El Hierro Volcano eruption (Canary Islands) : Part 40 – April 11 until April 21

This is Part 40 of the El Hierro Volcano eruption report


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With the collaboration of Joke Volta, an El Hierro resident and Julio del Castillo Vivero, photographer.
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Update 21/04 - 18:29 UTC
- Joke Volta's images of the day

Update 21/04 - 13:59 UTC
- NO earthquakes so far today.
- Julio del Castillo Vivero just mentioned us a video showing the recovery of the fish at the La Restinga area. The video and pictures combined in the video have been recorded and taken in March 2012 and are contradicting the horror stories of the scientists that all marine life (including vegetation) would have been damaged to a high degree. Enjoy the wonderful submarine world of El Hierro.

Update 20/04 - 12:17 UTC
- Joke Volta's images of today April 20. Calima (African desert dust fog) has finally gone and the pictures are getting more colorful.

Update 20/04 - 07:50 UTC
- NO listed earthquakes since midnight

Update 19/04 - 23:55 UTC
- A third El Hierro earthquake at 18:59 today. Magnitude 0.7, depth 12 km. Epicenter here.
- We have changed the title a little bit to reflect the current situation. No immediate risk to the island anymore, but still some minor volcanic activity (mainly earthquakes and a little degassing) around the main vent.

Update 19/04 - 15:21 UTC
- It looks like the volcano doesn't like Pevolca or Mr. Armas 🙂 !. Almost together with Mr. Armas tweet, the ground was shaking again, a M1.2 earthquake at 13:01 UTC at a depth of 10 km, here

Update 19/04 - 14:09 UTC
- More details have been reported a little later, such as :
* the alert level of the island itself will change from Yellow to Green
* the area surrounding the main vent is downgraded from Red to Yellow (in other words, some limited vigilance remains around the volcano)
* The BIO Las Palmas (Oceanographic vessel), who made some extensive bathymetry last week, measured the depth of the cone at 86 meter.
* Today's images of Joke Volta

Update 19/04 - 12:09 UTC
- In a short twitter message from the Cabildo de Hierro (office of Mr. Alpidio Armas), the Green Alert of the entire island has been declared by Pevolca. Due to the very slim activity of the last couple of weeks (only faint stains and degassing), the Alert level change seems logical to Earthquake-Report.com

Update 19/04 - 11:03 UTC
- We have noticed one M2.2 earthquake at a depth of 32 km at 08:32 UTC at a very unusual place, which may explain the difference in depth.

Update 18/04 - 21:32 UTC
- ER reader John commented on our remark from this morning that we did not know where CHIE station was exactly. He said : found the location of CHIE it is Latitude 27.72700 Longitude -17.96070 . Information found at http://www.isc.ac.uk/cgi-bin/stations?listr=Canary+Islands:Europe. Thank you John.
- 1 new earthquake at 14:37 UTC at a depth of 1 km (mostly IGN revises these shallow depths which has not been done so far) ! Magnitude : 0.5. Epicenter here

Update 18/04 - 12:12 UTC
- Joke Volta images of today April 18, a "Calima" day (special regional weather type). Joke hasn't seen anything special today, but nevertheless she continues to make pictures mainly to have a full series of visuals.

Update 18/04 - 10:52 UTC
- 1 earthquake since midnight. Magnitude 1.4 at a depth of 13 km. Epicenter here
- ER reader Leona has commented that it looks that the thickness of the CHIE HT line has increased since more than 24 hours now. We have the same feeling and have therefore increased the line with the same factor today and 4 days ago. Of course this should not mean anything, as it maybe temporary noise or even instrumental error margin. We neither have an idea where CHIE comes from. El Hierro has a lot of different instruments.

Comparison in amplitude of CHIE graph El Hierro

Update 17/04 - 14:40 UTC
- Both the Chile, Valparaiso Mw6.7 earthquake and the Papua New Guinea Mw6.8 earthquake can be seen on the CHIE El Hierro graph.
- Joke Volta images of the day

Update 17/04 - 10:06 UTC
- We have been busy with numerous big shakes all around the globe (Chile, PNG, Kenya). We think that scientist should start to study influences of the Mw8.6 mega-quake on Volcano and Earthquakes in far away locations. What we have written the last 7 days in earthquake-report.com can be called "impressive". There is however no evidence yet that such a relation would exist.
- NO earthquakes listed by IGN since midnight UTC

