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As a regular reader of, you know that our site is something special on the internet. Nobody else in the world is covering earthquakes all over the globe the same way and no other site or initiative is as good in reporting about just happened earthquakes than we are. We do not have instruments in the field as USGS, EMSC, CWA et etc has enough excellent material installed. For us the social impact / scientific data approach is what counts. Already now we have the best interactive site in the world with I Have Felt It reports from all over the globe. Even being very popular, we have still a long way to go.
Join us and become a volunteer of (one of the best) worldwide earthquake and volcano reporting websites in the world
We are urgently looking for volunteers in the following categories :

Seismologists / Geologists and Volcanologists

To cope with our worldwide success, is looking to extend the group of people directly in charge of the earthquake  and volcano reporting itself. What has to be written can easily be seen in the existing articles in the website.   Explaining earthquake and volcano activity mechanisms so that almost everybody can understand it is one of the main issues of this site.
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Humanitarian earthquake relief follow up

A devastating earthquake is always followed by rapid, mid-term and long-term relief and reconstruction effort. wants to report about all these great efforts. It will be your task to find out which organisations are working in the earthquake damaged area, contacting them and request them to share their blogs and pictures with
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Press exchange facilitator

As a non-profit organisation, we want to share our reports and our user experiences with the rest of the world.  Your task will be to convince news-websites and newspapers to use our information (and experience reports) in exchange for a cooperation in case that an earthquake occurs in their country. Combining the best of 2 world will generate an added value for both.
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Volunteers for different tasks

If you are willing to participate as a volunteer in this project, please let us know.
We have an urgent need for people who know very well Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc. With different accounts more tweets will have to be created with relevant content, replies to people, moderation, trying to get more fans, etc etc.
If you know well how to work with one of these social platforms, please let us know uregently
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