El Hierro Volcano eruption (Canary Islands) : Part 41 – April 22 until April 30

This is Part 41 of the El Hierro Volcano eruption report


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With the collaboration of Joke Volta, an El Hierro resident and Julio del Castillo Vivero, photographer.
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Update 30/04 - 19:38 UTC
- Joke Volta's pictures of the day

Update 30/04 - 09:38 UTC
- 1 (very weak) earthquake so far today. A M0.4 at a depth of 8 km to the SW of El Pinar
- Below an image from ER reader Marc Delva who stayed as a tourist at El Hierro. The picture was taken on April 28 while the Atlantic Explorer was exploring the main vent site (see also close by picture from the main vent and the seagulls below). This picture is showing what we call as a faint stain.

Atlantic Explorer to the right of the stain on April 28 - Image courtesy Marc Delva

Update 29/04 - 22:50 UTC
- At 21:53 today, a M 1.3 earthquake occurred at a depth of 13 km to the SW of El Pinar

Update 29/04 - 16:45 UTC
- NO earthquakes today
- Video made by Julio del Castillo Vivero yesterday on board of the Qstar Atlantic Explorer. Julio writes : Filmed the 28th of April onboard the Atlantic Explorer with QStar Crew Members and ULPGC scientists above the main vent where many seagulls are looking for dead small fish.

Update 29/04 - 16:00 UTC
- Joke Volta images of the day

Update 29/04 - 10:25 UTC
- A stain is present in Las Calmas sea this morning. No jacuzzi has been observed. This stain could be the remains of yesterday's activity. Joke images will be online later today.

Update 29/04 - 10:20 UTC
- An amazing picture of the waters of the vent area which was photographed yesterday by Julio del Castillo Vivero. Colored waters with a lot of seagulls having lunch with dead fish

Update 28/04 - 23:48 UTC
As written earlier, Julio del Castillo Vivero was invited by the crew of the Atlantic Explorer to sail with them to the vent area. He wrote the following :
Hello, very good day with the Atlantic Explorer, the crew of Qstar and the scientists of ULPGC. I was above the volcano! A very special moment for me after many months following the eruption. I saw lots of seagulls above the main vent, eating dead fish, around the size of 10cm that was emerging to the surface.
The stain was very clearly visible today from the boat, with a green color, not super strong concentrated as used to, but quite clear.
I didn't get seasick at all, it was very good. Sea was calm in the morning and then also sunny from midday.
Great day! Great people! Great images!
(ER : strange that there are still dead fish above the main vent - we also noticed on Jokes pictures in the middle of the week that a lot of seagulls were flying above the vent area.
The news coming in from the Atlantic Explorer is even more important as Joke has not seen any action in the sea today, which means that the volcano can erupt without a clear visual sign on the outside. Good to know is that seagulls on the vent area are indicating dead fish and thus erupting material and that a stain clearly indicates action which is more than degassing)

Update 28/04 - 22:55 UTC
- 1 additional earthquake today and if not revised , extremely shallow at 1 km. Magnitude 1.0. Time 21:32. Epicenter in El Golfo

Update 28/04 - 13:17 UTC
- 1 earthquake since midnight. A M1.4 magnitude quake at a depth of 15 km on this location
- Julio del Castillo Vivero is on board of the Atlantic Explorer. Luckily for him the sea is calm reports Joke (an Ocean swell is even with calm weather often enough to get seasick!). Let's hope that Julio will have some nice pictures later today. The ROV will not be used today as the people on board of the ship have a bunch of other tasks. Julio has send the image below from the ship a little earlier. It shows the volcano cone at his present depth. We will have to wait until tonight to find out what the colors really mean.
I a direct message to us, Julio writes : ERUPTION STILL ONGOING

Image made by Julio del Castillo Vivero on board of the Qstar Atlantic Explorer today

Update 28/04
- Joke pictures of today. We have placed the pictures at the bottom of todays report, because we do think that the other information is more important today.

Update 27/04 - 23:57 UTC
- As promised, Joke Volta's image of April 27

Update 27/04 - 14:57 UTC
- The Atlantic Explorer (Qstar ship) is back in La Restinga. On board scientists of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The ship will be in the Las Calmas sea on Saturday to accomplish more tests. We do not know yet if a ROV would be used.
- Images of Joke Volta will be loaded later today
- Julio del Castillo Vivero, as part his documentary, filmed the entrance in the harbour of the Atlantic Explorer. Enjoy this HD view of the moment!

Update 27/04 - 10:00 UTC
- Joke and Julio went to La Restinga this morning to check up on the volcano situation. No stain or jacuzzi was seen this morning. Photographs will be online later today.
- No earthquakes reported since midnight.
- Julio del Castillo Vivero, the time lapse specialist, went with Joke yesterday to the Movistar webcam point (called by Joke Human Webcam spot) and made a number of pictures every x seconds. He then framed them together to a time lapse of even better quality then the earlier Movistar pictures.

Update 26/04 - 18:10 UTC
- Joke's images of today April 26. Joke was accompanied today by Julio del Castillo Vivero, who is making a documentary movie on El Hierro and it's volcanism.

