(Major) Earthquakes list May 29, 2012 - Very strong earthquake in Northern Italy

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Very strong earthquake (aftershock) in Northern Italy
Magnitude is as strong as the mainshock earlier this month
Epicenter close to Mirandola
We will continue to report on this earthquake in our main in-depth Ferrara earthquake article, Click here.

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SRC Location UTC Date/time M D INFO
GEOFON Off Coast Of Guerrero, Mexico May 29 22:44 4.4 10 MAP
GEOFON Northern Italy May 29 18:28 4.4 10 MAP
USGS Northern Italy May 29 18:28 4.4 13 MAP
EMSC Hokkaido, Japan Region May 29 15:52 4.6 60 MAP
GEOFON Hokkaido, Japan Region May 29 15:52 4.6 63 MAP
EMSC Northern Italy May 29 15:31 4.7 2 MAP
  • Bologna, Italia - Faint
  • EMSC Off East Coast Of Honshu, Japan May 29 15:17 4.9 20 MAP
    GEOFON Off East Coast Of Honshu, Japan May 29 15:17 4.6 10 MAP
    GEOFON South Sandwich Islands Region May 29 15:14 4.9 37 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 29 11:00 5.1 10 MAP
  • Nonantola (MODENA) - Very scary, long time. Childrend go out to school and we can't use the mobile telephone for 2 - 3 hours for call our people.
  • nord italia - carpi - qui balla tutto: case, strade, ma soprattutto le gambe!
  • carpi - eravamo in macchina: ci siamo dovuti fermare, sembrava di essere in alto mare!
  • USGS Northern Italy May 29 11:00 5.1 10 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 29 11:00 5.1 10 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 29 11:00 4.8 10 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 29 10:55 5.5 10 MAP
  • Antibes, France - Earth moved - light shades swung, but nothing fell down.
  • Gardalake - Again all shaking for about 10 seconds
  • Pederobba, TV, Italy - Light and long shaking, frequent shakes within a couple of minutes
  • Vicenza - When the aftershocks are almost as strong as the main shock, it makes you wonder if we are in for something bigger!
  • Bologna, Italia - Lamps swinging, couch shaking, less scary than the one before, but...
  • Milan - Was as strong or stronger than the 5.8 this morning. Everything shaking and swaying. No damage or things falling.
  • Montebelluna - 12:55pm building shaking again, slightly less that this morning
  • Innsbruck, Austria - light shaking at 12:55 p.m.
  • Bologna - Not strong as the one of this morning, but all was shaking.
  • Innsbruck 12:55pm - Rattling, lights swaying
  • Parma - Felt even stronger than the first one this morning. And it lasted longer. maybe 45 seconds
  • Montichiari - Live in Montichiari, felt the earthquake at 9:00am and have since only felt one aftershock which occured aound 1:00pm, house shook and swayed with that one as well.
  • Moniga del Garda - light shaking for 10 sec. After that very light shaking for couple of minutes.
  • Padova - Furniture shaking. scary
  • Lugano, Switzerland - Weak shaking in 5th floor flat. Also felt same intensity shaking around 9 am.
  • Cerro al Lambro, Milan - Some objects swayed a little.
  • Genova - We are on a boat out of water in a shipyard, so the feeling was much stronger than being down on earth
  • Vicenza - Noticeable, not too bad.
  • Milano - 5th floor of apt in Milan; rolling motion for a pretty long time
  • carpi - sono in macchina: mi devo fermare non riesco più a tenere la strada. sembra di essere in alto mare!
  • Bologna, Italy - I live in Florence and work in Bologna. I experienced the 20th May quake at home in Florence, and 29th May strong aftershocks in my office room in Bologna. This was quite strong, all the building was swaying for 20-25 sec (1st floor), giving a dizzy feeling. Everybody felt it
  • EMSC Northern Italy May 29 10:55 5.5 2 MAP
    USGS Northern Italy May 29 10:55 5.4 9 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 29 09:30 4.4 10 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 29 08:40 4.6 10 MAP
  • Bergamo - We keep on feeling shaking the earth. What's going on?
