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February 29, 2012

E-mail earthquake notifications
After creating “real-time earthquake lists” and linked “I Have Felt It reports“, we have created an easy Email alert system. By subscribing to the earthquake area of your choice (see below for links to the detailed lists), you will receive an Email containing a satellite map together with the most important parameters of the earthquake. $$$$$

February 28, 2012

Science / supercomputer modeling subducting plates
ETH Zurich scientists have for the first time succeeded in realistically simulating how an oceanic plate sinks of its own accord under an adjacent plate. At the same time they showed why only one of the plates rather than both subducts into the Earth’s mantle, and how this process affects the
dynamics of the Earth’s interior. $$$$$

February 25, 2012

Yingxiu after the devastating 2008 earthquake - image courtesy

China / Sichuan 2008 earthquake / Epicenter tourist attraction
To boost tourism, Wenchuan county in Sichuan province, the site of a devastating 8.0 earthquake on May 12, 2008, is developing the town of Yingxiu, the epicenter, into a top national scenic spot, the Yingxiu 5.12 epicenter memorial, says an article in the Beijing Times. Excerpts:
May people have questioned whether it is appropriate to build a 5A-class, the top level, tourist attraction in what was a disaster area. No one is denying that those who survived the earthquake in Yingxiu have a right to pursue a better life. There is even a precedent: in 1996, an earthquake turned Lijiang in Yunnan province into a tourist spot. Yingxiu seems to be following suit. In fact, a local tourist economy has already taken shape. Shortly after the earthquake, before the ruins had been cleared, Yingxiu had become a tourist attraction. $$$$$

California / earthquake insurance
The Bay Area’s home insurance company, EQ Insurance Service of Walnut Creek provides the top three reasons why homeowners should explore options for earthquake insurance in lieu of accepting the limited scope of protection provided by the California Earthquake Authority’s policy. $$

February 24, 2012

Science / Seamounts subducting continental plates
What happens when inexorable geological forces shove a giant seafloor mountain beneath a continent? This is not the improbable premise of a bad eco-disaster movie, but a serious area of inquiry — and a question with few clear-cut answers, scientists say. However, new technology is allowing researchers improved glimpses of what happens when a seafloor mountain crashes into and under a continental plate, and what role the slow-motion collision plays in earthquakes. $$$$$

Collision seamount with continental plate - image courtesy

February 23, 2012

New Zealand / Earthquake communication assessment
Scientists, journalists and others are to meet on the anniversary of the 22 February earthquake to discuss how the science behind it was communicated. Many of the questions in the aftermath of last year's 6.3 earthquake were fielded by the director of the natural hazards section of GNS Science, Kelvin Berryman. $$$$

February 22, 2012

New Zealand - Christchurch - 1 year after the cruel earthquake
Memorial services are being held across Christchurch, and New Zealand, tomorrow to remember those who died in the 22 February 2011 Earthquake. The public commemorative events are to mark the first anniversary of the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake in which 185 people died.
8am-8.45am, Latimer Square
A service focused towards the families of those lost and first responders. Members of the public can view the service on a large screen.
12 noon-1.30pm, North Hagley Park
A public event for the whole community, this service includes musical accompaniment from Christchurch school children, the reading of the names of the 185 lost and an observance of two minutes’ silence at 12.51pm.
Christchurch Earthquake Awards - 2pm-4pm, North Hagley Park
This is a public event for the whole community where we recognize the earthquake heroes.

