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The list below shows the last earthquakes in the Sweden

In depth articles on Sweden earthquakes written by Earthquake-Report.com
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Label info : M = magnitude, D = depth (km), Time = UTC – Sweden time = UTC +1
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SRC Location UTC Date/time M D INFO
EMSC Sweden Jun 27 07:22 3.7 80 MAP
USGS Rolfs, Sweden Jun 27 07:22 3.7 10 MAP I Felt It INFO
USGS Skoghall, Sweden Jun 23 05:49 2.8 10 MAP I Felt It INFO
  • Skövde - First I heard something similar of my neighbor's motorcycle, two seconds later my apartment started shaking like it was very violent thunder but it was clear sky. Lasted for maybe 3-5 seconds. The clock was probably about 07:50
  • EMSC Sweden Mar 19 21:55 4.2 10 MAP
  • Luleå - No damage, noticeable vibrations, rattling. About 20 seconds of activity.
  • Luleå - About 20-30 seconds long. Shaking and rattling. Nothing fell, no damage.
  • Tornio - The roof started to rumble very strangely. I thought it was just the snow falling off, but turns out there's no snow on the roof at all. First earth quake experience, dont get them here that often.. glad it wasn't that strong.
  • Jämtön - Glassware and things on wall were shaking and rattling. The whole house shook. My sister woke up.
  • Oulu - No damage, bed started shaking, then the whole building, lasted about 20-30seconds.
  • oulu - whole building felt like shaking. No windows etc cracked
  • Oulu - It lasted 30 seconds, nothing fell, windows were shaking.
  • Vaasa - Felt a perhaps 3 second shake on the 4th floor in an apartment building. A very strange feeling.
  • Lulea - No damages but a strange feeling.
  • Piteå - First I heard the sound like something big is aproaching us, or like a train is going through our place. Sound became more and more loud, house started shaking, my 7-months baby woke up. It lasted about 20 seconds. My neighboirs ran out to the street.
  • Umeå - Sofa and vases/glass were shaking (lightly) for a few seconds
  • Umeå - Windows make a noisy sound like a storm outside. And my head felt dizzy. And de house was shaking. 19/3 2016 ca. 22:50-23:00
  • Rovaniemi - Noise and clanging outside was heard.
  • Luleå - The house shook for about 20 - 30 seconds. The dogs barked and were unsettled. (Swedish Lapphund and Siberian Husky) We thought that maybe a HUGE truck was outside. (there is construction nearby) We looked around to see what could have caused it, but we found nothing.
  • Piteå - Strange sound at first, then the building shook for a few seconds
  • Luleå - Felt like a truck drove thru the livingroom
  • Haapavesi - Rumbling and humming as if there was a strong gust of wind. Shook the house slightly. lasted 5-10 seconds.
  • Melderstein - House shaking for 10 minutes.
  • Oulu - Vibration felt like really heavy traffic was passing our house, felt like the whole house was shaking, windows rattled.
  • Oulu - I woke up to a deep rumble and light shake, around midnight, as if a freight train slowly had passed by. It lasted for about 15 seconds. I didn't even consider the option of an earth quake. No property was damaged.
  • Oulu - a few shakes of the house (wooden separate house) with an interval of several seconds, like a heavy truck or a train was passing by.
  • Himanka - Rumbling sound - I thought it was a very large truck come up our street, or a huge helicopter. I almost went to the front door to look outside but was in bed and thought 'Fuck it!'. Was told this afternoon that it was an earthquake.
  • Skelleftehamn - The whole apartment was shaking and I thought a car had driven into the building.
  • GEOFON Sweden Mar 19 21:55 4.3 19 MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGS Pitea, Sweden Mar 19 21:55 4.1 14 MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGS Gaellivare, Sweden Jul 30 23:37 4.0 14 MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSC Sweden Jul 30 23:37 4.1 15 MAP I Felt It INFO
    GEOFON Sweden Jul 30 23:37 4.1 10 MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSC Sweden Jul 29 19:46 3.4 15 MAP I Felt It INFO
  • Torslanda - No damage to buildings. Just upset children.
