United States real-time earthquake lists for each of the 50 US States

This page has been created to find out in real-time if an earthquake has been noticed by seismographs in or near the state you are living.
We have started to fill our database in January 2012. On top of the USGS notifications, we are also showing the earthquake details as published by other seismological sources in the world (only for the stronger earthquakes).  We list all earthquakes greater than  M 2.5 (as this is in average the level that people might feel an earthquake).
We hope that you will describe what you have felt, if an earthquake strikes near you. Your experience is of great interest to the scientific community as a whole.

Alabama Florida  Kentucky Missouri  North Carolina Tennessee
Alaska Georgia Louisiana Montana  North Dakota Texas
Arizona  Hawaii Maine Nebraska  Ohio Utah
Arkansas  Idaho  Maryland Nevada  Oklahoma Vermont
California Illinois Massachusetts New Hampshire Oregon Virginia
Colorado Indiana Michigan New Jersey  Pennsylvania Washington 
Connecticut Iowa Minnesota New Mexico  Rhode Island West Virginia
Delaware Kansas  Mississipi  New York South Carolina Wisconsin 
South Dakota  Wyoming 

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