  • GEOFON Northern Italy May 29 08:40 4.6 10 MAP
    USGS Northern Italy May 29 08:40 4.7 10 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 29 08:25 4.8 12 MAP
    USGS Northern Italy May 29 08:25 4.7 10 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 29 08:25 4.7 10 MAP
    GEOFON Bulgaria May 29 07:23 4.5 5 MAP
  • Belgrade, Serbia - It woke me up from my afternoon nap. There was one noticable shake for 3-4 seconds, then a couple of weaker ones.
  • кв. симеоново софия бъ - след земетресението на 24,05,2012 се повтарят много къси вибриращи движения/ живея на третият етаж /като посоката се променя сега тя е запад изток тези вибрации са доста на често
  • Sofia - Luckuly was short, but |I certainly felt it on the 7th floor. It is time this to STOP ! ! !
  • Sofia centre - On 10th floor of building in the centre of Sofia. Light shaking for a few seconds
  • Sofia - I felt it in the 8th floor.....
  • Sofia center - Felt like going on for 15 seconds. Somewhat scary.
  • Sofia - I felt it on the second floor in the office. Very short
  • Surdulica, Serbia - Lasting no more than 10 seconds, pretty disturbing.
  • Bulgaria - Sofia center - very short
  • Sofia, Buxton - It brought me nausea 🙁 Is it going to stop shaking sometime soon?
  • Sofia - I am in the center of Sofia, on 3rd floor of business building. I felt it but it wasn`t very strong shake.
  • Sofia - 7th Floor - Boom shaka laka, boom shaka laka, boom!
  • BG,Sofia,Lulin - Писна ми.. Шаш и паника..
  • 42.650003,23.332622 - Леко се усети на 3 ет. в кв.Витоша гр.София
  • Sofia - I live at the 8 floor, didn`t feel it at all. heard on the radio about it
  • София Княжево - Всичко се разтресе вкъщи, добре че поне беше кратко.
  • Pernik - Felt it like hell...
  • Sofia - Weak shaking. Maybe felt mainly on the top floors of the high buildins in Sofia. Probably more intense in Radomir and Pernik.
  • Sofia - Felt weeker than 4.5.
  • Surdulica, Serbia - We felt him in bed. Disgusting.
  • sofia centre - I felt it while i was in bed it was strong but short
  • София, Княжево -
  • Sofia Vitosha - Felt a little at fourth floor. Since it doesn't seem to stop I'll depart Sofia soon... It's not safe here
  • Sofia - Didn't felt it..
  • Sofia, Kniazhewo - Short but strong enough to feel it. Thunder again.
  • София - @София, Княжево - и каква е връзката с италианските земетресения? Или пък с тези: http://quakes.globalincidentmap.com/
  • Sofia,Bulgaria - I was in the Center of Sofia and my bed started shaking for about 5 seconds and it stopped.
  • USGS Bulgaria May 29 07:23 4.5 7 MAP
    INGV Mirandola, Cavezzo, Modena, Italy May 29 07:00 5.8 10 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 29 07:00 5.8 20 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 29 07:00 5.8 10 MAP
  • Trento - Moderate shaking reported
  • Bologna, Italia - Scary! And long...
  • Pisa - Lights swayed and house vibrated
  • Milano - It was a strong one lasting about a minute or something.
  • Florence - Was talking with a friend from San Fran, CA...Hung up the the room and the bed started shaking... My roommate said that he felt it in the other bedroom too..forte!
  • Innsbruck - Light shaking reported
  • Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza Italy - Long light shaking
  • Verona - about 20 sec , strong shaking felt in the local library..People scared and started to rush out of the building.
