Earthquake Ferrara, Italy : Extremely strong aftershock near Mirandola, Emilia Romagna - 15+ deaths reported

Earthquake overview : A very strong shallow earthquake struck in the Ferrara / Mantua / Modena area in Italy in the middle of the night.
Tell us when you think you have felt this earthquake.
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Summary 29/05 - 14:30 UTC - 15 people have died - 4 or 5 still missing
- Updating the situation.
- 15 dead with 5 people reported missing. At least 20 people have been also injured.
(of these all have been in the province of Modena - 3 dead in San Felice sul Panaro: two workers and a technician who were doing some investigations on the static nature of the Meta Industry building, 1 death in Concordia (an elderly person killed by a falling cornice (a common way of death during earthquake, where fancy cornices and non-structural elements fall on people), 1 death in Finale, 1 death of the pastor of Rovereto nel Novi, Don Ivan Martini, the victim of falling debris, 2 women died in Cavezzo. 1 woman died buried beneath the rubble of Furniture Malavasi, 2 dead in the rubble of the factory Bbg San Giacomo Roncole in Mirandola, 1 male worker died by crushing through the collapse of the Haemotronic factory (they produce medical equipment).
- 6000 people are homeless as a result of this earthquake.
- Much damage has occurred to cathedrals, buildings and other infrastructure.
- The price tag is expected to equal that of the previous quake on 20 May or even exceed it.
- Further aftershocks have caused damage.

Summary 29/05 - 11:40 UTC - 12 deaths reported. 3 major aftershocks.
It can be expected that further large aftershocks will occur in the area, given this sequence of events. We urge Italians to stay off their mobile phones and to use internet resources instead to help emergency crews.

Summary 29/05 - 11:35 UTC - 11 deaths reported. 3 major aftershocks.
A twitter photo shows the devastation at Cavezzo where it is presumed that 75% of the houses have been damaged.

The devastation of Cavezzo (from Twitter).

Summary 29/05 - 11:31 UTC - 11 deaths reported.
San Possidonio will be the most affected town in this area due to these 2 new quakes. The town has about 3828 people.

Summary 29/05 - 11:30 UTC - 11 deaths reported.
Here are the details from INGV of the 2 latest quakes. In addition, our felt reports have shown that these quakes have been felt stronger in some locations.
Magnitude: 5.3
Depth: 6.8km
Region: Pianura Padana Emiliana
Closest towns: San Possidonio

Magnitude: 5.1
Depth: 11km
Region: Pianura_padana_emiliana
Closest towns:

Summary 29/05 - 11:25 UTC - 11 deaths reported.
Latest aftershock has caused additional damage - M5.3 at 6km depth. Then followed by a second of M5.1 at 11km depth. These were both located reasonably close to the mainshock and so will be called aftershocks.

GEOFON is registering the new event as M5.5, and USGS as an M5.6 at 9km depth.

In the very damaging Friuli events of 1976, 3 large shocks were also recorded, 1 in May and 2 in September with around 1000 killed in total.

Summary 29/05 - 11:20 UTC - 11 deaths reported. A M5.3 aftershock and then a M5.1 aftershock 4 minutes after

- 3 magnitude 5 earthquakes have occurred today. The depth of the M5.3 aftershock a few minutes ago was 6.8km, which is shallower and will likely have caused additional damage.

Summary 29/05 - 11:20 UTC - 11 deaths reported.
- A major aftershock of Mw5.6 has just occurred, we have been searching for additional info.

Summary 29/05 - 10:55 UTC - 11 deaths reported.
- At least 11 deaths have occurred according to local authorities. This is expected to climb in the coming hours.
- 1 person has been extracted from the rubble alive in Mirandola.

Summary 29/05 - 10:40 UTC - 10 deaths reported.
- The pastor of Carpi has been injured by falling masonry.
- All railways have been reopened.
- At least 5 workers are presumed to be dead in Emilia as well. There is at this point still confusion to the total death toll, but it is at least 10.

Summary 29/05 - 10:15 UTC - 9 deaths reported.
- There are still industrial workers under the rubble in San Felice.
- Two workers of a dairy in Piacenza were injured (1 seriously) in the storage of ripening cheese 'Aimi', for the fall of a large quantity of forms of grana padano from the shelves.
Riccardo Poli, Cremona, 20, resident of Castelvetro, suffered a crushed chest and he 'was delivered to the Civil Hospital of Cremona' on the danger list.
Laurentin Danut Popa, Romania, 44 years, has suffered a foot injury.
- Many new building collapses have occurred and the cathedral and the church of San Francesco in Mirandola looks as though it may collapse and is severely damaged.
After the earthquake this morning, new collapses were reported in Mirandola, Finale Emilia and San Felice sul Panaro, the provinces of which were already affected by the quake of May 20.
- There has been other collapses in the Rocca Estense di Finale Emilia, Modena, near the epicenter. The fortress had already been damaged by the earthquake of May 20 and the shock had destroyed a tower of Modena, the symbol of the town.
- The center of Cavezzo is extremely damaged where many historic buildings have collapsed and the roof of the church, already damaged by the earthquake last week has collapsed. For now there are no reports of casualties, but work is still being undertaken.

Summary 29/05 - 09:45-10.00 UTC - 9 deaths reported.
- There are nine confirmed victims of the earthquake in the Modena. 3 in San Felice, due to collapse in the industrial zone Meta, 2 in Mirandola, 1 in Concordia (an old killed by a ledge) and 1 in one to the Final.
The pastor of Rovereto in Novi has been killed, although it is unclear whether the victim of falling debris or an illness. A woman also died in Cavezzo, buried beneath the rubble of Mobilificio Malavasi.
- There have also been a undisclosed number of injured

Summary 29/05 - 09:35 UTC - 8 deaths reported.
- There have also been 2 very severely injured people who may not make it through.
- The Duomo in Mirandola is said to be severely damaged. A twitter photo shows some of the damage.

Twitter picture of the Duomo damage in Mirandola.

Summary 29/05 - 09:30 UTC - 8 deaths reported.
- A M5.8 earthquake has struck just west of the May 20 earthquake in Italy.
- So far 8 people are reported dead .
- 2 deaths in Mirandola, 3 deaths in San Felice sul Panaro, Concordia, Roverto sul Secchia and Finale Emilia.
- Much damage reported from houses. This will likely amount to the same losses seen from the May 20 quake, with already damaged structures having further damage. This quake will also affect further the cheese production in the area.

This earthquake is of course CATDAT Red.

Update 29/05 - 09:25 UTC - 6 deaths reported.
- Workers that were working on removing the rubble from the May 20 earthquakes have also been injured while working on cranes at the start of their day. Our hearts go out to all those affected.

Update 29/05 - 09:20 UTC - 6 deaths reported.
- A sixth person died in Rovereto sul Secchia, but it is unclear whether he/she died from a heart attack or the consequences of a collapse.

Update 29/05 - 09:15 UTC - 5 deaths reported.
- There have been 2 deaths in Mirandola - 1 by falling debris in his house and 1 in an industrial site.
- 1 death has been reported in San Felice sul Panaro.
- 1 death in Concordia.
- 1 death in Finale Emilia.
- 5 or 6 people are still under the debris.

Update 29/05 - 09:05 UTC - An update by INGV as to the location of the earthquake and the aftershocks as shown in red.

29th May Quake and Aftershock locations (more west than the original) courtesy of INGV.

Update 29/05 - 09:20 UTC - 6 deaths reported.
- A sixth person died in Rovereto on the Secchia, but it is unclear whether he/she died from a heart attack or the consequences of a collapse.

Update 29/05 - 09:15 UTC - 5 deaths reported.
- There have been 2 deaths in Mirandola - 1 by falling debris in his house and 1 in an industrial site.
- 1 death has been reported in San Felice sul Panaro.
- 1 death in Concordia.
- 1 death in Finale Emilia.
- 5 or 6 people are still under the debris.

Update 29/05 - 09:05 UTC - An update by INGV as to the location of the earthquake and the aftershocks as shown in red.

29th May Quake and Aftershock locations (more west than the original) courtesy of INGV.

Update 29/05 - 09:00 UTC Still 3 deaths.
- In Bologna, many people ran out to the homes and offices and took to the streets of the old town. Several university departments and schools were evacuated, where classes had just started and where students and teachers were very scared.
- Major train delays can be expected with major problems around Bologna Centrale.

Update 29/05 - 08:55 UTC
3 deaths have been reported. 2 deaths occurred on via Perossaro in San Felice sul Panaro. There has also been a third man killed in Mirandola in Via 25 Luglio. The victims were killed by falling masonry and structures.
We are still awaiting the fate of Mirandola, close to the epicenter, where a shed collapsed on four workers who are under the rubble and firefighters are trying to lead them to safety.

Update 29/05 - 08:45 UTC
- The shock came at about 9am. A M5.8 earthquake, the same as the one that hit 9 days ago.
- The magnitude 5.8 shock has been followed by 8 shocks between 2.9 and 4.0.
- At 9.07 there was a 4.0 degree quake with its epicenter in the province of Modena; at 9.13, an M3.6 with its epicenter between the provinces of Mantua, Reggio Emilia and Modena; 9.30 - a magnitude 3.2 with epicenter in the province of Modena, 9:38 an earthquake of magnitude 3.1 occurred between the provinces of Mantua and Modena, 9:39 a M2.9 between provinces of Mantua and Modena at 9:49; a M3.7 between Mantova and Modena; at 9:59 a shock of M3.3 in the provinces of Mantua and Modena, and finally, a magnitude 3.0 at 10.04 in the province of Modena.

Update 29/05 - 08:40 UTC
- PAGER is reporting a median loss of around $1 billion USD from this quake. Remember that the last quake caused around 500 million Euros damage around 200 million Euros of which was due to cheese-related losses.
They are also reporting a median 70 deaths.