Julio del Castillo Vivero making his documentary movie

Update 26/04 - 13:47 UTC
- 2 earthquakes so far today (the volcano does not want the IGN staff to go home). Involcan and Iter may have booked the volcano for a Surtseyan eruption during their "1st Anniversary Conference of the 2011-2012 submarine eruption off the coast of El Hierro"
At 09:00, a M1.1 earthquake occurred at a depth of 18 km with epicenter to the SW of El Pinar
At 13:00, a M0.9 earthquake occurred at a depth of 14 km with epicenter to the SW of El Pinar

Update 26/04 - 09:09 UTC - Science will meet @ El Hierro in October
Involcan and ITER will be hosting the "1st Anniversary Conference of the 2011-2012 submarine eruption off the coast of El Hierro"
The program consists of Scientific and technical discussions mainly related to volcanic risk management on oceanic and active island volcanoes as well as to enhance know-how exchange to understand and improve the multi-disciplinary initiatives for reducing volcanic risk in islands. A special session of this workshop will be related to the 2011-12 submarine eruption off the southern coast of El Hierro and its impact on the island community. The 2012 El Hierro Conference will be also an ideal forum to discuss about the plus side of living in active volcanoes since the short-term hazards posed by volcanoes are strongly balanced by benefits of volcanism over geologic time (volcano tourism, geothermal energy, balneology, etc.).
- The conference will be held at El Pinar Cultural Center which is located at the town of El Pinar. El Hierro offers several hotels and apartments distributed by all the island that allows to welcome the conference participants. Housing facilities close to the Conference Venue are available at La Restinga Village and El Pinar’s downtown. Shuttle bus from La Restinga to the Conference Venue will be provided free of charge by the organization for the conference participants.
- Three scientific excursions are planned : One day intra meeting field trip to visit several major volcanological features of El Hierro Island, One day intra meeting field trip to visit El Hierro submarine volcanic environment and Two-day post-conference field trip on “Canary Islands’ large gravitational landslides and related tsunamis” which will be led by Mercedes Ferrer (IGME), Luis Gonzalez de Vallejo (INVOLCAN), Juan Jesús Coello Bravo (INVOLCAN), José Madeira (University of Lisboa) and Cesar Andrade (University of Lisboa).
- More information on the conference, click here

Update 25/04 - 22:32 UTC
- Late today, but still before midnight Joke's pictures of April 25. The seemingly volcano picture is just a formation of clouds !

Update 25/04 - 21:32 UTC
- Joke and Julio are reporting a jacuzzi tonight (see picture below) - people who saw it (lasted 30 minutes) have informed Joke on what was going on.
- Joke will send her pictures tomorrow morning

Faint 30 minute jacuzzi during the late afternoon hours of April 25

Update 25/04 - 15:25 UTC
- Time lapse specialist and photographer, Julio del Castillo Vivero is on the island to produce a documentary on El Hierro and especially on the eruption. He has made a script and will have interviews with many people including Joke (of course). Julio is from Madrid and studies in the UK. Our readers know him from the many time lapses he made when the volcano was sending strong activity to the surface waters. Julio was also a vivid commenter on the AVCAN website. Click here to take a glimpse on Julio's website.
- NO earthquakes since midnight
- Joke's images will arrive a little later today.

Update 24/04 - 17:25 UTC
- 1 earthquake since midnight. A 1.2 magnitude at a depth of 18 km. The earthquake occurred at 01:20 UTC this morning. Epicenter here.
- Mr. Alpidio Armas has decided to invite (German) journalists and tourism professionals to show them all facets from El Hierro including a Volcanic Experience.

Update 23/04 - 12:32 UTC
- Joke reports a greenish stain carried by the currents in the main vent area
- AVCAN stresses that the activity at El Hierro has decreased considerably but that there are no signs that the pressurization of the island is gone completely
- NO earthquakes since midnight
- Images Joke Volta

Update 22/04 - 17:12 UTC
- Joke's pictures of the day

Update 22/04 - 11:56 UTC
- Joke reports that the Las Calmas sea has again a stain this morning. Additionally she says that there are stronger wave patterns in the main vent area. Pictures will follow soon.
- According to the local media, Mr. Alpidio Armas is fiercely against maintaining the yellow alert at the volcano vent in the Las Calmas Sea. In other words, Mr. Armas (in the international community better known as Mr. Weapons because of the Google translation) is criticizing the decision of Pevolca (he is a minority part of Pevolca).
We (ER) think this is a highly irresponsible attitude which can also be labeled as denying the sunlight! Every couple of days we have proof that some degassing is continuing and that even faint stains are formed + earthquakes are continuing (even today) stressing that the pressure below the island is not gone completely. What Mr. Armas wants is completely inactive and is no danger anymore, even above the main vent. Since scientists have claimed that the eruption was completely halted, the cone has grown by 2 meters ! In football terms (called soccer in the USA), we think Mr. Armas should receive a red card. Of course for local supporters, he is only saying the truth and he even does not need a yellow card.
One important advise to Mr. Armas : leave volcanism to those who understand what they are talking about : IGN, IEO, ITER and INVOLCAN.

Update 22/04 - 10:05 UTC
- A new earthquake occurred at 08:17 UTC - Magnitude : 1.7 at a depth of 17 km to the SW of El Pinar (direct main vent area)

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