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  1. Thank you very mat very intresting information!

  2. Ahmed Alkadir says:

    I want to subscribe to this website and get update information on eaqrthquake. Therefore, can you advise me how to regster.

  3. I'm giving up - your contact form just doesn't work as the reCAPTCHA are ways too hard (or I'm just too stupid to get it right once in 20 or so times trying...!). I wanted to say two things (as someone who speaks Chinese): The earthquake was near Ya'an and NOT Xa'an (your spelling is wrong several times all over your webpage.
    Second thing: In your Summary 04:10 UTC, Monday 22nd April there are four Chinese character at the bottom that probably most of your readers aren't able to read: 石棉受伤 The first two read "Shimian" - that's a city south of Ya'an. The second two characters mean "injured".

    • Hi Clzu,
      Thankyou for your comments. We have several contributors at one time, and I hadn't checked through the whole document for the consistency of Ya'an throughout. It is of course Ya'an and not Xa'an as you said.
      Thankyou very much for the translation of Shimian. That has now been replaced.
      We would definitely appreciate a Chinese translator or checker, as we unfortunately have to attempt as best we can using other methods.
      Many thanks once again for the input and the changes.

    • Your contact form is still not working, so I just post another comment here… (feel free to delete it instead of publishing). Thanks for your website, it's been interesting to read! As someone living in Sichuan and having felt the earthquake on Saturday, I appreciate your neutral news as you're right - some of the international news site reports are not accurately at all (NYT was stating that there were 70,000 dead people in Chengdu last time... They should really study a map first!).
      Anyway, just a little comment that might be of interest for you. It's about the video at Update 20:40 UTC and the comment "The Internationally adviced and accepted policy of DROP, COVER and HOLD cannot be seen on these CCTV images." I had no idea what to do in the event of an earthquake as there aren't any earthquakes worth mentioning where I am from, but I have lived through the 2008 Sichuan earthquake and now this one. It's interesting to note that most of the people in this video are doing exactly what I've learned here in China after the last big earthquake (and what I did last Saturday, too...): They are standing under the doorway as we were told that this is the most secure place in a building! Only now, on international websites, I am learning that this is NOT what one is supposed to do...

    • Armand Vervaeck says:

      True, as todays doorways are not to be trusted at all. They are often not strong at all and the position you will be having standing under it is a dangerous one too. New buildings in China are however to be trusted as they have been build according strong standards. Almost all damage today was in old non earthquake resistant houses.

  4. I cannot find a link to sign up?