  • Gothenburg - A bang, light shaking and a rumbling sound in the distance. Contacts around 40kms away, felt much the same.
  • Gothenburg - Moderate vibration.No damage
  • Gothenburg - Rumbel for five sec then it was over
  • Fjärås - Sound like far thunder. Felt like big truck driving just by our house. Ongoing for 20 - 30 seconds
  • Gothenburg - The house shook
  • Ytterby, Gothenburg - Was wathing tv on the second floor in a villa. Sofa shoke for about five seconds, a sound reminding of thunder was heard, but it was not thunder.
  • Gothenburg - The windows in my building were shaking. Felt it in my stomach and everything.
  • Gothenburg - I don't live in Sweden but my sister just messaged me, they could apparently feel the floor shaking in Gothenburg and some parts of the city had their power knocked out. Apparently things are going back to normal now though.
  • Gothenburg - A 5-7 seconds shake and Low noice , no damages but very strong shake for swedish Westcoast and Island of Tjörn
  • Gothenburg - Weak shaking, sounded like thunder. First EQ in this area as far as I know.
  • Gothenburg - I heard a loud and distant rumbling noise which was alarming and I thought it was an explosion. Then I was aware gat the house was shaking quite noticeably. No damage noticed.
  • Mölndal - Sounded like a bomb and all over the westcosst its been confirmed an earthquake No injuries or damages so far reported by media
  • Gothenburg - Strong rumbling noise
  • Gothenburg - No damage, but felt a rising high pitched sound accompanied with some light shaking ending suddenly with a bang (perhaps a window slamming?). Lasted maybe 5-10 seconds total. Didnt assume it was an earthquake straight away but apparently has been confirmed as.around a 2-2.5 Richter quake.
  • Gothenburg - Felt the house and ground shake, suonded like big Thunderbird. No damage.
  • Gothenburg - Sounded like thunder but the floor shook..
  • Gothenburg - I heard a great loud noise... A bit like very loud drilling. Not quite sure how to describe it and then felt my entire house shake. I don't know of any damage but it sure was big for us in Sweden not used to earthquakes. The whole thing went on for about 30 seconds and was a little scary.
  • gothenburg - The bed and walls were shaking. The cat was afraid. There was a loud sound.
  • Gothenburg - first 10 seconds of distant evolving noise, then a sound like an explosion. The floor was shaking...
  • Gothenburg - I heard and feelt the earthquake for about 5-7 seconds of
  • Styrsö - Loud rumble/bang. Mild very brief shaking.
  • Näset - We were walking on the ground and felt no shaking but we heard a loud, low continuous rumble. We walked by a neighbors house who did feel the shaking and they also said they heard the rumble.
  • Göteborg - Sounded like a long low thunder except could be felt through the ground. Like a subway passing underneath.
  • gothenburg - Not sure of any damage as it is dark, but it was very strong, lasted about 5 seconds and caused us to go outside to see what was happening
  • Lilleby - Rumbling and shaking, a bot like an explosion. My wife was on the toilet, but it was not her. All the neighbours were looking
  • Gothenburg - Floor shaking quite noticeably. Like someone was using a jackhammer or doing demolition using explosives nearby. Wife on second floor woke up from the shaking. Everyone on the street came out wondering what was going on. No known damage.
  • gothenburg - Heard a thundering sound and it sounded very different. Not like a thunder but something falling strongly like a building collapse.
  • Göteborg - Sounded like thunder and it shooked for 10-15 sec
  • Gotenberk - The apartment shake. And the kitschen window Shakes also
  • Bollebygd - Didn't feel much, more a loud sound outside like a large yruck going by or a close jet. Lasted about 25 seconds.
  • Mölndal - The house shook. There was a low rumbling sound like the sound of thunder. No damage.