  • Fontanelice Gaggio BO - Sitting at desk. Felt the crescendo of shaking. A more left to right motion which we typically have here in small shakes during the night. And not like the undulating of the big one in Ferrara. But long and enough to run out of the house. First big one during daylight in years.
  • Trento, Italy - very quiet as earthquakes go, no rumbling. smooth starting, no jerking, lasted about 45 sec.
  • Bologna - Waves, house felt like it was on waves and lamps went swinging. Cat hiding under bed.
  • ITALY - Bologna : similar to the first one
  • Parma - 4eme de l'annee sur Parme ..
  • Novara . Cameri Italy - After last visit in Roncoferraro Mantova during earthuqake that is the second time the coat on hangher light move but chair and floor move and create disorientation on my braim - feeling.
  • Logatec, Slovenia - Slowly increasing, gentle rocking motion, some noises from furniture doors (5th floor)
  • Milan - Light shaking for 15s at about 9:00
  • Trento - I am in Trento in Holiday. I woke up by an weaks shaking at 9.00 clock local time.
  • Mayrhofen, Austria - Some shaking for about 20 seconds
  • Trento, Italy - woke me up strong one (aftershock)!
  • Chiavari, Genoa - There was shaking side to side with our chandelier and other things in our home moving moderately. My wife was scared to death but I'm from California 🙂
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia - 11th floor, Ljubljana center, glasses clanking, doors moving, lasted about 30s or less. MK
  • Mestre Italy - Just after 9am Rome time, inside apartment building, furniture and floor etc shaking with moderate intensity for appx 10 seconds. Some light movement after...
  • Vicenza - shake it
  • Vicenza, Italy - Felt a bit stronger than the quake which hit last Sunday May 20th that was centered in Modena. Shaking lasted about 10 to 15 seconds. Lights swayed and desk moved slightly. Looks like from initial reports on Italian media it was centered south of Lago di Garda in Mantova Province near Medole.
  • Udine, Italy - Lights swayed and house vibrated 1° floor
  • Kempten (Allgäu) Germany - Light shaking (6th floor) about 2-3 seconds.
  • Milano - It happened around 9am and lasted for about 30 seconds
  • Vicenza - Yep as good as the 20th one
  • Schiavon,italy - Sitting on floor playing with child and house started lightly shaking
  • Ljublijana - LJUBLJANA LIGHT SHAKING. 5th floor. I was in bed at 9:00 started shaking.
  • Ferrara - very very strong
  • Vipiteno (Bolzano) - Moderate shaking felt - Office furniture was shaking
  • Borgomanero - whole house shook for about 30 secs
  • Ljubljana - 5th floor, lasted about 30 sec, shaking
  • ITALY - lasting 7-8 second
  • Sarzana Italy - The entire house shook, windows rattled and the chandelier over the dining room table was still swaying 5 minutes later. Cats were acting strange 5 minutes prior so must have known it was coming!
  • Parma - strong and lasted about 30 seconds.
  • Vicenza - Didn't feel as strong as the one last Sunday but still enough to wake me up... Although geology reports say we have been having 3.0 and less for the past 4 days
  • Sassuolo, MO, Italy - Very strong one, like the last
  • Ljubljana - first floor, light shaking ~20 sec
  • Arezzo, Italy - I was on the 3rd floor of a Marriott hotel in Arezzo, Italy. The movement lasted about 3 seconds. It wasn't a shaking but more of a wave action. We could hear some low level rumbling from an unknown location, possibly coming from the building
  • Asolo - Woke me up. Felt like someone shaking the bed with both hands. Could hear little cracks in the walls
  • Borgosesia - was like when someone sits close to you and you sway just a little.
  • Ferrara - Lasted about 30 sec. Very strong.
  • Florence - Bed started shaking here in Florence. Almost as strong as prior one.