- WAPMERR has reported 0-10 deaths, with 20-200 injured.

Remember these are theoretical models and are only indicative of the possible damage.

Update 29/05 - 08:30 UTC
- There are 850 rescue personnel on standby in the area and many ambulances are rushing to the scene.
- Schools have been evacuated.

Update 29/05 - 08:20 UTC
- 1 death has been reported from San Felice, in via Perossaro. A number of people have also been wounded
- Four workers under the rubble in Mirandola
In Mirandola, close to the epicenter, a shed collapsed on four workers who are under the rubble and firefighters are trying to lead them to safety.
- Unfortunately, people were at school and at work at the time of the earthquake possibly leading to new damage.

Update 29/05 - 07:56 UTC
- A lot of difficulties with Mobile Communications (ER : this happens worldwide when earthquakes occur and governments are doing nothing to solve this problem although this could be done rather easily!)
- People in the greater epicenter area may expect a big number of aftershocks again! Some may be reaching Magnitude 5 (based on our experience and the specifics of this earthquake).
- A lot of SAR (Search and Rescue) and Civil Protection is now in the area and will make rescue and damage assessments a lot easier than during the first mainshock.

Update 29/05 - 07:51 UTC
- People in the earthquake area are telling the press that the shaking can be called similar to the mainshock, which would not surprise as the Magnitude was approx. the same.

Update 29/05 - 07:45 UTC
- People in panic have been poured into the streets, leaving apartments and offices. We are now waiting to see if there has been new damage which is an almost certainty.
- WAPMERR, the theoretical damage engine, has calculated a fatality range of 0 to 10, and injuries at 20 to 200
- The earthquake was strongly felt in Bologna. For further shaking estimates, please check our experience table below.  All the data below have been entered in our website by people living in the earthquake area.

Update 29/05 - 07:41 UTC
- A lot more damage may be expected as today's epicenter is different from last one and other localities will be hit directly.
- The earthquake was of course felt in large parts of Italy and even neighboring countries. Also Venice has had some shaking but certainly not damaging.

Update 29/05 - 07:36 UTC expects the town of Modella to be highly at risk.
- San Felice, already hardly hit on May 20 will probably have more damage too
- We also expect a lot more damage on older buildings and especially historic buildings who mostly have not been reinforced to resist earthquakes.

Update 29/05 - 07:30 UTC
- INGV, the Italian seismological service is reporting a Magnitude of M5.8 at a focal depth of 10.8 km.
- Following USGS, today's epicenter will be approx. 20 km from Finale Emila, the town which was hardest hit on May 20
- INGV can hardly be reached because of a saturated network.

Update 29/05 - 07:23 UTC
- The reported Magnitude is 5.7 to 5.8, which is as strong as the damaging earthquake from May 20
- The area has been hit by hundreds of continuous smaller aftershocks since May 20.
- The max. strength of aftershocks was M4 to M5, 95% below M3.
- Today's aftershock is by far the strongest and will be further damaging, without any doubt!
- USGS locates the epicenter near Cavezzo

Important update 29/05 - 07:10 UTC - Very strong earthquake in Northern Italy
Preliminary Magnitude is as strong as the damaging mainshock earlier this month
Epicenter close to Mirandola
We are currently looking for more details
Distances of villages and towns close to the epicenter :
The earthquake happened 2km from Poggio Rusco. The nearest populated places are: Caselle (20km), Camposanto (19km), Casoni (19km), Cadecoppi (18km), Staggia (18km), Gorzano (17km), Motta (18km), Entra (16km), Finale Emilia (20km), Villafranca (14km), Cavezzo (15km), San Felice sul Panaro (14km), Rovereto sulla Secchia (18km), Rivara (14km), San Felice San Panaro (13km), Medolla (13km), Massa Finalese (14km), Disvetro (14km), La Quiete (18km), Pioppa (16km), Pavignane (12km), San Biagio (11km), San Giacomo Roncole (12km), Camurana (11km), Sant'antonio In Mercadello (16km), Viarovere (17km), Mortizzuolo (9km), Bellaria (13km), Scortichino (19km), Mirandola (9km), San Possidonio (12km), Cividale (8km), Novi di Modena (18km), San Giovanni Battista (12km), Burana (20km), Concordia (11km), Quarantoli (5km), Fossa (8km), Redena (13km), Gavello (7km), San Martino in Spino (10km), Moglia (16km), Rangona (17km), Vallalta (9km), Pilastri (14km), Tramuschio (2km), Valle San Martino (15km), Stoppiaro (5km), Marzette (19km), La Pedocca (15km), Zambone (11km), Bondanello (13km), Malcantone (9km), Marzettelle (18km), Dragoncello (7km), San Giovanni del Dosso (3km), San Giacomo Delle Segnate (6km), Carobio (3km), Galvagnina (16km), Felonica (19km), Roversella (15km), Santa Croce (12km), Trivellano (13km), Quattrocase (4km), Calto (20km), Agnolo (6km), San Rocco (9km), Schivenoglia (5km), Sermide (16km), Villa Poma (5km), Magnacavallo (8km), Quistello (11km), Ghisione (6km), Moglia (14km), Castelmassa (17km), Fienili (8km), Castelnovo Bariano (16km), Zello (8km), Nuvolato (11km), Pieve di Coriano (8km), Carbonara di Po (12km), Carbonarola (15km), San Benedetto Po (17km), Quingentole (10km), Santa Lucia (12km), Bonizzo (11km), Revere (10km), Borgofranco sul Po (13km), Gorgo (19km), Libiola (12km), Bardelle-Camatta-Gorgo (17km), Mirasole (15km), Bergantino (16km), Brede (17km), Melara (14km), Correggioli (13km), Serravalle A Po (12km), Ostiglia (13km), Sustinente (14km), Cantone Giacomello (18km), Santo Stefano (16km), Cardinala (14km), Governolo (19km), Poletto (17km), Casale (19km), Nosedole (20km). The closest civilian airport is Guglielmo Marconi (49km).