  • USGS Surte, Sweden Jul 29 19:46 3.4 13 MAP I Felt It INFO
  • Gothenburg - No damage, light shaking for a few seconds and then everything ceased.
  • Mölndal - As earthquakes are rare in Sweden, I thought this one was quite strong. It sounded like thunder and the house was shaking for about ten seconds. I know that the asphalt cracked in the streets not far from here, otherwise no damage.
  • Gothenburg - The floor in the appartment was shaking and the dishes, too! I heard very strong sound, like thunder, it lasted about 30 seconds. At 21:50 p.m. July 29, 2015.
  • Göteborg - I felt the quake at 21:45 in my apartment on the first floor. I first thaught it was a big thunder from a lightning bolt at first but the rumbling noise and the duration of the rumble seemed unusual for thunder, and I didn't see a flash which I usually do before the thunder strikes. No damage was done on anything in my apartment. It doesn't seem like anyone in Gothenburg had anything damaged in this quake, but this quake was by far the strongest one felt by citizens of Gothenburg in modern time.
  • Gothenburg - Felt like a low rumbling, big train passing, or like jets overhead. Light vibration underfoot(we are 6 floors up) no damage.
  • Gothenburg - I have seen no damage to my place or heard of any damage. the quake felt like a far off explosion and was finished as soon as it started. It shook a little and there was a loud grumbling, whoosh noise. Nothing substantial.
  • Mölndal - We were watching televison when we heard some really loud noise and the sofa was rocking heavily. Earlier this evening some air ballons had been passing nearby, but this time there was none outside. I heard on the radio an hour later that it was an earthquake in the ocean, about 15 kilometers from us. //Mikael Johansson,
  • Styrsö - I heard a grunting noise and my wife said the earth moved. Our first time.
  • Marstrand - It was 21:45 and a very loud rumble started and got gradually louder. Slight shaking. The rumble was quite loud. Lasted about 10 seconds (but hard to tell these things)
  • Gothenburg - Okolo 6 sekundowe trzesienie . # pietrowy budynek zatrzasl sie. Bylo slychac dzwiek
  • gotemburgo - Um barulho muito forte como um boing aterrisando e um tremor pelo edificio inteiro por uns 10 segundos. Até meu gato me olhou assustado.
  • Lindome - Je suis à quelques kilomètres de l'épicentre (Billdal), la secousse a été enregistreé à 2.8 selon les articles locaux. J'ai ressenti un tremblement pour plusieurs secondes, ainsi qu'entendu un fracas. C'était comme si quelquechose de très lourd s'était écrasé dans les environs. À part la surprise, je n'ai constaté aucun dommage à la propriété ou aux alentours.
  • Gothenburg - We heard a sound similar to thunder for several seconds and then it hit us. The ground started shaking and after around 10 seconds, after the shaking stopped, we all sprinted out to see if a bomb had exploded.
  • Goteborg - I experienced no damage but I felt it very clearly in my third floor apt. Felt like thunder strike hard or a large truck had slammed into the building. I noted the time to ask my neighbors. It was exactly 21:45.
  • Gustavsfors - Ik heb zelf niets gemerkt maar mijn twee poezen begonnen rond 21.45 te grommen en waren erg onrustig. Later las ik over de aardbeving in Göteborg.
  • Gotemburgo-centro - Senti un ruido y pense en una explosion pero fue prolongado y al mismo tiempo vibraba la silla donde estaba sentada y el escritorio,no me dije en nada mas,porque paso,no veo danios o cosa anormal,los vecinos no han sufrido danio
  • Gråbo - Heavy pressure hit towards windows, walls shaking, chair moved an inch to the side. Computer screens shaking, sounds like low rumbling thunder or a low-flying plane. Gave us a scare!
  • Gothenburg - I was in kitchen while I heard some noise and I felt walls vibrating.