February 21, 2012

Science / USA / Japan / Cascadia megaquake research
Scientists are still unraveling last year's giant Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and some of what they're finding doesn't bode well for the Pacific Northwest. Detailed analyses of the way the Earth warped along the Japanese coast suggest that shaking from a Cascadia megaquake could be stronger than expected along the coasts of Washington, Oregon and British Columbia, researchers reported Sunday at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. $$$$

The Christchurch Cathedral after the earthquake

New Zealand / Christchurch / 1 year later readers may ask themselves what earthquake caused the greatest proportion of losses for a nation in 2011?
The Christchurch Earthquake and the associated aftershocks in June caused over $20 billion USD damage and counting. For a nation with a GDP (Nom.) of around $140 billion USD at the time of the event, this caused a hit of around 14% - more than the Japanese earthquake to Japan. $$$$$ Click here to read our in-depth article

New Zealand / Christchurch / Canterbury TV building collapse
A technical report
on the deadly collapse of the Canterbury Television building has revealed what caused the structure to fail in last February’s magnitude 6.3 earthquake in Christchurch New Zealand. The collapse killed 115 people, including 65 foreign students. The report found the CTV building did not comply with the building code when it was first built in 1986. $$$$$ Click here to read our in-depth article

February 19, 2012

Iran / satellite / earthquake prediction
Deputy Head of Iran's Industrial and Scientific Studies Center for Innovation and International Cooperation Mohammad Hassan Entezari said the satellite would identify the signals sent out from the earth before or after the earthquake, adding the satellite weighs 50-70 kg and would be placed in a lower altitude. $$$$$

February 13, 2012

Philippines / Negros Oriental earthquake / landslides
Dave Petley, a landslide specialist, has been commenting in his blog on the many killing landslides inflicted buy the February 6 Philippines earthquake. Dave Petley : Seismologists often say that it is not earthquakes that kill people, it is buildings. Yet again that has been shown not to be correct, but investment in understanding and mitigating earthquake induced landslides remains pitiful. Read more : Click here.

February 11, 2012

A Japanese video compiler has created a great animated video about the 2011 earthquakes. He has projected earthquakes with different strength onto a world map and has transformed at the same time the impact with sound. Enjoy this overview of the 2011 earthquakes.


February 9, 2012

Philippines / Negros Oriental - Cebu M 6.7 earthquake / February 6
Updated Casualty Numbers (NDRRMC data 09/02 - 20:00 (8:00 PM) local time)
Dead - 34 : 13-Guihulngan; 7-Jimalalud; 3-Tayasan; 1-Bindoy; 2-Manjuyod; 2-Ayungon; 6-La Libertad
Missing - 71 : 29-Guihulngan; 42-La Libertad
Injured - 54 : 12-Jimalalud; 42–Guihulngan
More in-depth information - Click here
I Have Felt It reports - Click here
Understanding this earthquake - Click here

January 24, 2012

Japan / Expected new major earthquake
The risk of the southern Kanto region including Tokyo being hit by a major temblor within the next four years could be as high as about 70 percent, according to a study compiled by Monday by a team of researchers at the University of Tokyo’s Earthquake Research Institute……………. $$$

January 20, 2012

Iran / Neishabour earthquake January 19
The Iranian Red Crescent Society reported earlier today that 110 people have been injured and that 620 families have settled in shelter sites. 15 rescue teams have been dispatched to help with the aftermath of this earthquake. The report also states that the following (bigger) cities have been damaged by the earthquake : Neishabour, Mashhad, Joveyn andQuchan, Chenaran (ER: this does not take into account the smaller towns and villages)

January 18, 2012

- Earthquake insurance
Swiss Re’s new report – “Lessons from recent major earthquakes,” focuses on the most recent series of devastating quakes, which have caused extensive loss of life and injuries, along with widespread property damage, over the past two years. The report characterizes the cumulative catastrophic impact of earthquakes on society as “overwhelming.” They are also very costly. Swiss Re notes that “seismic events caused economic losses of over $276 billion in 2010 – 2011. However, the report also points out that “highly earthquake-prone countries remain underinsured.” $$$$

USA / New Mexico / stretching
Using a collection of 25 extra-precise GPS receivers planted across New Mexico and Colorado, Berglund determined that the cities of Albuquerque and Santa Fe are creeping away from each other. The rate of change seems ever so slow to the untrained ear, described as approximately 1.2 “nanostrains” per year. $$