Today's aftershock Experience Reports

Refresh this list
SRC Location UTC Date/time M D INFO
GEOFON Northern Italy May 29 18:28 4.4 10 MAP
USGS Northern Italy May 29 18:28 4.4 13 MAP
EMSC Northern Italy May 29 15:31 4.7 2 MAP
  • Bologna, Italia - Faint
  • GEOFON Northern Italy May 29 14:39 4.3 10 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 29 11:00 5.1 10 MAP
  • Nonantola (MODENA) - Very scary, long time. Childrend go out to school and we can't use the mobile telephone for 2 - 3 hours for call our people.
  • nord italia - carpi - qui balla tutto: case, strade, ma soprattutto le gambe!
  • carpi - eravamo in macchina: ci siamo dovuti fermare, sembrava di essere in alto mare!
  • USGS Northern Italy May 29 11:00 5.1 10 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 29 11:00 5.1 10 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 29 11:00 4.8 10 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 29 10:55 5.5 10 MAP
  • Antibes, France - Earth moved - light shades swung, but nothing fell down.
  • Gardalake - Again all shaking for about 10 seconds
  • Pederobba, TV, Italy - Light and long shaking, frequent shakes within a couple of minutes
  • Vicenza - When the aftershocks are almost as strong as the main shock, it makes you wonder if we are in for something bigger!
  • Bologna, Italia - Lamps swinging, couch shaking, less scary than the one before, but...
  • Milan - Was as strong or stronger than the 5.8 this morning. Everything shaking and swaying. No damage or things falling.
  • Montebelluna - 12:55pm building shaking again, slightly less that this morning
  • Innsbruck, Austria - light shaking at 12:55 p.m.
  • Bologna - Not strong as the one of this morning, but all was shaking.
  • Innsbruck 12:55pm - Rattling, lights swaying
  • Parma - Felt even stronger than the first one this morning. And it lasted longer. maybe 45 seconds
  • Montichiari - Live in Montichiari, felt the earthquake at 9:00am and have since only felt one aftershock which occured aound 1:00pm, house shook and swayed with that one as well.
  • Moniga del Garda - light shaking for 10 sec. After that very light shaking for couple of minutes.
  • Padova - Furniture shaking. scary
  • Lugano, Switzerland - Weak shaking in 5th floor flat. Also felt same intensity shaking around 9 am.
  • Cerro al Lambro, Milan - Some objects swayed a little.
  • Genova - We are on a boat out of water in a shipyard, so the feeling was much stronger than being down on earth
  • Vicenza - Noticeable, not too bad.
  • Milano - 5th floor of apt in Milan; rolling motion for a pretty long time
  • carpi - sono in macchina: mi devo fermare non riesco più a tenere la strada. sembra di essere in alto mare!
  • Bologna, Italy - I live in Florence and work in Bologna. I experienced the 20th May quake at home in Florence, and 29th May strong aftershocks in my office room in Bologna. This was quite strong, all the building was swaying for 20-25 sec (1st floor), giving a dizzy feeling. Everybody felt it
  • EMSC Northern Italy May 29 10:55 5.5 2 MAP
    USGS Northern Italy May 29 10:55 5.4 9 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 29 09:30 4.2 10 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 29 09:30 4.4 10 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 29 08:40 4.6 10 MAP
  • Bergamo - We keep on feeling shaking the earth. What's going on?
  • GEOFON Northern Italy May 29 08:40 4.6 10 MAP
    USGS Northern Italy May 29 08:40 4.7 10 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 29 08:36 4.2 10 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 29 08:25 4.8 12 MAP
    USGS Northern Italy May 29 08:25 4.7 10 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 29 08:25 4.7 10 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 29 08:15 4.1 10 MAP
    INGV Mirandola, Cavezzo, Modena, Italy May 29 07:00 5.8 10 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 29 07:00 5.8 20 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 29 07:00 5.8 10 MAP
  • Trento - Moderate shaking reported
  • Bologna, Italia - Scary! And long...
  • Pisa - Lights swayed and house vibrated
  • Milano - It was a strong one lasting about a minute or something.
  • Florence - Was talking with a friend from San Fran, CA...Hung up the the room and the bed started shaking... My roommate said that he felt it in the other bedroom too..forte!
  • Innsbruck - Light shaking reported
  • Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza Italy - Long light shaking
  • Verona - about 20 sec , strong shaking felt in the local library..People scared and started to rush out of the building.
  • Fontanelice Gaggio BO - Sitting at desk. Felt the crescendo of shaking. A more left to right motion which we typically have here in small shakes during the night. And not like the undulating of the big one in Ferrara. But long and enough to run out of the house. First big one during daylight in years.
  • Trento, Italy - very quiet as earthquakes go, no rumbling. smooth starting, no jerking, lasted about 45 sec.
  • Bologna - Waves, house felt like it was on waves and lamps went swinging. Cat hiding under bed.
  • ITALY - Bologna : similar to the first one
  • Parma - 4eme de l'annee sur Parme ..
  • Novara . Cameri Italy - After last visit in Roncoferraro Mantova during earthuqake that is the second time the coat on hangher light move but chair and floor move and create disorientation on my braim - feeling.
  • Logatec, Slovenia - Slowly increasing, gentle rocking motion, some noises from furniture doors (5th floor)
  • Milan - Light shaking for 15s at about 9:00
  • Trento - I am in Trento in Holiday. I woke up by an weaks shaking at 9.00 clock local time.
  • Mayrhofen, Austria - Some shaking for about 20 seconds
  • Trento, Italy - woke me up strong one (aftershock)!
  • Chiavari, Genoa - There was shaking side to side with our chandelier and other things in our home moving moderately. My wife was scared to death but I'm from California 🙂
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia - 11th floor, Ljubljana center, glasses clanking, doors moving, lasted about 30s or less. MK
  • Mestre Italy - Just after 9am Rome time, inside apartment building, furniture and floor etc shaking with moderate intensity for appx 10 seconds. Some light movement after...
  • Vicenza - shake it
  • Vicenza, Italy - Felt a bit stronger than the quake which hit last Sunday May 20th that was centered in Modena. Shaking lasted about 10 to 15 seconds. Lights swayed and desk moved slightly. Looks like from initial reports on Italian media it was centered south of Lago di Garda in Mantova Province near Medole.
  • Udine, Italy - Lights swayed and house vibrated 1° floor
  • Kempten (Allgäu) Germany - Light shaking (6th floor) about 2-3 seconds.
  • Milano - It happened around 9am and lasted for about 30 seconds
  • Vicenza - Yep as good as the 20th one
  • Schiavon,italy - Sitting on floor playing with child and house started lightly shaking
  • Ljublijana - LJUBLJANA LIGHT SHAKING. 5th floor. I was in bed at 9:00 started shaking.
  • Ferrara - very very strong
  • Vipiteno (Bolzano) - Moderate shaking felt - Office furniture was shaking
  • Borgomanero - whole house shook for about 30 secs
  • Ljubljana - 5th floor, lasted about 30 sec, shaking
  • ITALY - lasting 7-8 second
  • Sarzana Italy - The entire house shook, windows rattled and the chandelier over the dining room table was still swaying 5 minutes later. Cats were acting strange 5 minutes prior so must have known it was coming!
  • Parma - strong and lasted about 30 seconds.
  • Vicenza - Didn't feel as strong as the one last Sunday but still enough to wake me up... Although geology reports say we have been having 3.0 and less for the past 4 days
  • Sassuolo, MO, Italy - Very strong one, like the last
  • Ljubljana - first floor, light shaking ~20 sec
  • Arezzo, Italy - I was on the 3rd floor of a Marriott hotel in Arezzo, Italy. The movement lasted about 3 seconds. It wasn't a shaking but more of a wave action. We could hear some low level rumbling from an unknown location, possibly coming from the building
  • Asolo - Woke me up. Felt like someone shaking the bed with both hands. Could hear little cracks in the walls
  • Borgosesia - was like when someone sits close to you and you sway just a little.
  • Ferrara - Lasted about 30 sec. Very strong.
  • Florence - Bed started shaking here in Florence. Almost as strong as prior one.
  • Nova Gorica - Slovenija - about 30 sec, strong shaking felt in the office on the third floor
  • Ljubljana - First floor of an old house. The house swayed (marshy ground) and the lampshade and my desk, too.
  • Venice - I say moderate because thats what it take to wake me up. Figured nowhere to run in venice so rolled over and went back to sleep. Girlfriend hiding under bed.
  • Vicenza - Was laying in bed. Could feel whole room and bed shaking.
  • Milan - 9 o'clock, we were at the third floor, in Rho; the shaken lasted 30 seconds. colleagues were scared. i was on the phone with a friend in downtown milan who felt it , too.
  • Nova Gorica - Slovenija - it was a strong one - about 30 sec in the office on the third floor - scary
  • Schlieren - At 9:00 local time. Duration: about 30 sec.
  • vicenza - felt pretty strong....
  • Forte dei Marmi - Floor shaked, houses alarms rang
  • Vercelli - I lampadari dell'ufficio sospesi con catenelle, oscillavano vistosamente, ma non ho percepito tremolii
  • Forte dei Marmi - very weak shaking reported
  • Chiavari, Genoa - Started off weak to moderate but eventually became moderate to strong shaking. Chandelier and bookcase rocking and shaking with terrace doors shaking somewhat violently. My wife was really scared but I'm from California. 🙂
  • Lucca - 15-20 minutes ago. felt tremors on 4th floor terrace. chandelier in apartment was swaying
  • Reggio nell'Emilia - (3rd floor) Floor/furniture trembling in a distinct way... but NO object dropped from scaffolding
  • Nova Gorica - Slovenija - 1st floor, shaking you can feel it 20-30 sec., doors moving a little...
  • Rovereto - Was just about to get out of bed when I heard the loudest rumbling sound and my bed, mirror and wardrobe starting shaking a lot. Poor partner was on the toilet! 🙂 Not an appreciated wake up call!
  • Milano ( italy) - 9am, during 30s, 2th floor, shaking
  • Cadenazzo, Switzerland - Lieve scossa intorno alle 09.00, sentita anche in Svizzera.
  • Padova - In Padua (Padova), at a distance of 85 km from Mirandola, on the 3rd floor, very strong shaking. Noise of fornitures hitting each other and between the walls. Some people out on the street. No damages, just fear.
  • Riomaggiore Italy - shook me awake maybe less than 10 seconds. a few min after 9am not strong enough for anything to fall or break.
  • s.m.di Sala, Venice, Italy - 9.03am Was oversleeping-3rd floor, under the eaves-but got downstairs in a flash! Strong shaking for maybe 10 seconds. Outside,dogs & birds very noisy...
  • Schlieren, Switzerland - Felt it for about 30 sec.
  • Pisa - Approx 9 am, sofa, lamps, hanging objects, water began to sway. Lasted approx 15 to 30 sec. Neighborhood dogs went nuts. Felt as if the floor was fluid for the duration.
  • Bolzano - Went on for about 35 seconds, started out light but got more intense in the end
  • Camogli - Lying in bed, sensed an earthquake but decided it was my imagination; a couple of seconds later I was sure I was feeling a mild quake and lasted only a couple of seconds. I am very sensitive to earthquakes after experiencing Santiago 8.8 two years ago.
  • Milan, Italy - Lasted at least 30 seconds or more, was as bad as the May 20th quake, chandelier rocked back and forth, bed shook, windows and doors rattled.
  • Marina di Pisa - Weak shaking of the building, for about 2 minutes. Ceiling lamps moving.
  • San Marco Venice - Sounded like a wind then the chandelier started shaking. Thought a doorway was the best place. Lasted about 25 seconds
  • Trento, Italy - Was laid in bed, felt like somebody was shaking the bed with both hands.
  • Ljubljana - Char on wich I was siting started moving & flowers in the flowwerpots were rocking
  • Genova - an increasing shaking, lasted 7-8seconds, felt on the 22° floor of the "Matitone" skyscraper
  • La Spezia - 5th floor apartment, building swayed for what felt like 20 seconds, light fittings swayed, shower curtains swung quite violently!
  • Genoa - an increasing shaking, lasted 7-8seconds, felt on the 22° floor of the "Matitone" skyscraper
  • Verona - Lights swinging, furniture shaking 20-30 seconds.
  • Camsino Vicentino - Bed shaking and TV swaying!
  • Ljubljana - Chair on wich I was siting started moving & flowers in the flowwerpots were rocking
  • Antibes - légères vibrations ressenties à Antibes, PACA, vers 01.00 ce matin
  • Antibes - très légères vibrations ressenties à Antibes France PACA
  • Venezia - on the 4th floor the whole flat like on waves...
  • Via Carraci, Bologna - All the lamps were moving, the computers were shaking and the glasses fell
  • Genova, Italy - Furniture and cutlery were audibly vibrating.
  • Bordighera, Liguria - Alle 09.00 ho sentito il terremoto in zona di Bordighera, Liguria
  • Bologna - 2nd floor and started shaking!what an experience...hoping this stops soon...
  • castello d'argile - the house was shaking for a lots of seconds very strong. i feelt about 10 seconds. also some parts of glass were falling down from the walls and crashed. much pearsons were running out of there house. telefone line was busy for a lot of time.
  • Parma - at the 4 th floor, close to the river, long shaking.
  • Santa Giustina, Belluno - 2nd floor,I was lying in bed and the shakes woke me up. Weak shakings, lasted aprox. 5-7 sec. The chandelier was still swaying 3 minutes after.
  • Reggiolo - I felt it on the bed with my two little babies here the house nearly flipped over. it stops and starts sometimes comes back more strong.
  • Milano - i woke up because of that at 9:00 am, easily felt it.long about 30 second
  • Central Slovenia - Very weak shaking reported
  • Bologna - This one scared me more than the one on May 20th. Hopefull a stronger one is not on the way!
  • Grossa De Gazzo - Sitting on couch and it started to shake along with the doors in my house and tv I live on the 2nd floor top floor
  • Milan - again! at 13:00 another shake, milan, looks as strong as the previous of 09:00. we fear for the people near Modena!
  • Trento,Italy - Again ???
  • Moniga del Garda - 10:57 local time light shaking. Mobile home shakes and crack sounds. Keepd on going very light.
  • Montone - Light shaking in the Upper Tiber Valley (near Montone) at 9:00 this morning.
  • Milan - i was asleep and woke up when my bed hit the wall, everything was shaking, not a pleasant feeling..)
  • Milan - Felt it quite good here in Milan for about 20 seconds. Was more of a rapid shaking than the rolling motion of most of the other aftershocks.
  • Innsbruck, Austria - Made the bed wobble a bit. (Between 9-9.30am.)
  • Abbiategrasso - in school, dowstairs, i as about to smokle when i heard a sound caming from anywhere and that resembling to a vibration. i could not recongnize it, but if i stay tuned to my body i can feel it. ita was as the earth was vibrating
  • Parma - Not feeling the smaller shakes, but boy, yesterday ... major shakes and they lasted a long time.
  • Carnago (VA) - Terremoto in atto!
  • mantova - i was sitting on sofa and my sofa was start shaking iwas thrilled and ran away
  • Bologna - In an office building in Bologna. The building started swaying back and forth.
  • USGS Northern Italy May 29 07:00 5.8 9 MAP