  • Nova Gorica - Slovenija - about 30 sec, strong shaking felt in the office on the third floor
  • Ljubljana - First floor of an old house. The house swayed (marshy ground) and the lampshade and my desk, too.
  • Venice - I say moderate because thats what it take to wake me up. Figured nowhere to run in venice so rolled over and went back to sleep. Girlfriend hiding under bed.
  • Vicenza - Was laying in bed. Could feel whole room and bed shaking.
  • Milan - 9 o'clock, we were at the third floor, in Rho; the shaken lasted 30 seconds. colleagues were scared. i was on the phone with a friend in downtown milan who felt it , too.
  • Nova Gorica - Slovenija - it was a strong one - about 30 sec in the office on the third floor - scary
  • Schlieren - At 9:00 local time. Duration: about 30 sec.
  • vicenza - felt pretty strong....
  • Forte dei Marmi - Floor shaked, houses alarms rang
  • Vercelli - I lampadari dell'ufficio sospesi con catenelle, oscillavano vistosamente, ma non ho percepito tremolii
  • Forte dei Marmi - very weak shaking reported
  • Chiavari, Genoa - Started off weak to moderate but eventually became moderate to strong shaking. Chandelier and bookcase rocking and shaking with terrace doors shaking somewhat violently. My wife was really scared but I'm from California. 🙂
  • Lucca - 15-20 minutes ago. felt tremors on 4th floor terrace. chandelier in apartment was swaying
  • Reggio nell'Emilia - (3rd floor) Floor/furniture trembling in a distinct way... but NO object dropped from scaffolding
  • Nova Gorica - Slovenija - 1st floor, shaking you can feel it 20-30 sec., doors moving a little...
  • Rovereto - Was just about to get out of bed when I heard the loudest rumbling sound and my bed, mirror and wardrobe starting shaking a lot. Poor partner was on the toilet! 🙂 Not an appreciated wake up call!
  • Milano ( italy) - 9am, during 30s, 2th floor, shaking
  • Cadenazzo, Switzerland - Lieve scossa intorno alle 09.00, sentita anche in Svizzera.
  • Padova - In Padua (Padova), at a distance of 85 km from Mirandola, on the 3rd floor, very strong shaking. Noise of fornitures hitting each other and between the walls. Some people out on the street. No damages, just fear.
  • Riomaggiore Italy - shook me awake maybe less than 10 seconds. a few min after 9am not strong enough for anything to fall or break.
  • s.m.di Sala, Venice, Italy - 9.03am Was oversleeping-3rd floor, under the eaves-but got downstairs in a flash! Strong shaking for maybe 10 seconds. Outside,dogs & birds very noisy...
  • Schlieren, Switzerland - Felt it for about 30 sec.
  • Pisa - Approx 9 am, sofa, lamps, hanging objects, water began to sway. Lasted approx 15 to 30 sec. Neighborhood dogs went nuts. Felt as if the floor was fluid for the duration.
  • Bolzano - Went on for about 35 seconds, started out light but got more intense in the end
  • Camogli - Lying in bed, sensed an earthquake but decided it was my imagination; a couple of seconds later I was sure I was feeling a mild quake and lasted only a couple of seconds. I am very sensitive to earthquakes after experiencing Santiago 8.8 two years ago.
  • Milan, Italy - Lasted at least 30 seconds or more, was as bad as the May 20th quake, chandelier rocked back and forth, bed shook, windows and doors rattled.
  • Marina di Pisa - Weak shaking of the building, for about 2 minutes. Ceiling lamps moving.
  • San Marco Venice - Sounded like a wind then the chandelier started shaking. Thought a doorway was the best place. Lasted about 25 seconds
  • Trento, Italy - Was laid in bed, felt like somebody was shaking the bed with both hands.
  • Ljubljana - Char on wich I was siting started moving & flowers in the flowwerpots were rocking
  • Genova - an increasing shaking, lasted 7-8seconds, felt on the 22° floor of the "Matitone" skyscraper
  • La Spezia - 5th floor apartment, building swayed for what felt like 20 seconds, light fittings swayed, shower curtains swung quite violently!