India / earthquake preparedness / building codes
More than 100 scientists from across the country and the US are participating in the Indo-US workshop on Intraplate Seismicity, which kicked off at the Institute of Seismological Research (ISR) in Gandhinagar on Monday. Speaking at the workshop, Roger Bilham from University of Colorado said, "Recurrence of small and moderate earthquakes in the Himalayas acts as a reminder to local authorities of the importance of enforcing building codes. A physics-based approach may be essential to guide future planning for earthquake resistance in India." $$$

January 17, 2012

- Japan / Earthquake linked building improvements
In recent years, a growing number of local governments have been supporting earthquake-resistance upgrades for condominiums built before quake-resistance standards were strengthened. Efforts include dispatching construction design experts to residents associations to advise on how to carry out the upgrades. Some local governments provide subsidies to associations to carry out earthquake-resistance checks. Earthquake-resistance upgrades can be effectively completed if such assistance is properly utilized. $$$$

Japan / Earthquake drills
A series of exercises will be held across Tokyo from next month to help prepare Tokyoites for the hours after a major earthquake that shuts down public transport networks across the capital. About 10,000 people are expected to take part in the exercises that will use lessons learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake, and offer valuable training for stranded commuters and facilities that will be called into action as shelters until transport services resume. $$$$

Puerto Rico / Tsunami preparedness
Puerto Rico is setting up a tsunami alert system in densely populated San Juan. San Juan Mayor Jorge Santini says experts warn that the island faces a very real threat from a tsunami though the last one occurred in 1918. Santini says the network of sirens and a public education campaign are critical in case of an evacuation.$$$$$

January 16, 2012

- Japan/ March 11 2011 earthquake and tsunami / troubled nuclear plant investigation
Tokyo Electric Power Co has published an English-language version summarising its interim internal analysis of the Fukushima incident. The original version, dated 2 December, reviewed the main facts of the 11 March earthquake and tsunami, and its effects on nuclear power plants FukushimaDaiichi and Daiini. $$$$$

Tepco Daiichi nuclear plant before the March 11 - The 3 wave breakers were swept away like toys during the March 11 tsunami - image courtesy TEPCO

USA / Yellowstone National Park
Over the past three years we've witnessed two large earthquake swarms at Yellowstone (2010 and 2009). Recent history tells us that these earthquake swarms are common, but we would like to know how frequently they have occurred in the more distant past. USGS researcher Bill Evans may have found an answer. $$$$

New Zealand / Christchurch / Insurance coverage
Labour’s Earthquake Recovery spokesperson Lianne Dalziel has asked for insurance issues to be placed on the agenda of the first Cross Party Forum this year.“Most Christchurch Ansvar customers have been left with limited insurance cover that excludes earthquake cover (which means they still have EQC cover but no top up from their insurance). The people who went through a broker have been offered that deal by Ansvar Australia, but only until their current policy expires at any time in the next 12 months, for some as early as January. $$$$$

January 15, 2012

- Antarctica / South Shetland Islands
2 very strong earthquakes approx. 100 km out of the coast of Elephant Island, an area which is often visited by Antarctica tourist expedition ships. $$$$$

- Oman / earthquake risk
Researchers of the Earthquake Monitoring Centre at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) say that the unique location of Oman on the southeast corner of the Arabian Plate makes it susceptible to earthquakes over the years. “The authorities in the Sultanate have realised the importance of monitoring seismic activities in Oman and its neighbouring areas in order to set out rules, regulations and emergency plans in case major earthquakes might occur in future,” said Prof. Khalifa Al Jabri of the Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering at SQU. $$

- Haiti / earthquake origin
Marine evidence from the deadly 2010 Haiti earthquake is shedding light on how it happened, and could help assess the risk this and other areas face, researchers say. As destructive as the quake proved, it barely ruptured the surface of the island. This has made it difficult to study and understand what further risks the area might face. Even the faults involved remain unclear — the most likely culprit would seem to be the Enriquillo-Plantain Garden fault, a "strike-slip" fault at the boundary between the North America and Caribbean tectonic plates, where huge slabs of earth grind past each other far below the surface. However, other, previously unknown faults have been implicated as well. $$$$$