  • Kungälv - 2015-07-30 weak earthquake; no damage except for sheep stampede
  • Marstrand - Je n'étais pas là mais c'est ma femme qui a entendu comme un gros coup de tonnerre qui a duré 5 à 10 secondes, trés inhabituel
  • EMSC Sweden Jul 27 07:50 5.3 400 MAP I Felt It INFO
    GEOFON Sweden Sep 15 13:08 4.7 10 MAP I Felt It INFO
  • Hudiksvall - Felt as if someone someone started a truck inside the building. That's the best way to describe it.
  • Sundsvall - Moderate shaking
  • Njurunda - Windows and floor shaking like it was a big truck passning by.
  • Ånge - felt and sounded a bit like as if a huge bulldozer or something drove just outside the house, and causing all windows to tremble
  • Hudiksvall - My bed trembled.
  • Falun - The whole house was shaking for a few seconds.
  • Storå - Fellt it because my desk was shivering against my knee, when I sat at my computer working.
  • Ludvika - Ni damaged on the house. Byt ut shake alot
  • USGS Aelvdalen, Sweden Sep 15 13:08 4.7 14 MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSC Sweden Sep 15 13:08 4.7 2 MAP
    EMSC Sweden Jun 27 06:02 2.3 1 MAP
    EMSC Sweden Mar 30 06:49 2.3 1 MAP
    EMSC Sweden Mar 27 18:36 1.8 1 MAP
    EMSC Sweden Mar 27 11:26 1.9 1 MAP
    EMSC Sweden Mar 16 11:14 2.1 1 MAP
    EMSC Sweden Feb 05 18:01 2.0 1 MAP
    EMSC Sweden Dec 03 21:13 2.5 1 MAP
    EMSC Sweden Nov 09 18:02 2.1 1 MAP
    EMSC Sweden Sep 30 11:21 2.6 1 MAP
    EMSC Sweden Sep 18 16:50 2.2 1 MAP
    EMSC Sweden Sep 18 15:11 2.0 1 MAP
    EMSC Sweden Sep 18 14:56 2.2 1 MAP
    EMSC Sweden Sep 18 14:42 2.1 1 MAP
    EMSC Sweden Sep 12 17:27 2.7 1 MAP
    EMSC Sweden Aug 28 17:01 2.3 1 MAP
    EMSC Sweden / Denmark Aug 06 02:57 4.4 10 MAP
  • Denmark - Kgs. Lyngby - I woke up by shaking in the house. afterwards, I could hear som dogs outside, when I opened the window.
  • Ängelholm, Sweden - Light shaking reported
  • Falkenberg - Woke up of the sound that was similar to thunder and could feel the earth shaking, no damage. In the house (via emsc)
  • Halmstad - Känningar av illamående och yrsel före, under och efter skalvet. Ungefär 1 minut före och 2-3 minuter efteråt (yrsel, illamående). (via emsc)
  • Harplinge - Jag och min dotter vaknade av att huset skakade. Vibrationerna kändes tydligt. Lamporna i fönstret svajade. Det mullrade dovt som om ett tungt fordon sakta körde förbi precis utanför rummet. Det lät mer än det normalt gör när en lastbil kör förbi på gatan utan för. Båda rummen ligger dessutom på baksidan av huset där tung trafik normalt inte märks. När jag gick upp för att kontrollera vad det var som hände kändes skakningarna upp i benen som om man stod på en maskin på tom
  • Laholm - I don't think the earthquake would have woken me up had I been asleep. It felt similar to when a snowplow passes by close to my house. The sound reminded me of a (motorcycle) engine idling at a low rpm about a block (100 meters) away. Onset was sudden, it lasted for approx. 15 seconds, slowly fading the last 5 seconds (via emsc)
  • Hørve, Denmark - Jeg sad i sofaen og mærkede en svag rysten der kom en lyd fra trappen som om nogen gik hurtigt ned af den. (via emsc)
  • Copenhagen - I hate earthquake and I ws hope to be wrong. But the person that live with me conferm me that and was feel as welll ...