  • Genoa - an increasing shaking, lasted 7-8seconds, felt on the 22° floor of the "Matitone" skyscraper
  • Verona - Lights swinging, furniture shaking 20-30 seconds.
  • Camsino Vicentino - Bed shaking and TV swaying!
  • Ljubljana - Chair on wich I was siting started moving & flowers in the flowwerpots were rocking
  • Antibes - légères vibrations ressenties à Antibes, PACA, vers 01.00 ce matin
  • Antibes - très légères vibrations ressenties à Antibes France PACA
  • Venezia - on the 4th floor the whole flat like on waves...
  • Via Carraci, Bologna - All the lamps were moving, the computers were shaking and the glasses fell
  • Genova, Italy - Furniture and cutlery were audibly vibrating.
  • Bordighera, Liguria - Alle 09.00 ho sentito il terremoto in zona di Bordighera, Liguria
  • Bologna - 2nd floor and started shaking!what an experience...hoping this stops soon...
  • castello d'argile - the house was shaking for a lots of seconds very strong. i feelt about 10 seconds. also some parts of glass were falling down from the walls and crashed. much pearsons were running out of there house. telefone line was busy for a lot of time.
  • Parma - at the 4 th floor, close to the river, long shaking.
  • Santa Giustina, Belluno - 2nd floor,I was lying in bed and the shakes woke me up. Weak shakings, lasted aprox. 5-7 sec. The chandelier was still swaying 3 minutes after.
  • Reggiolo - I felt it on the bed with my two little babies here the house nearly flipped over. it stops and starts sometimes comes back more strong.
  • Milano - i woke up because of that at 9:00 am, easily felt it.long about 30 second
  • Central Slovenia - Very weak shaking reported
  • Bologna - This one scared me more than the one on May 20th. Hopefull a stronger one is not on the way!
  • Grossa De Gazzo - Sitting on couch and it started to shake along with the doors in my house and tv I live on the 2nd floor top floor
  • Milan - again! at 13:00 another shake, longer...in milan, looks as strong as the previous of 09:00. we fear for the people near Modena!
  • Trento,Italy - Again ???
  • Moniga del Garda - 10:57 local time light shaking. Mobile home shakes and crack sounds. Keepd on going very light.
  • Montone - Light shaking in the Upper Tiber Valley (near Montone) at 9:00 this morning.
  • Milan - i was asleep and woke up when my bed hit the wall, everything was shaking, not a pleasant feeling..)
  • Milan - Felt it quite good here in Milan for about 20 seconds. Was more of a rapid shaking than the rolling motion of most of the other aftershocks.
  • Innsbruck, Austria - Made the bed wobble a bit. (Between 9-9.30am.)
  • Abbiategrasso - in school, dowstairs, i as about to smokle when i heard a sound caming from anywhere and that resembling to a vibration. i could not recongnize it, but if i stay tuned to my body i can feel it. ita was as the earth was vibrating
  • Parma - Not feeling the smaller shakes, but boy, yesterday ... major shakes and they lasted a long time.
  • Carnago (VA) - Terremoto in atto!
  • mantova - i was sitting on sofa and my sofa was start shaking iwas thrilled and ran away
  • Bologna - In an office building in Bologna. The building started swaying back and forth.