Norway / Seismic survey coast
Statoil ASA has let a contract to Reservoir Exploration Technology ASA, Oslo, for an ocean bottom seismic survey over Kvitebjorn field in the North Sea off Norway. The main objective is to improve structural interpretation and achieve better illumination of fault planes to improve fault interpretation. The survey is estimated to take at least 70 days at a cost of at least $14 million, depending on final survey design. The survey is scheduled to commence in the second quarter of 2012. $$

January 14, 2012

- Antarctica / Earthquakes
The widely held notion that Antarctica has no earthquakes is wrong, say Chinese scientists whose seismic station on the continent has recorded numerous tremors. "China's newly built seismic observatory in Great Wall Station has documented a hundred-odd earthquakes occurring in the region over the past year," Chang Lijun, a member of China's 28th Antarctic expedition team, told China's officials Xinhua news agency Thursday. $$$$

Jamaica / earthquake preparedness
ON THE second anniversary of the deadly earthquake in Haiti, there is renewed focus on Jamaica’s ability to withstand a tremor as powerful as one measuring 7.0 which struck Port-au-Prince in 2010. In a special documentary dubbed Quake: Haiti in Jamaica, the director of the Mona Geo-Informatics Institute, Dr Parris Lyew Ayee, details the troubling findings of a scientific modeling of the Haiti tremor in Kingston. $$$$

Haiti / was the UN aid well spend
The thousands of Haitians who took to the streets in December, waving banners and chanting the unequivocal message ‘UN, go home!’ could be accused of biting the hand that feeds them. After all, Haiti currently relies on the UN and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to provide 80 per cent of its basic services. But the outpouring of anger, though partly in response to the cholera epidemic that was likely brought into Haiti by UN troops from Nepal, was also a result of wider frustrations with the painfully slow relief effort and the general state of the country. For despite billions having been pledged in aid since the 2010 earthquake, the lives of the majority of Haitians remain woefully threadbare. $$$$

January 13, 2012

- India / Maharashtra / Nuclear Plant vulnerability
A US-based geologist has dismissed Maharashtra government's claim over the safety of the proposed nuclear plant site at Jaitapur, stating that the site is vulnerable to quakes. "Since Jaitapur lies in the same compressional stress regime that has been responsible for generating two major earthquakes at Latur and Koyna in the past five decades. Dismissing government's claim that the nuclear plant site falls under seismic zone 3, Dr Bilham said "it falls under seismic zone 4, which means there is a threat of high damage". $$$$

- USA / California / San Diego
Newly appointed State Architect Chester Widom is slated to discuss today what steps seismic regulators are taking to address problems with their enforcement of earthquake safety requirements for public schools. $$$

- USA / OHIO / Fracking controversy
About 500 residents living near an oil and gas wastewater well that a seismologist has linked to a series of earthquakes responded Wednesday to presentations from Ohio state regulators with both boos and cheers. $$$$

January 12, 2012

- Haiti / rebuilding major infrastructure
Ambitious plans call for $500 million to build 50 new grade schools, $200 million to give Port-au-Prince its first wastewater treatment plant, and $224 million to create an industrial park for 65,000 garment industry workers — all aimed at laying the groundwork for a new Haiti. But as the hemisphere's poorest country marks the second anniversary of the earthquake that killed some 300,000 people, only about half of the $4.6 billion in promised aid has been spent. Half a million people are still living in crowded camps. And only four of the 10 largest projects funded by international donors have broken ground. $$$$$

- USA / Mexico / Fault zones
The Rio Grande Rift, a thinning and stretching of Earth’s surface that extends from Colorado’s central Rocky Mountains to Mexico, is not dead but geologically alive and active, according to a new study involving scientists from the University of Colorado Boulder’s Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences. $$$