Update 16/04 - 17:20 UTC
- Joke saw a brownish color at the Naos bay shortly after the big quake (epicenter of the earthquake and brownish area are not the same though).
- Big event today in La Restinga (besides the strong quakes). A very popular morning show from the National Spanish Radio Network was using the Restingolita Info Center in La Restinga as a temporary studio. A lot of talking with always the same people who have to explain what has happened (scientists wherever in the world (not only in Spain) still think that 30 seconds of glory on network TV or Radio will change their status forever). Sharing information with sites like us (read you), seems to be a lot more difficult.
The whole group of important people cued to appear before the microphone with an imminent role to Mr. Alpidio Armas, the person who doesn't want to share a webcam with the outside world and does want to make the illusion that what he was asked for today does not exist anymore.

Update 16/04 - 12:42 UTC
- 2 serious earthquakes in a matter of 12 minutes (Thank to ER reader Diana for telling us)
At first a Magnitude 3.1 3.0 earthquake at a depth of 14 15 km to the SW of El Pinar
followed by a second M2.2 earthquake at a depth of 19 km also to the SW of El Pinar

M 3.1 and M2.2 earthquakes graph on April 16, 2012

Update 16/04 - 08:15 UTC
- NO earthquakes since midnight today

Update 15/04 - 23:55 UTC
- At 23:39 an earthquake occurred to the SW of El Pinar at a depth of 11 km. Magnitude : 1.6

Update 15/04 - 18:26 UTC
- Joke's selection of today's images.

Update 15/04 - 11:38 UTC
- First pictures of April 15 from Joke Volta. The pictures have been taken from El Pinar, where Joke lives. Joke reports that a stain (blue-green) can well be seen from above. Hard to see on the images however.
- The arrival of jellyfish in the Canary Islands waters has never been so huge since 1994, following CSIC and the Instituto de Ciencias de Mar de Barcelona. Both scientific institutions have not given an explanation for the sudden rise in number.

Update 14/04 - 16:45 UTC
- This time we did it before the remarks of ER reader Colin, who is reading our pages on a satellite internet link (which takes a fair amount of time to load). So, we did create 2 new archive parts (part 38 and part 39). The links to the older parts (March 29 to April 10) can be found at the bottom of this main article.

Update 14/04 - 15:24 UTC
- Joke Volta's full series of images from today. Every picture carries Joke explanation of what she thinks she is seeing.

Update 14/04 - 11:06 UTC
- At 02:06, a M1.3 earthquake occurred at a depth of 9 km to the south of La Restinga

Update 14/04 - 10:02 UTC
- Joke reported a Green-Blueish stain originating in the main vent area and carried by currents to the coast and even the port of La Restinga. Joke often distinct with her eyes more colors than she can capture on the pictures. This morning she saw "intriguing" foam at a certain part of the stain ending.

Update 13/04 - 23:55 UTC
- A second earthquake was listed today by IGN. A M1.1 earthquake at a depth of 16 km to the SW of El Pinar

Update 13/04 - 20:07 UTC
- Joke made a lot more pictures today than the first batch. On some of them you will see the Salvamar Adhara sailing out and hanging above the volcano vent, on others a faint stain

Update 13/04 - 14:20 UTC
- High visit at La Restinga this morning. Senators (Spanish parliament Madrid) have been informed about the El Hierro eruption. IGN and CSIC scientists have given explanatory sessions on the activity. As promised earlier today, Joke could profit from a few free moments from a senator and asked him to support the call of the International Community to get the webcams back. Whenever this Senator (we know his name) would be able to bring our webcam back, we will print a huge image in this site thanking him for his support to the good cause !

Update 13/04 - 10:34 UTC
- 1 very weak earthquake since midnight : a M0.2 at a depth of 28 km to the SW of Frontera
- First morning pictures from Joke Volta (below the text of Ramon Ortiz)
- Joke had a conversation with Don Domingo Gimeno, a scientist who did research on Restingolitas (SLS) in Barcelona. He was the scientist who explained that the white material at the inside of the SLS consisted of an explosive magmatic material. He was almost instantly countered in his opinion by other scientists saying that the white material was of a sediment type. Don Domingo Gimeno did some research on the Restingolita at the request of the village of El Pinar.
- Spanish senators are currently visiting La Restinga and the Restingolita information center. Joke will try to speak to one or more of them and will ask to reactivate the webcam.
- Joke wrote an Email to chief scientist Ramon Ortiz (advisor IGN, researcher CSIC and sometimes spokesperson in Pevolca on scientific issues) asking him how possibly the Sumatra earthquake could influence the El Hierro eruption effects (a stain was observed after the arrival of the earthquake waves at El Hierro). This is Mr. Ortiz answer :