  • USGS Northern Italy May 29 07:00 5.8 9 MAP
    USGS Mariana Islands Region May 29 05:07 4.5 42 MAP
    EMSC Mariana Islands Region May 29 05:07 4.5 42 MAP
    EMSC Komandorskiye Ostrova Region May 29 04:17 4.6 15 MAP
    GEOFON Komandorskiye Ostrova Region May 29 04:17 4.8 10 MAP
    USGS Komandorskiye Ostrova, Russia Region May 29 04:17 4.6 19 MAP
    USGS Komandorskiye Ostrova, Russia Region May 29 02:40 5.6 17 MAP
    EMSC Komandorskiye Ostrova Region May 29 02:40 5.6 10 MAP
    GEOFON Komandorskiye Ostrova Region May 29 02:40 5.6 28 MAP
    USGS Off The East Coast Of Honshu, Japan May 29 01:56 5.2 40 MAP
  • Atsugi Japan - Woke me up
  • Tokyo - No warning at all from e-quake application installed in the iphone. suddenly strong and take longer time than usual
  • GEOFON Off East Coast Of Honshu, Japan May 29 01:56 4.9 35 MAP
    EMSC Off East Coast Of Honshu, Japan May 29 01:56 5.1 36 MAP
  • Tokyo - 1.56am 29 May 2012, light shaking from the 6th floor hotel room in Shibuya while we slept which woke us, it lasted approximately 10 seconds, a second shorter and weaker one happened soon after.
  • Atsugi-Kichi, Japan - Moderate shaking reported
  • Tokyo - Moderate shaking reported
  • Yokohama - Woke me up at 1:30am
  • Chiba, ichikawa city - Woke me up!
  • Yokohama - Woke me up. Lasted 10-15 seconds
  • Tokyo (Toshima-ku) - Hit around 1:30 in the morning and woke me and my other house mates up easily. Two waves with the second more intense. Strong enough for me to instinctively open my door and wait it out. No damage, just some displaced objects that weren't balanced well.
  • Tokyo - Was in 14th floor of hotel, about 17 miles from epicenter. About 6 seconds of moderate shaking.....most folks probably slept through it since it was after 1 am local time.
  • Japan - Maybe ´cause I was sleeping, I woke up quite dizzy... I did´nt know what to do, so I decided to sleep again..
  • Tokyo, Yoga station - 8th floor Hotel in Tokyo Yoga Station 1:56 am rapid shaking about 10 seconds.
  • EMSC Kepulauan Talaud, Indonesia May 29 01:15 4.5 72 MAP
    USGS Kepulauan Talaud, Indonesia May 29 01:15 4.5 71 MAP

    Data sources courtesy : USGS - EMSC - GFZ - GEONET

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    Chiba-ken Hokuseibu, Honshu, Japan     May 28 16:36 PM     M 5.2     Depth 80.0 km

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    People Alarm may approach panic. Steering of motorcars greatly affected. Structures : Low standard buildings heavily damaged, some collapse. ordinary workmanship buildings damaged, some with partial collapse. Reinforced masonry or concrete buildings damaged in some cases. A few instances of damage to buildings and bridges designed and built to resist earthquakes. Monuments and pre-1976 elevated tanks and factory stacks twisted or brought down. Some pre-1965 infill masonry panels damaged. A few post-1980 brick veneers damaged. Decayed timber piles of houses damaged. Houses not secured to foundations may move. Most unreinforced domestic chimneys damaged, some below roof-line, many brought down. Environment : Cracks appear on steep slopes and in wet ground. Small to moderate slides in roadside cuttings and unsupported excavations. Small water and sand ejections and localized lateral spreading adjacent to streams, canals, lakes, etc.
    MMI IX (Violent shaking) ?
    Structures Many low standard buildings destroyed. Ordinary workmanship buildings heavily damaged, some collapse. Reinforced masonry or concrete buildings damaged, some with partial collapse. Buildings and bridges designed and built to resist earthquakes damaged in some cases, some with flexible frames seriously damaged. Damage or permanent distortion to some buildings and bridges, designed and built to normal use standards. Houses not secured to foundations shifted off. Brick veneers fall and expose frames. Environment : Cracking of ground conspicuous. Landsliding general on steep slopes. Liquefaction effects intensified and more widespread, with large lateral spreading and flow sliding adjacent to streams, canals, lakes, etc.
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