Worldwide Volcano earthquakes and Volcano earthquake notifications

This list is a spin-off of our normal Worldwide Earthquake lists. Its sole purpose is to detect earthquakes in the immediate vicinity of active volcanoes. (less than 2 year existence ) was one of the first to detect a number of major eruptions in the world, mainly because we are following up earthquakes worldwide. Whether the volcano is in Kamchatka, Papua New Guinea or in the Pacific, it will always have a linked earthquake pattern, especially if it erupts again after a long time. Many volcanoes in the world are or poorly monitored or not monitored at all. Earthquakes on the contrary are registered all over the world.
Limitations : The current earthquakes database is fed by a small number of seismological agencies (for technical reasons). Only the stronger Magnitudes are reported by these agencies in case of worldwide earthquakes. Our system is trying to catch these signals if they occur within a certain radius around the volcano.  Currently Magnitudes of 4+ are well reported in the world, some continents like USA and Europe are also reporting lower magnitudes which enables us to detect activity a lot sooner.
The hypocenters may have a serious error margin both for depth and the same goes for the epicenters too.
What do we have to look for ? : Stronger shallow earthquakes (less than 5 km depth).  We are tracking these earthquakes from the end of 2011.
Earthquake E-mail Notification : The subscription block above every volcano list enables you to subscribe to ONLY the earthquakes occurring below this volcano. If we report an earthquake below a volcano, the next step you should do is going the website of the local seismological agency and tracking the more sensitive data streams

We will gradually create pages for all volcanoes in the world, but this is an example for European countries

Europe : Canary Islands (Spain) - Greece - Italy -

Africa : Eritrea and Ethiopia -

North America : United States - California - Oregon - Washington -

Pacific : Mariana Islands - New Zealand -