"Cuando hay un terremoto tan grande como los del dia 11 y 12 (8.6 y 8.2 en Sumatra y 6.9 en Baja California), las ondas sismicas recorren varias veces el planta y al atravesar los sistemas magmaticos producen una liberacion de gas (disfusion rectificada) que en algunos casos puede llegar a disparar un erupcion, aunque en general solo producen mayor emision de gas (similar a cuando se agita una botella de Cava) y por eso aumento la emision de gas en la restinga y aparecio la mancha"

"When an earthquake as large as those on April 11 and April 12 occur (8.6 and 8.2 in Sumatra and 6.9 in Baja California), seismic waves travel several times through the earth and magmatic systems produce a release of gas (disfusion rectificada) that in some cases can trigger an eruption (...), although in general only produce a greater emission of gas (similar to when you shake a bottle of Cava (Spanish Champagne)) and thus the increase the emission of gas in La Restinga and a stain appeared"

Update 12/04 - 22:40 UTC
- Joke Volta's afternoon images

Update 12/04 - 20:45 UTC

- The image above is an echogram, done by the IEO Cornide de Saavedra boat between the 5th and 9th of April, showing the volcano realeasing ash and big quantities of CO2.
- Sulphur is not coming out any more, responsible for green stains, same way we don't see this on Joke Volta's daily photographs, but what we have seen recently is CO2, which is reflected as a blue concentrated stain and jacuzzi.
- In an area of 500 meters around the summit, the are still some significant changes seen.
- Scientists believed the eruption should have ended already, officially, it did on the 15th of March, but this, again, proves it had not stopped. Putting back online webcams now would be a very good way to follow this stage of the eruption process.
- More information about pH concentrations can be found in this link of Spanish newspaper Qué!

Update 12/04 - 18:47 UTC
Remaining part of Joke Volta's morning and midday pictures

Update 12/04 - 14:06 UTC
- ETNA (Italy) is currently having a new paroxysm or eruption (thank you Er reader Roland for informing us). Click here for our Volcano News page with links to the best webcams. Julio del Castillo Vivero made a time lapse of today's Etna eruption. Enjoy the beauty of nature.

Update 12/04 - 09:22 UTC
- Joke reports that a stain has been seen in the Las Calmas sea. She is talking about a short reactivation of the volcano yesterday afternoon. Joke says that the stain was confirmed by the IGN people. In a first reaction Roman Ortiz has related the stain to the Sumatra earthquake ...
- From our side, following with large in-depth articles on every world quake, we are stressing that the increase of the amplitudes in the CHIE graph are all of them related to very strong to massive earthquakes in different parts of the world. (Mexico x3 + Sumatra). Scientists do not agree on a direct relation in between earthquakes (even very powerful earthquakes) and volcano activity.
- A ship is currently executing a bathymetry mission in front of the La Restinga coast. Julio del Castillo Vivero reports that it will be probably the Oceanographic ship Las Palmas (A52)

Update 11/04 - 17:30 UTC
- ER reader Nataly told us about a strong signal on many seismographs at the Canary islands. The CHIE graph below is also indicating it. These are the 2 massive earthquakes in Indonesia who are picked up by all seismographs in the world. The difference in time between the occurence of the earthquake and the time which is shown on the CHIE graph is the travel time of the earthquake wave !

Update 11/04 - 15:57 UTC
- As you probably all would understand is that we had a very hard time reporting the M8.6 Sumatra Indonesia earthquake. Since midnight earthquake-report.com was consulted by more than 70,000 unique visitors, probably breaking a new record. The server was down many times (he was not down but went into safety modus) as he was saturated by too many visitors.

Update 11/04 - 15:50 UTC
- Morning images Joke Volta

Update 11/04 - 08:28 UTC
- 1 Magnitude 1.1 earthquake at a depth of 20 km to the SW of El Pinar (approx. 10 km from La Restinga !)
- An AVCAN commenter mentioned a link to a very interesting document on Volcano lave tubes speleology at El Hierro. Click here to consult the document, but in case you are going to use it, please be careful !
- A group of Senators from the Spanish parliament (1 per fraction) will make an incentive tour to El Hierro, next Thursday. If weather and conditions are allowing it, the visiting group may make a boat tour to the volcano vent. Senators and a volcano, an explosive cocktail ?

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