  • Avonmore, Ontario - Pictures on the wall crooked and a figurine fell over and broke,small crack in one wall. After the quake all the dogs around went very quiet after a night of constant barking, when i went outside the silence was extremely eerie!THe vinyl siding vibrated so much that it sounded like the house was roaring.
  • Queens, NY - felt the couch shake a bit around that time, thought it was the dog, but he was asleep. Could we have felt this in Queens, NY?
  • Gatineau - Was in bed, the room shook, the house shook, too strong to be a passing truck or bus. I knew it was an earthquake. Stronger than the one last year but weaker than the one in june 2010. pretty cool!
  • Montreal - Woke up and thought it was an earthquake but thought it was a dream in the morning and forgot until seeing an article about it online.
  • St-Jean-sur-Richelieu - It woke me out of my sleep and things on the dresser were rattling. I looked at the clock and it was 4 something am. Didn't last long. 20 seconds max
  • USGS Southwest Of Sumatra, Indonesia Nov 06 08:32 4.7 12 MAP
    GEOFON Southwest Of Sumatra, Indonesia Nov 06 08:32 4.8 10 MAP
    EMSC Southwest Of Sumatra, Indonesia Nov 06 08:32 4.7 10 MAP
    EMSC Carlsberg Ridge Nov 06 06:17 5.7 10 MAP
    GEOFON Carlsberg Ridge Nov 06 06:17 5.7 10 MAP
    USGS Carlsberg Ridge Nov 06 06:17 5.7 10 MAP
    EMSC Fiji Region Nov 06 03:36 4.9 473 MAP
    USGS Fiji Region Nov 06 03:36 4.9 475 MAP
    EMSC Minahasa, Sulawesi, Indonesia Nov 06 01:42 5.5 30 MAP
    GEOFON Minahassa Peninsula, Sulawesi Nov 06 01:42 5.4 33 MAP
    USGS Minahasa, Sulawesi, Indonesia Nov 06 01:42 5.4 35 MAP
    EMSC Minahasa, Sulawesi, Indonesia Nov 06 01:36 5.6 15 MAP
    GEOFON Minahassa Peninsula, Sulawesi Nov 06 01:36 5.5 43 MAP
    USGS Minahasa, Sulawesi, Indonesia Nov 06 01:36 5.8 16 MAP
    GEOFON Solomon Islands Nov 06 00:07 4.7 10 MAP
    EMSC Solomon Islands Nov 06 00:07 4.8 10 MAP
    USGS Solomon Islands Nov 06 00:07 4.8 10 MAP

