El Hierro Volcano eruption (Canary Islands) : Part 35 – March 11 until March 18

This is Part 35 of the El Hierro Volcano eruption report


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With the collaboration of Joke Volta, an El Hierro resident and Julio del Castillo Vivero, photographer.
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Update 18/03 - 19:35 UTC
- NO earthquakes since midnight
- 10 extraordinary images which were taken by Joke Volta today

Update 18/03 - 09:28 UTC
- NO earthquakes since midnight
- NO change in harmonic tremor
- ETNA, Sicily, Italy is currently erupting

Update 17/03 - 23:55 UTC
- Back home after a week of holidays and only limited chances of updating. Joke Volta and Julio del Castillo Vivero did a great job in taking over part of the updating work.
- After 2 quake-free days, the magma showed some new activity by triggering 3 earthquakes
08:09 Depth 13 km M 1.5 SW FRONTERA
13:38 Depth 17 km M 2.5 SW EL PINAR
16:05 Depth 26 km M 1.7 W FRONTERA
- ER Reader Rudi writes :
Siempre salen piroclástos y lava según El Atlantic Explorer, pero a muy baja intensidad. Que se puede esperar entonces? SE va a apagar del todo o va a reanimarse el Vulcano? Quizá sea imposible especular sobre esto?
A.E proves lava and pyroclastic expulsion continues at a very low level. What will happen then? Will the activity stop totally or gain power again? Or is that impossible to speculate upon?
Today marked the last day of broadcast of the ACN / El Pinar webcam. We thank the 3 parties behind this webcam (University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the El Pinar authority and the ACN Press in giving us outstanding double zoom webcam images)
Even without visual activity, Joke continues to make great pictures of El Hierro

Update 16/03 - 20:29 UTC
- Joke Volta's images of today March 16

Update 16/03 - 17:45 UTC
- The University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has published two videos and information of their findings of the submarine volcano on their website [In Spanish].
- We are working on the translation and will publish all the details in another update later today.
- No earthquakes for the past 48 hours.

Update 15/03 - 22:31 UTC
- AVCAN reports that the Atlantic Explorer ROV Wally has fairly good images of the crater, gas emitting vents and even lava streaming out of the crater ! (what would e really a surprise as the PEVOLCA scientists have claimed that the eruption has ended.
- The ACN press / El Pinar webcam will end his broadcast on March 17. We have to admit that with tyhe present activity, the ACN press webcam was not important anymore as jacuzzi and stain are to faint to be seen
- Maria from SOS Oceanos wrote us in the morning that the ROV pictures will be published "when the University of Las Palmas" thinks it is opportune to do so. Well, we will have to wait then. The law of scientists and Universities is prevailing. The University of Las Palmas has chartered the Q-Star Atlantic Explorer and the ROV and keeps the images first for scientific purposes. We will bring it to you as soon as it is published.

Update 15/03 - 17:10 UTC
- The Atlantic Explorer has just returned to La Restinga port after a long day of working at sea.
- Joke Volta took photographs and Julio del Castillo Vivero recorded a video from the eruption webcam. Click here for video.
- No earthquakes recorded for the past 23 hours.
- Harmonic tremor levels higher than yesterday, probably as a result of strong winds at El Hierro today.

Update 14/03 - 23:07 UTC
- Images Joke Volta of today March 14
- a faint stain and jacuzzi has been recorded today
- 3 earthquakes today. Resp. 0.5, 0.2 and 0.7

Update 14/03 - 16:00 UTC - IMPORTANT UPDATE!
The Atlantic Explorer has been able to obtain images of the volcano! They are the first to capture the submarine volcano in 'El Mar de las Calmas'. The crew of QSTAR along with members of 'Universidad de las Palmas de Gran Canaria' and SOS Océanos worked very hard for this achievement. We should expect a detailed report tomorrow as Joke Volta reports.

Photograph of the Atlantic Explorer crew with members of ULPGC and the ROV Wall-e. Image courtesy: SOS Océanos.