    Update 25/05 - 13:28 UTC
    The misery continues for the people living in the Emilia Romagna region.  For the second time today a M4 aftershock hit the area. Aftershocks from M4 or higher can create further damage to unstable buildings and the people working on it.

    Update 25/05 - 10:46 UTC : aftershock
    - 15 minutes ago, a moderate M4.1 aftershock (source Geofon) occurred near Mirandola. Local time of occurrence was 13:31.

    Update 24/05 - 08:21 UTC : aftershocks
    - The aftershock misery continues. We have counted 27 aftershocks since the M4.3 strongest aftershock yesterday evening. 3 of these shocks were M3 or above and will have been certainly felt in the epicenter area. This earthquake area has an extreme aftershock profile. This differs from earthquake to earthquake.  We expect this pattern to go on for weeks and weeks, although they will certainly get bit by bit weaker. On top of the many weak aftershocks we also expect stronger ones from time tot time.

    Update 24/05 - 08:15 UTCshelters, inspections, funds, injured
    -A total of 5,142 people have found shelter in the tented camps and temporary buildings of the Civil Defense.  5 camps have been setup in Emilio Finale (2,000 people).
    - Inspections teams have made a total of 1500 inspections so far. The stability checks will be increased the following days.  The final goal of these inspections is to allow people to return to their houses if there is no further fear for instability.
    - 50 million Euro has been released by the central government for early intervention
    - 2 workers have been injured during the last afteshock

    Update 23/05 - 21:48 UTC : strong aftershock
    - A strong M 4.2 aftershock occurred at 21:42 UTC (23:42 local time). Same epicenter area. Dangerous for already unstable buildings. This aftershock was the strongest one since May 21, 20:35 local time!
    INGV, the Italian seismological agency is reporting a Magnitude of 4.3 at the extremely shallow depth of 4.8 km.

    Update 23/05 - 07:15 UTC : aftershocks
    - Even after the headlines disappear all over the world, the earthquake misery goes on for the Ferrara area people. We are still noticing a huge number of aftershocks. A lot of them can be felt by the people and are giving them a really bad feeling. Since midnight we have recorded 12 aftershocks above M2.0.  2 of them a 2.9 and a 3.6 will certainly have been felt in the epicenter area.

    Update 18:45 UTC :
    - PM Monti traveled to the Earthquake area today. He said that he wanted to see the damage with his own eyes.
    - The Italian government has declared the State of Emergency in the earthquake region. Calling the State of Emergency was needed to allow financial support from Rome.
    - PM Monti has also said that no taxes have to be paid this year as all money will be needed for the reconstruction.
    - The Prime Minister was confident that the damaged Industry and trade would recover very fast from this disaster

    Update 06:45 UTC :  Economic Losses could total around 500 million Euros including the losses to the cheese industry
    - 400,000-500,000 cheese wheels each weighing an average 38.5 kilos. = 19.25 million kilos of cheese (Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano). The average lifecycle cost of a kilo of Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano for earthquakes (averaged over all ages) is about 1 euros per 100g or 10 euros per kilo - i.e. for the producers.
    - Thus the maximum loss expected for the cheeses is around 190-200 million Euros if the 500000 wheels estimation is correct.
    - Additional damage to structures and other industry could total 250-350 million Euros.

    Update 19:30 UTCINGV,  Unicredit, Helicopter overflight video
    - INGV, the Italian seismological service has decided to strengthen its Emelia Romagna network
    - Italian Bank UNICREDIT has put aside an amount of 100 million Euro to help reconstruct that damaged area houses and companies
    - The RAI video below shows an overflight of the damaged area. Some buildings have resisted 100% and others just besides them have collapsed completely. The same kind of damage was also seen during the recent Turkish earthquake at VAN.

    Update 18:15 UTC :
    - INGV reports a couple of aftershocks who have been clearly felt in the earthquake zone.  Local times and Magnitudes : M3.5 @ 18:32, M4.1 @ 18:37, M3.1 @ 19:25 and EMSC reports a M3.6 @ 20:02.

    Update 17:09 UTCState of Emergency,  Bank provision, damage repartition in epicenter area
    - If the central government calls the State of Emergency tomorrow, as expected by the local authorities, the measure will allow financial aid and assistance to individuals and companies
    - The Banca Populare dell'Emilia-Romagna has reserved 200 million Euro for rebuilding purposes
    - The overall picture in Sant'Agostina is that 85% of the industrial constructions have been affected by the earthquake and only 15% of the residential houses!

    Update 16:25 UTC strike, central government, jobs lost, PM Monti
    - The scheduled strike from the farming workers for tomorrow has been canceled by the union because of the earthquake
    - The central government has stressed that it will support the local authorities in dealing with all the additional work and damage compensation
    - the CGIL trade union has estimated that approx. 5,000 jobs are at risk because of the earthquake
    PM Monti will probably visit the hardest hit area tonight

    Update 14:25 UTCInvestigation into compliance with building code
    - The prosecutor of the Ferrara district will lead an investigation into the dead of the 4 workers who were killed when their workspaces collapsed. The prosecutor will be checking whether the relatively young buildings did comply with the earthquake building code.

    Update 14:25 UTCincreased shelter capacity, Tuscany volunteers,  Council of Ministers
    - The number of displaced people (mainly people who's houses have structural damage) has increased to 5,000.
    - The council of Ministers from the Italian government will meet tomorrow Tuesday and will most possibly order the state of emergency for the hard hit Po valley area.
    - 140 volunteers from Tuscany have arrived in the earthquake area. They are mainly helping with setting up new refugee camps near Modena.

    Update 14:11 UTCFinale Emilia, Lombardy, night in cars
    - The mayor of Finale Emilia has said that he needs more help from outside his very hard hot city. Finale Emilia is together with Sant'Agostina one of the worser damaged areas. Both villages were very close to the epicenter.
    - Roberto Formigone, the President of the Lombardy province has said that the damage in his province runs in the tens of millions of Euros.
    - A lot of people who were not initially accepted in the shelters and who wanted to stay around their houses have spend the night in their cars as they were afraid for new severe aftershocks.

    Child ina shelter - Snapshot from the RAI video below

    Update 10:54 UTCPediatric clinic, Cultural heritage damage
    - The Italian Red Cross has set up a special temporary Pediatric Clinic to support the needs of young mothers and children. The clinic will be setup in Finale Emilia.
    - Damage to architectural and cultural heritage is "very significant", said Minister of Culture, Lawrence Ornaghi. It is still too early to give a final estimate, but in any case we are in the order of several tens of millions of Euro's said the Minister.

    Update 10:36 UTCBank loans, additional shelters, early school closure
    - Some Italian banks have granted owners of damaged residential and industrial constructions a delay of 12 months to get over this earthquake.  Additionally they will apply a favorable policy towards reconstruction loans.
    - Civil Protection has erected more temporary shelters in the hard hit Modena area. The new tenting will be able to accommodate 1500 people.
    - Some local mayors will meet soon to get an agreement on an early school ending in the area. Normally lessons are ending on June 9.  The main reason is that children can remain in the shelters with their parents and that in-depth inspections can be organized for the school buildings

    Update 08:54 UTCimmigrant workers, weather, solidarity
    - Tension in a shelter in Finale Emilia. A group of North African laborers and their families were not amused at all when they were initially not granted admission in the shelters setup by the Civil Protection.  Civil Protection said that it is always giving priority to the children and the elderly.  After some fierce discussions, everybody was happy again, as there was enough space for everybody.
    - Part of the tension in the above shelter is caused by the rainy weather. Staying outside in the rain is horrible for everyone.  One of the first elements looks at when an earthquake strikes is the weather at the time of the mainshock and the weather outlook. This morning temperature at Finale Emilia was only 10 °C and it is raining non-stop since early this morning.
    - Authorities are asking all Italian people to show their solidarity with the victims of the earthquake. A plea in that sense was made by the President of the Emilia Romagna, Mr. Errani.

