El Hierro Volcano eruption (Canary Islands) : Part 42 – May 1 until May 10

This is Part 42 of the El Hierro Volcano eruption report


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With the collaboration of Joke Volta, an El Hierro resident and Julio del Castillo Vivero, photographer.
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Update 10/05 - 21:16 UTC
- No pictures from Joke today
- Only an earthquake today below the sea to the east of Tenerife (non-volcanic) M 2.5 at a depth of 30 km

Update 09/05 - 17:56 UTC
- We have added more images of May 6 from Joke to the already present series
- We have added also the first part of the images from May 7

Update 09/05 - 14:00 UTC
- With surprise, after a week, IGN CSIC with collaboration of Salvamar Adhara have published a 6 minute video of the volcano showing a lot of degassing.
- The images are part the volcanic activity followup by the CSIC and IGN team taken from the Salvamar Adhara. Images are from top parts of the volcano but not the cone. The degassing can later be converted into green and blue stains on the surface as we have seen in the past week and on the video filmed on the Atlantic Explorer from Julio del Castillo Vivero.

Update 09/05 - 06:00 UTC
- New earthquake which occurred at 01:13 at a depth of 15 km with a Magnitude of 0.9 here

Update 08/05 - 21:03 UTC
- A Magnitude 1.2 earthquake occurred at a depth of 14 km to the North of Frontera at 14:48 UTC

Update 08/05 - 09:39 UTC
- NO earthquakes so far today

Update 07/05 - 19:12 UTC
- Joke has asked to apologize to our readers that she cannot reach the daily deadline due to a heavy program she is executing with Julio del Castillo Vivero. As said earlier, Julio is currently making an independent documentary on the eruption. Joke is guiding Julio to the different historic eruption spots. We have just now published the May 5 series from their walk to the lighthouse (see below).
- NO new earthquakes today. Unless some important new earthquakes are happening, it looks like we will be near the end of the magma pressure, at least for a while. Accordingly we expect the Yellow main vent alert to turn green also if we will witness a period of a few weeks without an earthquake.

Update 06/05 - 15:00 UTC
- 1 very weak earthquake since midnight. A 0.4 Magnitude earthquake at a depth of 11 km in the direct area of the main vent.

Update 05/05 - 23:00 UTC
- NO earthquakes today
- Joke has also taken some pictures today, but she still has to select them and they will probably be online within 2 days.
- let's compensate the delay we had in uploading the images from Joke Volta on May 5. Joke walked with Julio along the southern coast towards the lighthouse and they made a great series of images.

Update 04/05 - 20:00 UTC
- NO earthquakes or important activity today
- Images of Joke Volta from today May 4, 2012

Update 03/05 - 20:00 UTC
- NO earthquakes today
- Images Joke and Julio from earlier today

Update 02/05 - 23:37 UTC
- Images Joke and Julio have taken this morning

Update 02/05 - 20:37 UTC
- NO earthquaks today
- The daily schedule from Joke will be considerably changed the following days. As we have minor activity in the Las Calmas sea and as Joke is accompanying Julio del Castillo Vivero during the recording of his documentary, a daily visit to La Restinga is not working out well. So, the next days, Joke will be touring the island of El Hierro as a guide to Julio. In case something important is going on in the Las Calmas sea, Joke and Julio will be racing to La Restinga to report about it. In the meantime, we will take you along El Hierro on a sightseeing trip. The picture below shows the spot above La Restinga, where Joke takes her hum human-webcam pictures.

Update 02/05 - 08:25 UTC
- Joke Volta and Julio del Castillo Vivero went to check from La Restinga this morning if there was a stain or jacuzzi. None of them were observed today.
- Two earthquakes yesterday night of M 1.0. No earthquakes since midnight.

Update 01/05 - 19:39 UTC
- Joke Volta's images of the day

Update 01/05 - 09:13 UTC

Remark from Earthquake-Report.com after 10 months of following the volcano activity
At Earthquake-Report.com we are getting more and more frustrated about the NON-communicative attitude of the Spanish scientists and politicians. Wherever they come from (mainland or the Canaries), they are looking at the international community as non-existent (only for tourism promotion). They have treated the El Hierro eruption so far as a Nationalistic event. All involved scientists in Spain are promptly speaking English at international conferences, but have hardly exchanged a word in English since the beginning of the eruption. We have to admit that the local Spanish press from Diario El Hierro and Diario de Avisos, to name a few but not the only ones, did a great job in collecting information. We received a max. of 2 emails with 3 sentences each, from scientists reacting on what we wrote (in nearly 10 months). They could have used various channels to reach us. Only the Non-Profit SOS Oceanos crew was as it should have been. Not too many words, open minded towards Joke and exchanging a few notes. We like SOS Oceanos eternally for this attitude :).
Since the beginning of the eruption, Earthquake-Report El Hierro articles have been read by more than 1.5 million unique visitors. A lot of these readers are potential tourists but do have a double feeling about El Hierro. We did not write it down and have even erased comments saying that due to the narrow mind of the local politicians, they did cancel a programmed trip to El Hierro. What a pity!
It looks like open communication is still not an issue in science neither. May we remind science that one of the important sponsors of their scientific research is the European Union. The majority of our El Hierro readers are European Union citizens and should be more respected as they all pay taxes to sustain this research.
The local community volcano followers at AVCAN are treated a little better, but also the great AVCAN site lacks involvement of local politicians and National scientists. The big difference vs ER is the close relations they have with Canary Islands scientists.
Science people from all over the world, you are living in 2012!, an era with an open Internet were people from all over the world want to be instantly informed about what is going on. Hiding information and even blackening webcams is an attitude from the past. Informing the vast interested worldwide community should be one of your tasks only as a respect to those paying for your research. We know of course that most scientists are burdened with writing Papers who are in most cases distributed behind Paying Walls of Elsevier and Springer and who are having a readership of 1% or less from what we do, but this may be no reason to not participate at the open Internet. Letting people pay to read something they have sponsored themselves with their taxpayers money has no morale!
From the very start of this website ER has invited science to contribute to our site an a way that a normal interested person can understand what is written. We can only repeat it over and over again.

Update 01/05 - 08:30 UTC
- 1 earthquake this morning. The epicenter was located in El Golfo at a depth of 18 km. Magnitude : 1.6
- One of the ULPGC/Qstar team members, Mr. Antonio Gonzales Ramos, is giving more details of what they have noticed on their recent Atlantic Explorer trip (the one Julio del Castillo Vivero joined) in the AVCAN website.
* Activity and colored waters were alternated with periods of no activity (activity during the morning hours and no activity in the afternoon)
* This activity was also reflected in the PH which was 7 during the morning and 7.5 during the afternoon. The normal Ph in the Ocean is higher than 8.2. This slightly acidic Ph is caused by the CO2 in the water
* The green color of the water was due to complex metallic chemicals (oxides)
* Ashes were found in the surface waters as well as in the sampling at a depth of 50 meter
* The column of CO2 and ashes in the water are the main reason that small fish are not surviving when they pass in this acidic streaming. This explains also the seagulls eating these killed fish above the vent. In ER terms this means that when the images of Joke are showing seagulls above the main vent, that the water has probably a lower Ph in that area.
* Mr. Gonzales also indicates that the seagulls are the first ones to see a coloring of the gas emission points. As they know that this color means "food", they immediately are hanging around.
This content is translated by ER from the original comment in the Avcan site

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