Image courtesy

- Seismology / Urban areas / excavation building codes
Lack of codes makes excavations challenging in seismic urban areas. Excavations in dense urban areas that are seismically active are poorly covered by existing building codes, said Arup principal Nick O’Riordan at a joint British Geotechnical Association and Society for Earthquake and Civil Engineering Dynamics meeting. $$$

- Malaysia / Indonesia M 7.3 earthquake January 11 / earthquake follow up
The Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta and Consulate General in Medan have been instructed to monitor developments in relation to Malaysian students and citizens in both locations following the 7.1 Richter earthquake in Aceh, Indonesia early Wednesday morning. A Foreign Affairs Ministry statement said early reports from the embassy in Jakarta informed that all 206 and 1,620 Malaysian students in Aceh and Medan respectively were safe. $$

January 11, 2012

- Malaysia / Indonesia M 7.3 earthquake January 11 / Malaysia tsunami alert
The Meteorological Department has withdrawn the tsunami warning for Kedah, Perlis, Penang and north Perak issued early this morning following a strong earthquake that was detected on the west coast of north Sumatera. $$$

- USA / Ohio / earthquake monitoring
Most people likely had never heard of the Ohio Seismic Network or the state office over it, the Ohio Geological Survey. Until New Year’s Eve, when a magnitude 4.0 quake shook Youngstown. “All of a sudden, the Geological Survey has risen from a totally obscure agency to something where people know who we are,” said Michael Hansen, state seismologist. $$$

Dr. Heather Sauvage

- Research / Earthquake simulation
The Rock Mechanics Laboratory is one of several specialized labs at Lamont-Doherty’s Division of Seismology, Geology and Tectonophysics, now studying the subterranean dynamics of earthquakes. Research professor Heather Savage fires up a machine that simulates, in miniature, real earthquake conditions - the rubbing, slipping and sliding of the Earth’s massive plates, generating data for analysis. $$$$$

- Research / Continental drifting / Roger Pitman
By recording and analyzing the magnetic patterns in the undersea ridge, Pitman helped prove the theory of continental drift, a revolutionary idea at the time. “It was electrifying. I didn’t imagine ever being involved in something so astonishing and so very, very important to the geological sciences at such a young stage in my career. I was very fortunate to be there when it was happening.” $$$$$

January 10, 2012

- USA / Utah / earthquake drill
Utah is earthquake country. Every year, seismologists at the University of Utah record around 800 quakes. Most of them aren’t strong enough to be felt, but a few times a year some community in Utah gets the luck of the draw to have a shaker that rattles them for a few seconds. So we plan, prepare and train while Mother Nature has given us time. You can, too. On April 17 at 10:15 a.m., the state of Utah will hold the first statewide earthquake drill, the largest of its kind ever to be held in the state. $$$

- USA / Virginia / earthquake and fracking
No link between Virginia earthquake and fracking, scientists say. Scientists say there is no link between a controversial natural gas drilling technique and the Virginia earthquake that rattled the East Coast in August. "Let's be very clear: fracking did not cause the Virginia earthquake," said Christopher "Chuck" Bailey, professor and chairman of the geology department at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg. $$$$$

- Haiti / Promised Aid
THIS Thursday is the second anniversary of the devastating earthquake that killed over 230,000 people and made more than 1.2 million people homeless in Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince. Money pledges after the earthquake came quick and fast. A total of $5.3bn (€4bn) was pledged by the international community at a UN conference in the months after the earthquake. As the publicity died down, so did the promises, and after that month of devastation only 21pc of aid pledged to Haiti was actually committed. $$$$$

- Turkey / Van / Aid concert
Kurdish singers held concerts in Iraqi Kurdistan to raise money for the victims of the Van earthquake that struck the city in southeastern Turkey in October. Shoresh Mustafa, the editor of Chatr newspaper and one of the organizers of the concert, told Rudaw that 10,000 tickets are being printed for the concerts. Each ticket costs US$8. “There were people who donated 100,000 IQD (US$85) to the fund for earthquake victims. All of the donations will be sent to those affected by the Van earthquake,” said Mustafa. $$$