  • humlebaek - je dormais et paf le batiment tremble il y avais 2 choses suspendu qui ont tombe
  • GEOFON Sweden Aug 06 02:57 4.4 10 MAP
  • Hjärnarp - Woke up from sleep. My house was shaking and it sounded like a truck was passing by very close to my house.
  • EMSC Sweden Jul 17 17:13 2.1 1 MAP
    EMSC Sweden Apr 04 17:01 1.8 1 MAP
    EMSC Sweden Mar 28 17:01 2.4 1 MAP
    EMSC Sweden Feb 29 18:03 1.9 1 MAP
    EMSC Sweden Feb 02 19:06 2.1 1 MAP

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    Doors and windows rattle. Glassware and crockery rattle. Liquids in open vessels may be slightly disturbed. Standing motorcars may rock.
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    Generally felt outside, and by almost everyone indoors. Most sleepers awakened. A few people alarmed.
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    Some large display windows cracked. A few earthenware toilet fixtures cracked.
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    Objects fall from shelves. Pictures fall from walls. Some furniture moved on smooth floors, some unsecured free-standing fireplaces moved. Glassware and crockery broken. Very unstable furniture overturned. Small church and school bells ring. Appliances move on bench or table tops. Filing cabinets or "easy glide" drawers may open (or shut).
    Structures :
    Slight damage to buildings with low standard. Some stucco or cement plaster falls. Large display windows broken. Damage to a few weak domestic chimneys, some may fall.
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    Fittings :
    Large bells ring. Furniture moves on smooth floors, may move on carpeted floors. Substantial damage to fragile contents of buildings.
    Structures :
    Unreinforced stone and brick walls cracked. Low standard buildings cracked with some minor masonry falls. A few instances of damage to buildings of ordinary workmanship. Unbraced parapets, unbraced brick gables, and architectural ornaments fall. Roofing tiles, especially ridge tiles may be dislodged. Many unreinforced domestic chimneys damaged, often falling from roof-line. Water tanks Type I burst. A few instances of damage to brick veneers and plaster or cement-based linings. Unrestrained water cylinders (hot-water cylinders) may move and leak. Some common windows cracked. Suspended ceilings damaged.
    Environment :
    Water made turbid by stirred up mud. Small slides such as falls of sand and gravel banks, and small rock-falls from steep slopes and cuttings. Instances of settlement of unconsolidated or wet, or weak soils. Some fine cracks appear in sloping ground. A few instances of liquefaction (i.e. small water and sand ejections).
    MMI VIII (Severe shaking) ?
    People Alarm may approach panic. Steering of motorcars greatly affected. Structures : Low standard buildings heavily damaged, some collapse. ordinary workmanship buildings damaged, some with partial collapse. Reinforced masonry or concrete buildings damaged in some cases. A few instances of damage to buildings and bridges designed and built to resist earthquakes. Monuments and pre-1976 elevated tanks and factory stacks twisted or brought down. Some pre-1965 infill masonry panels damaged. A few post-1980 brick veneers damaged. Decayed timber piles of houses damaged. Houses not secured to foundations may move. Most unreinforced domestic chimneys damaged, some below roof-line, many brought down. Environment : Cracks appear on steep slopes and in wet ground. Small to moderate slides in roadside cuttings and unsupported excavations. Small water and sand ejections and localized lateral spreading adjacent to streams, canals, lakes, etc.
    MMI IX (Violent shaking) ?
    Structures Many low standard buildings destroyed. Ordinary workmanship buildings heavily damaged, some collapse. Reinforced masonry or concrete buildings damaged, some with partial collapse. Buildings and bridges designed and built to resist earthquakes damaged in some cases, some with flexible frames seriously damaged. Damage or permanent distortion to some buildings and bridges, designed and built to normal use standards. Houses not secured to foundations shifted off. Brick veneers fall and expose frames. Environment : Cracking of ground conspicuous. Landsliding general on steep slopes. Liquefaction effects intensified and more widespread, with large lateral spreading and flow sliding adjacent to streams, canals, lakes, etc.
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