    Update 07:54 UTCbuilding code, European Union, Insurance companies
    - A lot of specialists are really surprised about the number of modern facilities (some were build in 2000) who collapsed during the earthquake, especially industrial equipment and buildings.  The chief of Civil Protection told the RAI earlier today that this kind of collapses should be studied very carefully and that lessons should be learned.
    The 2000 erected industrial constructions were build prior to the European EC8 earthquake-resistant building code implementation.
    - People interested to read more about the zonation (areas where the building code should be enforced) of the EC8 building code can click here to read an overview document. More about the code itself can be found here.  Engineers do find it a pity that the code has not been enforced yet on all European countries with a potential earthquake risk. The code is used by the European countries as a reference. The code is dividing areas into different risk zones depending on the  ground accelaration and the historic earthquake patterns.
    - The EC8 code was adopted in Italian law on March 30 2011

    Update 21/05 - 07:24 UTCaftershocks, PM Monti
    - The area has been shaken by 18 aftershocks since midnight UTC. The strongest one being a M3.5, which will have been felt as a weak shaking by the people living in the epicenter area. sees aftershocks of M4.5 or higher as a real danger for unstable buildings. So after all, we can conclude that people must have had an acceptable night.
    - Since the mainshock during the night of May 20 until now, 150 aftershocks were recorded. 90% of these aftershocks could not be felt by people, but were recorded by sensitive seismographs from INGV.
    - Prime Minister Monti has decided to return to Italy earlier than planned because of the earthquake. After meeting world leaders during the G8, mr. Monti should have traveled to Chicago to take part in the NATO top summit.  He now decided to return to Italy.

    Update 22:41 UTC Civil Protection, false Facebook calls
    - The Italian Civil Protection has prepared 4500 beds for people unable to spend the night at home
    - Malicious persons have send (so called official) messages via Facebook to call the people to leave their houses for the night. The Police and Authorities have informed the people that they NEVER called for such action.  Police is thinking that people try to loot houses this way.

    Update 21:36 UTCscary for the night
    A lot of people from the direct epicenter area have decided to spend the night in their car  as they are scared for severe aftershocks. Shelters are only used for people who cannot return to their houses

    Update 18:34 UTC : Anna Firs, an elderly woman of 86 years got sick at the time of the earthquake and perished in a hospital because of a heart attack later today. Anna Firs lived in Vigarano Mainarda.  This brings the number if indirect fatalities to 3 and the total to 7.

    Update 18:25 UTC : INGV has announced that they cannot rule out another severe aftershock.
    In fact NOBODY IN THE WORLD WILL BE ABLE TO PREDICT THE TIME or STRENGTH OF WHATEVER EARTHQUAKE or AFTERSHOCK.  As we said earlier today, aftershocks are normally weaker than the mainshock but this is only theory.  A good example of this exception theory was this weeks M4.8  Aftershock at Timpson, Texas. The mainshock occurred 7 days earlier and had a Magnitude   of M3.9!.

    Update 18:20 UTCMantua, Modena, shelters, highways
    -150 people have been listed by the Mantua authorities for shelter for the night. They are unable to return to their damaged houses
    - Modena has installed temporary shelters for 2000 homeless people
    - The regional highway authority was happy to tell the press that NO problems were reported in their regional network of more than 400 bridges, viaducts, tunnels, etc

    Update 18:13 UTCRovigo churches,  firefighter,  cultural heritage
    - Churches have been closed for further inspection in the Rovigo province.
    - A firefighter who fell from a roof when the building he was inspecting during an aftershock collapsed is conscious again. Good news, but a further proof that these people are taking great risks to get close to unstable buildings.
    - The vast cultural heritage in between Modena and Ferrara and especially in Emilia Finale has been suffered enormously.

    Update 17:54 UTCaftershocks, hospital, PM Monti
    - We have just counted 64 aftershocks since the mainshock at 02.03 UTC
    - Civil protection will be helping with the evacuation of the hospital in Finale Emilia
    - Prime Minister Monti, currently in Chicago for the G8 meeting, has said that he will do everything in his power to cope with the situation.  He is constantly updated by the responsible presidents of the damaged provinces.
    - The Sant'Agostina area has suffered seriously from the M5.1 aftershock from this afternoon.

    Update 17:13 UTCanti-looting, missing persons
    - Police have organized anti-looting patrols to take care of unattended houses and buildings
    - The president of Emilia Romagno has said to the press that nobody is missing anymore, making it probable that the current list of killend and injured people will remain as it is

    KEEP FOLLOWING OUR NEWS REPORTS - EARTHQUAKE-REPORT.COM is probably the only specialized earthquake reporting website in the world combining scientific information with human impact information.

    Update 16:21 UTCdisplaced people, additional damage after aftershock, power, animals
    - Because of some cracks in Mantua's Palazzo Ducale, the fire department has decided to close the building for the public
    - The number of displaced people (people who cannot return to their houses) is currently estimated to be 3,000.
    - The M5.1 aftershock was responsible for the additional collapse of a still standing part of the Sant'Agostine town hall
    - ENEL, the main Italian power company, said that besides some isolated cases, all users have electricity again.
    - Misery for a number of animals too. A number of stables have been collapsed and at least a herd of cows and breeding pigs have been covered by the rubble. We expect more livestock to be in trouble as everybody knows that stables are often in a bad condition.

    Update 16:00 UTC : prisoners evacuated, telecommunications and Railway line working again
    - Italian Railways have reopened the Bologna - Verona railway route.
    - The Modena province has asked the national government to take urgent measures to help the owners of damaged houses and businesses. An extension in time to enter tax forms isd one of them.
    - The 200 users cutoff from Telecommunications at Finale Emilia have been reconnected
    - 500 prisoners have been evacuated from the Ferrara prison. Some of the prisoners were maffia linked and had to be kept away from others because of testimony programs.

    Update 15:27 UTC : Damage will be huge!
    Earlier in this article, we have reported to believe that the damage would go into the hundreds of millions of Euro's. We will have to boost this damage considerably as a lot of factories and buildings may be found unstable to continue producing goods.  This economic damage will be added on top of the structural damage to buildings. James Daniell, an earthquake damage specialist working at Cedim Germany, will certainly be able to produce a very good estimate by tomorrow afternoon.

    Update 15:21 UTC : Strong aftershock
    A M5.1 aftershock struck the epicenter area at 13:18 UTC (15:18 local time). The depth of the hypocenter was at 8.9 km following USGS. INGV, Italy seismological institute, reports the same Magnitude but a depth of 5.1 km.
    These continuous aftershocks are bad news for the people in the greater earthquake area as they will go on for many hours and will last at least until tomorrow, meaning that a lot of people will have to spend the night outside their own houses.  The aftershocks will gradually weaken, but the situation will be at least unstable for a limited number of days. The epicenter of the last aftershock was very close to Ferrara, much closer than the mainshock.  Normally, a M5.1 earthquake is not really damaging, but in combination with already unstable buildings, such shocks will be capable to increase the amount of damage considerably.

    Update 15:19 UTC : 300,000 cheeses probably lost
    300000 cheeses have been destroyed (buried under rubble etc.). These are mostly the popular Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese types. The total of this damage will be around 50 million euros. At least 10 million kilos of the cheese are estimated to be under the rubble.Luckily, noone was killed, as these cheeses weigh between 36 and 38 kilos each.
     The total damage from the event has been estimated around 250 million euros. The stacked cheeses fell and have been covered by debris. How much is salvageable is unknown
    The cheese factory and storage is located in Mantovano. The damage from this factory alone is estimated to be 250 million euros.

    List of the deceased (5 in the Ferrara province and 1 in Bologna province)
    - Nicholas Cavicchi, 35, resident of San Martino (Ferrara) and killed while working in factory in Sant'Agostino
    - Ansaloni Leonardo, 51, resident of Reno Centese (Ferrara) and killed in the same factory as Mr. Cavacchi
    - Gerardo Cesaro, 59, resident of Moline.
    - Tarik Naouch, 29, residing in Crevalcore. Mr. Naouch was killed in the Ursa factory in Ponte Rodoni di Bondeno
    - Nerina Balboni, 103, got a heart attack when she was buried partly by debris
    - 37 year old German woman died of a heart attack in Bologna (we are still searching for her identity) pays his respects to the family of all the deceased.

    Update 12:19 UTC :
    -The President of the National Council of Engineers has said that all efforts have now to be invested in more earthquake-resistant buildings. He mentioned especially the need to further stabilize historic buildings, one of the main damaged building types during this earthquake.
    - The President of the Lombardy province, Mr. Roberto Formigoni, has joined the plea of the President of Emilia Romagna to call the State of Emergency in the earthquake damaged areas. Mantua, another seriously hit area is part of Lombardy.
    - Schools will be closed tomorrow as inspection of school buildings will take place

    Update 11:31 UTC :
    - The number of people killed directly or indirectly remains the same
    - Fifty people have been reported as injured
    - The body of Gerardo Cesaro, worker at the Tecopress company has been recovered from below the rubble
    - Italian President Napolitano has send his sympathy to the family of the killed people and has also send words of thanks to the  SAR people and all people involved in helping the victims of the earthquake. President Napolitano is constantly updated from the situation by the Italian Civil protection.
    - Aftershocks are continue to strike the area.  At 11:13 a M4.2 aftershock made it very clear that the dangerous hours are not over yet. Stronger aftershocks are very exceptional but occur from time to time.
    - The President of Emilia-Romagna has asked the National Government to call the state of National Emergency for the area.