January 9, 2012

- Socio-economic Losses from all Damaging International Earthquakes in 2011
2011 has been the highest economic loss year on record from earthquakes and secondary effects (tsunami, landslides, liquefaction, fire, fault rupture), according to the CATDAT Damaging Earthquakes Database. Direct economic losses for the year totaled a median $365 billion US ($335 billion US of which was from the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake). This is approximately 0.37% of the World GDP this year. $$$$$

- United Kingdom / Wales / Swansea / Lectures
THE power and influence of volcanoes and earthquakes will be discussed at Swansea Museum later this week. The lecture, which has been organised by the Royal Institution of South Wales, will explain some of the geological causes behind such major events. $

- Earthquakes general / Magnitude energy scale comparison
This animation compares the relative "sizes" of recent and historical earthquakes. Each circle's area indicates relative energy release, color indicates tsunami potential, and labels indicate each earthquake's moment magnitude (according to USGS/NEIC), location, and the year they happened.

January 8, 2012

- Dominican Republic / Earthquake January 5
A man died Thursday of a heart attack because of the fear caused the the earthquake. The dead man is Max Ramirez Rodriguez, 47, who according to relatives, at the time of the quake was sitting in bed watching TV. The shock killed him.
In the southwest, three schools, three hospitals and more than 10 houses were damaged to varying degrees.

- New Zealand / Christchurch / Memorial
A civic memorial service will be held to mark the one-year anniversary of the February earthquake,in Christchurch, New Zealand. A service would be held from noon to 1.30pm on February 22 at North Hagley Park. The magnitude-6.3 quake struck the city on February 22 and killed 182 people. The memorial would include music from Christchurch schoolchildren, and a two minute silence would be observed from 12.51pm.

January 7, 2012

- Haiti / United Nations / Reconstruction
The allocation of resources for Haiti’s recovery from the devastating earthquake two years ago has shifted to reconstruction, infrastructure restoration, debris removal, job creation and capacity building, senior United Nations officials said today, noting, however, that considerable humanitarian needs remain. $$$$$

- Haiti / Cholera
More than half a million people have become ill with the disease and at least 7,000 have died since the outbreak began in October 2010, said Jon Andrus, deputy director of the Pan American Health Organization. Health providers report about 200 new cases a day. He expects that number to increase when Haiti's rainy season begins in April. $$$$

January 6, 2012

- Japan / Tsunami
On Land Destroyed by the Tsunami, Japan is Building a Futuristic Robot Farm. After salt is removed from the soil of the 600 acre plot, the agriculture ministry’s plan calls for unmanned tractors to work fields lit by LEDs that will keep insects at bay in lieu of pesticides. $$$$$

- Japan / Tsunami Rebuilding mapping
City planners in areas devastated by the March 11 quake and tsunami are using special maps of damage conditions to help them draft reconstruction plans, and Google has launched a project to archive before-and-after images of the disaster-hit zones. $$$

- New Zealand / Christchurch tsunami risk
Christchurch City Council is installing sirens along nearly 11km of the coast to warn of incoming tsunamis. $$$

January 5, 2012

New Zealand / Christchurch / Rugby
Rugby fans and teams raised NZ$400,000 ($314,000) during the Rugby World Cup to help rebuild sports facilities in the earthquake-stricken New Zealand city of Christchurch, organizers announced Thursday. $$$

Dominican Republic / Haiti
A magnitude 5.3 earthquake occurred at 05:35 AM below the southern Dominican Republic coast. The earthquake was not only felt in the Dominican Republic alone, but also in neighboring Haiti. Click here for our in-depth report.