Update 14/03 - 07:30 UTC
- NO new earthquakes since midnight
- We can't see any vent activity as yet
- Harmonic Tremor as before
- Atlantic Explorer with the Universidad de las Palmas on board will continue his research mission

Update 13/03 - 23:30 UTC
- The Atlantic Explorer worked very hard today, spending many hours at sea. Joke Volta went to have a conversation with one of the crew members.
- The conditions were very difficult to get images from the volcano. They will try again tomorrow.
- A clear gas-emission point was recognized along with sulphur smell.
- Earthquake-report wants to thank the crew for doing such a great investment and kindly sharing their experience with us.

Update 13/03 - 18:50 UTC
- Joke Volta's pictures of today, again and again great quality. Earthquake-Report thanks Joke on behalf of our readers for the continuous following and photographing of the El Hierro volcano eruption.

Update 13/03 - 15:50 UTC
- There is another jacuzzi that started around 15:15 UTC, same spot as this morning, though not as strong.
- The Atlantic Explorer is now back in La Restinga port.

Update 13/03 - 12:05 UTC
- Joke Volta has taken great photographs from this morning's action. She spotted a faint stain we had not seen for many days. There was a strong jacuzzi at 07:30 am. which could be related. Click on the image to enlarge.

Joke Volta - Visible Faint Stain 13th March

- The Guardia Civil vessel returned to port. The Atlantic Explorer continues working at El Mar de las Calmas.

Update 13/03 - 09:00/09:40 UTC
- 1 more earthquake since last update, M 1.6 Depth of 11km. at 07:52 UTC, SW Frontera.
- Guardia Civil vessel is currently measuring the depth of the volcano. The Atlantic Explorer is also doing works around the volcano area. The action can be seen on the eruption webcam.

Update 13/03 - 07:40 UTC
- What looks clearly as a jacuzzi can be seen on the eruption webcam now, here is an image taken just a few minutes ago:
Update 13/03 - 07:25 UTC
- 1 earthquake since midnight, at 02:28 a M 1.0 earthquake occurred at a depth of 12.6 km
- NO change in harmonic tremor
- Today will be hopefully the long awaited ROV day. What to expect ? Hard to say of course, as the remaining tremor may only be caused by degassing. We expect to see some action, but not necessarily magmatic.


Update 12/03 - 17:50 UTC
- Joke Volta images of the day. The full series is showing the faint jacuzzi action of today. Click on the images to view the full series.

Update 12/03 - 17:50 UTC
- There was a jacuzzi present during the morning hours and in the afternoon. Joke captured some images, later will be online in the Picasa Gallery. Julio del Castillo Vivero did a short time lapse video showing the jacuzzi:


- Joke Volta pointed out that the jacuzzi can't be clearly seen at sea level, reason why she climbs to a higher altitude to capture the photographs that show it.
- 1 more earthquake since our last update. M 1.7, depth of 11 km. SW Frontera at 14:57 UTC.

Update 12/03 – 07:28 UTC
- The Atlantic Explorer vessel of the company QSTAR SLU, hired by members of 'Universidad de las Palmas de Gran Canaria' (ULPGC) and collaborating, the non-profit organisation, SOS Océanos is back in town. Julio received an Email from one of the people in charge that they will try to use the ROV today on Tuesday, weather permitting of course.
- 2 earthquakes so far today - M &.1 and M 1.3 both at a depth of 12 km

Update 11/03 – 23:55 UTC
- New images from Joke Volta have been loaded in our picasaweb
- A 5th earthquake with a magnitude of 0.6 occurred at 21:37

Update 11/03 – 22:58 UTC
- no more new earthquakes
- some people are looking for a new name for the new volcano. IGN scientists are talking internally about "El Volcan de La Restinga" but a new name is certainly desirable.
- Involcan and ITER have published the new CO2 graphs who are showing a light increase to 934 ton per day.

Update 11/03 – 21:34 UTC
- Today a number of people and Joke saw a faint jacuzzi or rather degassing in the vent area. This was also confirmed by scientists.
- The degassing started already yesterday afternoon and was mentioned by some ER readers, Julio and AVCAN.
- We think it is probably too early to talk about a reactivation of the eruptive process.

Update 11/03 – 18:38 UTC
- Images Joke Volta from today showing a beautiful sunrise and a few images with a super faint jacuzzi. Click here.

Update 11/03 – 08:38 UTC
- 4 earthquakes so far since midnight. Resp. 1.8, 1.5, 0.3 and 1.7. Depths in between 8 and 12 km.

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