    Image courtesy INGV Italia - Yellow star : mainshock - yellow circle : M4.1 foreshock - big red circles : aftershocks in between M4 to M5


    Update 09:55 UTC : Mr. Gabrielli, chief of the regional Civil Protection has declared that the situation is "under control". Mr. Gabrielli told the press that he has overflown the greater earthquake area and that he has not seen serious problematic areas. Traffic is going smoothly, infrastructure is almost intact and damage is not widespread.

    Update 09:47 UTC :
    - Italian Civil Protection is organizing shelters for people who's houses have been damaged by the earthquake.
    - tens of people have been injured during the earthquake. The devastation is not widespread. Only isolated houses and buildings have suffered serious damage. We expect not earthquake-resistant building methods to be one of the major reasons that such serious damage has been inflicted.
    - The collapse, partial collapse and damaged historic buildings are currently visited by Civil Protection and Local authorities to become a clear picture of the amount of damage.
    - is increasing the expected amount of damage into the hundreds of millions Euros.  This amount not only includes damage to buildings and historic sites but also to the economy.

    Update 09:23 UTC : INGV has reported 41 aftershocks so far, the strongest being a M4.9 at 03:02 UTC (05:02 local Italian time). 5 aftershocks measured M4 or higher and 14 aftershocks in between M3 and M4.

    Update 09:15 UTC : The Mantua area was also seriously damaged. The church of Felonica in Mantua was damaged.

    Update 09:11 UTC : Many people in the greater epicenter area remain in the streets fearing for aftershocks.

    Important Update 08:56 UTC : The death toll has increased to 6 when a worker was found under the rubble of the Tecopress factory at St. Augustine (Ferrara). 4 are considered in earthquake terms as shaking deaths, 2 people have been killed indirectly (see below).

    Update 08:47 UTC : Click on the pictures below to see more images of the damage inflicted by this deadly earthquake.

    Images courtesy and copyright La Repubblica - Click on the images to see more of them

    Update 08:35 UTC :  The Chief of Civil Protection from the Ferrara province has just arrived at the Prefecture office and is now leading an assessment and operations meeting with his staff.
    - Based on the many images we have seen so far, the damage will run into at least tens of millions of Euro's, probably a lot more. Some historic buildings have collapsed completely, others partially. Industrial warehouses have been damaged. So far we have NO immediate numbers of injured, but a lot of people living in damaged houses must have at least minor injures.

    Update 08:26 UTC :  To give our readers an idea of the extend of the damage, we have combined a "before" and "after" image of the Castle of Finale Emilio. The angle is not the same, but you can see very good that the towers have almost completely collapsed.  Images courtesy and copyright of its owners, damaged castle from Gianluca Diegoli via twitter and the "before" picture from

    Update 08:18 UTC :  The earthquake was also felt in the neighboring countries. We got I Have Felt It reports from the Alps region, Slovenia and the Cote d'Azur (France).

    Update 08:09 UTC :  2 helicopters of the Italian Police are overflying the earthquake hit areas and are trying to locate and to guide SAR forces (Search and Rescue forces) to eventual collapsed or heavily damaged buildings. These overflying helicopters are especially looking for old abandoned houses were often poor families are residing.

    Update 08:01 UTC : The Palace of Venice, an historic building in Finale Emilia, badly hit by the earthquake, is partially collapsed. The 11 people from three families who lived there were rescued by SAT personnel.

    Update 07:58 UTC : It is still not sure how many people have exactly perished during this earthquake. We have counted 4 so far, but the number may increase slightly. Let us make an overview.
    - 2 indirect fatalities (a 37 year old ill woman died probably of an heart attack and a 100 year old person probably from the same)
    - a Moroccan worker died in Ponte Rodoni, Bondeno. He worked at Ursa, a polystyrene foam company, and his shift would end at 5.  He was killed when a support beam collapsed on his head.
    - 2 Italian workers were killed when a roof from a ceramics manufacturing company collapsed on them. Theur work shift would have ended at 6.
    3 shaking deaths and 2 indirect killed people is the sad result so far.

    Update 07:45 UTC : A 5 year old child was rescued out of the rubble in a collapsed building in Finale Emilia !

    Historic earthquakes map courtesy INGV - earthquake in between M6 and M7

    Update 07:32 UTC : The earthquake's epicenter was located in a area which has no damaging earthquakes since a long time.  We have to go back to 1570 for a major earthquake near Ferrara and to even 1346 for another M6 to M7 earthquake at a distance of approx. 20 km from the current epicenter. From 2002 to 2008 6 smaller earthquakes (less than M4) occurred within a radius of 20 km.

    Update 07:17 UTC : A lot of people are asking themselves why an earthquake with (only) a M5.9 Magnitude can inflict such a lot of serious damage.  Not only was this earthquake very shallow (close to the surface), but one of the main factors is that the earthquake occurred in a relatively soft soil area. Soft ground layers are propagating the earthquake waves a lot stronger than areas with harder rocky layers.

    Update 06:41 UTC : 2 earthquake of respectively M4.1 and M2.2 were precursors of the damaging M6 mainshock. Since that mainshock, INGV has recorded 12 aftershocks!

    Important Update 06:39 UTC : We are sad to tell that a 4th fatality has been reported. We have also a few more details on the killed people. All of the death people are coming from the Ferrara area. 2 people died in a pottery factory in Ferrara. A third person died in the Ferrara Bondeno industrial zone and the 4th victim was a 37 year ill woman who died of an heart attack.

    Update : The video below shows the damage to a couple of buildings in the Ferrara area.  The shaking must have been very strong to inflict this kind of damage.

    Update : The video below is mainly a picture from a damaged building combined with an interview with the Governor of the Ferrara province (in Italian). The governor talks about a lot of damage to bridges, schools, historic buildings etc. She calls the situation very serious.

    Update 06:35 UTC : In San Felice sul Panaro, near Modena, the tower of the fortress collapsed. Another tower went down in Finale Emilia, and a nursing home was evacuated.

    Update : Mostly historic buildings have been damaged in the quake. Click here for series of images from La Repubblica.  Some churches and older buildings collapsed completely.

    Damage in Northern Italy after the May 20 earthquake - Images courtesy and copyright La Repubblica - Please click on these pictures to see more of them in La Repubblica

    Update : The 3 killed people are believed to be 3 farm workers in the Ferrara area

    Update : The heavy shaking lated for about 20 seconds

    Update : As what can be expected, everybody ran to the streets after feeling the shaking.

    Update : A church bell collapsed in Ferrara, in Finale Emilia a church steeple was reported damage, in San Felice Parano a segment of a castle collapsed.

    Update : USGS has upgraded the earthquake to 6.0 at a depth of only 5km. The updated PAGER says 73,000 people would felt a severe shaking!! and 178,000 a very strong shaking. Avery bad sign.

    Update :  An also strong aftershock M5.1 occurred 59 minutes later

    Shaking map courtesy USGS

    Update :  The village who has been hit most (MMI VIII) was Camposanto, a little town with 3,000 inhabitants.

    Update : GDACS reports that the nearest populated places are: Stuffione (20km), Ronchi (19km), Sammartini (19km), Solara (18km), San Pietro (19km), Cantone (19km), Caselle (16km), San Prospero (18km), Camposanto (15km), Palata Pepoli (17km), Galeazza (19km), Casoni (16km), Cadecoppi (15km), Staggia (15km), Gorzano (14km), Alberone (19km), Motta (16km), Reno Centese (19km), Entra (12km), Finale Emilia (16km), Villafranca (12km), Cavezzo (13km), San Felice sul Panaro (10km), Rovereto sulla Secchia (17km), Rivara (10km), San Felice San Panaro (9km), Medolla (10km), Massa Finalese (11km), Disvetro (13km), La Quiete (15km), Pioppa (15km), Pavignane (8km), San Biagio (8km), San Giacomo Roncole (9km), Camurana (8km), Sant'antonio In Mercadello (16km), Viarovere (14km), Mortizzuolo (6km), Bellaria (13km), Scortichino (17km), Mirandola (7km), San Possidonio (12km), Cividale (5km), Novi di Modena (19km), San Giovanni Battista (12km), Burana (18km), Concordia (12km), Quarantoli (3km), Fossa (8km), Redena (11km), Gavello (4km), San Martino in Spino (8km), Moglia (17km), Rangona (16km), Vallalta (10km), Pilastri (13km), Zerbinate (19km), Tramuschio (4km), Valle San Martino (17km), Stoppiaro (5km), La Pedocca (14km), Zambone (13km), Bondanello (15km), Malcantone (11km), Marzettelle (20km), Dragoncello (7km), San Giovanni del Dosso (6km), San Giacomo Delle Segnate (9km), Carobio (5km), Galvagnina (18km), Felonica (18km), Roversella (14km), Santa Croce (12km), Trivellano (16km), Quattrocase (7km), Calto (19km), Agnolo (8km), San Rocco (12km), Schivenoglia (9km), Sermide (16km), Villa Poma (8km), Magnacavallo (9km), Quistello (15km), Ghisione (9km), Moglia (14km), Castelmassa (18km), Fienili (12km), Castelnovo Bariano (16km), Zello (11km), Nuvolato (15km), Pieve di Coriano (12km), Carbonara di Po (14km), Carbonarola (16km), San Benedetto Po (20km), Quingentole (14km), Santa Lucia (16km), Bonizzo (14km), Revere (14km), Borgofranco sul Po (15km), Libiola (15km), Mirasole (18km), Bergantino (18km), Melara (16km), Correggioli (15km), Serravalle A Po (16km), Ostiglia (16km), Sustinente (18km), Santo Stefano (18km), Cardinala (18km). The closest civilian airport is Guglielmo Marconi (46km).

    Update : The shaking must have been extremely strong with a max. intensity of VIII (severe shaking) which was felt by 7,000 people. 91,000 people have felt a potentially damaging MMI VII very strong shaking and 191,000 people a strong shaking.