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    Generally noticed indoors but not outside. Light sleepers may be awakened. Vibration may be likened to the passing of heavy traffic, or to the jolt of a heavy object falling or striking the building.
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    Doors and windows rattle. Glassware and crockery rattle. Liquids in open vessels may be slightly disturbed. Standing motorcars may rock.
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    MMI V (Moderate shaking) ?
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    Fittings :
    Small unstable objects are displaced or upset. Some glassware and crockery may be broken. Hanging pictures knock against the wall. Open doors may swing. Cupboard doors secured by magnetic catches may open. Pendulum clocks stop, start, or change rate.
    Structures :
    Some large display windows cracked. A few earthenware toilet fixtures cracked.
    MMI VI (Strong shaking) ?
    People Felt by all. People and animals alarmed. Many run outside. Difficulty experienced in walking steadily.
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    Objects fall from shelves. Pictures fall from walls. Some furniture moved on smooth floors, some unsecured free-standing fireplaces moved. Glassware and crockery broken. Very unstable furniture overturned. Small church and school bells ring. Appliances move on bench or table tops. Filing cabinets or "easy glide" drawers may open (or shut).
    Structures :
    Slight damage to buildings with low standard. Some stucco or cement plaster falls. Large display windows broken. Damage to a few weak domestic chimneys, some may fall.
    Environment :
    Trees and bushes shake, or are heard to rustle. Loose material may be dislodged from sloping ground, e.g. existing slides, talus slopes, shingle slides.
    MMI VII (Very strong shaking) ?
    General alarm. Difficulty experienced in standing. Noticed by motorcar drivers who may stop.
    Fittings :
    Large bells ring. Furniture moves on smooth floors, may move on carpeted floors. Substantial damage to fragile contents of buildings.
    Structures :
    Unreinforced stone and brick walls cracked. Low standard buildings cracked with some minor masonry falls. A few instances of damage to buildings of ordinary workmanship. Unbraced parapets, unbraced brick gables, and architectural ornaments fall. Roofing tiles, especially ridge tiles may be dislodged. Many unreinforced domestic chimneys damaged, often falling from roof-line. Water tanks Type I burst. A few instances of damage to brick veneers and plaster or cement-based linings. Unrestrained water cylinders (hot-water cylinders) may move and leak. Some common windows cracked. Suspended ceilings damaged.
    Environment :
    Water made turbid by stirred up mud. Small slides such as falls of sand and gravel banks, and small rock-falls from steep slopes and cuttings. Instances of settlement of unconsolidated or wet, or weak soils. Some fine cracks appear in sloping ground. A few instances of liquefaction (i.e. small water and sand ejections).
    MMI VIII (Severe shaking) ?
    People Alarm may approach panic. Steering of motorcars greatly affected. Structures : Low standard buildings heavily damaged, some collapse. ordinary workmanship buildings damaged, some with partial collapse. Reinforced masonry or concrete buildings damaged in some cases. A few instances of damage to buildings and bridges designed and built to resist earthquakes. Monuments and pre-1976 elevated tanks and factory stacks twisted or brought down. Some pre-1965 infill masonry panels damaged. A few post-1980 brick veneers damaged. Decayed timber piles of houses damaged. Houses not secured to foundations may move. Most unreinforced domestic chimneys damaged, some below roof-line, many brought down. Environment : Cracks appear on steep slopes and in wet ground. Small to moderate slides in roadside cuttings and unsupported excavations. Small water and sand ejections and localized lateral spreading adjacent to streams, canals, lakes, etc.
    MMI IX (Violent shaking) ?
    Structures Many low standard buildings destroyed. Ordinary workmanship buildings heavily damaged, some collapse. Reinforced masonry or concrete buildings damaged, some with partial collapse. Buildings and bridges designed and built to resist earthquakes damaged in some cases, some with flexible frames seriously damaged. Damage or permanent distortion to some buildings and bridges, designed and built to normal use standards. Houses not secured to foundations shifted off. Brick veneers fall and expose frames. Environment : Cracking of ground conspicuous. Landsliding general on steep slopes. Liquefaction effects intensified and more widespread, with large lateral spreading and flow sliding adjacent to streams, canals, lakes, etc.
    Tell us your experience and how many seconds the shaking lasted + let us know if your property has been damaged (even slight damage). (max. 500 characters)
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    1. Sandie Leblnc says:

      At 4:00am in Cornwall Onatrio I was finishing up my Cheesecakes when I felt a rumbling feeling beneath my feet that lasted roughly 10-15 seconds! It was intense as I felt unstable during that time! I knew it was an earthquake by the intensity of it:-( Just happy to know it wasn't worse rhen that!!

    2. They say that the magnitude was 4.2, but the tremors were much less pronounced than October 10 However, since October 10, about the same hour that the earthquake, if you are not partying or sleeping, there are 2 consecutive atmospheric vibrations to each day. Another intriguing fact: the vibration (shaking) followed the time change ... To date i have two witnesses who felt physically the same phenomenon.

    3. I woke to a very loud boom/bang, and moderate shaking of house, ratting of all things....that lasted about 10 sec.i told my bf that the epi center was here in our hometown Hawkesbury, sure enough only km away.

    4. It sounded like someone was blasting (around Dalkeith). I heard the "bang" buy nothing shook.

    5. Galit Antebi says:

      I woke up by a big boom, the house was trembeling midley and some loud noise came from the outside. I ran to the window to check if a train was passing by but there was none. Everbody in the house was asleep, they didn't feel anything. I had to google to make sure...

    6. Mona Al-khabaz says:

      I'm a very light sleeper.. I woke up with heavy noise of shake . It was 4:04 am EST in Montreal. I took my phone and went on Google to check if anyone experienced a similar situation, but I didn't see any news. Here I am confirming that it was an actual earthquake