USA / Lake Mead
All that Colorado snow runoff that poured into Lake Mead last spring and summer may have done more than raise the water level. It have have triggered the earth to quake beneath the lake. $$

Insurance payout
The Japan earthquake and tsunami, the New Zealand earthquake, Hurricane Irene - last year was the year of the catastrophe, and it showed in the bottom line. Insured losses topped a whopping $105 billion, making 2011 the costliest year on record in terms of natural disaster losses, according to Munich Re, which specializes in high-risk insurance called reinsurance. $$$$

Januari 4

- USA / seismic maps : Probabilistic seismic-hazard maps were prepared for the conterminous United States portraying peak horizontal acceleration and horizontal spectral response acceleration for 0.2- and 1.0-second periods with probabilities of exceedance of 10 percent in 50 years and 2 percent in 50 years. $$$$$

- New Zealand / Christchurch / Insurance : The latest earthquakes to hit Christchurch will unlikely cause a significant increase in the government's exposure to AMI claims, the Treasury says.

January 3

- New Zealand / Christchurch : Following the 5.5 yesterday morning, we lived through about 27 aftershocks, makes a total of over 7000 since initial sept 2010 quake. So how good are the site specific Geotech reports,how good is the building code, how stable is the CBD, take a look at these pics of a new building under construction and the effects of last Thursdays Dec 23 Earthquakes. Click here for a series of images.

- India / Kerala : Technical panel says no to new dam at Mullapperiyar. The state argued that a permanent solution to the dispute was a new dam. The people living downstream the dam fear that a major earthquake would break the dam and wash them away. The state pleaded for at least a protective dam to hold the water of Mullapperiyar reservoir. $$$$

- New Zealand / Christchurch : Orange-zoned residents can still expect a decision next month on whether they can remain in their properties, despite a continuing surge of aftershocks causing further damage, says a spokesman. $$$

- USA / Fracking wastewater : Wastewater wells have also been suspected in quakes in Arkansas, Colorado, and Oklahoma. $$$$

- Japan / March 11 tsunami : A small boat that was washed away from Iwate Prefecture in the March 11 tsunami has turned up 1,500 kilometers away on the other side of the country in Hyogo Prefecture. $$$$$

January 2

- New Zealand / Christchurch : A 20-year-old has been accused of burning down earthquake-damaged homes in Christchurch in a bid to steal hot water cylinders. $$

Image courtesy

- United Kingdom Search Rescue dogs : After a 7.6 earthquake struck Indonesia in 2009, a British search-and-rescue dog named Darcy traveled with her handler to search for survivors in a remote Sumatran village. When she returned to the U.K., instead of a hero's welcome, the perky border collie faced six months in a 3x6.5-foot concrete pen — a prisoner of the U.K.'s strict quarantine rules for pets coming into the country.
But from January 1,2012, no dog will ever face Darcy's quarantine ordeal again. After almost two decades of campaigning by animal lovers, the U.K. is easing its notoriously strict rules for pets coming into the country by abolishing quarantine and slashing waiting times for the furry friends scratching at Britain's door. $$$$

- USA - Oklahoma / Kansas : Shawnee County is looking into getting earthquake insurance. The Shawnee County Commission on Thursday authorized its insurance broker, Willis of Greater Kansas Inc., to get earthquake insurance quotes from carriers. The idea comes after a 5.6-magnitude earthquake and at least 10 aftershocks rattled Oklahoma Nov. 5 and 6. Some of the shock waves shook houses as far away as Topeka. Neiswanger referenced the vibrations while discussing earthquake coverage. $$$

- December 31 Ohio earthquake : An official in Ohio said on Sunday that the underground disposal of wastewater from natural-gas drilling operations would remain halted in the Youngstown area until scientists could analyze data from the most recent of a string of earthquakes there.

- Japan emperor Akihito was talking (of course) about the cruel earthquake and tsunami in his New Years address to the people. "I hope that the people's hearts will always be with the afflicted, and that everyone will persevere and work together to build a brighter tomorrow," Akihito said. $$

- Siberia's Kyzyl area is still getting aftershocks. The last one was a 4.2 magnitude shock on Monday

- Christchurch had 17 aftershocks in only 18 hours. Luckily most of the epicenters are along a fault line in the sea.

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