    The earthque happened in the heavily populated triangle Mantua,  Ferrara Modena area.
    The damaging earthquake  occurred after another M4.2 earthquake took place a few hours earlier at 01:15 local time (see our earthquake list from May 19).

    Most important Earthquake Data:
    Magnitude : M6.0
    UTC Time : Sunday, May 20, 2012 at 02:03:52 UTC
    Local time at epicenter : Sunday, May 20, 2012 at 04:03:52 AM at epicenter
    Depth (Hypocenter) : 5.1 km
    Geo-location(s) :
    7 km NW Finale emilia (pop 15,337)
    30 km W Ferrara (pop 131,771)
    36 km (22 miles) NNW of Bologna, Italy

    Links to important maps
    USGS Did You Feel It Map
    Google satellite map showing the epicenter and the surrounding area
    Historic earthquakes map
    Seismic hazard map
    Shaking map
    Scientific parameters

    Human impact map

    Click here for examples of our "earthquake notifications (button below)"

    Refresh this list
    SRC Location UTC Date/time M D INFO
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 23:53 2.8 10 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 20 23:04 4.1 5 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 23:04 4.0 10 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 22:45 2.8 10 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 22:22 3.6 5 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 20 22:22 3.9 5 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 22:05 2.6 10 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 19:26 3.1 15 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 20 18:11 3.9 5 MAP
  • Argenta - Felt it clearly. Shaking again, since 1.00 am tonite
  • EMSC Northern Italy May 20 18:11 3.3 10 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 17:52 3.1 10 MAP
    USGS Northern Italy May 20 17:37 4.7 21 MAP
  • Vicenza, Italy - We just had another aftershock about 4 mins ago...Sitting on my bed on my second floor as it shook
  • EMSC Northern Italy May 20 17:37 4.6 10 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 20 17:37 4.6 10 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 17:20 3.1 10 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 16:50 3.1 10 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 20 14:51 4.1 10 MAP
  • Modena - terrified night and day
  • GEOFON Northern Italy May 20 14:51 4.1 5 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 14:51 3.4 10 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 20 13:18 5.1 5 MAP
  • Trento - 1321 UTC. lasted for long time
  • trento - was quite long!
  • arcugnano - About 40 seconds of shaking. Pictures and mirrors on wall were moving. Heard glasses in the cabinets rattling.
  • Castelfranco Emilia - Stronger and longer than previously, quite fearful this one.
  • Argenta - Shaking experience bad feeling
  • Milano - Felt slow undulations in my aptartment building back and forth for about 20 seconds
  • Milano - Felt slow undulations in my apartment building back and forth for about 20 seconds
  • Ferrara - Moderate shaking reported
  • Modena - a las 4:05am empezó un ruído que durante 20seg fué ascendiendo
  • USGS Northern Italy May 20 13:18 5.1 8 MAP
    INGV Pianura Padana Emiliana, Italy May 20 13:18 5.1 4 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 13:18 5.2 10 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 13:01 3.4 10 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 20 13:01 3.5 5 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 20 12:50 4.2 5 MAP
  • Itaky - Only felt a slight tremor this time. Nothing compared to this morning.
  • Castelfranco Emilia - chair shakes at 1st floor.
  • EMSC Northern Italy May 20 12:50 3.8 2 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 20 11:22 3.5 5 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 11:22 3.1 2 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 10:59 3.6 5 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 20 10:59 3.9 5 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 20 10:59 4.1 5 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 10:51 3.3 10 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 20 10:51 3.8 5 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 10:12 4.5 10 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 20 10:12 4.3 10 MAP
    USGS Northern Italy May 20 10:12 4.5 10 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 10:12 3.8 10 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 20 09:13 4.5 10 MAP
    USGS Northern Italy May 20 09:13 4.7 10 MAP
  • Argenta - This one just woke me from sleeping after tonite's shakes... Not so hard but clearly felt.
  • Trento - Woke me up, but not serious like early in the mornin 4:04
  • EMSC Northern Italy May 20 09:13 4.5 2 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 09:13 4.5 2 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 08:47 3.7 10 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 20 08:47 4.0 5 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 20 08:15 4.3 10 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 08:15 3.7 10 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 08:05 3.0 15 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 07:51 2.9 15 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 07:42 3.0 15 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 07:36 3.2 10 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 07:34 3.2 10 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 20 07:23 4.0 10 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 07:23 3.6 10 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 07:00 2.7 30 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 06:41 2.7 10 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 06:32 3.3 10 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 20 06:32 3.6 5 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 20 06:32 3.7 2 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 06:13 3.1 10 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 20 06:13 3.6 5 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 05:45 3.0 10 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 04:57 3.1 10 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 04:50 2.9 10 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 04:33 3.5 10 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 04:22 3.2 10 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 03:44 2.9 10 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 03:34 3.3 10 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 03:32 3.5 15 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 03:07 3.7 10 MAP
    USGS Northern Italy May 20 03:02 5.1 10 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 20 03:02 5.2 10 MAP
  • Venice - Another little tremor. Pretty terrified :
  • Bergamo - (5h5 sentita altra scossa
  • Milano - Another shaking. 4th floor.just moved to Italy, never experienced this before.
  • Viareggio - 10 seconds of bed shaking.
  • Argenta - Another shaking after the bigger one at 0404 am: this one was shorter.
  • north slovenia - About 4 local time; two consequent shaking, separated with few seconds quite scary (4th floor)
  • EMSC Northern Italy May 20 03:02 5.2 2 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 02:52 3.2 2 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 02:37 3.8 2 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 02:37 4.0 2 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 02:35 4.0 10 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 20 02:35 4.1 10 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 02:32 3.7 10 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 02:29 3.5 10 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 02:25 3.8 2 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 02:20 4.3 10 MAP
    EMSC Northern Italy May 20 02:03 6.1 10 MAP
  • Florence - Very weak shaking reported
  • Milano - Very weak shaking reported
  • MILAN - Moderate shaking reported
  • Longare (VI) - Shook just enough to wake me from sleep. Not like the severe shaking that just happened at 4 am, which severely shook my apartment building and set off car alarms.
  • Trento, Italy - 3rd floor of apt. building
  • Torri de Benaco - Waking up in bed, Shaking for minutes
  • Milano - Woke up to the apartment shaking. No noise, lased less than a minute
  • Asolo, Italy - Light shaking indicated
  • Arzignano (VI) - 4.05am woke to moderate shaking followed by at least 2 smaller after-shocks
  • Florence, Italy - Woke my husand and I out of a sound sleep at 0400.
  • Bologna - 4h first time in my life
  • Padova - Strong shaking reported
  • ITALY - Woke everyone up. Closet doors rattling and car alarms going off.
  • Parma - The shaking last more than 15 seconds and wake up everybody from the beginning. No fallen objects. (2nd floor)
  • Noale - grew up in southern california, shook pretty good here.
  • Venice - On holiday in Venice, from the UK. Just got woken up by bed shaking and very scary noises. Hoping that was Brits are not used to it!!
  • Arcugnano - Woke from a deep sleep to shaking that lasted for about a minute. Everything on the walls shook, but nothing fell. Car alarms were set off.
  • milan, 6th floor - woke me up from sleep
  • Forlì - I'm sleeping
  • Bologna - Strong enough to wake me and my wife and to cause some little light objects to fall.
  • Desenzano del Garda - Woken up
  • Milano - Woke up for a light shaking, first time in my life. 4th floor
  • Desenzano del Garda - Light shaking reported
  • Zermatt Switzerland - 4am Shook me out of bed and dresser handles rattled pretty good.
  • Milano - Woke up for shaking
  • S.Maria di Sala, Venice,Italy - 4.03am The noise and vibration woke me & my husband from a deep sleep. (2nd floor) Not as violent as I've felt on previous occasions but very pronounced and prolongued swaying sensation - maybe 10 or 15 seconds. Furniture creaking, crockery rattling, dogs barking. Scary.
  • Bologna - Strong enough to wake almost every people in our building.
  • Reggio Emilia - Down from bed!!!
  • Reggio Emilia - Sorry... MMI VII is the correct MMI
  • Genova - Nervi - Woke me up with a thud and a rolling action. Lived 20 plus years in SF bay area and still don't like these things.
  • Genova - Nervi - Moderate shaking indicated
  • Arzignano (VI) - Moderate shaking reported
  • Lugano - 10-15 sec of shake. Wake off on 5th floor.
  • Bergamo - h405 4th floor strong
  • Porec (Parenzo) - Woke up while sleeping. Low hum, shaking, glasses vibrating, hanging stuff oscillating. Novo naselje (Porec jug), houses in a row, 2 floors, bedroom is upstairs. Duration: about 5 seconds. Thanks, greetings.
  • Montecchio Maggiore - The bed was really shaking, the wooden furniture squeaking, the wine glasses rattled in the cabinet, the closet sounded as if someone was inside dancing a rumba. I was so scared I couldn't get out of bed. I heard my neighbours open windows and go into the street. I heard the furniture squeak again, saw the water in the bottle shake, heard people cry and myself I started to cry. Here we go again, another quake!
  • Trento,Italy - Again ???
  • Alpbach, Tyrol - Light shaking indicated
  • ITALY - Woke up to building shaking. No sounds outside, many slept through it. A series of tremors afterwards, one about 29 minutes ago. I am in Venice, Italy.
  • Milan - Awakened by swaying. Heard hangers knocking in the closet.
  • Cagliari - Ho sentito nella notte verso le 2:05 un forte boato. Dopo circa 10 secondi un' altro boato. Dopo qualche minuto un terzo boato, seguito da un quarto dopo altri minuti. Verso le 2:15 l' ultimo boato. Ho creaduto fossero delle esplosioni ma erano di uguale intensità e a distanze differenti.
  • Florence, Italy - Bed shaking quite strongly around 4:20AM. It seemed to last 5seconds, then pause à few seconds, then again shaking 5seconds. It frightened me because I didn't know if it would I am from San Francisco and was there for thé 6.7 in 1989.
  • Carpi (Modena) italy - Strong shaking indicated
  • Lido di Pomposa - wakker geworden, huis bewoog, rare ervaring
  • Cannes - Reveillé dans la nuit, secousse faible 04h06. Cannes France
  • Vicena, Italy - We have experienced a light shaking here
  • Marina di Carrara (MS) - Strong shaking reported
  • Gardalake Italy - shaky shaky again on 2nd floor. it scares the crap out of me everytime.
  • Ferrara - Moderate shaking indicated
  • Savignano sul Panaro - Awakened during the night by a strange "wind-lke" sound and oscillating motion of the bed.
  • Torino, Italy - Bed shaking around 4am, 5th floor.
  • Padua - We live on the ground floor in an old building in the historic city centre of Padua, Veneto, Italy. At 4AM we felt strong shaking that lasted about 20 seconds. We heard creaking floor boards and furniture, and rattling pots and plates. People who live on the upper floors felt it even stronger. We felt a lighter after-shock at 5AM. No serious damage to buildings has been recorded in Padua so far, except a roof ledge that collapsed in the town centre.
  • Pontecorvo (FR) - Salve la notte tra il 18 e il 19 maggio ho avvertito una piccola scossa..stavo dormendo e ho sentito tremare il letto...mi sono svegliata e due secondi dopo ho sentito tremare il letto..
  • Argenta - Heard a big "booom" which woke me up. After that 20 secs of shaking, many people ran outside.
  • Milan, Italy - woke me up from sleep!
  • Pisa - Bed shook for a few seconds and light swayed for 30 secs.
  • Milano - Woke me up; was a slow rolling wave, not rattling
  • Milano - Woke me up; was a slow rolling wave, not rattling
  • Sant'ilaria d'Enza - Wake up at once and no time to think and act
  • Padova - Fairly strong earthquake here in Padova. No damages whatsoever, but as we live on the third floor, we significantly felt it. Since then, we've been feeling many minor earthquakes all day long. Interesting experience but I hope it won't get any stronger than that !
  • Gorizia - Sesto piano, ondeggiamento deciso, il palazzo ha vibrato compatto, senza rumori di muri o solette, ma l'ascensore ha fatto rumore nella sua tromba. Nessun danno rilevato
  • Trento - Le finestre agitavano come un vibratore del cellulare e mi ha svegliato fortissimo
  • Parma - Woke me up from a deep sleep. Room was shaking.
  • Capannori Centro Toscana - We live in a sixth floor apartment in a 1982 building. Shaking woke us up. Knew immediately it was an earthquake.
  • ITALY - Stavo dormendo, quando mi sono svegliato perché tremava tutto forte, un pendolo di porcellana tremava e faceva rumore, si sentiva anche una specie di boato. Ma io mi sono svegliato la mattina verso le 8 e 15 minuti convinto di aver sognato invece ho appreso che si trattava di un vero e proprio terremoto. Spero di essere stato di aiuto.
  • Azzano di Seravezza - Light shaking indicated
  • montecchio maggiore, vicenza, italy - I was teaching in class when i noticed the water in my bottle shaking on the table. On Sunday 20th between 4 and 6 am that's the same thing that happened. The shaking was much stronger then, everything rattled and shook and squeaked...but this morning at around 8 the water in the bottle was slowly moving from one side to the other.
  • Venetië - Ik stond in het parlementsgebouw en had een rondleiding. Tot 2x toe voelde ik trillingen wat ik heel raar vond omdat er geen auto s rijden in venetie en dit een heel zwaar stenen gebouw is dus trillingen van verkeer voel je daar niet . Het voelde alsof er een zware vrachtwagen voorbij denderde.
  • Ferrara - very very very bad experience....
  • Vigarano Mainarda (FE) - My little town is 15km far from the epicenter of the first earthquake of 20th o May, we awoke hearing the tremendous sound of the earth and after 1 second our house was shaking very strong. the drawers of our furniture were all opened, a lot of bottles and vases fell down. It was 22 seconds long, terrible! luckly our house didn't suffer damages.
  • Mestre - Nous étions à Mestre ( à 5km de Venise). Secousse modérée vers 2h00 du matin. Pendant 10 secondes, nous avons été réveillés, le lit bougeait de droite à gauche, les meubles bougeaient ! très impressionnant !
  • INGV Emilia-romagna - Modena, Italy May 20 02:03 5.9 6 MAP
    USGS Northern Italy May 20 02:03 6.0 5 MAP
    GEOFON Northern Italy May 20 02:03 6.1 10 MAP
  • Udine - Woke at 4am to the 4th floor hotel bed swaying like someone trying to wake worked!
  • Florence, Italy - the quake at 4:02 am local time woke all my family up in our apartment at the 6th floor of a modern RC building. Moderate shaking for at least 10 sec
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    Shaking Strength *
    MMI II (Very weak shaking) ?
    People :
    Felt by persons at rest, on upper floors or favorably placed.
    MMI III (Weak shaking) ?
    People :
    Felt indoors; hanging objects may swing, vibration similar to passing of light trucks, duration may be estimated, may not be recognized as an earthquake.
    MMI IV (Light shaking) ?
    People :
    Generally noticed indoors but not outside. Light sleepers may be awakened. Vibration may be likened to the passing of heavy traffic, or to the jolt of a heavy object falling or striking the building.
    Fittings :
    Doors and windows rattle. Glassware and crockery rattle. Liquids in open vessels may be slightly disturbed. Standing motorcars may rock.
    Structures :
    Walls and frames of buildings, and partitions and suspended ceilings in commercial buildings, may be heard to creak.
    MMI V (Moderate shaking) ?
    People :
    Generally felt outside, and by almost everyone indoors. Most sleepers awakened. A few people alarmed.
    Fittings :
    Small unstable objects are displaced or upset. Some glassware and crockery may be broken. Hanging pictures knock against the wall. Open doors may swing. Cupboard doors secured by magnetic catches may open. Pendulum clocks stop, start, or change rate.
    Structures :
    Some large display windows cracked. A few earthenware toilet fixtures cracked.
    MMI VI (Strong shaking) ?
    People Felt by all. People and animals alarmed. Many run outside. Difficulty experienced in walking steadily.
    Fittings :
    Objects fall from shelves. Pictures fall from walls. Some furniture moved on smooth floors, some unsecured free-standing fireplaces moved. Glassware and crockery broken. Very unstable furniture overturned. Small church and school bells ring. Appliances move on bench or table tops. Filing cabinets or "easy glide" drawers may open (or shut).
    Structures :
    Slight damage to buildings with low standard. Some stucco or cement plaster falls. Large display windows broken. Damage to a few weak domestic chimneys, some may fall.
    Environment :
    Trees and bushes shake, or are heard to rustle. Loose material may be dislodged from sloping ground, e.g. existing slides, talus slopes, shingle slides.
    MMI VII (Very strong shaking) ?
    General alarm. Difficulty experienced in standing. Noticed by motorcar drivers who may stop.
    Fittings :
    Large bells ring. Furniture moves on smooth floors, may move on carpeted floors. Substantial damage to fragile contents of buildings.
    Structures :
    Unreinforced stone and brick walls cracked. Low standard buildings cracked with some minor masonry falls. A few instances of damage to buildings of ordinary workmanship. Unbraced parapets, unbraced brick gables, and architectural ornaments fall. Roofing tiles, especially ridge tiles may be dislodged. Many unreinforced domestic chimneys damaged, often falling from roof-line. Water tanks Type I burst. A few instances of damage to brick veneers and plaster or cement-based linings. Unrestrained water cylinders (hot-water cylinders) may move and leak. Some common windows cracked. Suspended ceilings damaged.
    Environment :
    Water made turbid by stirred up mud. Small slides such as falls of sand and gravel banks, and small rock-falls from steep slopes and cuttings. Instances of settlement of unconsolidated or wet, or weak soils. Some fine cracks appear in sloping ground. A few instances of liquefaction (i.e. small water and sand ejections).
    MMI VIII (Severe shaking) ?
    People Alarm may approach panic. Steering of motorcars greatly affected. Structures : Low standard buildings heavily damaged, some collapse. ordinary workmanship buildings damaged, some with partial collapse. Reinforced masonry or concrete buildings damaged in some cases. A few instances of damage to buildings and bridges designed and built to resist earthquakes. Monuments and pre-1976 elevated tanks and factory stacks twisted or brought down. Some pre-1965 infill masonry panels damaged. A few post-1980 brick veneers damaged. Decayed timber piles of houses damaged. Houses not secured to foundations may move. Most unreinforced domestic chimneys damaged, some below roof-line, many brought down. Environment : Cracks appear on steep slopes and in wet ground. Small to moderate slides in roadside cuttings and unsupported excavations. Small water and sand ejections and localized lateral spreading adjacent to streams, canals, lakes, etc.
    MMI IX (Violent shaking) ?
    Structures Many low standard buildings destroyed. Ordinary workmanship buildings heavily damaged, some collapse. Reinforced masonry or concrete buildings damaged, some with partial collapse. Buildings and bridges designed and built to resist earthquakes damaged in some cases, some with flexible frames seriously damaged. Damage or permanent distortion to some buildings and bridges, designed and built to normal use standards. Houses not secured to foundations shifted off. Brick veneers fall and expose frames. Environment : Cracking of ground conspicuous. Landsliding general on steep slopes. Liquefaction effects intensified and more widespread, with large lateral spreading and flow sliding adjacent to streams, canals, lakes, etc.
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